Jan 2, 2016

A New White Bread (with egg)

Easy Homemade White Bread RecipeHappy New Year to all my fellow cooks. I’m so pleased to see so many people using my recipes and I’m often surprised at which ones are the most popular. My simple whole wheat bread has been wildly popular with almost 1/2 million views on youtube and hundreds of comments here. One question I’m often asked is, “Can I make this with only white or all-purpose flour?” I decided to try it and the answer is… yes.

I used the exact same recipe but substituted white flour for the whole wheat flour and I loved the result. The loaf rose just as tall as the whole wheat version and it was ready to eat in 90 minutes.  My other “easy white bread” recipe is similar (and also quick) but does not use egg while this version uses an egg.

It seems that almost everyone is having success and loving my simple whole wheat bread recipe but when you want a similar, easy white bread that uses an egg, you can try my new Simple White Bread (with egg) recipe, which is exactly the same except it uses 100% all-purpose flour or bread flour. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

5 Comments on "A New White Bread (with egg)"

  1. jane

    Hi, hoping to make a easter bread with rasins that has egg in dough but need to refregerate it for day or two, can this happen? How long must it be at room temp before baking? thanks jane

  2. Yoly T.

    My pc is acting up, anyways I saw the photo of the bread I sent you. You make instructions of your recipes so easy and very straight forward, which make it easier for us beginners to follow. I feel like a Pro when I saw the outcome of my baking, so proud of myself. Looking forward to more “video” recipes.
    Love your website and your sense of humor..
    Yoly T. ( Yolanda )

  3. Bryan C

    I’m your newest man fan. I’ve taken an interest in cooking after starting a new hobby of winemaking a few years ago. Last weekend I made one of your white breads with half whole wheat flour then put it in a cocotte and baked it in my Commando Grill outside in winter. Yesterday I made your cabbage rolls. I’m having great success and am so happy to have found your website.

  4. Chen

    Happy New Year to the pretty lady!
    I love your bread recipe. It is easy and using whole wheat flour is healthy. I don’t buy bread anymore. I am going to use your new recipe to make a loaf tomorrow. I am sure it will be good as usual. Thanks!

  5. Camie

    This has worked for me and that is how I started making your whole wheat bread recipe using white all purpose flour and adding the bread flour and I taught my youngest granddaughter to do it too. Now I keep the KA white whole wheat flour in my frig and use it all the time for myself as my husband is not a big fan of any kind of bread. I too love your website and your great sense of humor.

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