Aug 8, 2019

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip CookiesI was surprised how well these turned out. I never thought I could make cookies without flour but for anyone looking to reduce carbs, or wanting gluten-free cookies, you can still make delicious healthier cookies at home. These really are chocolate chunk cookies because I rarely use chocolate chips any more, preferring to use a healthier dark chocolate bar. To get the health benefits of dark chocolate you need a bar with at least 70% cacao and that’s what I use for chocolate chips. I just take a 70% bar and cut it into strips and then the strips into chunks.

Dark Chocolate Chunks for BakingI’m also reducing sugar in my baking these days so these low carb cookies have less sugar and I don’t miss it at all. The texture of cookies made with almond flour is a little more chewy, but I really like it.

I’m planning to try more baking with almond flour and reducing carbs wherever I can so I’ll be posting anything I make that turns out. And these easy almond flour dark chocolate chunk cookies did turn out. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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6 Comments on "Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies"

  1. Donna

    What happened to the Kitchen Sink cookie recipe? It was missing today and couldn’t find it under recipe search. Unfortunately I didn’t print it. Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I temporarily removed the Kitchen Sink recipe because I thought there was a mistake in the ingredients. I am making them today and will re-post the recipe as soon as I make sure it’s okay.

  2. Suzanne

    Hi Jenny, I am so happy I came upon your videos, you looked so familiar and so kind and friendly I was racking my brain trying to remember where I knew you from, like high school or a friend from the past. Then it hit me I used to love watching your show years ago when I was off work for two months sick in bed. You had me laughing out loud and I loved your show. I love you healthy and thankfully easy recipes i especially love the chicken pot pie. And you still keep me laughing with your apology at the beginning of the pot pie video. Thank you for being you Cheers

  3. Carole

    Just got food saver with the special bags. The white ones. So many different Opinions on whether to freeze things first, use oxygen absorbers or not. Do all dry foods have to be in 5. Bucket food grade buckets or can I use regular totes with tight lids and oxygen absorbers. I just found your site and am so anxious to try your . no knead. bread don’t have a freezer so you want to just vacuum seal things. Well just a freezer on my refrigerator I’m afraid with the power outage or sh th and I would lose all my food

  4. Barb Arden

    I use to use almond milk instead of whole milk for everything from smoothies to some recipes but have gotten away from it because my husband literally hated not having his whole milk. Bless his heart.

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