Easy Crispy Focaccia

Easy Crispy Focaccia

Easy Crispy Focaccia

I was not able to achieve this crispy crust using a regular baking pan, hence the baking stone. Most ovens take at least 1/2 hour (mine even longer) to reach 500° F. If using rosemary, I find that crushed rosemary sticks better than whole slivers.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Makes: 8 slices

Easy Crispy Focaccia


  • 1 1/2 cups bread flour (preferred over all purpose flour)
  • 1 teaspoon instant or RapidRise yeast
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning (try my seasoning mix) or rosemary (or a mix of both)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup warm water (around 120-125° F)
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil for brushing
  • A little extra herbs for topping


  1. In a bowl, combine flour, yeast, Italian seasoning, and salt.
  2. Stir in water. Mixture will be thick and form a ball.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour.
  4. After about 45 minutes, place a pizza stone in a cold oven and preheat to 500° F. Cover a pizza peel with parchment paper.
  5. After the dough has rested for the hour, place it on a floured surface and sprinkle with a little flour. Knead the dough 12 turns, using a scraper if needed.
  6. Place dough on the parchment paper and with floured hands, press into a 10-inch circle. Cover with a towel and let rest 10 minutes.
  7. With floured knuckles, make about 20 indents all over the dough.
  8. Brush entire dough lightly with olive oil. Sprinkle lightly with Italian seasoning or rosemary and a little salt.
  9. Slide the dough with parchment paper onto the hot stone and bake for 10-12 minutes or until edges are browned.
  10. Remove to a cutting board and slice into wedges. Serve warm.

Note: Slice and freeze leftover focaccia, then re-crisp frozen slices in a 325 oven for about 10 minutes and it will be even more crispy than before!

More: There's more on this recipe in my blog. Click here.

126 Comments on "Easy Crispy Focaccia"

  1. Jenny

    This is our family favorite now! Is it possible to add some ground flax seed to add nutrional value? Should eliminate something else?

  2. Char

    I made this last night to serve with creamy chicken vegetable soup. I’m so glad i snapped a pic as soon as it came out of the oven, because it disappeared in minutes! It was amazing….my kids enjoyed it plain as well! Next time i will experiment with some toppings! Thanks Jenny! your recipes have never failed me!

    • Char

      I forgot to mention that I dont have a pizza stone but Instead i used an inverted baking pan, that I preheated in the oven before transfering my focaccia onto it. Works like a charm. I also use this method for making ciabatta bread/rolls.

  3. Martha S.

    Love this small foccacia! Easy and fun to add different herbs and various olives. Ive been using my old cast iron griddle. It’s a 10 inch and works perfect in the oven and good size for this bread. Crisps up nicely. Thank you Jenny for yet another good recipe!

  4. Renee

    Hi Jenny! I am anxiously awaiting for my oven and stone to get temp to taste this heavenly sounding focaccia! I do have a question- the dough before and after the first rest was r e a l l y wet. When it came time to knead the dough, it literally poured out of the bowl. It was all nice and very bubbly but very wet. What could I have done wrong? Many thanks!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please look at the FAQs for No Knead Bread Solutions and Problems with Yeast Baking.

    • Yvonne

      Weigh your ingredients. It’s the only way to get accurate measurements. A cup of flour in Florida will weight more than a cup of flour in Montana due to the difference in moisture content.

      • Jeanette

        That is not a solution for making no knead breads.

        As you said, a cup of flour in Florida will weigh more due to the moisture content. Therefore, you will add less flour and the dough will be even more wet.

        Conversely, in a dry climate, you will add more flour to get the right weight and the dough will be heavy and dry.

        And this is the case when doing any baking, not just bread.

        For no knead doughs, you have to experiment with where you live and go by the look of the dough. You should be able to tell right away if you have not enough flour or not enough water. Experiment for your conditions and go from there.

        Bread is all about look, feel, and giving yourself enough time to get the knack. Nobody starts making bread and gets it perfect the first time around.

  5. Paula W

    Dear Jenny,

    Was watching your 3 pizza videos today to get ready for pizza party “dinner for 2” tomorrow. Your videos put me in such a good mood that I watched your “Apple Pie” video just for the heck of it – never made a pie from scratch before and now I will…Thank you! Your instructions are much more fun and better than the food channels.

    So from all your video inspiration, decided to make the FOCACCIA bread today….just devoured a warm slice. Have made this many times and it seems to taste better every time I make it.

    You are probably very busy but…WE NEED MORE VIDEOS!

    A regular Jenny Show on the Food Network would be wonderful (just a thought)…..!

    Take Care and God Bless YOU Always,

    – Paula

  6. barbara

    My parchment paper says withstands to 420 degrees. Do you have parchment that can stand up to 500 degrees?

    • Helen

      Did you ever find out if your paper would be ok to use, or did you try it, anyway? If you did, how did it hold up? I have the same question, as my paper does not got to 500 degrees. ty

    • Terry

      Two minutes after the dough sets up, simply remove the parchment paper.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use Reynolds brand with no problems.

  7. Jenny

    Fantastic! I make this with fresh herbs I grow. It is a family favorite! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  8. Curious

    Parchment is not safe to 500 degrees. What is the alternative?

    • Abino

      Parchment paper does have a temp warning but if you cover it with the dough with a 1/4 inch or so showing …no problem at all . I use it all the time with a pizza steel base at 550f.

    • Poppy

      Just use a simple Silpat baking mat…I think most (if not all brands) are safe up to 500 degrees F…I use mine for all baking, & I love them…

  9. Malea

    Hi Jenny,
    Love all your recipes!
    I have a question. I see that your quick pizza dough has the same ingredients with minor tsp adjustments but why does it call for sugar and this focaccia recipe does not call for sugar? I’m still learning to bak and was curious of the differences for some bread recipes.

    Love you!

  10. JaklinO

    I made this recipe today, with no alterations, except omitted the extra seasoning on top. It was Excellent!!! Great texture with crispy exterior, but soft and airy inside, and delicious. Making it again tomorrow for friends. Served it with home made hummus, pureed kalamata olives, cheeses. My guests loved it too. If you prefer a soft spongy focaccia, this is not for you.

  11. viola Richter

    hi Jenny! I just love your bread recipe thanks so much .i just try your flat bread and love it

  12. Deb

    Easy to make n tasty.
    I d like to make a thicker focaccia, in a 9X13.
    How should I proceed?..

  13. Kathy Z

    I double the recipe and when ready I generously oil a sheet pan and spread the dough in the pan. I then cover it with cheese and sauce and bake. It make a delicious “Sicilian” style pizza. The crust fries a bit and it is fluffy and delicious. We put cheese first and then dollop sauce on the cheese.

    • Beth

      What kind of cheese did you use when you used this dough for your Sicilian pizza? I’d like to try that.

      • Bib

        Provel is great on pizza!

        • Poppy

          “Provel”? (Never heard of it…) Don’t you mean Provolone cheese which is an excellent Italian cheese??? (especially with red sauce)

        • JimLahey

          Provel is the brightest star in the galaxy of processed cheese food. All hail provel!!!

      • Kathy Zayatz

        I use any bits of cheese I have but mostly mozzarella. Also a sprinkling of Parmesan or Pecorino. Sometimes we add roasted red peppers, etc. It’s a hit in my home and asked for regularly.

  14. Jen

    I’ve made this recipe so many times and it always comes out perfectly. I love Jenny’s recipe ideas they never fail. Thank you Jenny, please keep them coming!

  15. Jenny Can Cook

    I experimented by adding a teaspoon of olive oil to the dough and I liked the result. I’ll try it again and if it turns out just as well, I will add that option to the recipe.

  16. Luz

    Thank you for you recipe, I am going to try to make it. I love focaccia bread and your recipe sounds so delicious,love it

  17. Gillian

    So easy to make and it’s wonderful!
    All the directions needed are provided.

  18. Michael M.

    Hi Jenny,
    I have a couple of questions:

    1) This being such an extremely high-hydration dough, I don’t understand how it can possibly form a ball, and how do you manage to knead this wet dough? Do you wet or oil your hands, so that the dough does not stick to them?
    2) When you turn this out of the bowl, does it go onto a heavily-floured surface, so that it will not stick?
    3) Have you ever tried making pizza with this dough?

    Thanks, Michael

    • Terry

      Even though Jenny has got great easy recipes, Following her water measurements, my recipes don’t come out as hers do most of the time, the recipe has too much water, and I would have to keep adding flour because the dough is just too sticky.

      Anyway, this recipe just had too much water also, I am learning to add water a little at time. Good luck Michael ;0).

      • Donna

        Hi Terry, have you ever heard about no-knead bread? There’s lots of so-called high-hydration bread around now-it takes 5 or 10 minutes to put together, then about 15 hours or more to rise, and then needs jist 5-10 minutes kneading. This is pretty much the same thing. If you have a hard time moving the blob around, put it on parchment paper

    • Michele

      Delicious prepared exactly as recipe says. Thanks so much

  19. JaZy

    When you first mix the bread flour and seasonings, yeast, salt and water is it suppose to be a wet dough or more of a dry dough?

  20. Bklynanna

    Just made it, then tasted it, and it is delicious! So easy compared to other focaccia recipes. I followed the directions to the “T” and just sprinkled Pecorino Romano cheese on top and it turned out great; and in such a short time! Thanks Jenny for sharing your recipe! 🥰

  21. Brenda

    Please tell me what kind of pots and pans you use.

  22. Joan

    Made the flat bread the 10” one, it good, but it did not look like the picture, the dimples did not stay, it look like Rolls fat, I like the way they look on your recipe, &crispy, they were like soft rolls, what did I do wrong

    • Jenny Can Cook

      What kind of baking stone did you use and how long did you preheat your oven? Knowing that, I will try to help.

      • Joan

        I made your recipe 100% I have a large baking stone, I think, the pizza kind. I never had a problem , with your other bread recipe. Joan

  23. Dede

    Jenny can you tell me how to use active dry yeast in this recipe?
    Thank you so much. I am salivating every time I visit your site!!!

  24. Doxydogmom

    I made this for thanksgiving and everyone loved it so much. Made it 2 more times in 3 days. It’s going to be a family go to favorite! Thank you!

  25. Wheat free - not GF - Jean

    Looking for recipes to use spelt flour instead of white flour. I am intolerant to dairy & wheat. This was delicious!! I used spelt flour. I do not own a stone or a paddle so I used a pizza pan with punched holes in the bottom & parchment paper. It crisped up just fine! I love the fact that you can add the herbs to your liking & how easy this recipe is! My husband loved it too! What a treat! Yes, Jenny Can Cook!! Thank you!!

  26. Julian

    I don’t know where you are, I’m in Canada. I have a Black & Decker bread machine. In the instructions they state if in the US, use bread flour but if in Canada you can use either bread or all purpose flour. This is due to the flour in Canada is milled from a harder wheat. I have always used all purpose for everything and never had a problem, including your focaccia which was quick and tasty.I’m a snowbird and always take a bag of Canadian flour south with me.

  27. Sylvia

    I don’t have a pizza stone, but I do have a big cast iron pizza pan which worked really well. I sprinkled it with garlic powder and Parmesan cheese along with the Italian seasonings before baking. It was delicious! Thanks Jenny!

  28. Berry B.

    I don’t have instant or rapid rise yeast on hand. Can I use what I have which is “Fleischmann’s active dry yeast (original)”?

  29. JC

    Jenny, I made your delicious focaccia bread recipe this evening and first off I was impressed how quickly it came together and second it was fabulous!! Maldon salt, fresh basil and grated Pecorino Romano. Your recipes never fail! Thank you

  30. Debbie

    Made your focaccia recipe yesterday (doubled it) and it was fantastic and so fast to make compared to other overnight recipes. Will definitely make this again!

  31. Kathy S.

    Can you use a large cast iron skillet? I’ve heated those in a high oven for skillet bread and it sounds like a possibility.


  32. Valerie

    Can this dough be frozen for later use?

  33. Pann

    Hi Jenny!! Have to tell you, everyone for whom I make your focaccia bread recipe, absolutely LOVES it. I have increased the Italian seasoning by 1/2 Tbsp and sprinkle with a little bit of coarse salt after putting on the oil. Also have started to sprinkle lightly with fresh shredded mozzarella and Parmesan before popping into oven. I heat a very seasoned pizza pan to the 500 degrees, and found it gave me a crispy crust. Even reheated, this bread cannot be beat. it’s easy peasy and just down right delicious! Thank you, for all the wonderful, healthy, and delicious recipes you share!

  34. Olivia

    I didn’t have bread flour so used all purpose and it turned out well.

  35. Leyte

    Been making this so many times, And topped with our homemade pesto, then urugula, prosciuto or salami, and gruyere cheese. Very satisfying meal. Thanks Jenny.
    Wish i can show you my finished product.

  36. CARMEN

    What if you don’t have a pizza stone can you still make it?

    • Carrie

      I made it in a casserole dish lined with parchment because I don’t have a pizza stone and it worked great! I took it out with a few minutes left and cooked it right on the oven rack to get it nice and crispy. I also used traditional yeast and had no issues.

    • Elsie T

      Used my round cast iron griddle, preheated like my stone and it was perfect. A cast iron skillet would probably work equally well

  37. Doll Bloss

    I have been making focaccia bread for years and was excited to try this recipe.
    It was delicious and much quicker to make. It was also in a more reasonable amount. My husband had 5 pieces and couldn’t stop raving about it. I will be making this often. Thank-you Jenny. I have tried many of your recipes and love them.

  38. Ceecee

    Sorry for the focaccia recipe do you put pizza stone on bottom of oven

  39. Ceecee

    Do you put the pizza stone on the bottom of the oven

  40. Theo107

    I made the rosemary focaccia this afternoon to serve with dinner this evening and it was not only incredibly delicious it was also incredibly easy to make, too !
    I followed Jenny’s recipe and her concise directions, but I made one small addition to the dough. Because I over estimated the amount of fresh rosemary needed when I was cutting it from my plant, I added the excess, about
    1 Tbsp. of minced rosemary, to the dough along with the Italian herb mix.
    I love the flavor of rosemary, so adding that extra tablespoon was perfect for my palate.
    Jenny’s crispy rosemary focaccia recipe is, by far, the easiest, quickest, and the most delicious focaccia that I have ever baked !
    Thank you, Jenny !

  41. Natalina

    I made this a pizza base with the Italian herb blend, skipped adding extra rosemary. Baked it on a ceramic pizza stone. Excellent!!! Rolling it out to 10” for a pizza makes a very thick one though. Not that anyone complained.

  42. Kathryn

    I made Focaccia today while sheltering in place here in Texas. It turned out great. All I had was AP flour.

  43. Fran

    I don’t have a pizza stone yet ($$$) to bake bread but I do have a 6-inch Mexican 1-inch thick clay tile, wide enough to make a small loaf for me, myself and I. Anyone think this would work?t I’m concerned it might crack..use it damp? With water in a tray at bottom? Or can I bake in a steel pot? I haven neither the money nor the cupboard space for a Dutch oven..

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Which recipe are you asking about?

    • Geri

      Hi, I made this Foccacio in a well-oiled roasting pan and it turned out great. Placed it on the lowest rack in the oven. Another time I turned it into pizza — same way, same recipe (without the Rosemary) used only Oregano, was also great.

  44. Roger Gurley


    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I didn’t try this recipe but I looked on YouTube for “How to make baby back ribs” and your video was the first to come up, thankful that it did, see I’m 49 and always wanted to try and make ribs but was always scared too, my Mom always made them and tho they were good they have always been very tough, well let’s just say I followed your recipe except for the rub and we just finished eating and OMG they were delicious! Never did I imagine it being so easy , now I’m anxious to watch more of your videos. Thank You again!!!

    Roger Gurley

  45. Lecia

    Jenny you’re awesome……and your dry sense of humour crazy. I want to start cooking again after some yucky times, but I need to know……why o why do u not weigh 400 lbs.? Your recipes seem to be amazingly easy and thank you!

  46. Lecia

    Jenny you’re awesome……and your dry sense of humour crazy. I want t

  47. Elizabeth Bing

    Can I use this bread for pizza? I hear that the latest take on pizza in Manhattan is a fluffier bread crust (yeast), in making pizza.

  48. Mark

    Do you have the nutritional information for your recipes? I am watching my carb intake. Thanks.

  49. Helene

    Jenny thank you for the focaccia recipe, I just put one in the oven, this is the second one I am making. It is delicious and easy. Thank you

  50. Theresa_G

    Oh My, this is absolutely the bee’s knees. Have you ever made traditional Spanish Tortas? Have you ever thought of doing live classes for a fee I would definitely pay for that!


  51. Helen Phillips

    Oh Yum. Loved making this, and it is so good. Somewhere I have an Italian dipping sauce, and I’m going to look it up. I enjoy making breads of all kinds, and this is a favorite. Thanks

  52. Amy

    I love all of your recipes. Especially love your entertaining videos .. miss you

  53. Carol

    I love your recipes and I miss you on Youtube. : (

  54. Arlene

    Love your recipes but any idea on carbohydrate content? My son is a brittle Type 1 diabetic. Thanks

  55. wellinmysoul

    thank you Jenny. thinking adding anchovies and garlic and calamari olives would be a good tangent. like others, I miss your cooking videos. be well.

    • Lesley Royster

      Hi, I just read your comment to Jenny about the focaccia bread with anchovies & olives. Sounds wonderful let me know how it turns out and measurements.
      This is the first recipe of hers I’m making today, the orginal dutch oven bread. Looking forward to it.
      Thanks for sharing!

  56. sandi Hughes

    I have a daughter that is gluten free per DR. and she misses some breads. Do you happen to have a gluten free recipe for this. And gluten free foods and breads are expensive. thank you for your recipes

    • Theo107

      Check out King Arthur’s website. They have gluten free bread mixes as well as a good selection of gluten free flours. I feel that King Arthur flours are superior to other brands and they also have many other products for the home baker as well.

  57. Helen l Phillips

    I make all your recipes that I can. Love the Artisan bread and make it often. I have the pizza stone, also parchment paper will be making this today. When letting the bread rest I cover with the bowl instead of a cloth, also found the parchment paper in precut sheets. I bought the stone, plus a large peel from Amazon, the peel is huge, and handle folds over for storage. Love your recipes, thank you so much.

    • Dee

      Thanks for the terrific recipe. I made it exactly like Helen did and it turned out so, so yummy. A keeper!!!

  58. Liborio

    Welcome back Jenny. I am a subscriber on youtube and I enjoy your style of cooking and baking. Keep the videos coming.

  59. Anyse

    Use an inverted cast iron skillet. I did. It works rather well. Also, if you want to season the pan, you can keep it in the oven to finish seasoning it after you make the bread!

    • Nana

      Thanks sooo much for this comment. I used inverted large cast iron skillet and it worked FABULOUS !!!

      Jenny I LOVE your website, great recipes, fun sense of humor !

    • Mar

      Great idea! I turned my casted iron pan upside down and preheated it in the oven. I took the dough/parchment paper and placed it on the upside down pan while in the oven. It worked great, I don’t think I need a pizza stone! Thanks for the tip! The bread came out great! Love Jenny’s recipes. Even if you make mistakes, the recipes work!

  60. Sandi


    • wellinmysoul

      who appointed you as the appropriate question police…..?

    • Debbie Eckstein

      There are no such things as STUPID questions. this is how we learn. there are, however, STUPID comments such as yours, which are not constructive nor helpful, so mind your business.

  61. Mary L Chulak

    Jenny, this recipe looks so good and so easy! I am happy I have both a pizza stone and pizza peel so I can try it. I have a vegetarian vegetable soup recipe I would like to try, and this focaccia would be wonderful with it.

  62. Jan K

    Jenny love your videos, wish you would do more of them, you are such a sweet lady and I really enjoy trying them.

  63. Donna Anderson

    Oh Jenny, I miss your videos so much ! you are such a delight to watch and a wonderful teacher! I has lost my zest for cooking and baking which I used to enjoy but just seemed to loose it, and watching you was so enjoyable and you not only simplified cooking but your enthusiasm just sparked somthing in me and for a bonus you always do healthier ways of cooking. Thank You for all the time and effort you share with all of us , would love to see you make a video once in a while if possible? I know so many miss you, Bless You Donna

    • Rich Frisk

      Yes, I miss Jenny’s video too. She did really good with them and with a great sense of humor.

  64. Donna Anderson

    Oh Jenny, I miss your videos so much ! you are such a delight to watch and a wonderful teacher! I has lost my zest for cooking and baking which I used to enjoy but just seemed to loose it, and watching you was so enjoyable and you not only simplified cooking but your enthusiasm just sparked somthing in me and for a bonus you always do healthier ways of cooking. Thank You for all the time and effort you she with all of us , would love to see you make a video once in a while if possible? I know so many muss you, Bless You Donna

  65. Julie Walker

    I just wanted to thank you for posting a new recipe! I love your videos, and can’t wait to try this soon. I tried your bread, and I had to add a little gluten to get it to rise enough in my home here in Alabama,( state of crazy weather.) But the bread was great!

  66. Tinnab

    Curious about your baking stone it looks so much different than mine. HOw thick is it and where di you purchase?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      What you see in the photo is only the parchment paper, which is darkened from the hot oven. I don’t remember where I bought my pizza stone but you can see it in my bbq chicken video at the 2:35 minute mark. http://youtu.be/CeLYiUKmDYQ

  67. Windy

    Didn’t see answer to question: What if I don’t have pizza Stone?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I could only obtain the crispy crust using a pizza stone and not a regular pan. I included this info at the top of the recipe, in a post below, and in the blog. I hesitated posting this recipe because I knew not everyone would have a pizza stone but I really wanted to share the recipe. My apologies to anyone who might be disappointed.

      • Anyse

        I inverted my 12-inch cast iron skillet to do this and it really worked excellently!

    • Helen l Phillips

      I bought my pizza stone at Amazon

  68. Ceci

    Hi Jenny.

    Instruction #4, says “Cover a “pizza peel” with parchment paper.. What is that?

    Thanks. I’m loving your recipes!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please click the link at the bottom for the blog post.

  69. Beth

    In the recipe you mention that bread flour is preferred. Does that mean that AP flour may be used? How will the results differ?
    Thank you! I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  70. Jack o

    I followed your quick bread recipe to the letter. However I used artisan flour. The bread came out moist on the inside. The only thing I can point to is the flour. Am I wrong? Jack

  71. Jenny Can Cook

    For those without a baking stone, I’m sorry but I was not able to achieve the crispy crust using a regular pizza pan.

    • Ruthie

      If one doesn’t have a pizza stone, you can use floor tiles (ceramic/porcelain) and lay them on the bottom rack of the oven. Works great!

      • Theo107

        Ruthie : this is a really great suggestion ! I have been using two 12 inch porcelain wall tiles for all my bread baking as well as for pizza for several years and it results in a nice, crispy crust – especially the pizza. I recently learned that using the tiles when baking pies, quiches and such would put an end to soggy bottom crusts and it works like a charm. Wish I had known this ages ago !

  72. Grace

    Just a short note about ovens. Self cleaning ovens not only save you work but they also keep your kitchen cooler in the summer because of the increased amount of insulation they are built with…. thus using less electricity to hold your oven to the required temperature as well. (Keep in mind any defunct door seal) No, I’m just a retiree. Thanks Jenny, you have taught me so much. You are a pure joy.

  73. Cheryl

    This looks delicious!! I discovered your site a few weeks ago, and I am SO glad I did. I have tried several recipes and they are all winners (your ribs/dry rub/BBQ sauce are to die for!!!). I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your website and videos to provide us, your fans, with healthy, easy, tasty recipes, and that you don’t advertise or endorse anything. I find websites that do this so distracting. Your easygoing way, your sense of humour and your beautiful kitchen make me feel like I’m cooking with family and friends. I will continue trying your existing recipes while looking forward to your next new posting!

  74. Rosemarie chambers

    Hello Jenny, can I use my regular round metal pizza pan and if so what modifications do I have to make ?
    Thank you!

    • Irene

      I just looked at my parchment paper box and it says not to go beyond 425 degrees. I wanted to try your focaccia bread recipe. Can you help?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I use Reynolds brand, which says 425, with no problems.

        • Irene

          Your bread calls for a temp. more than 425. Can this temp. be use and just bake longer?

  75. Lanca

    Jenny, I don’t have a pizza stone. How should I adapt the recipe? Can’t wait to try it. Looks wonderful!

    • ConnieG

      I have a pizza stone. You could try a cast iron skillet, maybe?

  76. Laura

    I love, love, love all your recipes!!! ♥️
    I make many and tell all I can!!
    The way you simplify everything. All is Sooo
    good and way healthier and you wouldn’t know it! Haha. I will make this soon.
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  77. Michel Cromwell

    Oh my gosh, this looks so yummy! Can’t wait to try it.

    Jenny, have you ever used a bread enhancer?

    Thanks much!

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