One Bowl Lemon Brownies

One Bowl Lemon Brownies

One Bowl Lemon Brownies

One bowl. No mixer. So easy. You’ll need 3 small lemons and always zest the lemons before juicing. The 8x8 pan will produce cakier bars while the 9x9 will be a bit more dense. ALWAYS AERATE YOUR FLOUR BEFORE MEASURING. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Makes: 16

One Bowl Lemon Brownies


  • 1 cup all-purpose
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt (I use Fage 2% - never fat free) - or sour cream
  • 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil (I use avocado oil)
  • zest of 2 lemons
  • 2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • Glaze:
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • zest of 1 lemon
  • about 2 to 4 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  2. Line an 8 x 8 or 9 x 9-inch square pan with foil or parchment paper, leaving extra for “handles.”
  3. Put all ingredients into a bowl.
  4. Stir by hand until smooth (about 30 seconds).
  5. Spread batter in pan and bake for about 20 minutes.
  6. Cool in the pan for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Lift out of pan and spread glaze over warm brownies.
  8. Glaze:
  9. Stir glaze ingredients together in a bowl, adding juice gradually until glaze is spreadable.

No Yogurt? You can use sour cream instead.
Note: Whole wheat pastry flour works just as well - it's the way I usually make them.

One Bowl Lemon Brownies

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  1. Christine

    This is the second time I made them and they turned out great both times – I love dependable recipes!
    I do have a question, as far as storage – do these need to be refrigerated? I’m thinking that may dry them out?

    Thank you!

  2. May

    Works beautiful every single time!!! My family loves this. Thank you

  3. Susan

    These are awesome, came out as pictured. Yummy!

  4. jeanne

    I followed the recipe to the letter and my baking soda was brand new, and they came out flat as pancakes.

    • Terri

      I have made this recipe dozens of times with great results. Try again and follow the recipe exactly. Maybe your oven was off or your pan was too big or you used fat free yogurt. You could not have followed the recipe to the letter. Try again.

      • K

        I also followed the recipe to a T, used an 8×8 pan and mine came out pretty flat also. I won’t make them again. The glaze was delicious.

      • Lorna

        Both baking soda & baking powder can be tested for effectiveness. I know it seems that new packages would be fine but if your baking is not coming out right I would check it to be sure. Certainly not the only reason possible but you could start there.

        Baking Soda: Place 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a cup and add 2 teaspoons vinegar. Just like baking powder, if baking soda doesn’t bubble, it’s old and should be replaced.

        Baking Powder: Place 1 teaspoon baking powder in a cup and add 1/3 cup hot tap water. If it starts to bubble, it’s good to go. If not, add it to your grocery list.

  5. ProChef

    These were so delicious! Super simple to make, and they’re perfect for a little treat. Although I accidentally use olive oil instead of what the recipe said, but it actually turned out really good. You don’t really bad taste, it’s perfect.

    Thanks for making this recipe Jenny.😌😉

  6. Annie

    I’ve made this twice using whole wheat pastry flour and the results were perfect! These are so delicious and easy to make. It will be one of my go-to recipes. Thank you!

  7. carol

    I love Jenny’s recipe and have tried several. This was simple and delicious. I but the lemon brownies into small sizes because they are tall. Delightful and refreshing and you can’t beat the one bowl quick-fix recipe. Thanks again, jenny.

  8. Pam

    These are delicious and great to take somewhere. I am baking them again for a luncheon tomorrow. Once I didn’t have sour cream so used mayonnaise. They were really tasty and no one knew the difference!

    • Les Brigance

      I read you used mayonnaise instead of either yogurt or sour cream so was it Light or Lo-Fat or regular?
      I’m surprised your cakes(bars) weren’t heavy
      (if you knew what I mean)
      I’m not much of a real cook so everything in a recipe has
      to be exact or I just create garbage😁

  9. rsp

    You give advice for measuring flour but even with that advice, measuring flour by volume can lead to variations in actual quantity by up to 25%! For me, a rather inept baker even after many years, it would be so helpful to have weight measurements. Mistakes down to near zero percent. Yes, I can convert: 1 cup all purpose flour weighs 120 grams. But sometimes conversion doesn’t work. Would you ever consider adding weight measurements to your recipes? So many American kitchens now have scales, and for those that don’t, they can continue with volumes.

    • Sidra

      I agree. Prefer to bake using the metric system. So much easier and precise!
      (BTW 1 cup/8 ounces is equal to 240g not 120g.)

      CORRECTION FROM SIDRA: Tried to edit my previous reply! I was wrong. For dry weight, it is 120g. The liquid weight is 240g. So sorry!

  10. Queyzlady in Ponchatoula

    A keeper for sure. This recipe is wonderful. It is easy, fun and tastes like heaven.

  11. Queyzlady in Ponchatoula

    This recipe is wonderful. It is easy, fun and tastes like heaven.

  12. DeeDee

    Just curious if the yogurt could be replaced with something dairy free? I love lemon desserts but I’m allergic to dairy. 🤷‍♀️ Thank you. Your videos are simply awesome.

    • Cejai

      I use 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce instead of oil, eggs or dairy. Vinegar and baking soda is a nice leavening trick. Warning, don’t over mix, and once wet ingredients are added to dry, don’t waste any time to place into preheated oven. My fav and Best lemon quick to fix cake!

  13. Grandmother Hyla

    I, like others, have been making some wonderful and dearly loved recipes from your terrific website. Recently I discovered that my and my husband’s caregiver is celebrating a birthday and I know her favourite dessert is lemon, and anything with lemon. She is off on the weekend but when she returns on Monday, I will be surprising her with a batch of lemon brownies. All three of us will have a lemon treat and she can take the rest home on the weekend. If there is any left, that is.
    We thank you for being there and am especially there is a nice man in your life.

  14. Dee

    I just made this with sour cream and whole wheat flour.
    Highly recommend NOT using wwflour.
    Good thing the ingredients were cheap. Tossing.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Whole wheat PASTRY flour works every time for me.

      • Jennifer

        I wonder if you can use white whole wheat, would it be good?

  15. Tamiko

    Hello Jenny,

    I discovered you on YouTube two years ago, and I could not believe how fun and easy you make cooking. Your personality is delightful, and you are so very funny. I think it is fantastic! Your recipes are very simple, tasty, and easy to make. Thank you for being there for those of us who thought we would never be able to follow a recipe, and it turn out exactly the way it should.
    You have a blessed talent.
    I am a grateful fan and follower.

    • Les Brigance

      Me Seconding your reply to Jenny!
      Great stuff!

    • Amiee Lady

      Truly you are a blessing Jenny! And do you know something? Its a ripple effect this blessing….I follow your instructions and don’t question or waver from them. Delicious meals are shared with friends, family and even strangers that are ill and just need someone to prepare a home cooked meal worthy of eating and savoring. From your bread, to the cancer soup to the lemon brownies and more….Sharing is caring Jenny! Thanks for sharing. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING IT SIMPLE YET SCRUMPTIOUS EVERY TIME!!! 🙏👍❤

  16. Baker Lisa

    Made these for the first time last year as part of my massive christmas cookie platters for family. Huge hit! So good that I wanted them all to myself but I took the high road and added them to the platters. Just made these again for my Uncle who traveled from Colorado to NY to see family for the first time since he lost both his parents and his wife all within 3 months. I wanted to bring him some comfort as his wife (my Aunt) was such an amazing baker. I brought these to him and he just kept smelling them and then dove in. He LOVES lemon and he told me that these were an absolute blessing! It made him open up and talk about memories of his wife. How wonderfully healing is that? Jenny, just wanted you to know how much of an impact this lovely space you’ve created and your recipes that are shared with so many loved ones across the planet. Thank you so much!! Family is everything.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Lisa, your letter brought me to tears. You are so kind to share this with me and I’m so very sorry for the losses endured by your uncle. To think that this simple recipe brought comfort and healing to someone who is suffering means so very much to me. We all know that foods can heal the body when we’re sick but you reminded us that when you cook from the heart for someone in need, there is no better gift. Thank you for sharing this with us and for showing your uncle how much he is loved. ❤️

      • Baker Lisa

        Jenny, thank you so very much for your kind words. By leaving my story here in this wonderful space you’ve created, I was planting a tiny seed of hope, sprinkled with love, wishing the message would find it’s way to you and others and continue it’s journey across the world to inspire ways of keeping us all connected. I thought that with the high volume of comments here, you might not see it – but then again, you just might – and you did & responded. In this busy world, that’s a testament to your beautiful heart and a reminder that we should never lose hope. You are absolutely right about the power behind reaching down within ourselves to help others who are hurting, especially if we, are hurting as well. The smallest kindness (a tray of lemon brownies) can spark a wave of healing. How many family stories are anchored by people gathering and the sharing of food? It can also bring complete strangers together – creating a new bond over common ground – and can be so very healing to the giver and receiver.

        The other end of my Uncle’s story (his wife and he had been together since the 8th grade, married 54 yrs) was that he was traveling to NY to stay and visit with his sister (my Mom). So, she also had lost her parents (my Grandparents, married for 74 years, my Grandmother from Alzheimer’s, my Grandfather from being 92 and the completely-at-home caretaker to someone with Alzheimer’s) and a very dear sister in law (my Aunt from cancer) and then, a few months later, her husband (my step Dad to Alzheimer’s). So, when I brought your simple lemon brownie recipe to my Mom’s home, for her and my Uncle – it was anything but a simple recipe – it was also for my Grandparents, my Aunt, my Step Dad and, lastly, myself. We were all burdened by loss but continue to look around us to see the precious connections that remain and by sharing our family memories while sitting there enjoying your lemon brownies, we fed our souls with the beautiful journey that is life and celebrated the connection to those who we have lost in this world but will remain forever connected to. After I left my Mom’s that day, she told me that my other Uncle (their other brother who had also lost both parents) stopped by to visit with both of them that same day. She sent him home with some of those healing lemon brownies to share with his family.

        I also want to mention that I was extremely close to my Grandmother and some of the best memories were baking with her. I had her handwritten recipe for dinner rolls – that she always made for family gatherings – put onto a tea towel and gave as gifts to family members after she passed. I spoke of this at her funeral and afterwards, extended family members came up to me and asked for her recipe to share with their families. I turned my spare room in my tiny house into a baking room, filled with family photos on my Grandparent’s hutch that moved from house to house with them that now resides with me, my Grandmother’s baking apron hangs on the door, her old pyrex dishes and rolling pin, not only displayed but still very much in use. I am surrounded by memories and love in that baking room and I definitely feel like I am baking with my loved ones there.

        And so, the tiny seed, sprinkled with love, continues its journey, ever upward and outward, in it’s never-ending journey to connect us all. Thank you, Jenny. You are a gift. You are that seed.

        • JZM

          Lisa, thank you for taking the time to write this very thoughtful & touching comment.

          Jenny – how sweet & kind of you to respond as you did.

          Lovely – reminds us how food can connect so many in such a meaningful way.

  17. Nik

    I make this with oranges fairly often. It turns out great!

    • Erica

      This sounds delicious – thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try this after the lemon.

  18. Barbara

    Has anyone substituted limes or oranges?

    • Beth

      Yes, it works just fine!

    • Kimberly

      Yes. I even used crushed pineapple. Squeezed it dry for the batter and substituted its juice for the lemon. Turned out great.

  19. Linda

    Thanks, This was easy, fast and really good. I needed to bake it 25 min.

  20. Deb

    I’ve made these many times and they always come out great. We have meyers lemons, which are sweet lemons. Overtime, I have increased the amount of lemon zest in the brownies and especially in the glaze. Can this recipe be scaled up to a 9×13 size pan?

    • tiffany

      I just made these in a 9×13. I used 1 & 1/2x the ingredients and baked for 20 minutes. Turned out perfect.

  21. Michelle

    I love these squares. Great lemony flavour. I made them for our group tonight and they loved them too!!! 😀 Thank you SO much for this delicious recipe! I’ve made it a few times now and it turns out GREAT!

  22. Jessica B.

    I made these today. Added sour cream instead of yogurt and homemade lemon powder from dehydrated lemons instead of the zest. Also I used Self Rising Flour on accident and it came out wonderfully!! Found your video on YouTube yesterday. Thank you ma’am!

  23. Lesia

    I’m going to made this recipe, because it looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Susan

    I made lemon brownies today, tomorrow is my birthday, they are delicious
    I also had a question what are you can keep the brownies out on the counter overnight or do they have to be refrigerated because they have yogurt in them?

    Love your recipes🥰

    • Vivica

      Once heated, or frozen, the living good bacteria of yogurt are destroyed. Like most any baked product of this nature this too can be left out. In my home an 8 x 8 doesn’t last 8 minutes 😀 to even have to think about refrigeration.

  25. Rsp

    These are delicious!! I’m writing to respectfully ask that we all reconsider the use of aluminum foil in general but especially when it isn’t absolutely necessary. Greasing the pan or using parchment would do the job and I think it’s easier. Aluminum is environmentally terrible to mine, to transport, to process, to package, to distribute and to dispose of. It’s also expensive for the consumer. A VERY easy way to make a better choice for the environment. Thank you.

    • Rachel

      Great suggestion. Parchment paper it is!

    • Linda

      I uses pan spray and it worked great. I wouldn’t even want to use foil.

    • LesB

      Agreed, absolutely.
      But there are times when parchment won’t do,
      such as when grilling.
      There I use metal sheets or pans when possible but
      I still need foil for some things.
      Occasionally I’ve found that Wet Cardboard works😁

  26. Melinda Barfield

    I followed the recipe to the tee and the 2nd time it didn’t set .Don’t know why.

  27. Tammy fletcher

    I used this lemon brown recipe today .
    It was so easy and tasty for Mother’s Day.
    10 star
    Thank you for sharing

  28. Bonnie

    Hi Jenny
    Lovely and simple recipe. Now
    I have a small, pretty pedestal cake stand so would like to place batter in my 7 in spring foam pan. This will make batter denser. Any idea on best to adapt? Longer baking time at 325°?

  29. Jay

    I made this weekend. Doubled it for a party. It was gone in about 15 minutes. I will definitely be making again and again…for something a little different too. I made as directed using sour cream as that’s what I had on hand.

  30. ECO

    Jenny hope you and yours are doing well. This cake was delicious! We were going to throw away some small mandarin oranges because they were too sour, but I decided to use them in place of the lemons in this recipe. I used plain regular yoghurt instead of Greek (what I had). It was amazing and the smell of the cake was divine! May try it again with lemon but it will be hard to beat the mandarin cake.

  31. Carol

    Question I baked for 20 minutes it seemed like it was not completely baked. Did anyone have this situation?

    • ECO

      I had to cook mine for an extra 7 minutes. I did decrease the temp to 325F bc I could see the sides sere getting dark but the middle was not done.Turned out great!

    • Connie

      Hi, I am baking mine right now and I went the 20 mins. but because I live at a very high altitude, I let it go for another 8 mins. I just kept my eye out on it. You’ll be ok.

  32. NANCY

    I’ve made these delish lemon brownies soooo many times and using
    blueberries on top of the batter. They add a very nice fresh touch in flavor.
    A great dessert to take to a get together with family/friends ( all within
    COVID protocol recommendations.)

  33. budgygirl24

    i used milk in place of yogurt, delicious

  34. Chris - Dallas, TX

    Hi Jenny, When you are trying to line a pan, dish etc with foil, it is easier just to flip the pan over, form the foil to the bottom of the pan, flip the pan right side up and put the formed foil inside the pan. It fits perfectly in the pan. No holes punched in the corners by fingers.
    I love your recipes.

    • SherrieB

      This is a great tip! Thanks

      • Mimi

        This was one of those great ideas that made me say “why didnt Inthink of that!” 😂

  35. Jasper

    Well these were a hit at my friend’s birthday party! I made a double batch in a 13×9 pan and turned out great. Everyone was impressed, compliments all around. Some even commented on the aluminium sling.

    I kept telling everyone it was from Jenny Jones as we were all of the age to see you on TV. 🙂

    Thank you for a perfect recipe, great instructions on measuring the flour, which is how I normally do it but 100% appreciated. The sling trick was genius. I did use the tip from one of the comments to mold the foil to the bottom of the pan before placing inside for a easy and neat liner.

    Thank you for making a fall day that much brighter and being the star of the show for my friend’s birthday.

    • Londa

      Hi, when you doubled recipe did you just do the same amout of each ingredient twice? Thanks, looking to bake in a 13×9 pan

  36. Frantastik

    Can I bake this in air fryer? If so, time and temperature please? ❤️ this recipe!

  37. Megan

    Soo good! I made this with my foods class and we used whole wheat flour instead. They loved it!

  38. Kate

    I was making this for a potluck so I doubled the recipe and used a 9×13 » pan. The dessert is delicious but I was expecting more of a chewy, dense, brownie consistency. I would see it more as a lemon sheet cake. Still very good. Thanks

  39. Sandi

    This recipe was the BOMB!! Me and my best friend both made this today. I added white chocolate chips to my recipe and it tasted great!! I will definitely be making these over and over. That glaze is OH SO TASTY! Thanks Jenny!!

  40. Orla

    I just made these brownies using the same ingredients in the recipe except I use limes instead of lemons because that’s what I had in the pantry and the result was still fabulous. Easiest recipe, quickest prep time, and most delicious lemon brownies ever! <3

  41. nancy mag

    when you’re going to line a pan with foil i find it easier if you first invert the pan and cover the bottom with the foil and shape it around the pan then pace the shaped foil inside the pan. its much smoother and fits better…especially in the corners.

  42. Pat

    I used cream cheese instead of yogurt or sour cream. Also I replaced 1 of the zested lemons for a lime..
    It was phenomenal..

  43. Debby

    I assume the leftovers need to be refrigerated? It’s absolutely delicious 😋

  44. Louisa May

    Jenny, Can gluten free flour be used? These look soooo delicious. Light, moist and tempting!
    Thank you.

  45. Liza

    How do you do that?

  46. Kathryn

    You can make “powdered Splenda”. I have been making my own powered sugar out of the natural cane sugar for a few years now. It’s will entail a small investment in your part of you don’t own some type of coffee grinder. I have a very inexpensive basic coffee grinder. I pour sugar to the line indicated for grinding and grind it until it is powder. I do the same with Splenda. And get the same results.

  47. Fran

    Thanks for this easy, wonderful recipe. Lemon is my favourite!

    Can I double the recipe?


    • Elizabeth Frye

      Hey! I have doubled this recipe on several occasions. I baked it in two small cake pans and layered it, cake style. Other than that I followed the directions for baking time and temperature. It was a huge hit. I’ve not made a double batch in one pan, so I can’t help with baking time in that situation. Happy baking!

  48. Joanna

    Fantastic and easy recipe.

  49. Sparkles

    Hi Jenny I made these brownies but for some reason they didn’t rise very well you’re kind of flat-ish I think maybe my baking soda might’ve been old? I used Splenda in the batter too. But that icing is absolutely the bomb and I iced them anyway and then I ate four!!!! The cake it’s self seemed a little dry to me not moist like a brownie but I’m gonna get some new baking soda and try these again with full fat and see how that works because these are a winner for company. I can’t afford to make them for just me often I will weigh 400 pounds!! Lol

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Sugar gives structure to baked goods so that might be the problem.

    • Sparkles

      Adding: The brownies came out with an even rising they were a little lumpy looking so I’m pretty sure that was something in the baking soda not being fresh. I’ve heard many people say that Splenda is great for baking so I don’t think it was that. And I’m wondering why would I use Splenda when I used for on powdered sugar in the icing I wonder if there’s a Splenda confectioner sugar? If not I’m making the real deal next time sugar, oil and all!

      • Dixis

        @Sparkles – you can take the Splenda, put it in a coffee/herb grinder to make confectioners powdered “sugar” out of it. You can do that with any granulated sugar alternative.

  50. Gramie Sue

    Avid Baker, made these, so good! Will be making the GF ones too, daughter & 3 gkids are all gluten free! Have texted sister back east about these.
    Thanks for a great easy recipe. ( We have Meyer lemon tree!!!)

  51. Robin P

    These are so refreshing!
    I’m going to try substituting lime or orange.

  52. Daniel

    Hi Jenny! I have been holding on to this recipe for a while and today I made them. I did not have a lemon (only the juice) so added a little coconut flake for a similar texture. My glaze came out a little watery (too much juice) so I added it right when it came out of the oven and it got absorbed almost instantly. It came out amazing. Thank you!

  53. Jody, Olympia WA

    Finally made these lemon brownies and they did not disappoint! 🍋 I love coconut and have made Jenny’s coconut cake several times. At the last minute, I mixed just a small handful (maybe 1/4 cup?) of sweetened flaked coconut 🥥 to the brownie batter, and I also incorporated the same into the glaze (I only made half of the glaze recipe and it was plenty!).

    These brownies get better and better each day (this batch lasted me 3 days but I live alone and I’m working on my willpower so I don’t overeat, but these are soooo good, I ate almost half of them the first night!).

    Thank you again, Jenny, for sharing your recipes with the world! May God bless. 🥰

  54. Jill

    I made these using the same amount butter substituted for the oil, and wow, they are the greatest! Easy, fast, delicious. A good recipe always seems to work when we do our little tweeks, am I right?

  55. Wendy

    I’m trying to lower my carb and sugar intake. Do you this recipe would work if I replaced the flour with coconut flour or almond flour and use sugar replacement? The6 sound so, I may have to bite the bullet!

    • Erni Hicks

      nut flours have a tendency to get soggy.(in my experience)
      you might need and additional binding agent,

      • Laura

        Try Trim Healthy Mama’s baking mix or Brianna’s baking mix recipe , which is a copy cat version of Trim Healthy Mama.

  56. Suzette

    Have you ever made this gluten free?

  57. Wendi

    I made these tonight for the second time, the first was about a year ago at the beginning of the pandemic. They really brightened up everyone’s mood! Changes I made this time: I was too lazy to use parchment and don’t like to use aluminum foil because it’s not good for the environment, so I just greased the pan. It was fine (and a crispy “crust”). I inverted it to get the “lemonies” out. Also, while I had enough zest from saving previously juiced lemons, but no lemon juice, I mixed orange and lime juice (about 2:1 ratio) to substitute the lemon juice. Wonderful! I love this super easy and fast recipe!

  58. DeEtta

    Hi Jenny, I need to know if I could use baking powder instead of baking soda to make them a little more “cake like”?

  59. Ed Frye

    I have done several of Jenny’s recipes. She has some great ones. All have come out well and tasty. Most are very easy. This is my 1st on the Lemon Brownies. We like anything Lemon. I have them in the oven now and they smell great. My wife is making the glaze. She has to get involved, she says they are blondies? Don’t really care as long as they taste good. I used the zest of one lemon and 1/2 tsp of lemon extract. Only had two small juicy lemons. I needed to save one for the glaze. I can already tell they are going to taste great.
    Thank you, Jenny

    • Joy

      tell your wife blondies are totally different and do not even have lemon juice. They are a wonderful sweet recipe tho. Just google “recipe, blondies”. that’s all it takes.

  60. janice

    can these freeze with the glaze on?

    • Kris

      Uncooked sugar tends to crystallize. I would freeze these unglazed then thaw and glaze before serving..

      • Henri

        Yes I agree with you Kris. Better to freeze and glaze them after they have thawed.

      • Joy

        What a great tip…I did not know that

  61. Maria

    I dug out this recipe from a year ago when I first made the lemon brownies and made them again today, Valentine’s day, for my wonderful husband. He was thrilled that I was making them for him. After lunch, he had a piece, not even waiting for me to ice them. He looooved them!!!! I think this just might become a regular Valentine’s Day tradition.

  62. Pete

    I found lemons laye in liMaking my 3rd batch tonight! Love this one!

  63. Pat

    Sorry. I read directions wrong. Thought it said just wheat flour. I made it and it was delicious. Love anything lemon. Yummy!👍

  64. Pat

    Cn you use all purpose flour?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please read the recipe.

      • Gwen

        Hi Jenn,
        I love your videos! Are you not making any new ones?

    • Lori

      Yes, you can use all-purpose flour. Something else that I tried was 1/2 all-purpose and 1/2 cake flour. But a good all-purpose flour is just fine.

  65. Shelby

    Loved the ending!!! U must have seen me do that!!! Recipe looks fantastic. I love your posts. I hate to cook but ur recipes really appeal to me and are often not difficult. Thank YOU!

    Woops, sorry to repeat myself.

  66. Shelby

    Loved the ending!!! U must have seen me do that!!! Recipe looks fantastic. I love your posts. I hate to cook but ur recipes really appeal to me and are often not difficult. Thank YOU!

  67. Carol

    Quick tip for fitting alum. foil into pan. Turn your baking pan upside down. Press foil over the bottom and sides of pan. Remove foil, it will now have the shape of the pan. Turn pan back over and fit not pan shaped foil into the pan.

    • carolyn

      i m heading to kitchen to make, read
      the comments while walking..this one for foil over pan to size was new to me…saying a lot since i am 83, and i spent time in a lot of family kitchens of old…i know it probably has been known. but i am glad i found this post from this young lady..thank you both!

    • Cathy L.

      Great tip! Thanks so much. First piece of foil, I put my finger through. 🙄

  68. Klaas

    Made it with gluten free flour and lactose free yogurt and olive oil. Tuned out fantastic. My wife loved it. She needed it to be lactose free and gluten free.

    • Jill

      Thanks for the info. I am always changing recipes to gluten free and dairy free. I will definately do this one the same way.

  69. Mel

    Can I use butter to replace the oil?

    • Cheryl

      You should be able to. Let it cool before adding. If you are using salted butter, remember that that will add a bit more salt to the recipe than a plain oil would.

  70. Marsha

    Has anyone tried making this in the Dash mini bundt cake maker?

  71. Kate

    Jenny this is absolutely one of the best lemon cake recipes I have ever made and it tastes superb! Kudos to you and have the best you can Covid Christmas!👍⚽🎄

  72. Tammy

    I made these as a special treat after getting good results from a CT scan. What a treat these are! So easy and so delicious! I’ve already forwarded this recipe to ten people. They remind me of my lemon bar recipe but without the hassle. I used a couple of packets of TrueLime to kick it up a notch. I can see making these as orange brownies maybe with some mini chocolate chips. So good!

  73. linda

    just found your channel…love your syle…nothing better than a “sassy” chef…plan to try your lemon brownies and your great looking bread…btw it was a good hair day….

  74. clyde wells

    I don’t like lemon at all but I do all the baking of deserts and my wife loves lemon…Soooo…….

  75. Tawaki

    For anyone that is curious, I swap extra vinegar olive for the avocado oil, lemon juice for vinegar (similar pH), and a little bit of black pepper. (olive oil can be peppery). Left everything else the same. DELICIOUS! Topped it with the lemon brownie glaze.

    Definitely will make again.

  76. Nancy

    Can I use Gluten Free flour?

  77. Dominique

    This weekend it is Thanksgiving in Canada.
    Montreal is currently red for Corona Virus. My doughter will not be allowed to come over for dinner.
    Just made this amazing receipe. Will be delivered to her to enjoy.
    Thank you Jenny for the great easy receipe

  78. Jessica

    Very good and easy recipe. I replaced the 2 eggs with carton egg whites (60g) as I didn’t have eggs on hand. I also made a lemon curd to substitute for the glaze and it worked well.

  79. Deb

    since I am diabetic can I substitute Stevia for the sugar

    • Jessica Dang

      I replaced the sugar with Lakanto monkfruit sweetener and it turned out perfectly fine.

    • Lori

      Another great one is King Arthur Baking Sugar Alternative. It’s made up mostly of erythritol, monk fruit and allulose, with a little bit of stevia. Also, powdered erythritol, like Swerve, will work great.

  80. Tina Ramsey

    I enjoy baking this cake one of my fav methods one bowl action! It came out lemony. Thank you for this not stressful recipe.

  81. Diane

    These are really delicious and so simple to make. Will definitely make again – and again.

  82. Linda

    Delicious,very kemony,but not brownie consistancy very cakey Used 9×9 pan. What could I do do make it more chewy,like a brownie?

    • Janice

      If you eliminate the baking soda the lemon “brownies” will be a bit denser. Good luck!

  83. Nancy

    Made today for the first time your recipe for one bowl lemon brownies.
    My husband gave it a 10!
    So did I!
    I sprinkled on top before baking large sugar granules and blueberries.
    When ready to serve,we topped it up with real whipped cream!
    The sugar gave it a nice crunch,the blueberries perked it up,the whipped
    cream took it to another level !
    Next time I’ll make it with orange zest and mandarin oranges !

    • Joanie

      I was wondering how inserting some blueberries in the batter would work out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  84. BettyAnn

    I was so impressed with your one bowl approach…so i made them…but DARN IT forgot I needed to make high altitude adjustments!!? Please advise how can I make the high altitude adjustments to your great recipe??

  85. Iona

    Hi Jenny,
    Your lemon brownies look so yummy!
    What can I replace the yogurt with? I would like it to be dairy free.
    Maybe almond milk?
    Thank you in advance,

    • Trevor

      For 1 cup of plain yogurt:
      1 cup buttermilk or sour milk.
      1 cup sour cream.
      1 cup cottage cheese, blended until smooth.

      • Miki

        I only Ricotta instead of sour cream etc., and it works beautifully! Texture is like sour cream.

    • Rassie

      There is dairy free yogurt at health food places. Whole Foods, etc.

    • Beth Rinaldi

      Hi! You can use Tofutti Sour Cream… or if thats not available, try vegan buttermilk. You can add 1Tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of Almond or Soy milk! I use Apple Cider vinegar if no lemons are around.
      Good luck!

  86. Lindy

    Getting ingredients together to make these today, sounds delicious. I will be adding fresh blueberries, the combination of lemon and blueberry is irresistible. Thanks for the recipe. Be well.

  87. Dee

    These are so ea and good…an immediate favorite and they travel so well if you leave them in the pan!

    • Miki

      I double the recipe and after using the glaze and leaving it to cool, I place it in the freezer for about 45-60 mins to harden the glaze. I then take it out, place on an oversized piece of saran wrap sheet to fully cover it. I then place it in back in the pan that it was baked and cover the pan with aluminum foil and one of those plastic bowl covers and place it back in the freezer for when my kids finish the first set. All you have to do is let it defrost on the counter overnight or in the oven overnight. When you wake up it’s ready to eat.

      You can also buy those sets of lunchbox plastic boxes at BJ’s or Costco and use these to pop them into the freezer; these keep food well so no need to add additional wrappings. These are washable and reusable.

      Hint: The dollar store sells the 8×8 aluminum non-stick baking pans for $1; so I have several that I can use to store foods in the freezer after making one and storing one.

  88. Debbie

    I love anything lemon. Lemon brownies?! Cannot wait to make these and thank you for the video so much easier to visualize

  89. Ellen

    I finally made these this evening. I’ve been looking at this recipe for 2 weeks now trying to avoid it cause I’m prediabetic and I have a doctors appointment in 3 weeks for my check up. So, what did I do…, I made these and have already eaten 6 of them this evening. They are so delicious and addictive. I’m thinking about eating another one right at this moment. Hmmmm I didn’t have any yogurt or sour cream so I left it out and they taste heavenly. If my doctor scolds me for my blood glucose bring to high, I’ll blame it on Jenny Jones recipes. ??
    Oh, I’ve made many of your other recipes with success except the 2 hour no knead bread. It bombed but it was all my stupid mistakes of not paying attention to the recipe.
    I’m having such a good time trying these recipes and laughing at your videos.

    • Patricia Hennig

      I love the ease andxsuoer lemmon flavour. We found them a bit too sweet 1st time making. So we have skipped icing or reduced sugar to 1/4 cup if iced. May be useful if diabetic. Cannot eat just one!

      • ashley

        Thank you for the note about the reduced sugar. I didn’t want it to be too sweet, and was wondering if I could reduce it somehow.

  90. Sandy

    Love your videos. You make everything look doable. I feel that I can really relate to you and all your recipes are delicious.
    Just wanted to say thank you

    • Sandra

      Hi I couldn’t sleep so decided to make these lemon brownies after reading Sandy’s comment AND watching Jenny’s video (plus I too was having a good hair day as hard as that is to believe so I thought why not!). They turned out amazingly and so easy to make. The lemon scent made my kids come down to investigate and it was worth their time effort! Thank you!! Stay well!!

  91. Irene Jarois

    Just made these magnificent lemon brownies! They came out more cake like than dense brownies, but I’m sold! Next time I will arerate the flour after reading your tips on it. Thank you for that! After all these years I never knew how to correctly measure flour! Who knew!! I’m sure that’s why the recipe came out more cake like, yet it’s still delish, definitely a keeper!

  92. Carol

    These lemon bars were to die for. I used the sour cream and avocado oil and would do them again exactly the same way. I did make a change to the glaze – I made it very juicy and thin so it would soak into the brownies a little bit. It was perfect to my liking. My son took a piece and said it tasted refreshing and tangy. I used the 8×8 glass square and it worked out great.

    • Miki

      I thinned mine out like you then I took skewers and aerated the top before pouring the glaze. ???

  93. Susan

    Not that I am vegan, but I have family and friends who are. Has anyone used the vegan egg, and what would go well for the yogurt or sour cream? Just plant based milk perhaps? Thanks!

    • Zory

      Susan I substitute unsweetened plain applesauce for eggs in all my baking recipes. Just use 1/4 cup applesauce for each egg in the recipe. Also, there are quite a few almond milk and oat milk yogurts in the dairy section of most grocery stores now. You just have to try a few to find a brand you like. Silk Almond milk yogurt is good, So Delicious has oat milk and coconut yogurt that are good, and Oatly makes a good oat milk yogurt if you can find it. Hope this helps.

  94. Susan

    Just delicious! First time baking these, had a lunch with family. They devoured them! Simple and one bowl! My kind of recipe! Thank you Jenny!

  95. Irisse

    Jenny I can’t put into words…how delighted I am to have found you. I love you even more than when I would watch you on tv. Your recipes are just wonderful as are you. I just made this lemon brownie for my family….today…it was so easy…and OMG so delicious !!! Used white flour, fage yogurt as you use (first time using yogurt in a recipe…) My husband who is not a dessert kinda guy loved loved loved it. As did everyone else. I hope we don’t OD on it…cause I think this is going to be our go to for a while lol. Keep the recipes coming…don’t want to lose you again. ❤ Love you oodles.

  96. Sally

    Best Lemon dessert! So easy to make and it was gone the same evening. Thanks for sharing. Loved it.

  97. GiGi

    All these foods look so……..GOOD_! And I’m so glad they r easy to make; thank u Jenny!!

  98. Terre

    Your video was so cute, ” . . . so easy you don’t even need this video, but I am having a good hair day.” Ha!!! Love that so funny! I will need to have my shopper (due to the virus) get my some yogurt! Thanks!

    • Terre

      Oh, I just saw at the bottom of the recipe I can use sour cream. Might do that. Thanks. (Sorry, I know you are busy with a bunch of comments!) Cheers!

  99. Valerie

    I made this fabulous recipe. Very easy. It didn’t last the day. Thank you

  100. friday vendredi

    Decided to make these lemon squares because i had all the ingredients and luckily i had way more plain, Greek yogurt than i could use. When i went to measure out the yogurt, i realized it was Non-Fat. i happened to have some creme fresh, so i stirred in about a tablespoon of that. It worked. These came out nice.

  101. Alejandra Aldao

    I did it sooo good. I try it also with oranges. Really good and easy

  102. kparis

    Made the brownies today – added 1/2 coconut for texture and poured approx 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk over the top before baking. (this technique was used on a lemon cake – I still had 1/2 can to use, kept it stored in a plastic container in the fridge). The brownies come out “frosted”. If you want more lemon flavor, drizzle lemon juice/powdered sugar glaze on top. Delish!

  103. Joanne

    By the way, mine came out of the oven like a thick pudding. Not flaky or cake. Will it dry up abit as it cools?

    • Susan

      Gee, that’s too bad. I made mine today and they are cake like, light and lemony. I cannot imagine what happened!

    • Karen

      Mine was definitely not done. Unfortunately I didn’t check with a toothpick so they were pretty much a loss. I will bake for 30 minutes next time.

    • Todd

      Same thing happened to me….When it was all said & done, I left it in almost 40 minutes & it came out pretty good…but at 20 minutes, it was a soggy pudding in the center. I guess lots of variation in ovens. I am looking forward to tasting it though!

  104. Joanne

    My mother-in-law loves anything lemony. 93years young and still going strong. While she lives with us and no longer cooks, I try to hunt down tasty treats to make for her. Isolation is not great for the elderly but in this case it’s keeping her safe from covid-19. I made these for her today and hope she enjoys them. Thanks for being there to help with yummy recipes.

  105. Diane

    I love your recipes, Jenny. I have made these lemon bites several times and again today for my grandchildren coming to visit, lemon is their favorite. I love the sensible ingredients without lots of fats, oils or sugar and using whole wheat pastry flour is my norm. I wish I could share the photo I just took of brownies just out of the oven and glazed, perfect. I shared on Pinterest, thanks again.

  106. MK Crowder

    I made these last night, and everyone loved them! I used oat flour and that worked well. I am trying to cut down on our sugar intake, so I replaced the sugar in the batter with 1/4 cup Truvia baking blend and 1/4 cup Sukrin Gold. (You could also just use 6 Tablespoons Truvia baking blend and skip the Sukrin). I also cut back the confectioners sugar in the glaze to 3/4 cup and it was enough to cover the brownies. Delicious! These will be made often -thanks, Jenny!

  107. Elisa

    I love this recipe, as I do lots of your recipes! I started to see you on YouTube and then was hooked at your simplicity and healthy food, but all with great taste and your humor and wit.

    This recipe is easy and no fuss / no muss. I used regular flour with no problems, and I can’t say how easy it is for such a great treat.

  108. Jill

    I love this recipe so much that I made it twice in one week. It is so fabulously lemony and full of sunshine; just what is needed in these uncertain times. Thanks, Jenny, for sharing it with us! To pump up the lemon flavor even more, I used about 2 TBSPs of zest in the batter, 1 TBSP of zest in the glaze, and added 1/4 tsp of lemon extract to both the batter and the glaze.

  109. Chris

    Must you use pastry flour? Has anyone tried with regular white flour?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This recipe does call for regular all-purpose (white) flour (or WHOLE WHEAT pastry flour).

      • Karen Camp

        My copy says “pastry flour” too. I’m not familiar with that. Are you saying that pastry flour IS all purpose flour or just that it can be used in place of it?

      • Chris

        Thanks Jenny Can Cook. Will make them today!

    • Lori

      Yeah, it’s easy to miss the all-purpose flour since she bolded and underlined “pastry” but all-purpose works great.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      To avoid confusion, I moved my note about the flour to the bottom.

  110. Linda

    I placed fresh blueberries on top of the lemon brownie batter before baking which required a couple extra minutes in the oven. Oh my! Wonderful!

  111. VonHolley

    This is a great summer recipe! Made it for the second time today for our neighborhood cookout along with the bean salad. Delish thank you!

  112. Renee

    Last two days made your bread, super great toast with butter and jelly. This morning made your meat sauce,can not wait for dinner. After dinner we will enjoy your lemon brownies, I know they are good because we took a little taste. So glad I found you next is your meat loaf..?

  113. Annie Lou

    I usually do not bake // or cook …. but being at home during this time … I have made lemon brownies. They are in the oven. When I do the glaze instead of lemon juice I shall use the Young Living Lemon Essential Oil …. which can be digested …. thank you !!!!!

  114. Sima

    I just made these brownies but doubled the recipe as I only had a 9×9” pan and didn’t want it too dense. I put it in the oven for 35 mins instead and checked it every minute for 5 mins until toothpick came out clean. So it was in my oven for approx 40 mins. Used the same amount of glaze that you recommended and it turned out fabulous. It came out more of a moist lemon cake then a brownie style. I’ll get my hands on an 8×8” pan next time. ?

    Thank you for all these great recipes. They are so easy and makes you feel like a real chef! Keep them coming. I’ve been forwarding your recipe links to my friends and family as well. Many thanks Jenny!! ??


    The best cake ever. Here’s my photo with a yummy piece missing

  116. Diane

    Glad to read about your substitutions for the sugar & flour. I would like to do same. Did you use the exact same measurements?

    • Nadine MacDermott

      I would love to see the subsitute for the sugar and flour!

  117. S.A.

    Thank you for your recipe. I dont do white sugar. What is the ratio, if one replace sugar with honey?


    • Aleta

      You can use the “Billy Bee Honey Converter”. Just google

  118. PaulaW

    Dear Jenny,

    THANK YOU for this amazing recipe! Made it exactly as you wrote it and, honestly, this is the BEST LEMON recipe of ANY TYPE I have ever made. Later I read some comments and saw that others were asking about fiber addition and lowering sugar amount. So…at my own risk, I tried the following:

    1. Added 1 TBPS unflavored PSYLLIUM plus 2 TBSP applesauce (to retain the moisture loss from psyllium).

    2. Replaced 3/4 CUP SUGAR with 3/4 CUP Lakanto 1:1 Classic Sugar Substitute (monkfruit and eyrithritol). NEVER used this before – first time I tried it.

    Baked until toothpick came out clean for my oven – 30 minutes for this version.

    OKAY – was a little apprehensive with the Psyllium – thought it might come out dry – but guess what???? It was absolutely moist and delicious with the changes noted above. I THANK this success to your PERFECT recipe.

    I think you could use FLAX or CHIA for fiber as well, but the color is darker – and might make the brownie not “look” like lemon – the psyllium keeps the “lemon-look” of your original lemon brownie and tasted the same as the original.

    Your recipe is a REAL KEEPER. GOD BLESS YOU, Jenny, and please stay safe during this pandemic.

    • Wendy

      Hi Paula,
      Was the psyllium and applesauce a substitute for something (like the oil?) or was it in addition to the other ingredients? Also, I have never used psyllium before; where would I buy it?
      Thank you for testing out these options!

      • PaulaW

        Dear Wendy,

        The psyllium was a new addition, because another commenting baker wanted to add fiber. I think you could “up” the addition to 2 tablespoons if you want even more fiber added.

        I am in my 60’s and do not have diabetes and I think my fiber intake has helped with that. I also watch QVC now and then, and there is a cheesecake bakery, “Juniors” who sells a sugar free variation of their cheesecake, The gentleman who sells the cake said Juniors ALSO adds psyllium to their sugar free recipe to help those with diabetes – low sugar + more fiber = MORE HEALTHY for you and digestion, especially if you have diabetic concerns (and this is how I eat)….. There are a bunch of recipes on the web that add psyllium…for some good info about culinary uses of psyllium, take a look at:

        So in seeing the other Jenny follower who was asking about fiber, thought I would give it a try, because this is how I like to eat (natural fiber and natural sugar substitutes).

        So, back to your question…. The addiition of psyllium will dry out the batter, so I added Costco Organic Applesauce to add moisture back to the batter (without adding MORE butter or oil) – it worked. Just make sure you FOLLOW JENNY’s RECIPE and ADD psyllium and applesauce.

        I would add 2 tablespoons of applesauce for every tablespoon of psyllium you add (hope I haven’t lost you here). DON’T add too much psyllium, or the cake might get really hard – 1 or 2 TBSP psyllium max.

        You can look up “psyllium powder” online and order it – just make sure it is NOT flavored. If you order “psyllium husks” vs “psyllium powder”, then you can just grind the husks in a coffee or spice grinder. The husks are like flakes and the powder is more finely ground and digests easier…..and you can just make your own powder (I do). I use “NOW” brand whole husks and grind them.

        The sugar substitute (Lakanto) was a 1 to 1 swap. I was just experimenting with this Lakanto product which is new for me and also purchased this at Costco. If you look it up online, there are a few different types – get the CLASSIC – it worked great!

        Okay, hope this was not “TMI”, but hope it helps you understand my thinking…..


        – Paula (a Polish girl who lost 100 lbs at 50 yrs old and hopes to keep it off and be healthy too…)

      • PaulaW

        Hi Wendy,

        Left an answer for you earlier – it was a long answer and not sure where it went, so I’ll try again with 3 short answers to your 3 questions:

        1. No – the psyllium and applesauce were NOT substitutions.
        2. Yes – these 2 items were additions.
        3. Unflavored psyllium can be found at grocery, health food stores and online.

        Hope this helps.


        – Paula

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Comments that include links have to be approved so it sometimes takes time. Thank you for the wealth of information you provided – that was very kind.

      • PaulaW

        Wendy ,

        Have been baking a lot this week – referred to “butter” in may last response – but Wendy’s wonderful Lemon Brownie recipe uses avocado oil (not butter) – OOPS…. please read my last “butter” response to refer to “avocado oil” instead…

        Please also try to make Jenny’s ORIGINAL recipe before you make the additions. Jenny already made the recipe light with the yogurt and avocado oil. I was looking at this reftrofit it from a diabetic standpoint (diabetes runs in my family)…

        Just wanted to help and not confuse here.

        Take care…

  119. Italiangirl

    I made these brownies and they were delicious, and I dont even really like lemon desserts! So lemony, and so moist! Unfortunately I forgot to put in the yogurt, and they were still excellent! I will making these from now on!!

  120. Sue

    I have made several batches of these delicious, easy-to-make brownies. My family loves them! Jenny makes it so much fun to bake!.
    Thank you.

  121. Heidi Colleen Greenbaum

    Thank you for this easy wonderful lemony flavored reciepc my family flipped over this!

  122. Donna

    I line my bar cookie pan with parchment paper so I can lift it out like that. These could then be glazed and cut right on the parchment paper, saving a step (And saving foil, as I try to reduce solid waste)

  123. Donna

    I like my bar cookie pan with parchment paper ago I can lift it out like that. These could then be glazed and cut right on the parchment paper, saving a step (And saving foil, as I try to reduce solid waste)

  124. Joan


  125. Jeri

    OMG! These are amazing! Thank you!

  126. Cheryl

    What is the sodium & potassium content?

  127. Amy

    Stumbled on the YouTube video 2 days ago and made them today. The glaze made more than I would like but the ease and taste of these make this recipe a make again. Just less glaze next time.

  128. DanV

    Made this last week for the first time. It was so good, my wife asked if I would make it again.

  129. GrammyO

    Simple and delicious. I’m stuck away from home in quarantine and have no mixer and very few pans and tools. I was looking for something just like this and I’m very pleased.

  130. Jeannie

    This cake was delicious. So easy to make, I did not have a 9 x 9 but used an oval corning ware dish 7 x 9.5. I used 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and used butter rather than veg oil. I think this basic recipe could be used to make many different flavored cakes. I.e. instead of lemon juice, use almond or rasberry flavoring.

  131. Sara

    This recipe goes in my “very best” file. They are one of the most delicious desserts I have ever made. So glad I doubled the recipe to share with friends! Thank you for sharing!

    • Sara

      to comment on another’s comment: I forgot to mention that if these are not cooked too long, they are brownie-like texture. They don’t need to brown on the top to be ready.

    • Mandy

      I concur! These are incredibly delicious and I can’t believe how easy they are to make. Thank you Jenny. Your video was also very clear and inspired me to try them as I am not a baker…but i like to cook. Amazing! Yum yum yum!!!

  132. Colin

    They took a bit longer then 20 minutes, when I took them out at the twenty minute mark, I stuck a toothpick in and it came out all gooey. BUT THEY ARE SOOO GOOOD

    • Mrs C

      Yes mine was not ready also at 20 minutes. So I cooked additional 8 minutes and was perfect. Solomon good!!!!

  133. Dianne B

    I always have nonfat plain Greek yogurt on hand- will I need to add more fat to the recipe if I use this?

  134. Justine

    These are amazing and so easy. More like a fluffy cake than a brownie, which I was glad of. Shared it with my sisters and a friend. Love to see more one bowl cakes.

  135. liz

    These were tasty but they were just like lemon cake. Not brownie texture at all.

  136. Robert

    I used lemon greek yogurt for a little extra kick and WOW! So good! Love this recipe. Sharing with my aunt, who is a crazy good baker. Thanks, Jennifer! ?

  137. Brianna

    Jenny, sorry to bother you as i can understand how busy ya’ll are .. but while looking thru all the comments i noticed no one mentioned this question … how do we tell the difference in waxed and non waxed lemons (before buying)? .. i wash EVERYTHING before using and trying to wash waxed lemons is a messy nightmare… is there some secret to removing the wax from the waxed ones in case they are the only ones available?

    • Lisa

      Maybe soak first in white vinegar? About 15 mins. I have a transplant person in my home so I soak all veggies and fruit per doctors – maybe helps?

    • Rebecca

      I watched a video that showed how to remove wax from fruit. It said to turn up a muffin pan set your fruit on top and pour hot water over it. The hot water will remove the wax And the water will flow off not cooking the fruit.. I think it would work with this lemon.

  138. Pamela

    My daughter & I just put these in the oven. I licked the spoon before putting it in the dishwasher. Yum… will let you know how they turn out.

  139. Louise

    You first posted this recipe in 2013 or earlier. Usually when a recipe has been on line for a long time comments are disabled. It is a tribute to you, Jenny, that people are still turning to this recipe and that you have the grace and generosity to answer questions after all this time. You are unique!

  140. elizabeth venturini

    Don’t know what went wrong. Followed the recipe exactly as provided and the brownies were a flop never rose, flat as a pancake and very dense. Disappointed.

    • Michelle O Townsend

      Probably your flour or your baking soda has some age on it. I have had that happen.
      Dump cakes are still very yummy.

    • Phyllis

      Your soda may have expired

  141. Susan B.E.

    Oh my goodness!!!! I baked two batches of these bars today…one for me and one for my neighbor. My neighbors now believe I am a baking goddess! LOL!!! Jenny! These are the best lemon anything I have ever tasted! Just thinking by about them sitting in my kitchen right now makes my jaws cramp! So delicious! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  142. Nanak

    I just made t bff em. Couldn’t believe how easy, they smell delicious. I made them to give to some one so I can’t taste them, I will have to see what they say. I may just make another batch later for myself.

  143. Chuck in Salem, VA

    Jenny, very good recipe. I only had cake flour. Mine rose and domed like a cake and came out very soft and moist but not stiff enough to hold and eat like a brownie. Instead I ended up with a very beautiful moist and lemony “tea cake”.

    • Charles Flanagan

      FYI I made a second batch and substituted half the lemon juice with Lemoncello ! Whoa !!!!!!!!!!! So lemony good. Great recipe !

  144. Dana

    I didn’t have sour cream or yogurt so I used ricotta cheese with a tablespoon of white vinegar (for the “sour”). I also used almond flour and coconut sugar. Oh so delicious. The texture resembled banana cake – soft and moist and sweet without being saccharine. Oh and I forgot to add the lemon zest – snap – but I will next time. Thanks for sharing this easy recipe – it was fun to do without a lot of fussing. I’m definitely sharing this recipe.

    • Rcw


      I have little mini loaf pans. I made the brownies which delicious. However, I wanted give as a gift to a dear neighborand thought of using mini loaf pans instead. Should I bake a little longer?


    • Emma

      Hi there! Just wondering how much almond flour you used? 🙂

  145. Sheila Recker

    Mine fell whaaaaa!

  146. Emma

    Jenny, your suggestion (s) to replace the eggs in this great & easy recipe?
    (Egg allergy).

  147. Denice

    Lemon bars were pur fection!
    Chewy like a brownie but lemon
    I’m going to experiment with navel orange
    And coconut
    Love the recipe
    Thank you!

    • Nanak

      Please post the results sounds delicious. I just made the lemon. Could not believe how easy. They are for someone else so I have to wait for them to tell me how they were.

  148. Sam

    I dont have enough sour cream, but I do have cream cheese. Do you think mixing cream cheese with sour cream and some milk to dilute would work?

    • Kopcat

      Yogurt and sour cream are acidic and react with the baking soda to cause the lemon brownies to rise. Cream cheese isn’t acidic and milk isn’t either so it may not be a good substitute. It is higher in fat so that would make them heavier and hard to raise.

      • Sam

        Thanks for the reply Kopcat. I used the cream cheese before I got a reply and my cake turned out very dense. It didn’t rise to much but I thought it was cause it’s supposed to be a brownie so shorter.
        But I am not happy with the result. I will have to get myself some more sour cream next time.

      • Dilsh

        I think it could work if you add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or white vinegar to cream cheese/sour cream mix and let it stand a a few minutes.

  149. Ivana

    These were really good! Great , easy recipe that requires very likely effort!

  150. Patty

    LOVE THIS RECIPE!!!! My family loved these Lemon brownies!! Easy to make and easy to eat!!!

  151. Dana Lynn

    Just made these. I only had two lemons so i had to use 1/2 tsp. Of lemon extract in the brownies to make up for the lack of juice and zest. They were delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

  152. Michele

    These lemon brownies have now become my favorite sweet passion (even replacing chocolate). So easy, so consistently delicious. Thanks for this easy recipe!

  153. Debbie D

    This is the second time I made these one bowl brownies! This time was so much better! They are the bomb! Thank you again for sharing your yummy recipes.
    Thank you

  154. Debbie G

    Second time of made Tess one bowl brownies. The first time was ok but the second time was the bomb. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes!

  155. Zainab

    Can I use plain yogurt instead of Greek yogurt?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      As long as it’s fairly thick, it should work.

      • Mangie

        Both yogurt and sour cream are tough on me. I’m curious if that changes when you bake them….. Or what happens if I leave it out. I really want to try this.

  156. ChristineNYC

    Was so psyched to try this but mine were a definite dry cake, not a chewy brownie texture.
    Would looove if a real brownie texture. Will play with less flour, more oil, eliminate baking soda.
    Frosting was yummy.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I would suggest leaving the recipe the same and either reducing or eliminating the baking soda.

  157. Lynn in Leesburg

    Omg, Jenny Jones! I used to love your show years ago, so I knew I had to try one of your recipes!! These Lemon Brownies are so EASY and YUMMY – I can’t wait to try more of your recipes! Thank uuuuu

  158. LoveLynn47

    Just made these tonight and they’re already gone. Family loved them. Sooo sweet and tangy good. Perfect texture. Thank you Jenny!

  159. Talbott

    Any suggestion for a way to make these a bit more dense and less cakey?
    Also, what do you think about adding some white chocolate chips?
    A friend made these with a bit of fresh basil added to the batter. She said they were delish!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You could try reducing or eliminating the baking soda. I would try 1/8 teaspoon first and if it’s still too cakey for you, try eliminating it.

    • Lori

      I made this recipe into muffins and they were very dense! I loved the texture….not sure if others would!


    LOVE the recipe & will USE❤❗We have so many gatherings at church, this will be a great GOODIE from JENNY to make & take. At least we can get lemons yr round. Get this Covid 19 demon out of the way, & it’s on❤❗THANKS JENNY❗CUT that BIG SQUARE… I would, too❗ ❤?❤

  161. Rita Mck

    I just made this since I had a whole lot of Meyer Lemmons on the tree. My hubby is crazy about it! I’ll have to double the recipe next time. It’s SO easy to make! Thank you for sharing it.

    • sandee

      If you double the recipe what kind of a pan to use? 9 x 13? Thank you!

  162. Sheri

    I haven’t tried this recipe yet but I’ve been looking for a copycat recipe of the fiber one lemon bars. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to add fiber to this recipe and how that tweak would work.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      They work really well with whole wheat pastry flour if that helps.

  163. Helena

    Thanks Jenny for your generosity in sharing recipe. My love of lemons & easy recipe made me join the Quarantine Bakers of the World yesterday. The lemon brownies came out beautiful & delicious!

  164. Rhonda

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I love that it is so easy, one bowl and easy clean up. Was wondering if it could be doubled or put in a loaf pan? I volunteer at out card party to provide lunch so breads or or squares are popular. I would like this to go farther.

  165. Scaatyrs

    Can’t figure out what I did wrong… they turned out soooo dense… like sponges. What the hecht???

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please list each ingredient you used, be specific, including the brand name, and the size of the pan you used and I will try to help.

      • NANNY C, NC

        For wondering why may have baked a little thin, sometimes if the baking soda has been around a while, it may loose its purpose. I usually buy new when baking. We all keep it in home for so many uses & might need fresher or whip mixture little longer with eggs in it. Might fluff it a lil more too❤❗

  166. Janie

    I made these yesterday and they are very good. I wish they had been a bit higher though. My Meyer Lemon tree produced many large lemons so I used one that gave me 1 cup of juice! Plenty for the “cake” part, wonderful glaze and poked holes to dribble some of it inside before baking. BRAVO! I have a pink grapefruit tree I planted from seed that had a “tail” (in my grapefruit last day in Calgary, Alberta & moved to Texas.) Takes 12 years to produce a grapefruit, now 25 feet tall and had over 700 big grapefruit – still some at the top!! – the best tasting GFruit ever! Might try this recipe with one of them!

    • Janie

      Oops, a correction to my Lemon Brownie… I dribbled lemon juice in holes made after baking the “Lemon Brownies”! Maybe call the “Lemon Blond Brownies”! I have for couple years used Trader Joe’s boxed Lemon Squares mix. It does shorten the time to make it but I found this one to be very good. It is a must to use a Meyer Lemon, all the difference in the world in the taste! We add them to stews, soups, juice, iced tea, baked chicken and many more especially canned Progresso Soup a takes the “tin-taste” from it! Enjoy !

  167. Mimi

    Your recipe sounds so easy and I may or may not make it. But your way of telling us to control our eating and then you eat 1/4 of the finish product was a little disturbing. I don’t know you but you didn’t even smile about how you told us.
    Trader Joe’s has a new lemon bar box with everything in it to make the same lemon bars without the instructions on how many to eat.

    • Sherry Shaw

      I thought you choosing 1/4 of the brownie was very funny. You make it all look so easy. I truly enjoy your videos. Thank you

    • Sherri

      Hey Mimi! Give Jenny a break! She’s a comedienne, she was joking, where’s your sense of humor? I love her, she makes me laugh AND she cooks and bakes with a style that’s easy to follow and comes out perfectly if you follow along! Keep cooking Jenny!!!!

    • Sharon

      Are you serious???

    • Ms. C

      She was a joke, hun. Sarcasm. Compared how we are instructed to eat versus hi is we actually eat. Not smiling added a nice edge to it. Good Job, Ms. Jenny! I’ll be trying this recipe, looks easy & different for brownies/Blondie’s.

    • NANNY C, NC

      I think JENNY picked up that big square to act like she was taking a bite OR ACTING like she was taking a bite just TO BE FUNNY to end this episode❤?❤. I thot it was cute. WE COULD ALL USE A LIL HUMOR RIGHT NOW❤?❤.

    • Lori

      Jenny was being adorably funny! Not certain how you could miss that….

      The lemon brownies are so fresh tasting and delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

    • Linda

      Seriously, Your life must be very difficult without having a sense of humor. Perhaps you need to work on that. Lighten up and you will find joy. Cannot Even imagine your finding that offensive☹️
      Thought the eating a huge square ? hilarious.
      As we would all like to do that.

    • Diana Milner

      I loved the ease in which you shared how to prepare BUT my favorite was your humor especially at the end. It made me giggle which is why I hit the subscribe button. Your gentle tone and sense of humor are awesome especially during this pandemic. I will try recipe soon as I get some lemons. Thanks for the video.

  168. Myra

    These are so simple to make and yummy. Very lemony. I used white flour and sour cream. Oh my, they are all gone!

  169. Beth K

    I got a giant bag of lemons at COSTCO and just found Jenny’s site today and this recipe. It is FABULOUS. It will become my go-to cake. I am enjoying the you tube videos. What a treat.

    • Karlyn

      Costco lemons are the best deal around! Got so many in the bag I didn’t know what to do with them all. Thank goodness my friend posted this delicious, easy recipe just at the time. And yes, I agree with you all, that Jenny’s sense of humor is understood and appreciated!

  170. Anne

    This recipe has a very good lemony flavor, but the texture is more cake-like than like a brownie. For this reason, it’s not a “keeper” for me.

    • Colleen

      Maybe use just 1 egg and it will be more brownie like?? I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know how it goes

      • Nimco

        Hey, did you end up trying with one egg? I’d like more of a gooey brownie texture instead of a cake.

  171. Tonia

    Jenny, just wanted to say that I have made a ton of your recipes & have been for 6 years. Amazing & miss watching you.

    I made these into cupcakes & they puffed up so beautifully. I used a fork & pierced each cupcake & added lemon juice (just a teaspoon) in the top of each before glazing. They were amazing.

  172. Zanina

    Is it possible for you to please provide a link for a printable copy? I’m not that tech savvy. : ( And I cant wait to taste your lemon brownies!

    • Zanina

      Oops! So sorry! I found the “print” link. ☺️

  173. Annette Kreamer

    I want your Recipe please ok

  174. Jennifer

    Love these. Would an orange version of this work? Orange juice, orange zest?

    • Becky

      I was thinking the same thing! I think this recipe with orange zest and orange juice would be sensational. If you try it first, let us know how it goes…

    • MJU

      No lemons in the house, only oranges….
      so I made an orange version of this recipe….really yummy! 🙂
      So to your questions….yes, yes and yessssss !!

  175. Andie

    Excellent! I was in the mood for a lemon dessert and this will be great!

  176. Leslie

    These were so easy and yummy, love the glaze!

  177. Stephanie

    Greetings from Jimena de la Frontera Spain.
    We had many fresh lemons from my neighbors’ tree so decided to try this recipe out and WOW! Very moist and tasty. I did make small holes in the top before glazing. Highly recommend this treat. Not sure why you call it a “brownie” though?

    • amanda

      the little hole in the top of each square…great idea!

    • Doris Fishman

      I totally agree with you. These are delicious! I also don’t know why they are called brownies either. It’s a recipe which you can play around with and vary depending on how fudge you want them.

  178. Duck

    My favorite citrus recipe

  179. Elizabeth

    The Lemon Brownies were fantastic and got rave reviews, but the glaze turned out far thinner than I expected. I followed your instructions. What could I have done wrong?

    • jackie gleason

      your instincts didn’t tell you just to add more powdered sugar?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You have to add the liquid very very slowly, by the 1/4 teaspoon. It doesn’t take long for the mixture to be too thin.

      • P Lee

        how about a little limoncello into the glaze for the adult

  180. Chris

    This dessert is so delicious, quick and easy to make. I didn’t have yogurt so used buttermilk and it turned out fantastic! I know my family and friends will love it.

  181. Roxanne

    I used self-rising flour since I didn’t have the baking soda, no salt, scant 1/2 cup sugar and 3 T of Lemon juice. Before I baked it, I doted the top with some blueberry preserves since I didn’t want a sugar glaze. I did use the 8×8 pan and they did come out a bit cake like as noted. A delicious and easy treat! Thank you!

  182. Vickie

    Wow! This is the easiest, best lemon dessert I have ever found! It is absolutely delicious and literally only took 5 minutes to whip up and 20 minutes to bake. Thank you so much!!! I think I’ll be buying lots of lemons this spring!

  183. Jane Stein

    I am actually learning to cook from Jenny Can Cook’s amazing recipes and videos! I had very little success before, and I can’t thank you enough!

  184. Lisa

    I made these today but with raspberry yogurt – all that I had. Delicious!

  185. SRB

    I just made this yesterday. It made a delicious, lemony little cake. I used all purpose flour and just buttered an 8 by 8 inch pan. I had to bake it 25 minutes instead of 20. The cake turned out perfect and the glaze is delicious! Thank you Jenny! Yes, a fresh tasting and easy to make treat.

  186. Barbara a Hodgson

    awesome. My husband said it is the new go to dessert. Thanks Jenny. I have been making your easy bread also and it is so good.

  187. barbara

    Why not use parchment paper instead of foil?


    Jenny, another question. My daughter is a diabetic, can this be made with a sugar substitute? She loves anything lemon and I thought she would enjoy this.
    Thank you.

    • Zbuggy

      Something went wrong. I ended up with dough. I followed the recipe to a T. I had read all the comments first. What did I do wrong?

      • Roxanne

        Just my personal cooking habit that might help. I wisk the eggs first and then wisk in the yogurt, then sugar, then lemon juice and oil. I mixed in the flour last. See if that works better than mixing everything in the bowl at once. Don’t be discouraged… baking is sometimes more science than art… and sometimes not very forgiving…

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Did you change any ingredients from the recipe or the size of the pan? Also, how long did you preheat your oven?

    • Maraki

      Try using Monk fruit in granulated form.

    • Andrea Trueman

      I just made this recipe using Truvia cane sugar blend – 75% less calories than sugar – turned out great.

  189. Lori

    Hi Jenny!

    I’ve made quite a few of your recipes. All so very easy. Today I tried this one! Delicious. I only used 1 cup of flour because I forgot to put the extra 1/4 cup (realized it after 8 baked it) but it was still delicious. I used way less sugar (1/3 cup) and there was still some sweetness. I skipped the glaze too (we can’t have too much sugar, otherwise I would have added it. Still, it’s an awesome recipe. I’m going to double it next time and make it into a lemon cake as I love the texture. Your recipes NEVER disappoint! Thanks for another winner! Stay safe! ??

    • Lori

      Addition: I only had plain Greek yogurt. Still worked!

  190. Geejay

    I looked through many comments but did not find my answer, please help. Can I use this recipe for cupcakes? I do regular brownies that way. Does anything need to change with the recipe or cooking directions,. Thank you for your help.

    • Lori

      Whenever I make a loaf or cake into cupcakes or muffins, I reduce the cooking time (20 minutes ~ depending on your oven ~ for muffins). I don’t see why they wouldn’t work. I can try tomorrow and let you know. Trial & error otherwise. Good luck!

    • Lori

      Hello again. Ok, so I made this again today….3 muffins and 1 loaf in a ceramic baking dish. Delicious ! I doubled the batter (except for the sugar ~ 1/3 cup) and added extra fresh lemon juice. I had to bake both the muffins and loaf much longer than the 20 minutes. Each oven is different so you’ll just have to check on them with a toothpick. I hope this helps. Good luck! I love them!

  191. Joan

    I just made these and they were AMAZING!
    For people on Weight Watchers, I put this recipe into the WW recipe counter & one square (or 1/16 of the cake) = 5 points.

    I did not have Fage Plain 2% yogurt so I substituted Stoneyfield lowfat vanilla yogurt and it still came out with a great texture. When I took it out of the oven after 20 min, I stuck it with a toothpick to check it, and it was still a little wet. Left it in for another 5 min & it came out perfect.

    The foil peeled right off after I let it cool for about 6 min. Essentially, if you love lemon you will love these. They taste great and are pretty enough to serve at a party.

  192. Renee

    I love all things lemon so I had to try these. So delicious!
    I skipped the aluminum foil liner and just used baking spray on my glass baking dish. They popped right out of the dish. They did require an extra 5 min of baking time. I’ll be making these again!

    • Renee

      Oh! Also – I didn’t have full-fat yogurt. Use fat-free and they still came out moist and delicious!

  193. sam

    Has anyone tried adding coconut?

    • Joan

      No, but I thought about using coconut in the glaze instead of the lemon zest. Coconut & lemon flavors can complement one another.

  194. Claire

    I made these last night but the brownies stuck to the foil . I can’t get pieces out as the tin foil pulls them to pieces. I don’t understand the instructions to use the foil instead of the usual greased pan. What up? A disaster.

    • Julie

      Maybe try spraying tin foil with cooking spray.

      • Megan

        She suggests using Parchment paper on top of foil. I’m trying that now.

    • Diana

      I’ve made these twice now, both times very good.
      re: foil — I definitely give a light greasing to the foil. I’ve done it with spray and with a few drops of veg oil spread with a napkin. While a very tiny crumb coat of the brownie still sort of sticks to the foil, it peeled away easily and the brownies were intact.

      By the way, I didn’t have plain greek yogurt the first time, I had vanilla greek yogurt and it came out great. The next time, I didn’t have

  195. Marjorie

    This is just what I needed. We are living (stuck for now) in our fifth wheel and cooking in a tiny counter-top oven. Even without measuring cups and spoons, as an experienced baker I was able to produce a wonderful treat.
    Stay sweet, everyone!

  196. Carol

    Yes, absolutely DEEE-licious. This is the third time I HAVE bake this most wonderful Lemon Brownie.

  197. Toni Loren

    I really wanted these to be delicious but sadly there were not. The cake is dense, dry and lacks flavour. The glaze on top was sweet and lemony. I would recommend poking a lot of holes on top of the cake with a chop stick, while still warm, before pouring glaze on top. That will allow the glaze to go into the cake adding some much needed moisture to it. I won’t be making these again.

    • Alexis F.

      Hi there. I’ve made this twice in the last few weeks, and though it is dense like a brownie, it’s super moist. If you don’t mind me asking, what rack level in the oven did you cook it on? Also, we’re all of your dry ingredients fresh (not old/expired/stale)? Those things might contribute to the fact that it came out dry for you. Just tying to help. 🙂

      • Toni Loren

        I baked it on the oven rack slightly lower than the middle. I had to cook it longer than the 20 minutes it says in the recipe. It took 30 minutes for the center to be cooked enough for a toothpick to come out clean. My ingredients were all fresh including the lemons. I watched it carefully to ensure I didn’t over cook it. Before 30 minutes the dough was raw, definitely not cooked. It didn’t pull away from the sides of the pan. ( A sign it might be overcooked ) I used a dark metal non stick pan. Aside from the cooking time the cake without the lemon glaze doesn’t have much taste.

  198. Karen

    I have made these twice now we Love them so easy. I shared the recipe with a friend they made them and took them around to neighbors. I also made them today and am taking them to 4 families. I love this recipe so easy and do good. I like easy Thank You

    • Mary

      Am I reading the date correctly? Karen, how were you able to take “them around to neighbors”? Aren’t you sheltering in place?

      • Deb

        We have done this often with neighbors. You call ahead, leave them on the front porch. No contact!!!

  199. Kris

    Just made these! Delicious!

  200. tahri

    Hi Jenny,
    I followed the recipe step by step,
    for me it turn out really bad, not sure why? 🙁

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This is a pretty dependable recipe. Is it possible you used baking powder instead of baking soda? Also did you use FRESH lemon juice? If those aren’t the problem, it’s also possible you did not preheat the oven long enough. Let me know…

  201. Carol Sloane

    Jenny: I made your one-bowl chocolate cake – the one without eggs or butter – and it’s great! Light tasting, terrific flavor and consistency. Now I’ll try the Lemon Brownies. They look fantastic. Thank you for the easy ideas. – Slocol

  202. Sylvia Gallagher

    I love anything that’s made from lemon! Wow this turned out the best! My husband tired a small peace, his remark this is good! He said i think I’ll try another peace..oh I had another peace. Love the icing yummy yummy.thank u for sharing your recipe.

  203. Lori

    I don’t have or like yogurt. So is there something else I can use in its place? I would love to make this.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe indicates sour cream.

    • Rachel

      I do not like yogurt either but I didn’t taste it in the finished product.

  204. Patricia

    Did read FAQ’s. I only have regular whole wheat flour and 0 percent yogurt. Any way I can use those for this recipe? I am a senior so minimizing time out of house to grocery or anywhere else. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have never used this combination but I know it’s very soft using whole wheat pastry flour. If that’s all you have I think it’s worth a try. The worst thing would be that it’s a little more dense but should still taste good.

  205. Priyal

    Substitute for egg please

    • TJ

      My oldest is very allergic to eggs. Some subs. are 1/4 pureed firm tofu (not my fav), 2 tablespoons cornstarch in 3 tablespoons very cold water, 3 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce plus 1/2 tablespoon cider vinegar( I use this one for quick breads), or 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 cup boiling water, foams up so use larger cup very good in oatmeal cookies. I have a special cookie recipe for the last one.
      Cheers! and happy baking TJ

  206. Mindy E. Rogers

    I made these this evening. Same ingredients, used low-fat vanilla yogurt instead due to what I had on hand. My daughter almost fell to the floor, so delicious. Thank you for sharing this receipe will make again and again.

  207. Maureen Roye

    Just made and tasted a tiny corner so I could report in – YUM! Used about 1/2 cup of sugar in the mix and about 2/3 cup confectioner’s sugar in the glaze (where I used more lemon juice). Parchment paper was a breeze – didn’t even have to clean the pan. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    • Jillian Black

      liked your lemon squeezy comment, Maureen – thanks for making me laugh. Thought I’d try these today for an Easter treat. Happy Easter all!

  208. Maaria

    I love u Jenny

  209. Michael

    I found this recipe very easy to follow & looks very inexpensive to make.
    I will make this however I have reservations regarding aluminum foil & citrus, so I intend to use parchment so there is no reaction to the foil & acid together.

    Thanks Jenny for a wonderful easy recipe that can be made all the time 🙂

  210. Smitty

    “Oh, my God!” these were amazing! This one is going in the recipe book!

    • Debbie in California

      Based on the mouth watering pic supplied by Jenny and Smitty’s rave review, I am making these asap!

  211. Lory

    Ok, like so many others, I compromised. 2 lemons, 2 limes and vanilla yogurt is all I had. These turned into a lemony-lime devine deliciousness! I used to love to bake but have since moved and my kitchen is 4×3; tiny w/almost no prep space. hardly ever bake anymore for this reason.
    These are so fast, easy, delicious and awesome, thank you Jenny!

  212. stephanie

    Seems like a very nice recipe, but I was surprised to hear you saying, “Oh, my God!” Sorry, but that was a real turn-off for me.

    • Wendy

      Me too.

    • Abbi

      I had the same thought Stephanie. I don’t know why people say this.

    • Briana

      Really? lol just enjoy the food

    • Vicki

      I felt exactly the same way. It made me feel a little sick and really disappointed. Saying that is taking God’s name in vain, swearing.

      • Lorette

        Am I missing something here??? You guys are upset, sick etc. because JJ said “Oh my God?”
        Seriously? What is the big deal, it’s just a saying like “oh my stars” or “oh my word”. Furthermore God’s name is not GOD, it’s Jehovah for Christians, Allah for Muslims etc. etc. God is the supreme being but God has a name and it’s not “God”
        Can’t we just enjoy the recipe?

      • Brie

        Vicki, I was taken aback that you considered this taking the Lords name in vain! Really at a time like this with the world in such a state I can’t imagine a comment such as “Oh my God” being something to incite you so much.
        I’m 58 years old, Pentecostal and have never considered this taking the Lords name in vain.
        Let’s all just try to be a little more accepting and helpful during these trying times. I’m sure Jenny had no intention of disrespecting you, God or anyone else for that matter.
        May God Bless you and keep you well!

        The recipe was delicious and well worth taking anywhere with pride!

    • Jim

      Oh my God! You didn’t capitalize the first letter of your first name. What a turn off. Especially to the literate.

    • Justchill

      Please simmer down and do not take things so seriously! GOD is great and why not praise him when things are good!

    • Jennifer

      Stephanie I completely agree with you. It was such an irreverent thing for Jenny to say.

    • Anne

      Not to put too fine a point on it but is this section not for comments, questions, suggestions and helpful hints relating to the recipes?
      Maybe we could all pull together & try to make things better for everyone and move on.
      I believe a possible slip of the tongue is not all that important considering the current situation world wide.
      Smile & try to be happy.
      Be well everyone.

    • ladydi

      OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brie

      Let’s please try to keep this about the recipe please ladies. Jenny was in no way trying to disrespect you, God or anyone else for that matter.
      We all have little quirks and sayings that not everyone shares so let’s just try to uplift each other and be kind during these trying times!
      May God Bless you and keep you well!

  213. Chris R

    Made these with Mandarin oranges (clementines) as I was out of lemons. Turned out so nice! The citrus flavor is right up close and personal, so moist. Very nice with a cup of tea.Ate this instead of the beef stroganoff I had planned for dinner… ah well, the joys of living solo.

  214. Bill

    I made these for my wife and me last night, what a great recipe. Very easy to make, moist with maximum lemon taste.

    Thanks for this recipe, I love limes so I may give it a try with limes….

    • Jane

      Hi Bill ,
      I also love limes , and was thinking the same thing !!
      If someone can substitute mandarin oranges
      Limes are bound to be better !!
      Good luck with that ?

  215. Sarah

    Can other four be used such as oat or channa flour?

    • Katinka Clementsmith

      I used gluten free flour for this. It came out alright, a bit chewy but not bad. Still moist. Flavor is mild, next time I will probably add a touch more lemon, and maybe something like cardamon or vanilla.

      • Lisa

        Oh, i love the idea of adding cardamom. I also used gluten free flour 1:1. I may have mixed it too long. The texture not as moist. Tasted good though!

  216. Cheryl

    Looks fast and easy I will try it as soon as virus is over I have to buy some lemons first.
    Looks great and I love ❤️ Lemon thank you.

  217. Ann

    Awesome! we love them…. I need more lemons..

  218. Gordie

    Made this tonight and it was wildly successful! Cut into 16 pieces, 2 for each of us. It was gone in roughly 27 seconds! I baked it for 20 mins as directed, it could’ve used a min or 2 longer but NOBODY complained! It’s going in the recipe book. I do have a problem calling them brownies, I’m going with Blondie’s! ; )

  219. Baker Breski

    I happened upon this recipe I-don’t-know-how late at night and made it the following day (yesterday). I wanted to send a photo along, but the brownies didn’t last even a day. A big hit in our coronavirus lair here in Montreal! Thank you for the colourful and cheerful videos. They’re really uplifting. Onto your crusty bread recipe next!

  220. Sue Powe

    I made the Lemon Brownies.
    Very salty, I checked the recipe 3 times.
    Yes, I followed the recipe exactly.
    Please modify your recipe.

    • Kristina

      Please modify your attitude. This recipe is perfection, just like all of his woman’s recipes, because they work. If it’s too salty it’s because you messed up. A messed up recipe and a worse messed up attitude!!! Go away..

      • Elsie

        Kristina, don’t “a-salt” Sue. Play nice!!

      • meltee

        She found what she thinks is an error in the recipe and posted her comment. Why attack her?

    • Toni Loren

      There is very little salt in the recipe. 1/4 is one quarter of a teaspoon. Perhaps you misunderstood what 1/4 meant? How much salt did you add?

  221. Linda from Florida

    I can’t wait to try this recipe and the no eggs chocolate cake recipe, too.. Just trying out new things while staying at home is advised. Your video was a bright fun find! Thank you!

    • Jim J from Seminole

      Am in same situation , like being locked up ,just made stuffed cabbage
      turned out beautiful good eatin for 2-3 days. Am also going to make
      Polish Donuts

    • JMA

      I made the one bowl “Quick Choco Cake” last night (4-1-20). It was a BIG hit with my husband and I sent half down to my neighbors and they loved it as well. Easy peasy. So enjoy Jenny’s videos. Think I’m trying the Lemon Brownies tonight!

  222. Susan

    Loved the video – and this very forgiving recipe! Practicing social isolation, had to use what I had on hand: walnut oil was the most neutral oil in the pantry. Since we are vegan, I substituted the eggs and the yogurt with 3/4 C silken tofu (A substituted item from the grocery delivery and I didn’t know what I was going to do with it anyway). The brownies turned out quite moist, but still wonderful! Thanks

  223. Karen

    These were so amazing and easy!!!
    Such a Great Receipe – Deelicious
    Thank You

  224. Darbie

    I’m so glad I came across your video. Your colorful style is adorable and it’s definitely a reflection of your personality. Can’t wait to make these. Looking forward to seeing more Recipes. #quarantininginLouisiana

  225. Cooking Rebel

    These look amazing and with lemons in abundance where I live, I’m going to make some right away! Yummy!

  226. Susie Music

    I love you site and recipes!

    When you started to eat “one” brownie and it was 1/4 of the pan I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!

    I needed that – thank you!

  227. Roslyn

    Your lemon brownies look amazing. Can’t wait to try them. Can you substitute almond flour to make them gluten free, and if so, how much?

    • Sandra

      Hello Roslyn, I made the baked donuts and substituted 1/2 cup flour with 1 cup almond flour and monk fruit sugar substitute. I also made the glaze with almond milk, fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. Loved them

  228. Pat from Canada

    Wow, this recipe is so easy and delicious!
    For fun I used a Bundt pan and it worked out well.
    As we are self quarantining during Corona Virus and short of some ingredients, I substituted the lemon juice with 2 Tbsp of lemon-orange marmalade that I had made day before. I will attach photo if possible.
    By the way, Jenny, you are so sweet and make cooking and baking look like child’s play. I love your colourful outfits, bowls and timer.

    Sorry couldn’t insert photo, but result is lovely, so moist
    Think I will add in either walnuts or almonds next time.

  229. Lazy Susan

    I loved your easy artisanal bread, Jenny. Can’t wait to try these. My goodness, do sourpusses really need more lemons?

    • Diane

      Love the sour puss comment. At least we still have a sense of humor.

  230. Nylah Birkholz

    I saw the picture today.. I made them today. I was sold on this recipe… So
    easy to make, and really delicious… The neighbors liked them too…. Thank you so much..

  231. Iya Bynghi

    Could I use lime instead of lemon????

  232. Beige

    So yummy, made a double batch last night. Making another batch right now, added a dash of cardamom and used egg substitute, superb.
    Thanks for the great recipes.

  233. Wennie

    Yum!! Used sour cream, since we are isolating and was on hand. So easy and so good! Thank you Jenny!! Hope you and your are well & safe ?

  234. Alicia

    Could you use vanilla yogurt if you don’t have the Greek yogurt?

    • Roni Filla

      Yes you could use the Vanilla Yogurt as it is light in the Vanilla flavor. Too much could slightly change the flavor. You should be ok. I have used my Instant Pot sweetened Yogurt with vanilla and it works fine. I also use King Arthur Regular AP Flour with great results.

  235. Melanie

    My husband actually found this recipe. I can’t wait to make it!

  236. Laura

    Hi Jenny, the skill level to make these is on par with my baking ability. They’re absolutely delicious! Keep the recipes coming, bad hair days or not.

  237. Kim martyn

    Jenny, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes, dont worry about the trolls everyone gets them, if they keep it up just block them it makes for such a nicer page. Excited for the next video.

  238. Kathy

    I have all the ingredients except that the Fage yogurt that I have is 0% fat. Now that we are asked to stay home because of this Covid-19 outbreak, and not go out unless neccessary, can you give me an idea how to tweak this recipe and replace the Fage yogurt or add a fat?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I reject fat free yogurt for the ingredients but I would still try it. It could very well turn out. Another option would be sour cream.

      • Kathy

        Thanks for the quick reply! I will give it a try.

        • Suzanne

          How did your lemon brownies turn out with the fat free yogurt? That’s all I have at home and I am dying to make these!

      • Denise

        I only had FF yogurt on hand…. it’s in the oven,?? I will let you know ?

    • Karen

      Kathy…mine are in the oven right now. I didn’t have the yogurt either so I used sour cream. It might change the flavor a little but I don’t care…also I doubled the recipe.

    • Debbie

      I used buttermilk instead of yogurt, because that is what I had available.They are wonderful.

  239. Izzylind

    I found they were not done in 20 minutes – needed 30

    • Izzylind

      They are delicious – I used Meyer lemons, perhaps use less sugar.
      Are they supposed to rise?

  240. Sue

    Can I use zest of lemon that you get in a bottle instead of beating from a lemon

    • Kristin

      There is a huge amount of sulfites in bottled lemon substitutes. I have seen an adverse reaction to it first hand and it wasn’t pretty.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Also, the taste is nothing like fresh lemon and much of the flavor comes from the fresh lemon zest.

  241. Lemon Liz

    Is it possible to make these dairy-free? soy yogurt, maybe? I don’t want to add anything that will affect the flavor too much. It would be great to be able to share these with dairy/lactose-intolerant friends and family.

    • Dawnellen Hicks

      Hey all,
      I just made this dairy free with silk unsweetened vanilla coconut yogurt! It tastes great but definitely very lemony. I might try incorporating dairy free cream cheese into the glaze ??‍♀️

    • Janey

      I am lactose-intolerant and yogurt usually contains acidopholis (spelling is probably off) which removes the effect of the lactose – for all but the most sensitive of people.
      In fact, I go looking for recipes with yogurt in them because I know I will not have a reaction.
      (Ditto with recipes containing buttermilk – there is little to no lactose in buttermilk. Despite its name.)

  242. blester

    Here is a tip for the foil.
    Take a sheet of foil and pleat it to fit the width of the pan. Lay it in the pan. Take another sheet of foil and pleat it to fit the length of the pan, Lay it in the pan to criss cross the other direction.
    When you take the brownies from the pan just use the bottom foil as the handle to remove,

    • Denise

      Thanks. – great suggestion….. wish I saw this earlier. Lol. Next time

  243. Geraldine

    Great recipe, lemon brownies turned out just like Jenny’s! OMG moist and zesty, reminded me of spring. A big hit with everyone! Thank you for the recipe! Definitely a keeper and a winner!

  244. Beachykeen

    Lawdamercy, aka Lord, have mercy on all of us! Turn off the sound, watch the prep, print the recipe, and just make the brownies. It’s a cooking v-log, not a soapbox for personal views. I haven’t heard a word yet, but the recipe is great. So I don’t know what y’all are talking about, and I’m happy with the food.

  245. Nancy Stoops

    Just found this blog today. Like the simplicity of recipes and the humor of Jenny!

    • MumaJo

      Right?!? Meee tooooo! 🙂 I just found out about Jenny Can Cook a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a Lemon Square recipe, and her Lemon Brownies recipe came up.

      Well, I was delighted by this super easy recipe.

      As I’m watching I’m thinking… why does she look so familiar?
      I must have watched 4 different episodes before it hit me: Oh My Gosh, it’s JENNY JONES!!! LOL

      Jenny, I LOVE the fridge cam at the end of the Chocolate Cake episode! Brilliant! You are absolutely delightful to watch! So glad I finally found you!
      Keep smiling! (((HUGS!))) 🙂

      PS. What can I use to substitute for yogurt in the Lemon Brownie recipe?
      Not leaving home anytime soon. (Darn virus!)

  246. Sonia

    Made these this afternoon and just took them out of the oven. So easy! My only concern is that I may have overdone it with the lemon, especially in the glaze. Maybe I should’ve washed the lemons first? There is a strange sort of aftertaste from the rind. I never do wash citrus before I use rind so was a little surprised at this. Waaaay too tart. I know I cannot officially judge until after I have completed the recipe and giving them the taste test. Serving them for Book Club tomorrow night. I’ll report back. Thanks for the recipe Jenny…. and ALL your recipes. ?

    • Renee

      washing fruits and vegetables is always needed for you do not know what bacteria is lurking on it. Also, you don’t want to grate into the white part of the lemon, just hte outer yellow peel.

      • Denis P

        You do have a good point Renee.
        Thanks Jenny

    • Max

      ALWAYS wash fruits and veggies, cannot imagine how many people have touched them prior yuck!

      • Linda

        I agree with Max.
        I put my fruit in a drainer wet them squirt dish soap on them then spray them to get the soap off dry in paper towels before using.

      • Barbara Winter

        Yesterday I watched a lady drop a bunch of asparagus on the grocery floor!
        She put it back and took a different bunch! I made sure I didn’t choose that one, but couldn’t help to think how many get that treatment or worse!

    • Gail

      You may have zested the lemon to close to the pith part (white). Next time try to just get the yellow part and not the white. That is very bitter.

  247. Elmo

    Can I make these as cupcakes?

  248. Tawnya Huntsman

    I love your recipes and watching you. But……I must turn off the sound. I believe your continual use of the Lords name in vain to be MOST offensive. The phrase “Oh my God”, is not a descriptive adjective for any thing other than prayer to God. You show your low standards for what many deem as holy. You think high fat content is not healthy for your body, and I think saying Gods name in vain is not healthy for the spirit.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This is my second request to please end this conversation. It’s clear there are opinions on both sides so nothing is gained by continuing further. Please keep the focus on food, especially when home cooking has suddenly become vital. Thank you very much.

    • Robin

      You’re sounding a little self-righteous there. I don’t think the Lord would like that either.

    • Diane L.

      Tawnya. With your logic saying, “Thank God” is wrong. Taking the Lord’s name is vane is NOT the same as using the Lord’s name in joy. Jenny has such a kind and generous spirit and provides all these wonderful recipes at no cost to us. That says more about her and your judging her says more about you.

      • Hazel Henderson

        Well responded!!
        Some people just look for issues!!
        They need to go get a life!!!!

    • Nona

      I’ve found that when something offends me, as this seems to offend you, it’s best to not watch any more. Perhaps you’ve already taken this into consideration.

    • Betty

      God doesn’t need you to defend Him aha

    • Antoinette

      I agree. Ih my gosh works just fine and doesn’t bring the Almighty into baking. It’s just a bad habit that can be overcome with a little effort. It hurts my ears,too.

    • Ginny

      I agree.

    • Lynn

      To Tawnya Huntsman, (I think you’re the one resenting Jenny’s constant use of “OMG” in her dialog.) I totally agree with you! This phrase has become very commonplace, just as so many other sins in our America. I cringe every time I hear or see it written. While God is certainly involved in the affairs of mankind, He does not want to hear His Name used at every crook in the road nor as an exclamation, ‘in vain’. He is Sovereign, Holy, Creator, Savior, Spirit and when we appear at the judgment seat, those who are not covered in the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus) will have to answer/pay for every word, deed, act that God calls sin. And taking His Name in vain is one of those. Do not mock the God of the Universe!

    • Just A Cook

      Oh my God…the brownies were awesome!

    • Cathy

      ‘Let he/she who is without sin, cast the first stone’

    • Pat Ricia

      Yes, I feel the same way about using His name so flippantly. Glad I’m not the only one

    • Pat Ricia

      Gee, the Bible is SO clear about not taking the Lord’s name in vain. So the mud slingers who want to defile we Bible thumpers just HAVE to respond with their critiques of us. Which, of course, makes them very guilty of breaking one of the two Great Commandments, “love your neighbor as yourself.” Truthfully, I’d rather be in the Bible thumpers group!

      • Pat Martin

        Perhaps you should hop off that high horse and practice what you preach.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It’s probably best to let this go and focus on the food. Thank you. – jenny

      • Layla's Mom

        Yes Jenny, I agree this focus should be on the food, deliciously given to us for our enjoyment. Any political or religious references are not appropriate in this format. Thanks for what you share.

        • Adrienne

          Should we be ‘about the Father’s business’ (involved in true ministry) instead of arguing……just sayin’……

    • Just Saying

      I know this comment but “God” is a title not a name.

    • Church Lady

      Well, aren’t you special?

    • Tori Mae

      Tawnya, Please consider the serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity
      to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. God wants us to put our energy where it will have an impact.

    • Betham

      I’m afraid I too am very offended by you taking the Lord’s name in vain frequently.
      I don’t subscribe for this reason. Please stop taking God’s name in vain. It is so easy to stop and offends our God and Savior extremely. Please, for the good of your soul.

    • Dave

      I agree. I love you. I love your recipes. Taking the name of the creator of the universe in vain spoils it.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      This is my second request to please end this conversation. It’s clear there are opinions on both sides so nothing is gained by continuing further. Please keep the focus on food, especially when home cooking has suddenly become vital. Thank you.

  249. Dawn

    Made these, again. This time with whole wheat flour, regular, not pastry (couldn’t find pastry flour in the store).

    Used 8″ pan this time.

    Also, didn’t use the 3/4 cup sugar, but a little less than 1/2 a cup. I found 3/4 cup too sweet.

    Once, again, delicious!

    I think I prefer the 9″ pan.

    Strangely, I found I like the whole wheat flour and regular flour versions, equally. What this means is, outside the sugar, this desert is actually pretty darn healthy with some good protein.

    I wish all recipes were equally easy and fast and this delicious.

  250. Christina

    Made these this afternoon and they were so good. Recipe so easy…one bowl. Thank you! My son loved them and so did I!

  251. Greg

    I’d like to make these for a church potluck. Can I double the recipe and use a 13 X 9 inch pan?

    • Dawn

      I made these the first time following the recipe exactly. There is just enough batter to thinly cover an 8 x 8 pan. Then, surprisingly, it doubles in thickness once it’s baked. The icing makes it really moist.

      So, all in all the ratio of height and icing is one of the things that makes this recipe so delicious.

      Then I doubled the recipe and put it in a 9 x 9 pan. It, of course, came out thicker and that did not work as well. It’s too thick for the icing and batter to work synergetically.

      So, my suggestion is if you double the recipe, just make sure it’s in a pan that will not make it too thick.

      Also, a heads up. It’s REALLY, really sweet.

    • Evelyn

      Doubling the recipe is what I plan to do to make a big batch, which I’ll serve during my church’s fellowship/coffee hour. I love the simplicity of the recipe. Thanks, Jenny, for sharing this.

    • Rosie

      You can double the recipe. If you ever need to figure out proportions just go back to algebra class..8″ x 8″ pan (just multiply the width x length have a area of 64″ ,(doubling that is 128) as compare to 13 x 9 which = 117 making it just a bit under double the area, so I think it will work and just be a bit thicker. Good luck.

      • Kelly

        Thank you for the tip on doubling the recipe! I did well in algebra but I hated it—-so I’m glad to have your reminder of how to do it! Silly me—-never considered as a kid that I’d need algebra for baking! Of course, as a kid—-I never thought I’d be baking! Haha!

  252. Dawn

    Made these the other day. Delicious! Had no idea something so quick and easy could taste so good. Soft, moist, heavenly.

    Though next time I will half the sugar in the batter.

    One recipe to make again and again.

  253. Ethel Molini

    I don’t have any yogurt (family does not like yogurt) so what can be used in its place?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You can use sour cream but keep in mind that you do not taste the yogurt in this recipe. Not everyone likes to drink buttermilk but they love buttermilk pancakes and cakes that are baked with it.

      • Evelyn

        Jenny, can I substitute mayonnaise for the sour cream or yogurt? Thank you.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          No, mayonnaise is not advisable. Only yogurt or sour cream will work in this recipe.

  254. Stephen HARRIS

    These were a hit at my Walmart fundraiser lunch today.

  255. Teri

    Will this recipe work well using oranges?

  256. JillzKitchen

    Why do you avoid baking with butter? Is vegetable oil better for health?

    I love your personality and your recipes! I finally recognized you! No wonder your vids are so good! You were a tv personality as a pro! Thank you Jenny!

    • Hélène

      Seed oils, “veg oil” are terrible for you. Butter is best.

    • Teri

      I choose butter over oil in most recipes, because butter is healthier than vegetable oil. Butter gives it more depth of flavor and very moist soft products. I use butter in my breads, rolls, cakes, etc…pizza dough I use olive oil. It really depends upon the recipe, but I choose to use butter and/or buttermilk in the majority of recipes that call for oil. Oh, and I use applesauce, pureed prunes, and dates soaked in hot water then blended, in my recipes in place of oil or butter, like when baking healthier brownies. Butter is also very delicious! ?

  257. Carol F

    Jenny, I have tried several of your recipes since I found your channel on Ytube. They have all been delicious! I just pulled my lemon brownies out of the oven, they are cooling and awaiting their glaze…to be devoured tonight 🙂 I hope this message finds you well. Enjoy your sweetness and sass, God bless!

  258. Peggy

    Is it dueable to double receipe? Love your quick and easy!!

  259. angelina c tavares

    Great recipe ! the only thing I change was the plain Greek yogurt. I only had lemon Greek yogurt flavor. It work and really taste good. thank you Jenny for your great recipes. I will make this once again.

  260. janelynn

    This has nothing to do with baking, but I just read Jennie’s biography. It made her out to be like a saint–don’t know about that but I want to say she sure is delightful. We need more people on earth like her; she could sell her recipes for millions but she makes them available to everybody for free.

    • Rebecca

      This video has everything to do with baking. Did you even watch her video?
      It’s a quick and easy way of BAKING lemon brownies, which myself didn’t even know was a thing.
      I’m 50yrs old, I’ve lived here in this home with a lemon tree in the back yard for three years, fortunately I’ve had to have major surgery each one of those yrs,so I’m unable to stand but just a few minutes at a time. But I can’t stand watching ANY TYPE of food go to waste, so I thought I would check out different ways of doing something with lemons. I’ve only seen this one video of hers, and no-one is a saint, but she sure is an Angel in my eyes…
      And thank you again for your very easy to follow and delicious recipe.
      God bless all of us!!

      • Teri

        I’m pretty sure she meant her comment had nothing to do with baking. ?

      • Tawnya Huntsman

        Shes no saint, but a wonderful cook.
        I find her repeatedly using Gods name in vain very offensive. I watch the videos without sound, and it works just fine.

        • Patricia K Martin

          Give it a rest. You sound very arrogant.

        • Just Saying

          “God” is a title, not a name. Research it.

        • Celeste R.

          Since I’ve seen this same comment from you before on this site, Tawnya, I’m moved to suggest that you might benefit from seeking a more helpful way to satisfy your ego–maybe bake and cook more and share with the needy?

        • Linda

          OMFG how annoying are you.

  261. Rose

    Ok so I just made these gluten free by just switching the flour. Turned out great. I’m going to try them again tomorrow to make them low carb by replacing the all purpose flour for almond flour and replace the sugar for erythritol. This should be fun and delicious ?

    • Judy

      I am very interested in how your gluten-free lemonies turned out. Can you share the flour you used and if you did the keto version I would love that as well. How did it turn out?

    • Carole

      When you substituted the almond flour was it the same measurement as white flour?

    • Hélène

      Using almond flour would be a flop.
      No it’s not a 1 for 1 sub either.
      Use recipes specifically developed for almond and coconut flour.

    • Mz. CoCo

      How did they turn out? I would like to try your version ?

  262. Rose

    Hi Jenny,
    I’ve seen more than one recipe for “Lemonies” but your recipe is the easiest and tastiest by far. Love all your videos and have tried most of them. Keep ‘em coming ?

  263. Sandra Adams

    I loved your video, it showed me exactly how to.much more than just reading.i will remember the video thank you

  264. Galley Grub Girl

    They look great but should be called yellowish or lemonies, they are not brown like chocolate brownies. Same a the strawberry ones should be called pinkies. Just a pet peeve of mine.

    • Galley Grub Girl

      Darn auto-correct, yellowies or lemmonies not yellowish.

  265. Susan

    I made these lemon brownies and I used sour cream instead of yogart and they were delicious! Thanks for a great easy desert.

  266. tracy

    i made these tonight tastes amazing like all ur recipes just wondering how these freeze with icing on im thinking to wrap individually maybe i shouldnt have done the icing lol i live alone cant eat them all or maybe i can just kidding ty again for all ur delish recipes especially luv the pizza in the cast iron pan xxoo

    • Nancy

      Cut and freeze them before wrapping. Unwrap before thawing.

  267. Pam

    Just found your site. Haven’t tried anything yet but am making a list. These are gonna be made and taken to my son’s house this weekend. He loves lemon stuff like I do. Might have to double it for his family. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for the recipes and videos. Everything looks so good. Wish I had smellavision.

  268. Hannah

    We had dinner company tonight and I forgot about dessert. I had read this recipe earlier today so I decided to make it after we ate. Quick to put together. Only modifications I made, thru lack of planning, was to use whole milk vanilla yogurt rather than Greek yogurt, and the zest from the half lemon that I had.
    It was a total hit. The 4 of us totally polished off the whole thing.
    Family dinner is this Friday. Might have to double the recipe this time lol
    Thanks for a fast, easy, and delicious cake recipe!

  269. Sue Reed

    Thank you Jenny for this wonderful recipe. Just whipped these up after dinner with my hubby. He has a real sweet tooth but is a type 2 diabetic. I cut the sugar to 1/2 cup and we omitted the icing and opted for just a dusting of powdered sugar. Just perfect. We will make these again. We both enjoy your recipes. Blessings from Sue and Jack in Delaware.

    • judy c.

      I cut the sugar to a half cup and also just made a third of the glaze to drizzle on. Perfect!

  270. Joann

    Are these more cake-like? or are they chewy? Thanks

    • Sue Reed

      Hi Joann,
      These are like a little lemon cake. Would be perfect served with strawberries. Easy to make and turned out great. Give them a try. Sue

    • MaryAM

      THE ones I’ve had are more a gooey chew I guess like some fudge. Also The powdered sugar might need a little lemon mixed for flavor. BUT I have always dusted them w the dry powder w no liquid.

  271. Lyn

    Just found your recipe for lemon brownies. They look great! But I’d like to know what the nutritional info is…calories per, fat, etc on each brownie.

  272. CJ Clayton

    First time ‘watcher’…. LOVE everything you do…been ill a bit and trying to get my grove back…..and suspect your recipes will do the trick! CJC

  273. Millie

    I’ve just discovered your videos. The thing I like most about them is that they are usually great for cooking for one or two people. It seems that most cooking shows are all about entertaining or family meals. I’ve heard friends say that cooking for one is too much trouble and not worth the effort. Your recipes prove them wrong. Thanks.

  274. Ilona

    I’ve made this recipe about 10 times already, and its amazing. What an easy and tasty treat to make on the weekends! I sometimes replace the greek yogurt for vanilla yogurt, or use less sugar that written in the recipe. LOVE IT!

  275. Sammy

    After realizing that I forgot to buy the Greek yogurt, I just happened to remember that I had sour cream in the fridge so I used that. I’m not sure what the difference would be with the yogurt but these came out fantastic

  276. Susiebee

    I made these exactly as in your recipe. It turned out EXACTLY as perfect as yours did in the video. 20 minutes in the oven was perfect timing. I served them that evening, with raves all around. No leftovers, of course. Thank you for a really nifty dessert. I described it to my daughter today and she asked me to send it to her.

  277. P

    I used the limes and bottled lemon juice i had on hand. Plus, I used half GF all purpose flour as well as 1/2 almond flour to make it lower carb. Sour cream was used instead of yogurt. Used 2/3 c of unprocessed sugar. Made the glaze with bottled lemon juice. Cooked the brownies an extra 7 minutes and they were PERFECT! I also followed your rule on the ONE brownie (wink).

    I love your cooking channel, Jenny!

  278. Sandy

    Jenny, your recipes are just fantastic.This is another super recipe with no butter. My daughter moved unfortunately. Gonna send her this recipe as she loves lemon. Hugs

  279. Barbara J

    Absolutely wonderful! I have a lemon tree that bears fruit year round and am always looking for good lemon desserts. Most are high fat, but not this one. I used Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Baking Flour as an experiment, as I needed a gluten-free desert to take to a get-together. Since whole wheat pastry flour was a choice, I thought it would work. Well, it did. It was soooo good! Even Hubby had positive comments, and he rarely comments. I made 2 more, one for the get-together and the other for my gluten intolerant friend. Everyone loved it! Thank you for this recipe. I will be baking it often.

  280. rjp

    I need a dairy free version. Will try low-fat mayonnaise. it has the acid needed and a little fat (like low-fat yogurt.) If it doesn’t work, i’ll get some vegan “yogurt”

    • Melody

      Hi there, as your wanting a fat free & oil free mayo, you may like this very healthy version, here’s my recipe, 10 ozs silken tofu,1 tbls lemon juice, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp spicy mustard, 1 tbls raw sugar, 1 tsp salt, mix all very well & there you have a healthy mayonnaise, I hope this was helpful.

  281. DJ

    This is the fastest, simplest, most delicious lemon dessert ever…it is my “go to” whenever I need a quick dessert that everyone loves. One bowl, no mixer — what could be easier?! Thank you, Jenny!

  282. Jen

    Jenny, your Flour Basic page says that whole wheat pastry flour is “good for most recipes that use all-purpose flour when you want to add fiber”. Since they have the same protein/gluten %, is there any reason why AP flour wouldn’t be suitable for this recipe?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It adds fiber and several minerals.

    • Pauline

      Love your lemon brownies your spaghetti sauce

    • Shawna

      I substituted the flour for a gluten free blend (with xanthan gum) and the brownies turned out perfect! Thanks Jenny. They were quick and fun to make with hubby 🙂

  283. CeeCee

    Hi, I was wondering if AP flour can be substituted for the wheat pastry flour in the Lemon Brownies. I’m cooking for several people who can’t digest unprocessed wheat. I have to use AP flour in all my baking. Thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the recipe.

      • Beckwheat

        Easy huh? Well, I am the contrary to easy. First I used AP flour, ok everything else ok, but the batter was not sweet at all, I used Stevia,, shouldn’t that have worked/?. i got desperate The brown sugar was next, i Microwaved some brown sugar i n a little plastic measuring cup….which melted in the microwave with the brown sugar, so now I have to throw away the cup and the brown sugar, but I baked the batter anyway. Batter came out good.
        I am too afraid to try the icing. Are these lemon brownies suppose to be cake like and moist, like super moist? i… need…

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I can only tell you that if you follow the recipe without any changes, it will turn out. I am not able to figure out problems when the recipe isn’t mine so I urge you to try it exactly as written and then let me know how it turned out.

        • rjp

          from one home baker to another: first, sugar in baking is for more than just sweetness. it also provides structure. So substituting stevia, unless the recipe is reworked, would cause the recipe to fail. Second, never ever use plastic in a microwave. Even “microwave safe”. Substances leech out; too high a temperature can melt some plastic. I would try the recipe as written. Good luck

        • Melody

          Hello, if your not wanting to try that sweet type of glaze, maybe instead of the powered sugar, use 4 ozs upto 8 ozs of cream cheese instead this is what I use, for nearly all of my glazes, for replacing a whole cup of sugar, maybe just use 1/4 to a half cup, it’ll be yummy..

    • Diane

      Yes, CeeCee, all purpose flour can be used ?

  284. Yesse

    Hi I would like to know if I don’t have yogurt can I omit that from the recipe

    • Robin

      I used buttermilk and came out just delicious

    • Stephen

      Sour cream also works very well as a substitute for the yoghurt

  285. Nadaleen

    Omg my daughter and i made these brownies. It’s a hit in our household and sooo easy to make. Thank you Jenny you rock!!

  286. Shonna

    Hi, oh my gosh these look so good!!! But can you help me with a Substitute of the…Yogurt ? And not sour cream??
    I was kinda thinking apple sauce…but it could change the texture.?
    And taste? …and …we love lemon!!!
    I’m a little stuck!! lol

  287. Tim

    Thank you so much for your recipes. Last night my wife and I and your Italian wedding cookies/snowballs we use gluten-free flour and pistachios and made our own sugar-free confectionery sugar substitute
    I really wanted to make Christmas cookies this year but it seem like such a hassle You made it very easy and possible to do and in the process made a wonderful Christmas memory.
    Thank you very much and merry Christmas
    PS I wife and I love your sense of humor. You should have your own television show with your great talent and personality.

    • Debra

      You do know that she had her own tv show, right? From 1991 to 2003.

  288. Nan

    Hi Jenny ,

    Preparing for Christmas and was wondering if these delicious Lemon brownies can be frozen before adding the glaze ??

    • Daphne

      Yes, you can freeze the cake part. Cake freezes well. I wrap tightly in plastic wrap (sometimes double wrap) and then place in a freezer bag.

  289. Tammy A

    Hi Jenny,
    I made these brownies on a fly.
    My Dad loves anything lemon. He even wanted the recipe when I told him how easy they were.
    Blue Ribbon winner, in my house!

  290. Michelle

    How do I adjust this recipe for high altitude & a 9″ x 13″ pan? These brownies look so good and after reading the comments I can’t wait to make them.

    • MikeyMike

      I live in Salt Lake City about 4400 feet above sea level I made no adjustments . they came out wonderful the best ever. I used half wheat and half regular flour was the only difference just because I usually do that with any recipe.

    • MikeyMike

      I live in Salt Lake City about 4400 feet above sea level I made no adjustments . they came out wonderful the best ever. I used half wheat and half regular flour was the only difference just because I usually do that with any recipe. I would doble the glaze topping next time. The glaze is incredible.

    • Hélène

      Increase recipe by a third for a 9×13

  291. Sam

    Made these tonight. Just delicious. Tried the pastry flour way. Will try the other way next. So fresh, light, just sweet enough, perfect! Thanks for another winner, Chef Jenny!!!

  292. michael

    hi there Jenny!
    so happy to have found your channel, always a fan 🙂
    i made these Lemon Brownies today, so good!
    but…mine turned into cake rather than brownie texture, so slightly disappointed
    here’s what i did: i doubled the recipe ingredients exactly, used a 13X9 pan and cooked until done, about 35 mins at 350
    they are delicious but next time i’d like a brownie texture
    maybe i should stick to a single batch in a smaller pan?
    or should i not expect a brownie texture
    cheers! 🙂

    • Cindy Sullivan

      For more of a chewy brownie texture, add more eggs. I would try 1 extra for a single batch…if it’s still too cakey, add another one.

      • michael

        thanks Cindy!
        i’ll give that a try 🙂 i didn’t know eggs had that effect

      • Elsie DesBoine

        Can’t wait to try this recipe I love lemon and so does my family . Thank you

    • Jo007athome

      You more than likely over baked them by just a few minutes. If you want the chewy brownie texture, watch and pull them out when they start pulling away from the edges. If the middle isn’t firm to the touch it’s ok. Most every thing keeps cooking for a couple minutes after they come out of the oven.

    • TeresaBeikes

      Single gives more of brownie texture bigger pan is more cake

  293. Karen

    What a great recipe. I stumbled across your site Friday and made this and the potato salad. So good! When I make the brownies again I will reduce the sugar by about a 1/4 cup. I love a good lemon recipe and this one was so easy to make. Thanks. I will definitely be making more of your recipes.

  294. Dale Thompson

    Love your show ! Years ago I remember seeing you on a TV show maybe it was your own . I have moved around so much I can not remember where. Nice to see you around. Nice to see you have “not gone quietly into that dark night” to paraphrase Dylan Thomas. No you are not that old and gosh you look great !!. Please leave the list of drugs you are on with your next recipe. I jest.

    Here’s an observation: you and many video cooks forget to scrape down the side of the bowel that is nearest to you. I guess it is hard to see. It drives me nuts; think of the waste. Of course if you fail to correct this faux pas it will not affect our relationship.

    Have some fun,
    Dale (Mary)

  295. Dub

    They didn’t have 2% Greek yogurt so i got the 5% is tht o.k.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, any kind (except fat free) will work. Of course the extra fat will add a few more calories.

  296. Bean

    I just made this and it took way longer than 20 mins. I kept giving it another 3-4 minutes. Probably a total of 35 mins or so. Anyway, when it was finally cooked and finished, it was DELICIOUS! My trouble is just having a ‘serving size’ (I initially cut it into 16 – hahaha) then decided that it would be better cut into 9 – oh gosh, to try and not eat it! It is quite lovely! Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Gosh, it shouldn’t take that long at all. Make sure your oven is preheated long enough – my oven takes a good 20 minutes to reach 350. I’m glad they turned out.

      • Floy A Borgman

        I baked mine 27 minutes. No way were they baked at 20. Delicious! Thanks.

    • Sam

      I experienced the same thing until I finally figured out I needed to buy an inexpensive oven thermometer to make sure my temps are accurate. What a difference it makes! Only costs about $6 or so. Hope it helps.

      • Mary

        Different pans can make a difference in what temp you need to bake at also glass +25 degrees or dark pan -25.

  297. SweetninBB

    I am a seasoned cook and love experimenting with very difficult recipes. But when I was asked to be the Cooking Mentor for some young women at my church, I had to get to the basics. Your site is a God-send for the basics as well as keeping it healthy. Just put in the oven your Lemon Brownies. This will definitely be one I’m recommending to my girls. I’ve already highly endorsed your site to them. Thx for making it easy, delicious and healthy.

  298. Andi

    I just made these delicious lemon brownies and I’m in lemon heaven.
    Jenny, you are the best. I love all your videos. I have made several of your recipes and they turn out just like you said. I absolutely love and adore you.
    You are without a doubt the best “ teacher” ever. It is because of you I can cook and bake. Thank you for everything you do.

  299. Karen

    Yum yum yummy!! My family are going to love these! Thanks Jenny and have a Happy 4th of July!!!

  300. Darlene DeSilva

    My son loves lemon desserts. He is homeschooled and just finished his Jr. High school year. I am surprising him with this dessert when he comes home from work today. Love simple instructions and ingredients….I had all the ingredients in my house to make this.

  301. Julia

    Hi Jenny. I made your lemon brownies this afternoon but they came out really dense and too moist. I wonder if you have tried making them where you combine the sugar/oil/eggs/lemon juice/lemon rind together, then add all of the dry ingredients separately and then mix the dry into the wet? Would that make a difference if I tried it that way? Have you tried melted butter in place of the oil? If you are reading this, and I hope you are, this is going to seem funny to you. I have been watching your cooking videos for at least 4 or years now and I just realized that you are Jenny Jones of TV fame. Wow, what a small world.

  302. Sandi

    I made your one bowl lemon brownies. They were scrumptious. My 86 year old Mom loves lemon desserts. I can’t wait to take them to her.

  303. Susan

    I love this one bowl recipe which is quick and easy to prepare. The lemon brownies are very moist and lemony. My husband and I enjoyed our lemon brownie with a dollop of whipped cream. The whipped cream balances out the sweetness of the glaze. Will definitely make again.

  304. mary m

    sounds wonderful..but there is a difference in the quantity of oil in your video and in the print recipe.. is it 2 or 3 Tablespoons of canola???

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I checked and there is no discrepancy. Both the printable recipe and video call for 3 tablespoons of oil.

      • NanaLinda

        Jenny, Amen to your first response! Your recipe sounds absolutely wonderful and I’m sure if one would follow your exact recipe it would turn out just like you showed us on your video. I’m planning to make it tomorrow night, as written and I know my husband and I will both love it! Keep the recipes and videos coming! Thank you!

  305. nancy

    OMG !!!! This was an excellent recipe ! Thanks so much Jennie.

  306. Richard

    I love these one bowl baking treats–not so much clean up like other recipes!!!

  307. Gina

    Last night after dinner I craved dessert but I had nothing in the house, not even a piece of candy. I was too lazy to change out of my jammies to venture out to shop so I made your lemon brownies, 30 minutes later I was devouring a warm square lemon brownie, was absolutely perfect with a cup of decaf. Also not much to clean up so a double THANK YOU!

  308. Leanne

    I love your recipes!! I’m going to make the lemon brownie today! Looks so yummy!

  309. Karen

    Looks delicious! I like anything lemon

  310. Dennis

    Will be saving and trying this recipe. One thing I do though is change the name. I have a pet-peave about calling any snack bar that is not chocolate a “brownie,” therefore, in my cook book they will be listed a “Lemon Bars,” or Lemonies. I have a recipe for the strawberry version of this that I changed to Pinkies.

  311. Diane

    This recipe looks amazing. I absolutely love lemon. Would not change a thing. Can’t wait to make these. Thank you Jenny. Have a blessed day??

  312. Margo

    As much as the hubs and I love lemon, we love lime even more.
    I am going to do this recipe in the lemon, but I am also going to substitute and do it with the lime.
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    God Bless!!

    • Sherilyn

      I love lime too. While in Bali I had lime in my ice tea…..never looked back.

  313. Alexi

    This recipe is GREAT exactly as written! I don’t need to change a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  314. Stephanie

    Delish!!!! I made the cake but topped it with a homemade lemon curd and it was a winner!

  315. Rosalie

    Hi Me again. Just wanted to put this out there. I did freeze the one bowl lemon brownies and they are just as fresh and delicious as the first day I made them. My granddaughter asked me to make them for a work event. They are awesome. Thank you for your recipes and your humor. I always watched your talk show.

  316. Rosalie

    Hi Jenny
    Just made the lemon brownies and they are amazing. The lemon juice and zest make them so yummy. Big fan of anything lemon.
    Do you think they will freeze well, before my husband and I eat the whole plate.

    • Brenda

      Hi Ho Rosalie, did you get an answer to your “can they be frozen and remain as good as freshly made” ? Because in my house, if I did not – these would all wind up as a single size serving!!!

  317. Aliza

    Hi I just made the one bowl Lemon Brownies ( using what I had ( 5% sour cream, ap flour , 1/2 cup sugar and replaced the oil with unsweetened apple sauce) these are so good will be my go to dessert from now on ( I am a Lemon fiend so the tartness is spot on)

  318. Kylene

    These are one of my favorite desserts! I’ve made them twice in 2 weeks and went ahead and bought a whole bag of lemons because I’m sure I’ll make more when they’re gone in 2-3 days. ? The first time I made them I used sour cream because I didn’t have yogurt and I used AP flour. They were good but the second batch I made using whole wheat pastry flour and Fage yogurt was much better and less tart than the ones with sour cream. I also added poppyseed to my second batch.

  319. B. E. Anderson

    Delicious! The fresh lemon zest and juice give superb flavor. Can I double the recipe and bake in a 13×9 pan?

  320. Terry

    After reading your comments on percentage of fat needed for these brownies, I checked my low-fat sour cream, it was 2.5% fat, used that and these brownies were wonderful. Hubs and I are lemon lovers, I had shredded coconut, lightly sprinkled it on top while warm, used nonstick tinfoil, left handles, came out perfectly, parchment did not work for me, nor did reg foil, kept getting holes in them, love all your recipes.

  321. Millie

    I made these lemon brownies yesterday because a friend of mine gave me two lemons and I had to go to a neighborhood get together and needed something quick, so I decided to make these since it was One Bowl. Everything came out perfect and looked exactly like your picture. They were a hit! This is the 4th recipe I’ve tried and all have come out beautifully. Just love your recipes! Millie

  322. Terry

    Made this today, I only had nonfat Greek yogurt, I had bought a yogurt strainer many years ago, (what was I thinking?) set it overnight, in refridge it did get rid of all the liquid, very well, used it and I was nervous that I messed it up, but these were great,I never buy anything full fat, for anyone in that situation,I am sure a fine strainer would work just as well, I asked hubby if he thought I should refrigerate the squares he said don’t bother, they will be gone by tomorrow, wonderful recipe. You must have done a great deal of researching to get so many healthier recipes,made the chocolate chip cookies also today, so much less fat, they are just as good and a lot easier to make, I appreciate all the newer recipes as they come along?

    , for those with the same situation, I think a fine strainer would work just as wellWhat was I thinking, buying a yogurt strainer

    • Jill

      Lowfat is not “healthier” when there is still 3/4 cup of sugar in the recipe. There is an increasing amount of research showing that the fat is not the issue causing health problems, it’s the sugar. And unfortunately, there still isn’t a good substitute that isn’t made in the lab and doesn’t cause metabolic syndrome. I’m going to try to make these with seeing how little sugar I can get away with. Most recipes call for MUCH too much sugar.

      • Jawjagrrl

        Look into monkfruit. No calories, no carbs, no glycemic spikes for those with diabetes. And no aftertaste like stevia. Pricey, but an organic answer to cane sugar when you really need a little something sweet.

  323. Carl Bankes

    I would like to try the ‘lemon brownies’ recipe but I would rather not use yogurt as an ingredient. Is there an ingredient to substitute for it that would work as well?


    • Elcee

      I had some whole milk ricotta that I wanted to use up so I substituted the ricotta for yogurt. I would say it turned out well enough. It was moist but cakey. I had to cook it for 45 to 50 minutes instead of the 20 minutes suggested in recipe. Love the fresh lemon flavor! I will try with yogurt next time though since it may import more of the tangy flavor.

    • Terre haute Bob

      I tried the recipe with and again without the yougurt and it worked out very good either way. I also tried adding one tlbs butter another time and it was not to my liking. Another time I used three eggs and did not like it. another time I used three lemons and it was a little tart. Now realizing that Jennies recipe is just right, I will stick to it.

    • Rosalie

      I made them today and I used sour cream. They came delicious. Same amount as yogurt.

  324. Jan

    1/25/18 nice lemon favor. Would use parchment paper to line pan instead of aluminum because some of the cake stuck on to the foil. Will make again.

  325. Marichu

    So nice to fiND this easy lemon bars recipe.
    Just me 2 glad I did..practice makes perfect!
    They are just the flavor I am hoping for. Thanks!

  326. Lisa L.

    I can’t believe how easy these were to make! Perfect for a quick dessert that is also impressive (cuz it’s homemade) and delicious! Great recipe! I will be putting this in my “keeper” binder. I have just discovered your blog and videos and I can’t wait to try more recipes.

  327. T

    One more question Jenny or anyone else who tried this with Stevia sweetener rather than regular sugar: did you follow the guidelines on the package to substitute with sugar? How did it turn out?

    • LoveJenny

      Hi T
      I avoid artificial sweeteners but I did try this recipe today and it has a lovely lemon flavour.
      It felt sinful to add, as a diabetic, 3/4c of sugar. So I modified.
      Results not as fluffy..but my flour may have been old.
      I also only had a 12×11.5 pan so I doubled ingredients, but only added 1/2c sugar total. I did not miss the sweet but a less dense result would be nicer; if any one knows a trick for me to fix this..
      I will be making this recipe again with fresher flour.

      I have a question: What recipe uses Oat Bran as an ingredient? I bought oat bran to make a recipe I read; but now I can’t find which recipe it was in. I have read so many of Jenny’s amazing recipes to use. 🙂

      • Trish G

        just google ‘recipes using oat bran; maybe it will come up

      • Kathy K

        Ok with truvia baking mix there’s no reason for ya to not eat your cake.

        It tastes like sugar and bakes like it too.

    • Kathy K

      Ok use 1/4 cup +2 tblsp of truvia baking mix was awesomely

  328. T

    Hi Jenny, I am SO EXCITED to try this recipe! It looks sooo good. I accidentally bought fat free greek yogurt. Will it change the taste or consistency? should I try a bit more oil? Thanks in advance

  329. Efrat

    Thanks for another lovely recipe 🙂 I used sour cream instead of yogurt, and it is great. I love your website!

  330. Russ flaniken

    They turned out really yummy but I think I’d like something other than the confectioners sugar for a glaze . What would you suggest

    • Pjj

      Let it cool more and sprinkle on powdered sugar lightly.

    • Alexi

      Whipped cream
      Fat free Cool Whip

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Whipped Cream is the better choice here. You might agree when you read the ingredients in Fat Free Cool Whip….
        ~~ Water, Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Adds a Negligible Amount of Fat) (Coconut and Palm Kernel Oils), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Less than Two Percent of Sodium Caseinate (from Milk), Natural and Artificial Flavor, Modified Food Starch, Xanthan and Guar Gums, Polysorbate 60, Polysorbate 65, Sorbitan Monostearate, Sodium Hydroxide, Beta Carotene (Color).~~

  331. Russ flaniken

    Hi Jenny . I was looking for a great recipe to make for me and my wife’s movie night but I had run out of butter. I came across this recipe and have decided to try it . So far they smell amazing . I’ve got 2 minutes left on the baking . Thanks for the recipe. I’ll comment again after I’ve tried them.

    • Jawjagrrl

      She has a one bowl chocolate cake that uses no eggs or milk – just a small amount of butter for the icing. Made last week and it was delish! I love that the recipies I have tried so far were fast, easy cleanup and simple ingredients I always have on hand. We avoid processed foods like the plague and it’s ice to make a treat without lots of cleaning up or two hours in the kitchen.

      • rjp

        Check out wacky cake (search for it): no eggs, butter, milk. Oil, flour, cocoa (or vanilla) baking soda, vinegar, sugar. Amazing

  332. Nikta

    I have made this and many of the great recipes on this site quite often and have lots of success. Today, I didn’t have yogurt and used sour cream instead, and the results were definitely better than when I used yogurt.
    Thank you for sharing!

  333. Kate

    could the plain 2% yogurt be replaced by milk?

    • Jenny

      No. It would make the batter too runny and also you need the acid element of the yogurt. You could try sour cream.

  334. Christine J

    Hi Jenny –
    I’m wanting to make your lemon brownies, but I like “stuff” in my brownies – would it be ok to add blueberries to these? If so, how much – and, would it change the baking time?
    Thank you!!

    • Jenny

      I have no way of knowing since I have only made them plain… sorry. If you try, please let us know how they turned out.

    • Wendy

      Hi, made the brownies tonight they were amazing. Sprinkled a handful of mixed frozen berries on top prior to putting into the oven. About five minutes into baking I decide to put in some white chocolate buttons – pushed into the mixture. Worked well and would definally do this again. Added melted white chocolate to glaze. Sorry have no measurement just added what looked about right. For the lemon, I removed the seeds then blitzed two whole lemons for the brownie and one whole lemon for the glaze

  335. Jacinda

    Hi Jenny! I love your recipes. Pretty much almost everything I cook now is a Jenny Jones dish. You are my favorite chef! I made these lemon brownies. I used Cake Flour. I didn’t have any lemons so I had to substitute with bottled Lime Juice instead for the recipe + the glaze. I also couldn’t use any zest because I didn’t have any lemons. The lime juice worked just fine! Also, I didn’t have any yogurt so I substituted mayo instead. Everything turned out delicious! Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

  336. Pooja

    Hi! You have mentioned a few times to aerate the flour before measuring. Do you mean to sift the flour? Also shall I sift it before or after measuring? Since it will make difference in the total weight of flour, please clarify.


  337. Shivangi

    Hi jenny,

    What can i use as an egg substitue, and in what quantity?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Jenny

      Please see the Substitutions category in my blog:

    • Hilly

      I’ve been making these now since March of this year and they turn out every time, but I’ve completely veganised them.
      I use plain soya yogurt and an egg replacer called ‘Orgran No Egg Replacer’. I’m in England, but I know for sure that similar things are available in the US.
      Hope you managed to sort it out, but if not try the above.
      Good luck!

  338. linda young

    Just on your site to make these brownies again, this time for my daughter’s birthday. They are so great! I’ve been making them for a few years now, probably 20 times, and usually I use gluten-free (Namaste) flour cup for cup. No problem! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful recipes with us. I love all your non-butter recipes and I can also just tell you are a real peach. Have a great day! Linda

  339. Riz

    I’m adding this neat recipe to my file..great video, esp the spot of comedy at the end!

  340. Aicha

    Hi Jenny, I love those lemon brownie. I was wondering if we can replace the yogurt with something else?

  341. Mrs. Forrest

    I would love to try your receipes. Is it possible you can put the ingredients into ounces as I do not know about cup measurements. Thank you

    • Jenny

      I’m just as home cook sharing what I make at home, but I do provide a metric conversion chart in the blog if that helps.

  342. Mimi I brahim

    Thank you for this amazing easy recipe, it was a success from first try,love your site and looking forward of trying some of your other recipes!!!

  343. joan

    March 13,2016

    Hello: This is the first time that I have sent a comment to anyone on recipes and I just wanted to tell you that the lemon brownies are delicious and so very easy to make. I did melt 3 Tablespoons of butter and they were so good. Maybe next time I will put more zest in the body of the cake, and yes there will be many more times. I also made the cabbage rolls on your sight and they were out of this world. Did everything that you said to do. You have a very enjoyable site, easy to understand and follow and you are great.
    Thanks so much.

  344. Rita

    HI ! Being stuck with a lot of lemons form our own backyard lemon tree, I discovered your recipe, and me and my family, got a bit “lemon brownies” – holic ! I even had my husband’s birthday cake made, using two batches of the lemon brownies batter. After baking the two cakes separately, didn’t cut them at pieces of course, I used bitter chocolate ganache, to join them nd also spread it on the top and sides. I also added about 2 tablespoons of my homemade limoncello into the batter. Thank you for your very simple and very tasty recipes.

    • Hilly

      Backyard lemon tree!
      You don’t know how glorious that sounds to someone living in cold and wet Norfolk in England. What I’d give to be able to grow lemons… so jealous. Ah well, I’m off to buy lemons to make these yummy looking squares!
      Happy English Mothers Day!

      • Stuart Poet

        Hi Hilly, I live in Red Lion Pennsylvania. You can buy a meyer lemon tree and pot it. I keep mine in the house over winter. I put the tree out in the warm months. It produces enough lemons for my wife and myself.

        • Hilly

          That sounds great!

        • Margaret

          Thank you so much for the Meier lemon bush. Have planned to get one to have in the house in the winter in the Northwest US! Maybe a dwarf!!

      • Rita

        Hi, Hilly ! In fact , I have three lemon trees in my backyard… I live in Athens, Greece and there is one good thing we have in tons . Sunshine !!!


  345. Sarah

    I love your recipes, easy and healthy! I frequently make your easy chocolate cake. However, I’m just wondering why these lemon brownies came out spongey? Not the texture of brownies or cake that I am used to. Kind of rubbery/spongey is how I would best describe it. I can get past it in the easy chocolate cake because I add semisweet chocolate chips and when they melt it all just kind of makes it fudgey and delicious. But I have to admit the sponginess of this made me wonder what I would change if I was going to try them again.

    Thoughts? Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be since it’s a healthy recipe?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Sarah

      Oh and I used all-purpose flour.

    • Jenny

      Did you aerate your flour? What kind of yogurt and oil did you use? Fresh lemon? With a little more info, I can try to help.

  346. Marianne

    One of the easiest and tastiest recipes I have ever made. Definitely going on my Pinterest page. I think I would call them lemon blondies, not brownies, but maybe that’s just me. By the way, I used coconut oil (melted and cooled) instead of olive or canola oil. Worked great. Baking time was off and my oven is accurate. Has anyone else had that problem? In any case it’s not a big deal.

    • Jenny

      I wonder if the baking time changes when using coconut oil. Was it more or less time needed?

      • Marianne

        Required more time, about 35 mintutes and 40 would have been better. Never thought about the coconut oil needing more time. I use it a lot, more in cooking than baking, but I’ve never noticed it requiring more time. I use it because it’s supposed to be a healthy fat and the flavor is good. Next time I’ll make two batches, one with canola, the other with coconut and see what happens. I do some catering so I’ll wait for an event.

    • Marianne

      It was more time. I’m about to make them again for an event that I’m catering tomorrow and doing exactly what I did before. I just need to go pick the lemons. My citrus trees are in full bloom and my garden smells heavenly.

    • Sue

      Yes. I made this recipe today for the first time. I used sunflower oil in my mixture and my oven is also accurate. But mine were very liquidy after the 20 minute bake time. I added another 11 minutes and they came out perfect!

  347. Liz

    I can honestly say I’ve never made anything so easy from the first time, and so tasty. Baking doesn’t come easy for me but now I feel like I can bake. And I love the natural lemon taste.

  348. Desiree

    Just took them out of the oven, they look beautiful. I just sprayed generously with Pam and they came out like a dream. Thank you for the recipe!

  349. Melody

    I’m not sure I’d call these a brownie as even my cake-like brownies are denser than this. However, still very good…or as my husband says, “excruciatingly lemony”. Will definitely make again.

  350. s.s

    i made it last night….. its perfect!
    thanks a lot.
    i just want to know can i make it with orange?

    • Jenny

      I think it will be too sweet with orange and if you reduce the sugar, you may have to make other adjustments. It’s best to look for a different recipe that is already proven with orange.

  351. Camile

    MOST AMAZING DESERT EVER!!!! ??? I made 3 lemon brownies, at my brother’s house over the summer, and then I tried one with orange zest and juice, instead of lemon zest and juice. He wanted me to try it with lime zest and juice next time. I am about to make lemon brownies, but I want to bake the batter in muffin tins, using small squares of tin foil, so they don’t stick. Do you think that would work? Can you make the lemon brownies with either orange or lime zest and juice? I watched your you tube videos, and I am hoping to try to make your sticky buns and your easy one bowl chocolate cake.

    • Camile

      I didn’t have to use tin foil, just oil and some flour, and the popped right out! They were amazing, I gave them to my friends at school, and they loved them!

  352. dave

    Well Jenny I did it I tried it and it was delicious but oh boy was it lemonade this is a great brownie lemon brownie if you like lemons. But you also gave me great ideas how to use this beautiful lemon brownies thank you so much. 🙂

  353. dave

    Hi Jenny I really liked your video on that lemon brownie. It looks so delicious I’m definitely going to try it tonight and I will let you know how it turns out. Also I would like to know did you have your own TV show at one time? 🙂

  354. Setsu

    Hola Jenny!!
    Wow, I’m in love with your video!
    So clear, well designed, sharp, and yet cute!
    Am definitely bake this lemon brownie this weekend!!

  355. ally

    Hi jenny , I live in Winnipeg and I found the whole wheat pastry flour at the bulk barn here. I made your whole wheat bread today it turned out so good I’m glad I found your recipes do you have a cook book out.

  356. Claudia

    Can I poke holes in the brownies while they’re warm and pour the glaze so that the brownies soak them up? Will this be too sweet or lemony?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think the glaze will soak in because it’s too thick, even if you poke holes. But you could eliminate the glaze and pour over a syrup and that will definitely soak in. I do my Greek walnut cake that way. You could make a syrup by boiling some water, sugar, and a piece of lemon peel or create your own.

  357. ally

    hi jenny, is there a difference between whole wheat and whole wheat pastry flour

    • Jenny

      Yes, there’s a big difference.

      • ally

        hey jenny, could I use whole wheat flour instead of pastry flour I’ve been all over looking for it and can’t seem to find it.or would it ruin the recipe.

        • Jenny

          Regular whole wheat flour does not bake like whole wheat pastry flour so I would suggest using all purpose flour. If you’re near a Whole Foods they sell whole wheat pastry flour and also you can get it online from Bob’s Red Mill and it can be kept frozen. If you bake much at all, it’s probably worth buying online.

          • ally

            hi jenny, found whole wheat pastry flour this recipe is awesome

            • Jenny

              Some Canadians can’t seem to find whole wheat pastry flour there. Can you please say where you found it?

          • Elizabeth

            Jenny, In Canada, whole wheat pastry flour can be purchased from Whole Foods and Save-on Foods, for 2 places.

  358. Christi Nelson

    how many calories are in these brownies

    • Jenny

      I don’t know – I don’t count calories and I’m just sharing my own recipes I make at home.

  359. Kimberly

    I want to make the brownies but do not have plain yogurt. (Only vanilla) what is the alternative to yogurt?

    • Jenny

      You can use sour cream or wait until you get some plain Greek yogurt, which is the best choice.

      • Robert I

        Hi Jenny,
        I used fat free sour cream because we had no yogurt at home and it turned out great.
        Thanks for the recipe and will explore for more.
        After reading your bio, we remember your show from then, glad to see you’re in good health.

  360. nellie

    Honestly, I didn’t think they would be so good as there was no butter added; surprisingly they were DELISH… needless to say I will be making these again.

  361. Nory

    Hello, Jenny!

    You’re recipes are so good! My husband loved the cinnamon rolls so im making all your other recipes!

    I have two questions:

    1) The size of my baking pan is 9×13, i don’t have the 8×8. What do you recommend i do?

    2) If i want to make more servings, could i just double the volume of the ingredients and use the 9x 13?

    Thank you

  362. Elizabeth

    These turned out so yummy, that I ended up eating 4 squares in one night. 😉

  363. Valerie

    Hi Jenny

    In this recipe u say lemons. Are u talking about sweet lime juice or sour lime juice
    Pls advise

    • Jenny

      What makes this recipe so good and so popular is the use of fresh lemons where you use the peel and the freshly squeezed juice. I do not recommend bottled juice, sweetened or not, in this recipe.

  364. Margie

    Going to try this recipe love any dessert with lemon!!! But my question is why
    Is their no nutrition, calorie information?:(

    • Jenny

      I’m just a home cook posting the recipes I make at home – it’s just a hobby for me.

  365. Mary

    I tried to make this today and it turns out very awesome. Thanks for the recipe jenny. Very easy and quick.

  366. Carolyn

    I love your simple, straightforward recipes. Make more lemon ANYTHING!

  367. Flocky McAdam

    I don’t know is this is covered in the comments, but there are so many, and in the quick look I had, I couldn’t see anything.
    Had anyone converted the recipe to UK measurements? Either ounces or grams would work perfectly…

  368. Mel

    Can I use low fat French vanilla yogurt?

    • Jenny

      Not a good idea because it’s sweetened. Use plain yogurt.

  369. Rosie

    Thank you for this recipe! A rainy day in the UK, a promise to the children of an afternoon spent baking and the realisation that I have no butter! We used baking powder by mistake and soya coconut yoghurt so the texture was not as fluffy but still very delicious. And the kids enjoyed it (oh and not much mess…bonus!)

  370. Tobi

    Can I use spelt flour instead of weat flour??

    • Jenny

      I have no experience with spelt flour but you would have better luck looking a recipe that specifically uses spelt. Making changes in baking can often lead to failure and I only know that my recipe will work as written.

  371. Kylie

    I wanted to make a cake on Sunday but had NO butter… a quick google showed this recipe….then I realised I had no yoghurt either… I substituted it for sour cream and a bit of coconut cream (the solid stuff) and the cake was magnificent!!!! I suspect it would have been just as good with the yogurt…however…it did not last long in my house LOL. It had more of a pound cake finish for me but super moist and and the glaze topped it off beautifully….Im going to make passionfruit curd to go with it next. LOVE THIS!!!!

  372. Janet

    Hi Jenny, have you ever made these using AP flour? I don’t usually keep pastry flour around but want to make these!!!

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful recipes. I can’t get enough of your skillet pizza. My whole family is using that recipe now!!!

    • Jenny

      Please look at my recipe again. It uses either flour.

      • Janet

        Oh my goodness, Jenny. I am so sorry I bothered you when it was in the recipe the whole time! Seems like I’m always in a hurry and I need to take the time to read carefully. Thanks so much.

  373. V. Stoen

    Jenny thank you bunches for a great recipe ! I used lime only because it was Sunday no stores open here on the prairie in northern ND . I made a coconut glaze , smoothed it over the top then put it under my broiler to toast the coconut . It was Crazy Good , Oh My God ! Eating this with 1 scoop of June berry ice cream so yummy , thank you again !

  374. Kelly

    Yum yum and yum. Second time making these and they are quick and delish. Thanks for the recipe.

  375. Mihaela

    this is the easiest, cheapest and most delicious lemon brownie i ever tasted!thanks

  376. Mary Jo

    This recipe is absolutely delicious! Recommended and sent to me by my son. Cut the sugar just a bit in the recipe and made a 1/4 cup powdered sugar glaze which was perfect for me. Also used 1/2 tsp pure lemon extract instead of the lemon rind. Thanks Jenny! Going to be a favorite!

  377. Jocelyn

    I just made this brownies but the texture is very dense. Could it be due to the flour? I followed exactly 1 cup. Perhaps you can convert into gramage for me?

    Secondly of suspect it may be the oil. I don’t have extra light olive oil and used extra virgin olive oil instead. Do you think this could be the culprit?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • Jenny

      It’s not the oil but more likely the way you measured the flour (it must be aerated first), or the type of flour. For measuring, please see my blog posting on Flour Basics: If you did not use either all purpose flour or whole wheat PASTRY flour, that could also be the cause.

  378. Kathy

    If I double the recipe and bake in a 9×13 pan how long should I bake it?

    • Jenny

      The dough will be a little thicker in a 9 x 13 so it should take a little longer to bake. I would check it at 20 but expect it will take at least 25 minutes, possibly a bit more. Just keep checking it with a toothpick.

  379. Fauzia

    Hi Jenny, thanks for sharing 🙂

    just made these and they are cooling now. how can i store these best?

    • Jenny

      I store all my baked stuff in the refrigerator after the first day. With lemon brownies, I cut them into squares and keep them in a tightly sealed container, refrigerated.

      • Fauzia

        thank you, Jenny, as turned out storing was not necessary. it was so yummy, 1 ate the whole cake in 1 day! ( with 2 friends)

  380. Wendy

    i have just made the lemon brownies, but they have turned out quite solid not fluffy like your picture with the recipe, can you suggest what I may have done wrong

    • Jenny

      A couple of things may have caused it: 1) Did you use whole wheat flour and not whole wheat “pastry” flour? 2) Did you use any other sweetener besides white sugar? 3) Was you baking soda fresh? 4) Did you replace the yogurt with something else? This is a dependable recipe so there has to be an explanation. Almost everyone who follows the recipe exactly gets a great result. Let me know of anything different and I can help figure it out. It’s important that my recipes work for everyone.

      • Wendy

        I used all purpose flour, baking powder ok till Jan 2016′ Fage fat free, gran. sugar, light olive oil, eggs, lemons etc. as recipe said

        • Jenny

          I noticed you said baking “powder”and not baking “soda” so that would be the main problem. This recipe needs baking soda which works with acidic ingredients to make baked goods rise. The only other things that could have made a difference is the fat free yogurt (mine is 2% which provides a little fat) and if you did not aerate the flour before measuring because that would have resulted in too much flour. But unless you made a typo, it’s definitely the baking powder that’s the problem. Please keep me posted.

          • Wendy

            Thank you for your reply, I didn’t realise there was a difference between baking soda and powder, and I will aerate the flour, hope I can purchase the b. powder in U.K

  381. Amy

    So far, I’ve tried the two types of brownies, crepes, Polish pierogi, baked ziti ( I used mock, Italian ground), and potato pancakes. Healthy, delicious and easy to follow instructions and fun to watch videos.
    With your help, I’m even turning into a pretty good baker, too! Next, is the orange-sesame chicken. For us, it will be mock chicken; I’m sure equally delicious. Can’t wait to bake the crispy, sour dough buns, though. What can I say? Dziekuje slicznie.

  382. Heidi

    this sounds so good! Planning to make these tomorrow. What do you think about substituting coconut oil for the vegetable oil? Another person commented about making them with coconut yogurt. The combination of coconut and lemon sounds delicious!

    • Jenny

      Yes, you can use melted and cooled coconut oil and I agree that lemon and coconut are great together. I thought about tossing some coconut on top of the glaze while it’s still warm.

  383. Minu


    At wat temperature should we keep, if making in a Microwave?

    • Jenny

      I have never baked anything in a microwave so I’m not able to tell you. I suggest you look at other recipes for microwave brownies to determine the time and temperature and then you can use my recipe with their microwave notes.

  384. Alice Fong

    Hi Jenny, can I use low fat yoghurt? Any brand? Can you make lemon bars and lemon zest muffin? 🙂

    • Jenny

      Yes, you can use low fat yogurt. 2% yogurt is low fat yogurt here so I believe it’s the same thing and you can use any brand. There is a recipe for lemon bars in my free cookbook, which you can download. And for lemon zest muffins, you could try my lemon-blueberry muffins without the blueberries.(

      • Alice Fong

        Thanks for your quick response, i like your video but some recipes don’t have video.:-)

        • Alice Fong

          I download your cookbook, ya so happy and I subscribed! Why don”t make a video of the lemon bars? Cos I like to see u on screen.. Can u make low fat birthday cake? Hope to see your next healthy recipe.

      • Thelma

        Hi Jenny:

        I love your site! Your recipes look delicious and seem easy to do. I made the lemon brownies and they turned out fabulous – I almost ate the whole cake myself!

        I have a diabetic husband – can I use a natural sugar substitute (stevia) to equal the sugar? Will that affect the taste or texture?

        Thank you! I look forward to trying all of your recipes. I am not an astute baker, but the brownies turned out so well and boosted my confidence.

        • Jenny

          I have no experience baking with stevia but I don’t think it has the texture of granulated sugar so you may not be happy with the result. It might be better to look for a diabetic recipe that’s already proven to work without sugar. There’s a lot of information online about baking with stevia.

  385. Mugil

    Hi Jenny, thank you fr the recipe. Tried & turn out the same texture & looks exactly like yr video. Unfortunately the brownie had a too strong yogurt smell tht puts off the appetite. Why is that?

    • Jenny

      I can only guess that your yogurt is not the same as mine. Mine is a 2% low fat plain yogurt. If you used a full fat or flavored yogurt that might have caused it. The lemon flavor is very strong in these brownies so make sure you are using fresh lemon zest as well. I suggest that you might try a different brand of yogurt and make sure you follow the recipe exactly. Let me know…

      • Mugil

        I guess so too…thanks alot jenny…however the brownie tasted superb & so soft. Do you hv moist orange cake recipe? Also can i use fresh milk instead of the yogurt?

        • Jenny

          I do not have an orange cake and in this recipe, you can not replace the yogurt with milk. It’s the acid in yogurt that produces the soft texture in these brownies.

          • Toffeey

            Sour Cream can be substituted for Yogurt ….for those that don’t care for yogurt, sour cream is not quite so tangy.

  386. Yuri

    This is wonderful favor ! Especially about Grazing. It is first trying Lemon Graze. Usually in Vanilla Essence or Milk or something ordinary liquid I using.
    Thank you!

  387. Maninder kaur

    I am wondering if I can substitute baking powder or soda as a substitute for eggs


    • Jenny

      No, neither baking powder or baking soda can be substituted for eggs.

    • sheila

      I made them without eggs… i forgot to put them in if Im honest just not so yellow or wet.

  388. Marlene

    Jenny. Was intrigued by the name and recipe. Thought I would give it a go! Wow! So good, very easy to make, and deeeelish! I ate three! I’m going to make them again and will double the recipe! Thanks for such a great spring time dessert!

  389. Kai

    Jenny! I made these ‘lemonies’ (as we are now calling them) gluten free and dairy free… substitued my ‘Better Batter’ flour (combo of GF flours) and used Tofutti sour cream in place of yogurt! It was easy peasy lemon squeezy! LOL!
    I doubled the recipe too – No issues! I did not have enough lemons, so I used 1 lemon, 1 lime and 1 tangerine… I zested all 3 for a combo effect and combinined the juices! It was amazing! We loved, loved, loved it! It was gorgeous too with all the different colored zest in the icing!
    Doing a girls potluck next weekend, it is going to be there too! My new go to dessert! So quick and easy and sooooo tasty! Thank you for the best recipe ever and it was GF and Dairy free too! WOW!

    • Jenny

      The zest combo sounds great and gluten-free cooks will be happy to know this. Thanks for sharing.

  390. Jim

    Very very good recipe. Snowed in and only had coconut yogurt, so I made it a lemon coconut brownie. I then added shredded coconut on top of the cake after it came out of the oven, and added the glaze on top of the coconut. Wow, Jenny!

  391. Ben

    Can you use Stevia or Swerve instead of the sugar for the same recipe? I am diabetic.

  392. Diva

    I just made this and it was reaaaaally good! Although I failed to top it with the white glaze (I followed your glaze recipe carefully but mine turned out to be very transparent and made the top of the cake too sweet), I love the recipe, so thank you very much!!

  393. Linda

    I keep making these, and everyone keeps gobbling them up. I also tried a lime version, and YUM! The lime flavor is too subtle if you use only the zest and juice, so you need to add some pulp to both cake and glaze. I also added a touch of green food coloring to the cake; the zest was enough to colour the icing. It is soooooo good! Tried it with pineapple as well, but that came out too mushy. Next I’m trying it with orange. Love this recipe!

  394. zoe

    The taste was great but unfortunately mine still stuck to the tin foil. 🙁 not sure what happened there

    • Linda

      I leave mine to sit in the foil, on a cooling rack, for about a half hour after I take it out of the oven. Then I gently peel the foil away, and it works well every time.

    • Jenny

      It might be your brand of foil so you can always grease the foil if it helps.

    • Fay

      Try using ‘baking paper’ instead of foil. Guaranteed not to stick

  395. amel

    I tried it but i didn’t work k dont know why

    • Jenny

      If you let me know what ingredients you used and any substitutions/changes you made, even pan size & type of oven, etc. I can probably tell you why they didn’t work. It’s important to me that my recipes work for everyone and these are worth trying again. I just made them yesterday.

  396. kendra

    I made this recipe. I was fantastic, I only used 1 juicy lemon and it had tons of lemon flavor. It also cooked for about 23 minutes. thanks

  397. Linda

    Have made these several times now – they are delicious!

  398. Maddy

    Hi. I was on holiday in a rented house, and had no butter, so googled up this recipe. I also had no square tin, so used a round one, and no yogurt, so used sour cream instead, and no icing sugar, so I didn’t do the glaze, and no measuring spoons, so I used regular spoons and guessed fractions of them, and only rice bran oil. I ended up with a perfectly reasonable lemon cake, nothing like as stodgy as I expected from a brownie recipe. Go figure.
    I might try again, adding maybe a half cup of coconut next time.

  399. Olga

    These are awesome! thank you so much 😉

  400. Drea


  401. Irene

    Can you use probiotic bulgarian yogurt?

    • Jenny

      I’m just not sure. I have never baked with it and I can’t find any recipes that use it.

  402. tuqa

    i dont have a 8×8 metal pan , will this recipe work if i use a 8×11 glass pan ? 🙂

    • Jenny

      Baking in glass usually requires that you reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees but you would not likely get a good result with an 8 x 11 pan. You could use an 8 or 9-inch round pan, or even a 9 x 9 square could work.

  403. tricia

    I like this so much! Can you also do a healthier version of the lemon bars?

    • Jenny

      There is a recipe for healthier lemon bars in my cookbook. I will posting the entire book on this site in the next week or so, all for free.. a downloadable pdf. It’s coming soon…

      • tricia

        I’m looking forward to that. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes to us for free. You inspired me to eat healthier 🙂

  404. Angeline

    Hi Jenny,
    Can I substitute the yogurt with whipping cream instead?


    • Jenny

      Whipping cream won’t work because this recipe depends on the acid in the yogurt to make the brownies rise.

      • Maddy

        Surely the lemon juice provides enough acid to do this?

        • Jenny

          Two tablespoons of lemon juice might be enough acid but I find yogurt also adds moisture to baked goods. I should have added that whipping cream being a liquid would not work in this recipe. If whipped, I really don’t know but it has a lot of fat so it would not be as healthy as yogurt.

          • Rachel

            First time on your page. Fallen in love at first sight.
            Regarding the lemon bars – Instead of Yogurt can I use apple sauce…

            • Jenny

              I’ve tried baking with apple sauce but have never liked the results. In this recipe, yogurt provides moisture and a little fat but apple sauce probably won’t. If dairy is the issue, maybe you could try a non-dairy yogurt…

  405. Jen

    This is delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I slightly adapted by adding 1/4 cup desiccated coconut to the mixture, and a little less flour, and also sprinkling some coconut on top at the end. Yum!

  406. Gbemi

    Had no butter at home and came across this recipe; absolutely delicious! Also had no lemons and used oranges instead, can’t wait to try it with lemons now. Many thanks indeed.

  407. Hara

    This is amazing!! although the texture is more like cake than brownies, it’s gotten a “must make again” in my kitchen……..

  408. Shira

    Delicious! More cakey than brownie-ish to me, but didn’t change how delicious they were at all! Didn’t have poudered sugar, so I made a glaze with whipped honey. Super yummy, and the honey can make them a great springtime treat! Xoxo

  409. khabirah

    just made these and they taste good!

  410. khabirah

    can greek yogurt be used?

    • Jenny

      Yes, Greek yogurt is good in this recipe as long as it’s not fat free.

  411. Annie

    Hi Jenny,
    I tried your easiest lemon brownie recipe tonight for the first time. I used the whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose flour and I followed the recipe exactly. After 20 minutes in the oven, I checked them and the toothpick came out clean. I let them cool for about 10 minutes and when I went to pick it up off the foil, the middle was mushy and not done! Any ideas on why the middle would not be cooked done but the sides were?? I am an experienced baker and I’ve rarely had baking mishaps. Any advice would be appreciated!

    • Jenny

      With so many people having success with this recipe, there must be a reason for this but if you’re experienced, you have probably already considered the same things I have. But I will list them anyway:
      1) Did you use an 8-inch square pan?
      2) Did you use a light colored pan?
      3) Did you use a glass dish?
      4) Is your oven temperature accurate?
      5) Was the oven rack in the center?
      6) Did your oven preheat long enough?
      7) Did you use fat free yogurt?
      I can’t think of any other reason – please let me know if anything above could be the problem.

  412. Vivian

    Hi Jenny,
    I was wondering what you could substitute the powdered sugar for if you don’t have any.

    • Jenny

      They say you can put one cup of regular sugar and one tablespoon of cornstarch in a blender and process it until it’s powdery but I have never done that so I can’t speak from experience.

  413. Ain

    It’s hard to find Fage yogurt here. Are there any other yogurt that can be used like yoplait? paul’s natural yogurt? Apart from the sour cream substitute.

    • Jenny

      You can use any brand of yogurt. Fage happens to have a nice thick texture considering it’s low fat. I never use fat-free yogurt because of its odd texture and added stabilizers. I use 2% in this recipe just to keep it low fat but you can also use regular full fat yogurt.

  414. Aleksandra

    Delicious ! Question: how should I store these for the next day to keep them moist and keep all the goodness in over the night??

    • Jenny

      I keep mine in a covered container on the counter for a day or two and after that, in the same covered container in the refrigerator.

  415. Maggie

    Hi Jenny,
    My grill oven’s maximum temperature is just 250 degree, not 350 like yours. So please how do you suggest me to do? Longer time? Much appreciate your answer Jenny!

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry to tell you that 250 degrees fahrenheit is NOT hot enough for this kind baking and a longer time will not make a difference. 350 f. is usually the minimum temperature needed to give baked goods the lift and rise they need. However, I suspect your oven may be 250 celsius. In that case, you would bake it as close to 177 degrees celsius as you can. If your oven actually is measured in fahrenheit then the only thing I can think of is a toaster oven usually goes up to 400 f. and that might be an option. (there is a metric conversion chart in my blog:

    • Maddy

      Possibly your oven is in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit? In which case, use 180°C.

  416. Nina

    Hi Jenny,

    I intend to make this recipe tomorrow because it looks so good and have so many good comments I’m sure it’s a great recipe. Just one thing I need to ask you, how long do you need to preheat the oven before putting the batter inside? Does it really matter to the result? Thanks alot Jenny!

    • Jenny

      The average time is 15 minutes to preheat the oven to 350 but I usually preheat mine for 20 minutes. It does make a difference if you put something in to bake before the oven is hot enough. Baked goods need that initial blast of heat to bake properly. An oven thermometer is the only way to know for sure when it reaches 350. Newer ovens preheat faster than older ones so if you’re not sure, you could preheat for 20 minutes for peace of mind.

  417. Martha

    I just made these lemon brownies and they are De-licious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So refreshing. I ran out of butter and now I need not replace. Thanks for so many sweet and healthy options.

  418. Laufa oakley

    Hi Jenny
    Have made the lemon brownie and my family n friends loved it! Thanks for sharing!
    I want to no why it’s called lemon brownies instead of lemon slice? Sorry for asking! I love easy recipes!

    • Jenny

      I think they look just like a chocolate brownie but they’re yellow. If a brownie is brown, maybe these should be called “Yellowies.” 🙂

  419. Trish

    Can you make without eggs?

  420. patricia

    Hi Jenny,

    Have made the lemon brownies for all my family. Everyone loves them. I have to change the flour because of having celiac but they are still delicious. I usually use brown rice flour. Thanks for the recipe

  421. Robin

    i had so much fun making this cake, im usually so confused what to do but this cake came out so perfect and it was so easy! i love it x cant wait to try new recopies 🙂

  422. Mary

    Hi jenny. I’ve recently tried out your recipe for the lemon brownie and it was terrific, thanks for sharing!

  423. Cel

    i made these on a whim for my mom the day before mothers day and hid it in the fridge. no mixer, no butter — it was so perfect. except we didnt have lemons either so i just crushed almonds and used vanilla extract in place of everything that needed lemons.
    but it turned out delicious and my mom loved it!

    thanks for sharing it,
    and happy mother’s day to you~

  424. Diane

    Made these yesterday and are quite good. My family like them because they are very moist. Thanks Jenny. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  425. eliza

    I’m Polish who lives in Italy. Just found your website few days ago and already done some of your baked donuts. Wonderful!! Dziekuje bardzo, a jutro zrobie lemon brownies. I keep my eye on baked paczki too 🙂

  426. illa

    Hello Jenny,
    I just made these lemony brownies today and they are very delicious:)Thanks for sharing this recipe.They are quick and easy to make and at the same time healthy too!
    Would love to try more of your recipe and share it with my friends!

  427. Ally

    Could I love you more for this one??? So good and easy to make! It’s a shame those brownies don’t last us for more than half an hour though:)

  428. Don

    Love your video, outstanding job!!
    I am not to crazy about lemons except for lemonade.
    So I substituted 3 tablespoons of Strawberry jam and strawberry yogurt
    Came out very moist and taste great !!!!

  429. Hazel

    How big is the cup that you measure the ingredients for the lemon brownies, please.

    • Jenny

      I pre-measured my ingredients and put them into coloured bowls. I used standard dry measuring cups and on my scale, one cup of flour weighs 4 1/2 ounces or 130 grams. I hope that helps.

  430. Nancy

    I used parchment paper instead of foil. I personally do not want aluminium touching my food. I also use those black binder clips if I need to hold parchment paper in place on baking pan. They can be bought at office supply store.

  431. Nancy

    Jenny, Oh My Oh My….One word describes your lemon brownies; Amazing !
    I grated 3 lemons for the brownies instead of two. YUMMY !
    Thanks for all your wonderfful recipes.

  432. Kat

    It is incredibly easy and AMAZING. One of the most delicious things I’ve made. I used coconut oil instead of canola but it turned out still AMAZING. Thank you so much, Jenny!

  433. Barb

    Hi Jenny,

    I just made these yesterday and they are almost gone, I cannot stop eating them. I used parchment paper to line my glass baking dish and it worked great. I cannot have milk products so I used Tofutti sour supreme instead of the yogurt and they came out perfect. Just an FYI for anyone else out there with cow milk allergies.

  434. Judi Castro

    Hola Jenny..
    Yo soy Mexicana y tengo muchas limones en mi casa.

    Con este receta yo puedo utilizar las sobras.. Muchas gracias.

    Tambien yo prepare hoy LAS SALMON PATTIES..Sabrosa !!!

  435. noob super

    dear jenny, i made this over and over and over again. it is so delish !!!!

    my kids cant seem to have enough of it and complains that one batter gets cleaned up in 15 minutes time!! 🙂

  436. Adriana

    Made these today, very tasty n tangy! 🙂

  437. Alex

    Hi Jenny,is it okay if I dont use the yogurt? because I saw other ppl’s video they didnt put any yogurt inside the cake ><

    • Jenny

      If you eliminate the yogurt you will probably lose some of the moisture and a little of the fat. I might increase the oil by a tablespoon if you do. Please let me know if they turn out.

  438. Naomi

    Delicious!! I am impressed, so easy & soooo tasty! Thank you 🙂
    I actually spread the batter on a bed of apples and raspberries, its really fresh and love the fruit addition :))
    Will do again, no doubt!

  439. Rebekah

    Oh my goodness I’m addicted! 2nd time I’ve made them in a week and the first time they didn’t last a day! However I do need to say that both times I have not had plain yogurt and used strawberry yogurt and I have nothing to compare it to but I would say these are amazing, thank you!

  440. Madeleine

    Hi Jenny, these are lovely! I used lemon curd yoghurt instead of plain for extra lemony brownies and they were really yummy! 🙂

  441. Julia

    I tried baking this and it turned out really delicous! thank you for the recipe 🙂

  442. Courtney J

    Hi Jenny these look awesome. I really can’t wait to try them, unfortunately I don’t have any plain yogurt and I really want to try them,is there anything I can use instead of yogurt? Courtney J

    • Jenny

      You could try using reduced fat sour cream instead of yogurt.

      • Deb

        Made them with sour cream and they turned out just fine.

  443. Myf Ruakere

    oh my wowwwww! have been scouring the net for good lemon recipes and this takes the cake! or.. brownie.. anyway! I used vanilla yoghurt as that was all I had and they still turned out delectable. Thanks so much for this recipe 😀

  444. Sarah

    I made them with limes as we were given a bunch..tasted great and I used the same proportions as lemon in the recipe 😉

  445. Alice

    Have you tried not using any baking soda? I have read that using only eggs as the leavening agents makes a more dense brownie. I prefer the real “fudge” like texture rather than the cakey brownie.

    • Jenny

      I will try making some today without the baking soda and will report back.

    • Jenny

      Okay, I made them without the baking soda and the taste was just as good and I would say they were more dense than chewy but they still tasted really good. I posted a picture of your version in today’s blog.

  446. patti

    These are the MOST AMAZING lemon brownies EVER!! And so easy!!!! Thank you, Jenny!!

  447. trogui7

    Hi Jenny, I tried the recipe with limes to experiment a little. I was pleased with the flavor. One difference is that instead of powdered sugar for the glaze, I used agave nectar. It was too wet, for a glaze, but tasted great, so I used just a little. Thank you very much for this recipe. My husband enjoyed it too.

  448. Sofia

    The Lemon Brownies really taste good!

    Sofia (age 9)

  449. trogui7

    I look forward to trying this recipe. Can’t help but wonder if it would be just as delicious made with oranges or limes. What adjustments would be needed?

    • Jenny

      I’ve haven’t tried it (yet) but I think if I were using oranges, I would reduce the sugar by 2-3 tablespoons. With limes, I don’t think I’d change anything else but if you try either variation, please let us know how they turned out.

  450. Sue

    I can’t wait to make these again. I just watched your video at work on break and I know what I did wrong with the glaze. These are the best brownies we ever had! I love lemons so this recipe caught my eye immediately.

  451. Kim

    is it ok if i dont use oil?

    • Jenny

      I’ve never done it but you could try doubling the yogurt and not using oil. If you don’t like the result, you could try the extra light olive oil. I’ve used that and there is no detectable olive taste at all and olive oil is proven to be heart-healthy. If your no-oil version works out, please share it with my readers here. Thanks.

      • Kim

        Jenny, I tried this today without using the oil and doubling the yogurt instead. Loved what came out of the oven and my friends enjoyed every bite of this! Thank you for a great video, and your hair does look beautiful! <3

        • Jenny

          Wow! I never thought to eliminate the oil but I’m sure some of my readers will want to try your version. I will definitely try it, too. Thank you for sharing this with us.

          • Sophie

            Hello Jenny! I love this recipe and i would just like to ask you if the yogurt is replacable with more oil? Maybe use 1/4 of a cup of oil instead, just like in your chocolate brownies recipe?

            Thank you very much and greetings from Argentina!!

            • Jenny

              I don’t think it would work. It’s better if you can follow the recipe.

  452. Sue

    Jenny, I have made these twice now and I don’t know why my icing (glaze) doesn’t turn out light and fluffy like yours. It is more like a glaze. Am I doing something wrong? I follow your recipes verbatim. It seems to liquefied. I made them today and again the icing doesn’t look like yours. Confused??


    • Jenny

      Sue, I’m glad to wrote because I checked the recipe and it should have read 2-4 Tbsp. lemon juice for the glaze (it has been changed). Please note it’s not a frosting but a glaze and I think the shiny top in my photo makes it look thicker but it’s not thick at all. If you want a thicker glaze, just use the least amount of juice possible, adding it very slowly, 1/2 teaspoon at a time. But here’s some good news: I’m making a video of this recipe because it’s just so good I want everyone to see how easy it is. The video will be up in the next couple of weeks.

      • Jawjagrrl

        I like that this is a thin glaze. I was rushing and missed the bit about adding slowly, but we love lots of lemon and I wanted as much as I could get in. While I would like to use less sugar for health reasons, these are so packed with flavor that I am hoping a small portion will satisfy. Cooking for a type 2 diabetic with a sweet tooth and find providing the treat gives me ways to keep down the sugar compared to what he might sneak on his own 🙂

        • KC

          Try using artificial sweetener that measures the same as sugar. Or try1/2 sugar & 1/2 artificial sweetener.

      • Elizabeth Clarke-Behnke

        This looks so delicious, I can’t wait to make it. Because the glaze is some what liquidy….I was thinking about poking a few holes in the top of the brownie (with the end of a chop stick) and when the glaze is poured over, some would find its way into the cake. It should make it even richer and moister is what I am thinking. Stay tune !

  453. Sue

    Jenny, these brownies are amazing!!! What a flavor burst! Mike’s comment was “Oh my God, these are awesome!!!” I made them last night and I used the left over fresh lemon juice in my green tea this morning. They taste as great as they look!! You rock my sista!!!

  454. Christine

    I just made these and they were DEEEE-LICIOUS!!!

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