Jun 7, 2020

A Birthday Gift From YouTube

Jenny Can Cook Youtube SuccessI never expected anything like this! When I made my cooking videos, it was just a hobby. I love to cook and just wanted to share my recipes in case some of my fans might be interested. I knew a lot of people didn’t even cook but it was still fun. I watched as the number of views continued to grow and my videos were soon discovered by the entire world. It was international! Comments and questions came in from 200 countries (where they use the metric system – I never planned for that).

Then the corona virus came and the whole world was quarantined at home and had to cook, and bake bread. My recipes are simple so people who have never cooked before and needed to learn started watching and they had questions. A lot of questions. I want to help and I try to answer as many as I can but it’s impossible to keep up. I’m doing the best I can so please understand if I don’t answer your question.

As timing would have it, the millionth subscriber signed up on my birthday today. Now that is a birthday gift I could never have predicted but it makes me so happy because it means that my simple home videos are helping people eat healthy home cooked meals and knowing I’m making a difference is the best gift I could have received. ❤️

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18 Comments on "A Birthday Gift From YouTube"

  1. Shonda


    Happy belated birthday!!!

    Been a long long time fan of yours from way back when you had your show! And I have been a sub on YT for many years. Come back and do more videos! You are missed and I loved your quirky sense of humor and your easy recipes! Make more videos on YT! Please… ❤️😊 Stay safe and well!

  2. Shonda


    Been a long long time fan of yours from way back when you had your show! And I have been a sub on YT for many years. Come back and do more videos! You are missed and I loved your quirky sense of humor and your easy recipes! Make more videos on YT! ❤️😊

  3. Darla

    Jenny, Happy belated birthday -you darling lady.
    As it so happened, my 71st bday was June 5th this year.
    I found your tortilla recipe on yt (and tried it). It’s really 😍good. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve made them (and how much 😞weight I’ve gained this year. Thanks for your delightful videos and anecdotes.

  4. Astrid OConnor

    Hi Jenny! Just came across you cooking salmon patties and what a happy surprise. I had no idea you had a cooking channel. It’s so great to see you- have always been a fan. Now I’ll be a fan of your cooking! Looking forward to trying some of these. They look fabulous! Thanks, Jenny.

  5. Angela

    Congratulations on 1 million! Your videos are the best, and I’ve been a fan for years. I have your rib recipe committed to memory, and it’s in a monthly rotation. Xxoo

  6. PATTY

    Hey Jenny! Happy Birthday!
    Know that you are the best! Your recipes have been passed down through generations in my family and the grandkids (ages 5 and 8) are enjoying baking because of you! I hope your day was super special! Congrats on reaching a million subscribers! Keep up the good work and whenever you’re up to it I think many subscribers would love to see at least one more video…pretty please???? Thanks for bringing good dinners, snacks into my home for the past 30 years!
    Love you!! 😘

  7. Barb A

    Woohoo! Congratulations! And Happy Birthday!

  8. Susan

    Wow! Congratulations! After watching your videos, I’m always in a better mood. You make me laugh.

  9. Mary-Catherine McKeon

    Dear Jenny, I recognized your speaking voice on one of your programs. Then I realized it was you, I was thrilled. Your Mom made my wedding dress 66 years ago in London Ontario. You were there in her shop on Richmond St. You were such a cute little lady. I kept my wedding dress as it was so beautifully made! My daughter has it for safe keeping. My husband and I will celebrate on September 11th. Going to make your easy bread tomorrow. You go girl! thanks for all the enjoyment you gave us and continue to give, stay safe, M. C. McKeon

  10. Makaylah

    That’s so amazing! Happy belated birthday! Many people care so much about you. Keep on keeping on! 🎁

  11. Marianne M.

    Happy Belated Birthday!! And congratulations on your 100 Million subscribers!! Thank you soooo much for making cooking/baking fun and tasty! So happy I came across this in my searches for easy, healthy food to make while home in quarantine! :))

  12. Rhonda

    Happy belated Birthday, Jenny and it seems to your surprise having 1 millionth subscriber on your birthday was a joy to see, congratulations 🎉

  13. Tabitha

    Happy Belated Birthday Jenny and congratulations!!!

  14. Diane Pierce

    Happy Birthday, Jenny!

  15. Zoya

    Jenny, I just want to thank you for making the impossible possible. I made your cinnamon raisin ” tunnel” bread today and it came out perfectly. Never would I ever have imagined that I could have made something like that! It was absolutely fantastic. I used to love your talk show, now I love your food videos. Keep them coming!

  16. Eliz

    Happy Birthday !! 🎈 Was I the millionth subscriber ? 😉😉

  17. Dalila G.

    🎉🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Jenny!!! 🎈🎉
    Wishing you a beautiful day full of sunshine & fun with Denis!!

  18. June Berry

    I just saw on the IMDb website that today is your birthday. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! ♥♥♥

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