2-Minute Chocolate Frosting

2-Minute Chocolate Frosting

You can double or triple the recipe if you need more but make sure you add the milk very slowly. It thickens up very quickly. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes

Makes: about 1/2 cup

2-Minute Chocolate Frosting


  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons softened butter
  • 1 Tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder (Dutch process is best)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

  • about 3 teaspoons milk


  1. Place powdered sugar, butter, cocoa powder, and vanilla into a bowl.
  2. With electric mixer on low, combine for a few seconds.
  3. Slowly beat in the milk, a little at a time, until it’s frosting consistency.
  4. Beat on high for about 15 seconds.

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  1. Jessica

    This icing was not too sweet and complimented the cake so well. Thank you for sharing the yellow cake recipe (my favorite cake) and the chocolate icing recipe (my favorite topper for the yellow cake).

  2. evelyn

    I tried makeing this icing with out the caco and it made a great vanila icing and I dont like icing that much but this one was realy good

    • Rita

      One person posted that they use whipped cream and strawberries instead of icing, I like that idea

  3. Mim

    Jenny Jones;
    I meant to type chocolate frosting as well as vanilla frosting.I just ran out of vanilla extract after .making the vanilla cake.Would the chocolate frosting be ok to spread into the vanilla cake without the vanilla extract in it and should I add some sugar to the recipe .

  4. Kim

    Jenny Jones;
    Hi,I have made your chocolate cake twice now with the 2 minute chocolate icing and both times they turned out perfect and tasted really good,this recipe was easy to follow.I just made your vanilla cake and I just took it out of the oven,I will let it cool completely then make the 2 minute chocolate icing to put on it.Can I still spread the chocolate icing with no vanilla extract,and should I use sugar in the icing to make this icing.I don’t want to eat this cake with no icing on it.

  5. Rita

    Jenny, your no-egg, no-milk chocolate cake is my go-to cake. It’s easy, tender and delicious, and I find the ingredient amounts to be perfect. The frosting is also delicious and chocolaty! It perfectly covers the top of this cake – no more, no less. I usually leave it in the pan. And you’re fun to watch! Thanks for sharing your fun and yummy recipes. I’ve made many of them and have never had a fail!

  6. Amanda

    Thank you so much for this recipe – it was a life saver this morning!! It was just as easy as you said and absolutely delicious!!!

  7. lola

    This recipe is simple and great for my son who has an egg allergy. It is moist, tastes great and my kids looooove it. They request it as their birthday cake instead of a store bought cake!

  8. Amy Bee

    Terrible. Just as bad as the cake recipe it was linked to. Just look up the Hershey frosting recipe and half it. I had to add a half cup of extra cocoa to get it to taste like chocolate. Plus more butter, more sugar, more milk.

    • Christine

      I’ve baked this cake MANY times and it is moist and rises high. For the frosting, I add half a teaspoon of instant decaf and it really jacks up the flavor.
      My husband loves this cake and homemade frosting instead of storebought in a can.

    • Gloria

      I wondering if you used the brand of cocoa used. We liked both. I really enjoy Jenny’s unique style that makes it fun to try.

    • Devlin

      These recipes are really good. I think people miss the over the top sugar and fat taste. I feed all 3 of our boys and dad all over 6ft tall and they devour it so I have to make 2.

    • Jam Jam

      I wonder what you did wrong in order to say how bad yours was. Did you substitute something? Did you measure everything correctly? You cannot blame Jenny unless you used her exact ingredients and measured exactly. I followed it nearly exactly but with less sugar and it’s become my go-to cake. It’s chocolaty wnd just a good cake. I make my own frosting recipe.

      • Maggie May

        AmyBee can’t cook, pure and simple. I’ve made this cake w & w/o icing dozens of times and my whole family loves it!

  9. Debra T.

    Great recipe and quick . Added a little peanut butter for a twist. Yummy

  10. Martin

    This frosting is a perfect finish for chocolate cake. We don’t keep confectioner’s sugar around, so we made some. One cup of granulated sugar to 1 tbsp of corn starch in a powerful blender works pretty well. It requires at least a minute of grinding away to reduce the sugar to a fine powder, but the result is acceptable. If you don’t process the sugar for long enough, the result will be gritty. If you make your own confectioner’s sugar, you will find that you will have a bit left over. The frosting is delicious and the recipe proportions are just right. I found that 3 tbsp of milk was a bit more than needed, and that is why it is added to the recipe a little at a time.

    • Martin

      I meant to add that this recipe is enough to frost the top and sides of a single layer cake. That means that you can multiply the proportions for a multi-layer cake.

  11. Diana

    This is a wonderful cake. Quick and easy to make. It is also vegan. My husband lived it and I did too!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful recipe!!!

  12. Nylie Williams

    My grandson has so many allergies. Can I use water in the icing instead of milk?

    • JJ

      I would believe an alternative to dairy milk would work. Coconut, almond, oatmeal. The frosting uses so little, it’s just moisture to help the sugar and butter to set up.

  13. Amu

    It’s almost criminal to buy store frosting after making this ! It’s just soooo easy! And the chocolate cake is the best I’ve ever tasted! I make several dry batters at once , I double the dry recipe and place it in 2 quart zip lock storage bags, make about 10 at once and then I have then quick and available whenever I want to bake this cake. Add the wet ingredients and presto!

  14. Carol

    Made twice, first time dusted powdered sugar, 2nd time made icing. Used jersey Unsweetened cocoa, came out lighter then pic and very sweet. Next time not so much powdered sugar. Vegan, so I used monk fruit powdered. But loving the cake, fast, easy, soft & delicious. Thank you.

    • Gladys Colon

      Please send me the recipe for the cake 🎂 I would love try it. ThankYou

      • JJ

        Just go to the “Jenny Can Cook” site, type it into you browser. Most of Jenny’s recipes are there.

  15. Addison

    I am using the frosting recipe and I am doing a 3 tier cake. If I triple it will it fit all the layers and the outside of the cake?

    • Jules

      You will need 4 to 4 1/2 cups to fill and frost a three-layer cake.

  16. Anne

    My neighbor has shared this cake with me for years and it truly is my favorite. Even the frosting is so lovely. I tried it my self using vegan chocolate and spread and almond milk. It was so good. Will recommend to others making vegan cakes!!!!

  17. Nanci Baldwin

    Where do I find Dutch cocoa ?
    My daughter made it in Texas while I was there

    • Deming

      You can order it from nuts.com or amazon.

      It is also available at Safeway/Albertson’s stores.

    • Baking memories

      Also King Arthur sells on their website. A bit pricey but well worth it.

      This is a fun cake to zip up!

    • Red

      I have found Dutch Cocoa Powder in the Amish community if you have one near.

      • Daphne

        I live far from the Amish, but Amazon sells it and Safeway carries it.

  18. TrenaB

    I made this icing so good will use it again

  19. MikaW

    My 11 year old baked for the first time and made your chocolate cake and it turned out great! Thank you!

  20. Denise

    Since I was craving sour cream chocolate icing I used your recipe as the base, subbed milk for a little cream and 2 tbls sour cream. Oh my! Thank you for giving me a base to work with.

  21. Betty weatherford

    I love your recipes and the way you put it all together. Do we know you from another show at one time? Good luck with your show.

  22. Diane

    I loved the way your cake and frosting turned out 5 .***** stars.

    • Leah

      More like 10 stars ⭐️. All Jenny’s recipes deserve 10 ⭐️⭐️!

  23. Elizabeth G

    Like everything else on your site, this frosting came out beautifully. Tastes wonderful and I am loving the reduced amount of sugar the recipe requires. Another winner! Thanks! 🙂

  24. Linda

    I added a couple T. melted peanut butter to the cake and frosting recipes and boy is it delicious. Thank you and keep up the great recipes as you’re a pleasure to watch.

  25. SugarPlum

    I’ve made this so many times since I discovered your channel. Delicious!

  26. Jerry

    I’ll try this, want to use monk sugar, almond milk. Sound good!

  27. Dorrie

    Mrs. Jones:

    You are yet another health saver. Not only do I love sweets, I made them for others, until my illness.

    Today, I love your health conscious ideas and thank you very much!

    Boston, MA

  28. Pat

    This is the first time I made this cake. Oh myyyyyyyy!!!! It is delicious!!!!!!!!

  29. Rebecca

    To make it gluten-free cake add a 1/2 teaspoon of Xanthan gum. I do a combination mix of my own flours total = 1 1/2 cups. I’m using 1/2c sorghum,1/4c millet, 1/4c bob’s red Mill all purpose flour, put
    1 1/2Tab of flax in a 1/2 cup fill rest with tapioca starch that = 1/2 c.
    3/4 c sugar
    1/3 c cocoa powder
    The recipe is basically same.
    However, gf batter you have to let set 30 minutes before cooking.
    Bake 45-60 minutes turn off oven let set 15 more minutes. I occasionally make cupcakes and cool and they freeze well.

  30. CanWeGetAlong

    I just made this recipe and after having seconds, we’ve finished the cake! Definitely a keeper. TY

  31. Lisa F.

    Cake is still in the oven but i know its gonna be good!!! I doubled the frosting as well. Thank you!

  32. Bonnie

    Hi Jenny! Thanks for this simple, delicious recipe. I have made this about every other week since March. It is a big hit and turns out great every time. I double the frosting recipe as I heard feedback there is not enough frosting (with just single batch) ha!

  33. Lily Hunsberger

    Just tried this cake. What happened? Crumbly, thin and just falls apart on cutting. Now it does taste good but a spoon is needed to eat it. Help!

  34. Wanda Boomhower

    Thank you, Jenny! You’re so cheerful, I watch your videos and today I made this for the 3rd time this year.. have to keep myself from going overboard, fluff and all lol.. I say, it’s a lovely, tasty cake and icing and so simple. Added a tsp of instant Espresso to the water, kind of cuts the sugar nicely..thanks again

  35. Maryam

    Just made this recipe yesterday and it looks great! I doubled the recipe and separated the batter between four 8 inch round cake pans (1 cup and a half of batter in each pan) to make a four layer cake. Thanks for also including the link for the frosting in the post. Both the cake and frosting were very fun to make. I’ll be making another tonight!

  36. Berta

    Jenny have you tried using brewed coffee instead of water in the mix. I hear coffee brings out the flavor of the chocolate. Just asking

    • Stash

      I have! I usually use 1 heaping tsp of instant espresso in just enough boiling water to dissolve it in my liquid measuring cup. Then I let it cool (even add an ice cube if my timing is off), and fill the remainder of the 1 cup of water + the rest of the liquids. It definitely sets of the cocoa flavour beautifully!

  37. Kay

    Hi Jenny I remember you from your Jenny Jones tv show when I was younger. This is the second time that I baked this recipe. The 1st with the simple stir&no butter frosting.This time with the butter and using the hand mixer. Both were delicious…I subbed almond milk instead of water for a richer taste . Loved it. You explain your recipes and they are so user friendly. Thanks for sharing

  38. Ksy

    Hi Jenny I remember you from your Jenny Jones tv show when I was younger. This is the second time that I baked this recipe. The 1st with the simple stir&no butter frosting.This time with the butter and using the hand mixer. Both were delicious…I subbed almond milk instead of water for a richer taste . Loved it. You explain your recipes and they are so user friendly. Thanks for sharing

  39. Ronda I

    Just found your site and so far everything looks delish!! Can’t wait to make a few of the recipes for my family. Thank you for sharing. What a selfless and thoughtful idea, thanks for you kindness.

    ps. I use to watch your talk show and found you caring then too.

  40. Finn.wolfH

    The hell does it only make 1/2 cup?

    • Joy

      Great icing enough to do one layer 9 inch pan.
      If doing two layer you could double up recipe or 1.5 times.
      I tied her cake, it was delicious.
      Thanks Jenny

  41. Bev

    I’ll be making your chocolate cake and frosting for our neighbour’s birthday tomorrow. We’ll be practising social distancing but will be able to enjoy a piece of birthday cake together across our back yards. I’m so glad I found your site – really love your recipes and the way you present them, so thank you!

  42. Carol

    This was the 1st frosting my Mom taught me how to make back in the 50’s…We made it so often that we got to the point where we didn’t even measure it we just did it by TASTE!!!!!!…and it was ALWAYS YUMMMMMMY!!!

  43. Julia Camille

    Hello and thank you Jenny! Your
    no-nonsense approach very consice and easy to follow for a gal who hasn’t felt pride in the kitchen. I made your dad’s cabbage rolls (sans sour cream) and the chocolate cake with icing. It all ended up with me quite happy and successful.

  44. Memo

    Jenny girl you can cook so glad I found your recipes thank you so much! Cake and frosting turned out greatttttt!

  45. Christine

    Hi Jenny!
    The 2 min chocolate frosting recipe saved the day! I tested it to see if we would be happy with it and it was enough to frost my cupcakes and will double the recipe to frost my cake.
    I had baked 6 golden cupcakes and a golden 8×8 cake then made a recipe for “foolproof chocolate frosting” which bombed! I will use it as chocolate sauce on ice cream but your recipe was quick, easy and DELICIOUS!
    Thank you!

  46. Christina

    I ran out of milk, so I will use heavy Whipping cream or 14-ounce condensed milk.

  47. Christina

    I love this 2-Minute Chocolate Frosting. I love the No-Egg-or-butter chocolate cake. It tastes good.

  48. Gail

    So in lock-down now….out of eggs, milk, butter and very limited flour BUT had just enough flour for your fantastic cake!!! HOWEVER….no sugar, vanilla or cocoa – but where’s there’s a will there’s a way…. “Lake Champlain Hot Cocoa Mix” in the cupboard which has sugar, cocoa and vanilla!!! I substituted the hot cocoa mix in exact amounts for the sugar and cocoa in the cake recipe (so I used 1 1/4 cups hot cocoa mix) and added 1 tsp of strong cold coffee and viola!!! We have cake and it was pretty awesome too! Maybe a bit more dense and just a bit less spongy like cake but my family loved it even without the frosting!!

  49. Jane

    This looks delicious. Since I’m home bound right now & don’t have butter, could I substitute organic coconut oil that’s solid at room temperature? I also have cans of coconut milk that have the fat separated out. Since I don’t have regular or powdered sugar think I’ll pulverize some coconut sugar which is lower glycemic. I also have plain full fat Greek yoghurt & non dairy cream cheese. Would any of that work in the frosting? Thanks.

  50. georgia lord

    i don’t have powdered sugar will regular sugar work?

    • Dani

      The flavor should be the same but the texture will be VERY grainy-powdered sugar has no grains and is smooth. It will not be the same at all. You may be better off sprinkling the top with sugar but I would try it on a small portion first.

      • Marci

        You can put regular sugar in a food processor, It will become powdered.

        • Dani

          Now why did I never think of that lol. Great idea! I’ll have to try it. Thanks!

      • Liz

        You xan make your own powdered sugar. Place a couple of table spoons of granulated sugar in a blender at a time and put on highest speed. Repeat till you have enough

    • LaTonya D

      When you don’t have powdered sugar, take regular granulated sugar and run it thru your food processor or blender until you have the amount you need. Works like a charm.

  51. Risa

    Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to try it! Question on the frosting though, do you think i could substitute coconut or almond milk instead of the regular dairy milk? Thank you!

  52. Shanna

    I have been a subscriber about a year now. I love all your healthier version of your recipes. Instead of butter, I substituted peanut butter. It tones the bitter of my cocoa.
    Keep cooking. Most of your recipes are things you keep in your pantry. Good for these hard times.
    Everyone be blessed and stay safe.

    • Izzi

      Peanut or almond butter sounds brilliant !

    • Ash

      So it was a peanutbutter choclate frosting then… i want to try and yes thinking to substiute sugar n with something… did u added whole cup of sugar too

    • DONNA

      Wow, Shanna I’m going to try peanut butter!!!

  53. Emily

    Thank you for your recipes! You have such a user-friendly site and user-friendly recipes, and I enjoyed watching your video. My 18-yr-old daughter had been craving chocolate cake all weekend, and I just happened to notice your video today on the side of my screen when viewing something else. I watched your video and immediately printed the recipe and sent the video to her. That was this morning before she woke. She’s already made the cake and is getting ready to make the frosting. I can’t wait to try it. I would love to share your site with my high school nutrition students, if that’s OK. Be safe!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can share my recipes anywhere you like. They are always free.

      • Gloria in Cape Breton

        I have just discovered you ,,love your site !!! Keep on cookin


    The frosting was the best that I have ever had!!!
    The chocolate cake was also the best and both soooooooo easy to make.
    Thank u for sharing the recipes.

  55. Kathy

    Rather than milk, I used concentrated Luke warm coffee, left over from breakfast.it made the icing taste less sweet and it had a nice mocha flavor.

  56. Bonnie

    I made this cake & it was not just easy, but moist & delicious!!! Thanks for such an easy recipe to make from scratch! My husband loved it ❤️

  57. Angela

    Hi! This frosting is so good and so easy! This is how I remember chocolate frosting tasting when I was a kid. I will not buy canned frosting any more! Thank you!

  58. Lynne

    Amazing cake! Thank you for sharing this simple and delicious recipe. Definitely a recipe I will repeat!

  59. Julia

    Hi Jenny, I just started watching your videos. I thought she looks so familiar, what a pleasant lady. Then it dawned on me! It is Jenny Jones! We are in isolation due to the Corona virus, grocery stores are bare but I realized I had the ingredients for your cabbage rolls and chocolate cake, so I got busy cooking. Jenny, both recipes were excellent! The videos are easy to follow and your recipes don’t take so many ingredients, they are simple and delicious. As soon as the stores have some yeast I want to try some of your bread recipes. Thank you Jenny! Nice to see you again.

    • Sharon

      Same!! One of her You Tube recipe videos popped up in my feed, and I thought the same thing….very pleasant and gosh she looks so familiar!?!! Then I realized it was Jenny Jones!!! And yes I used to watch her back in the day on her talk show!! She looks fantastic, and I am looking forward to trying out some of her recipes now! 🙂

    • Liz

      Same here too, Julia! Stir crazy sheltering in place, flipping through cooking sites and videos, and all of a sudden I’m thinking “hmmm, this Jenny looks really familiar,” lol!

      I made Jenny’s quick version of no-knead bread yesterday, and today I tried the eggless chocolate cake with this frosting. All turned out great.
      Jenny, thanks for your recipes — they’re so clear and they come together so easily. Love the videos too. Just wanted to say thanks 🙂

  60. Donna

    I am printing all of your recipes so they will not ever be lost I love your recipes they’re just enough they’re healthy and I would love to pass them on.

  61. Donna

    Made the cake loved it just enough sweetness and a healthier choice. Never will buy box cake again. 🙂

  62. Maria Santiago

    This cake look so yummy in the video that i had to make it. I was disappointed the cake is not sweet enough or fluffy enough i wouldn’t be baking this cake again.

  63. Catina

    Thanks so much for your easy cake recipes. They are so helpful when it comes to timing.

  64. Dee

    I love your recieps I will never buy box cake or icing again. Thank you…

  65. Maggie

    I love how quick this icing is! I added about 1 tablespoon of melted semi sweet chocolate chips and 2 more tablespoons of butter and it was perfect!!

  66. Lady with a Fan

    This cake is fabulous! First time I used only 1/2 cup sugar in the cake and I added about a quarter cup of soft cream cheese to the icing to cut down on the sweetness. The second time I made this cake, I broke up 12 TJ’s amerena dark cherries to the batter once it was in the pan, MAN what a surprise!!!!!.

  67. RC

    For your 2 minute chocolate frosting
    can I replace the milk with almond milk.
    My daughter can’t tolerate regular milk –
    she gets stomach aches

    • Bill G

      RC My first attempt I used soy milk since my daughter is vegan and it worked out fine. So I guess you can experiment with almond too. My mistake was I misread teaspoons as tablespoons and lucky me I only used two of those instead of three so I wound up using double the liquid content and it’s more like icing instead of frosting but it still taste great

    • Fabienne

      In the comments on You Tube, someone replaced the milk by cool coffee (left over from breakfast!!)

  68. LH


    • Essie

      I make mine with hot water instead of milk so I’m sure almond milk would be fine too!

  69. janelynn

    I learned to make this when I was ten years old; I would spread it on graham crackers.

  70. Michele Perez

    I used a plant based butter & sweetner in place of the one in the recipe & it was delicious.

    • Carmelita Fish

      I use Miyako’s plant based butter.
      You can find them at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts Farmers Market.

  71. Jade

    Jenny your recipes are wonderful! They always turn out great. I’ve surprised my family with tasty dishes from your pantry. Thanks so much. ?

  72. Patsi

    All these baking sites. all of them.Why the hell does someone always ask .Can I make cuocakes and how many and how long to bake them blah blah blah.Geez, stop bothering the writers and figure it out. It isnt hard at all,for Petes sake!! And the: oh Well this is how I make the recipe .Gimmie a break and keep your recipe.I want the recipe of the site I am reading.You women are so petty under the guise of
    Mendacity.Heres a helpful hint.
    Get your own blog.Hows that, for heres how I do it.Get off of the comments.And what type of white sugar? Sweetened or unsweetened .
    Really ??!!!! $#@&

    • Ellie

      Hi Patsi! I laughed so hard at your comment. It made my day. I’ve thought the very same thing but didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Man, you just threw it right out there!!!

    • Jacquie

      ????? good one Patsi

    • Denise

      We’ll, I was going to ask a question, but forget it now!! I’m afraid I might get my head taken off by Patsi!!! GEEZ??

      • Love the comments

        FUNNY!! Patsy is kind of scary! I love all the comments, it gives you more Ideas to make it better or helps if you did something wrong. Just to be nice I’m saying if you don’t like just don’t read them. Jenny love your recipes.

    • Jeanne M Knight

      Pats! I love you!. I was just about to post a comment to Jenny saying that she is a saint when I read your comment!. Why oh why do people

    • Darcy

      Idiot you are it’s all you have to do I guess. I am not one of those people you hate, but I sure cannot stand you

    • janelynn

      Nothing wrong with offering a helpful tip, “for Pete’s sake”. And why are you making a comment, then criticizing other commenters for making one.

    • CJ

      Spot on Patsi!!! I always thought the same. I say to myself ‘really’ what are some people thinking !!! ???

    • Judy O

      Right on! I sail past any recipe that gives a family’s birth, death, education, graduation occupation, marriage, divorce, sexual habits, prison records, dog’s name, etc. etc., and any additional history or frivolous information.
      Just post ingredients, time, temperature, and be done! I’ve got cookin’ to do.

    • deese

      What a grump! I love the comments — they give some very good tips.

    • DONNA


  73. unprepared

    Who else learned the hard way that not having a mixer isn’t great

    • Roxanne

      I’m with you. I tried it with a variety of utensils before giving up and digging the mixer out of the cupboard. That made a huge difference!

  74. Brenda P.

    I made the 2 egg cake. My grandmother taught me to make this over 55 years ago. It was the first cake I ever made. Was thinking about it today. Also. Made the 2 min chocolate frosting. Granny used to put a peanut butter icing on it. Thanks for sharing. It looks wonderful. Waiting to try it.

  75. cookncolor

    I made this and Jenny’s Quick & Easy Chocolate cake recipe and can attest that both recipes are LEGIT. Will be making this often. Thanks Jenny!

  76. Maria

    Thank you for this recipe! I have used it so many times .. my family & grandson love this chocolate cake!

  77. Lola

    Made the cake and it was delicious.thanks jenny

  78. Jim Foley


  79. Louise

    Just finished baking this cake. Waiting for it to cool so I can frost it. Hope there’s frosting left. Seems every time I walk past the bowl my spoon dips into the frosting. The waiting is the hard part!

  80. Barbara

    Thank you for your recipes and videos! I made the chocolate cake last night and it turned out great. I watched the video on the frosting, and went back to look for it today, and now I cannot find it anywhere. Is the video still available? Thank you Jenny!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s part of my Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake video.

  81. Allen

    Made it tonight and it was a hit with my kids!

    Great website, Jenny!


  82. Rajul Shah

    Can I bake this cake night before and leave it outside to take to a party next day or has to be refrigerated? Many thanks for a good vegan cake recipe. Good explanation, too.

    • Maria

      I literally left this cake out for 3 days. And it was still moist !!! I did cover with plastic wrap but it’s an amazing recipe!! Perfect for family or parties.

  83. Nancy

    your links do not work. perhaps adding the frosting recipe to the cake recipe so they’re together? Is it salted or unsalted butter??

    • Jenny Can Cook

      We checked the links and they are working so please try again.You can use either butter – I prefer unsalted.

  84. Jade K.

    This is by far the best frosting I’ve ever had in my entire life! My whole family and friends love it! #Crowdpleaser Also It goes perfectly with your, “Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake” recipe! <3

  85. Donna

    Jenny, we LOVE your chocolate cake and frosting. I make it at least every 2 weeks. I wouldn’t change a thing.
    Thank you for such a deliciously easy
    recipe. ? My family and I love it!

  86. horsiegramma

    Hi Jenny. Just made your chocolate cake and icing and am taking it to my daughter-in-law’s for dinner. She is a chef and owner of several popular restaurants, but I feel this is worthy of her dinner table. First time ever making a cake from scratch. Thanks. Love all that you do.

  87. Mikala

    Okay, Jenny
    I have to tell you that I got major thumbs up from the family on this chocolate cake!!!
    So easy.. and sooooooooooooo delicious .
    thank you!!!
    oh, also made the chicken pot pie… another winner.. love ..love your videos..

  88. Carmelita Fish

    I watched your video and it’s interesting to know you can make chocolate cake without eggs or butter.
    I’m a lactose intolerance person thus is just right for me. Today I made the same almost similar but I used lactose free milk and eggbeaters.
    Question :
    Can I use hot water instead of cool water? Can I dissolve the baking soda
    with the vinegar?
    Thank you Jenny. I love your cooking show.

  89. Moe M.

    Just a suggestion, I’ve been making a similar recipe for years, the only difference is that I add a 1/2 tsp. of salt to help the baking soda give the batter more rise, and I also add 1/3 cup of regular applesauce which makes a big difference in making the cake more moist.

  90. Mist

    I just made the cake and frosting tonight. The cake was really good but my frosting never whipped up…so I used it as a glaze. Not sure why I could not get the frosting to turn out but it was tasty!!

  91. Jasmine Tripoli

    Your Recipe Is Goo

  92. Jan

    Thank you so much. My granddaughter has severe allergy to both dairy products and eggs. This will surely be a hit. Any other no-eggs-or-dairy recipes?

  93. Karen

    I used butter & nut flavoring like my Grandma used in her yellow cakes. Brought back good memories and so easy. Thank you

  94. Clara

    You are my new Hero !!!
    Just saw this on YouTube and ran to make it which is in the oven right now So EASY to mix also made icing quick and tasty THANKS SO MUCH

  95. Mary Lou ?

    I think I will love this recipe and can’t wait to try it! All natural no preservatives! I plan to make double the frosting recipe so I can frost the sides but use 4 T cocoa.
    I could double the cake recipe and make a double layer cake also. Lots you can so with it also, various nuts crumbled on top, coconut on top of frosting. Rasberry jam between the layers, one of our bakeries sells a cake with rasberry jam in the middle. Gosh this is great. Thanks so much Jenny, your recipes are the best??. Do you sell a cookbook????

    • Mary Lou ?

      This shows up twice because it wouldn’t take it the first time, said I already submitted it, so, I wrote it again and then it took*****twice???have a great day everybody???

  96. Mary Lou ?

    I think I will love this recipe and can’t wait to try it! All natural no preservatives! I plan to make double the frosting recipe so I can frost the sides but use 4 T cocoa to cut the sweetness. I could double the cake recipe and make a double layer cake also. Lots you can so with it also, various nuts crumbled on top, coconut on top of frosting. Rasberry jam between the layers, one of our bakeries sells a cake with rasberry jam in the middle. Gosh this is great. Thanks so much Jenny, your recipes are the best??. Do you sell a cookbook????

  97. Michael

    Why would we ever buy a cake mix again? So quick and simple and good. Thank you.

  98. lorraine k

    I just tried this and it was delicious. I added twice as much vanilla because i love vanilla and I always add extra. No frosting, just a dusting of powdered sugar. The cake had a really nice texture and flavor.

    Thanks Jenny!

  99. Rosalie

    Hi Jenny
    Love your recipes. Do you have a vanilla 2 minute frosting.

    • Sara

      No make it vanilla flavoured replace the cocoa powder with 3x the vanilla extract

  100. J C

    Had been searching for a salt free birthday cake… will try this soon. Any other recipes will be welcome.

  101. Deb

    Needed an easy cake I could make with my 3 year old grandson. This fit the bill! Very tasty!! Thanks

  102. Last Call

    Thanks for the old Polish recipes, I haven’t had that kind of chow since my Mom and Grandma would get together and cook up a storm. When a pirogi would fail during the boiling cycle I was allowed the first one, but normally we would brown them in a little butter.

  103. BECKY

    The recipe is for CHOCOLATE frosting.

  104. Vanessa


  105. Ranjitha

    Hello Jenny,

    I am a raving fan of your dessert recipes. I was wondering, whether I can use this frosting to pipe cupcakes.


  106. New to Baking

    It was way to sweet the first time making. So now here’s how I make it. 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons cocoa powder and 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1 tablespoon milk and I beat this all together. Much better than original recipe

    • Chris

      Much better than the original? All you’ve done is cut the recipe in half so you’re just using less.

      • PN

        No, she halved the sugar and butter, doubled the chocolate and used the same amount of vanilla & milk. The extra chocolate would give a stronger chocolate flavor which would “overpower” the sugar. True, she would have about half as much frosting.

    • Lee

      Love the alterations… how do you turn this into a lemon cake?

      • FUNNY



      • Kathleen

        For a Lemon version, Google this exact phrase ‘LEMON CRAZY CAKE – NO EGGS, MILK OR BUTTER’

  107. ally

    hey jenny, I just made your chocolate cake and it turned out awesome. I can’t wait to try more recipes

  108. sophia

    Hi jenny, if I were to take out the cocoa powder, would it still be the same consistency?

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