6 Comments on "πŸ‚ Happy Thanksgiving πŸ‚"

  1. Rhonda

    We miss you and pray you are well!

  2. JC

    I surely do miss your cooking videos and rewatch them as I can. I tried to download your cookbook but it would not work with any of my apps. Oy vey. Is there another way to download your lovely recipes?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My cookbook is out of print and is outdated. I am a much better cook today and all of the best recipes from the book (plus many new ones) are here on my website, the way I make them today: simpler and faster, more streamlined. If you’re curious, you can see a free pdf copy of the book using this link: https://www.jennycancook.com/cookbook/

  3. David G

    Wow…. I think I actually remember your TV show.
    I thought I liked you to start with, but after reading your, “about me”, I love you.
    Verry impressive bio!!! You make the world a better place!!!

  4. Rick L

    I made the pecan balls with almond flour instead of reg flour and they spread out like cookies. Is that because of no gluten in the almond flour?

  5. Dalila

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving Jenny & Denis!!

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