Easy Christmas Pecan Balls

Easy Christmas Pecan Balls (Snowballs)

Easy Christmas Pecan Balls

These snowball cookies are surprisingly easy to make. Pecans can be finely chopped or coarsely ground in a food processor and toasting them first makes all the difference. I could not find a way to make these with less butter, I tried! (RECIPE CAN BE DOUBLED) - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour

Makes: about 2 dozen

Easy Christmas Pecan Balls


  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 stick butter (1/2 cup/4 ounces/113 g), softened (I use unsalted)
  • 1 cup finely chopped toasted pecans (walnuts work too)
  • 3 Tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

  • 1 cup powdered sugar for rolling


  1. Put all ingredients except powdered sugar into a large bowl.
  2. Mix thoroughly by hand, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  3. Preheat oven to 350° F. Roll cookies by hand into 1-inch balls.
  4. Place on ungreased or parchment-lined cookie sheet an inch apart.
  5. Bake for 15 minutes or until set but not brown.
  6. Let stand on cookie sheet about 2 minutes, then gently roll each one gently in powdered sugar. Let cookies cool.
  7. Once they cool (15-20 minutes), roll again (gently) in powdered sugar. Store loosely covered.

To Toast Nuts: Place on ungreased baking pan and bake at 350° F for 8-10 minutes. Keep an eye so they don't burn. Cool, then chop.

Want to Freeze Them? Click here to see how.

Easy Christmas Pecan Balls (Snowballs)

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  1. Michael "D" n ShaSha

    We’ve made this at XMas time and they were a huge hit. Love your recipe Jen. Keep on cooking. Thank you

  2. Barbara

    OMGosh I just loved that video. I have a bag and a half of pecans and have been wanting to make these. I tried making some a year ago, but after tasting one, all but 4 went into the garbage can. Was NOT this recipe. I used a mixer. When those 4 last cookies had sat on my counter for a couple hours I tried one, and almost went into the garbage to grab the rest. Why oh why had I thrown them out!! But I am going to try this recipe and hand mix my batter.

  3. Carmen

    For some reason mine spread. What am I doing wrong? Help!!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my response to Kim below.

  4. Leslie the Improviser

    Merry Christmas Jenny!

    As my name says, I improvise, almost to a fault.
    Today I made these and they turned out great!
    I used macadamia nuts instead of pecans
    I used Amaretto 2x instead of vanilla
    I had to make my own powdered sugar by putting sugar in the Magic Bullet (I almost never use sugar, so had to work with what I had)
    And these turned out awesome!!

    Please keep making cute delicious videos and recipes.

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays,


  5. Johanna

    This is an excellent recipe! Loved using the meatball method to mix the dough. Only drawback is that it’s difficult to sneak a few when you’re wearing black 🙂

    • Mrs. Martin

      That’s why bakers wear white!

  6. Sandra Cano

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas thank you for sharing your recipe, I’ve been baking these following your recipe for several years. My grandma and auntie baked these every Christmas but I lost the recipe.

    Thank you 🙏

  7. Sandra Cano

    Dear Jenny
    Your such very sweet lady, wishing you a Merry Christmas thank you for sharing your recipe, I’ve been baking these following your recipe for several years. My grandma and auntie baked these every Christmas but I lost the recipe

    Thank you 🙏

  8. Jacalyn Abram Band Loves Jenny!

    Dear Jenny.
    Merry Blessed Christmas. Thing of precious you. xxxoo
    Pray all is well, as we press on each day. Thankful as always.
    Have moved got a great kitchen. Finished that other one!
    You have been on my heart. Much goodness always raining on beautiful you.
    Always love Jacalyn Abram Band

  9. Tiffany Nelson

    You you are such a doll Jenny
    You were my favorite talk show host…miss you
    Such fun to see you cooking
    Tiffany from Cali

  10. Tiffany Nelson

    You you are such a doll Jenny
    You are my favorite talk show host
    Such fun to see you cooking
    Tiffany from Cali

  11. Colette

    Thank you for recipe and video. My mom use to make these years ago. Mine our in the refrigerator. Can’t wait to bake them.

  12. Rosemary

    My grandsons use this recipe every year and they look forward to making them every year too. We do this as a little family and give to family members. Thank you Jenny happy holidays;

  13. Wendi Lucas

    Jenny- thank you for this delicious and simple recipe! I have people that count on me to make this each year and that makes me smile. I’m going to try your bread recipes next!

  14. Isabel.

    Dear Jenny.
    I do this cookies every year, and it’s so good for Christmas gifts, everyone love’s it.
    Thank you.

  15. Doreen

    These cookies were exactly as promised, very easy to make and SO Very good!! Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  16. Pauline

    How do I double Christmas snowball cookie recipe? Is it doubling each ingredient? Thank you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Yes, it is doubling each ingredient.

  17. Linda Z

    I have been making these cookies for years! I love Jenny! Thank you!

  18. Maura

    I have made this cookie recipe for the last 5 years and they’re always soo good, easy and no need of a electric mixer
    I just have a question, I see your cookies are round and mine are round but kind of flat on the bottom.
    How can I have them like yours?
    Thank you 😊

  19. Pam

    I just made my first batch and they are terrific. I’m making 2 batches for my son’s office staff. Thank you.

  20. Craig T

    Great job on that video!! I did not expect that ending and laughed out loud. Making these for a work Holiday gathering. Hoping I have some left once I’m finished cooking them. Merry Christmas!!

  21. Kim

    My cookies flatten out. Why?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I can think of a few possible reasons:
      -You didn’t follow the recipe exactly.
      -You didn’t use real butter.
      -You didn’t chill them long enough.
      -Your baking pan was warm when you placed the cookies (from resting on the stove).
      -Your oven was not preheated long enough.
      I hope that helps.

      • Kim

        I did everything correctly. I did put a silicone covering on cookie sheet. Maybe that did it? I’m going to try another recipe.
        Thank you

        • D

          Mine didn’t come out tasty either. Are they supposed to be like a cakey cookie inside?

          • Ellen

            I’ve made this recipe multiple times and it always turns out perfect.

  22. Janie

    The ending of your video is so funny! I’m glad you didn’t get choked on the powdered sugar! Your entire video was easy, pleasant, quick, clear to understand, no excessive talking. I’m looking forward to making these cookies. Thank you for sharing your recipe! Merry Christmas!

  23. joni

    will it work if I use a stand mixer?

  24. Doxiegal

    Easy and delicious! Hubby hangs around like a vulture waiting to pounce on them.

  25. Tania

    Hi Jenny,am new to baking and have a silly question, is powdered sugar icing sugar,or just granulated sugar that is ground. Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Powdered sugar is icing sugar, also called confectioner’s sugar.

  26. Mary

    I made these for Christmas and I’m about to make some more today. I forgot to leave a review before so here goes… These cookies are wonderful! They are so delicious, easy to make, and they look so beautiful and festive in red and green mini muffin cup liners at Christmas. I toasted the walnuts a day or so ahead and kept them refrigerated to speed up the process on baking day! Thanks so much, Jenny!

    • Kat

      Yhis is a really good idea!!
      I’m gonna get the little paper Christmas cup cake liners. That will look soooo cute

      • Kat

        Ohh and can use to collect the powered sugar lol

  27. Elle

    Hello Jenny! I just made these cookies and they are delicious. Thank you so much for all your amazing recipes. ❤️

  28. Sandy

    This Recipe is quick, easy, and Delicious!! Ive always wanted to try baking these and I must say these are just wonderful!
    As an aspiring Baker I’m learning to “weigh” ingredients -especially Flour. Measuring “Cups” are not equal in Volume and will lead to disastrous results in the finished product. I have had great success with weighing all dry ingredients with a digital scale. Ive learned that Baking is an exact Science. I Read comments on published recipes and print off the ones I end up trying. I hope this helps someone.
    This one is a keeper!! 😍

  29. Van & Maggie

    We found this recipe last night (after running out of Holiday gifted pecan balls) and made our first batch tonight. Made them a little smaller and got 31. Easiest recipe ever made possible by a great video. They taste great and 15 minutes in our oven worked perfectly! Thanks!

  30. Jen

    Very yummy also very crispy. Will check on them earlier next time as 15 minutes is too long for my oven.

  31. kris

    The only thing I would add is some fine sea salt. It just brings out the flavor more. This is the only recipe that mixes the ingredients by hand, like my mother did. Thank you!

  32. Scarlett

    I love this recipe! This cookies are delicious, thank you!!!!

  33. Sue

    I’m very disappointed in these cookies. Many of them fell apart when dusting with powdered sugar. My Moms recipe where very buttery and not dry like these. I wished I would have asked her for her recipe. This recipe doesn’t yield many cookies at all.

    • KJ

      This was my experience also and it was very disappointing but they were very tasty.. Just not sure how to keep them from being so crumbling. I did have to cook mine and extra 3 minutes too.

  34. Nicole

    I made these cookies tonight and my stepson absolutely loved them. He popped three in his mouth in a matter of minutes. Problem is I only got 16 cookies out of the recipe. I followed it exactly. The ingredients were crumbly. I had to use my hands to mold it into a dough ball which was only about the size of a softball before refrigerating. Was hoping someone can give me some tips for my next batch or is what I described above normal?

    • Kate

      Hi Nicole! I had really similar results to you in the past. This time I changed a couple of things. I measured the flour by weight (120 g) and used butter that was softened but still pretty firm (just because we’re going through a cold snap and I can’t get the dang stuff room temp). Working the dough with your hands will get the butter the perfect consistency. I also made sure I used 1 cup of whole pecans, chopped, not one cup of chopped pecans, if that makes sense. They turned out so light and fluffy this time, and I had no problems at all with everything sticking together as it should. If you use two tsp of dough per cookie, they’ll be the perfect size and you’ll get closer to 30 per batch. Good luck!

      • Nicole

        Thanks you so much for responding Kate! I will try your recommendations tomorrow. Like you, I have a hard time softening butter at my house too! Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

        • Elissa

          Let your stick(s) of butter sit out overnight and you will have soft butter. There are people who never refrigerate their butter,and it doesn’t go bad.

          • D

            Hmmmm. Yes, I obliterated the nuts in my magic bullet, then measured a cup. Maybe that the problem. I wasted a lot of nuts. I was raised with a Hungarian, and lived in MX….theirs both melted in my mouth, but not these. Is this a different cookie than those (usually crescent shaped)?

    • Kate

      I mix all the ingredients in my stand mixer, they come out great.

  35. Ms Marci

    I made these cookies with my 3.5 year old twin grandchildren. We had SO much fun and it will be a timeless treasure for all involved!

    • Marci

      P.S. We came up with a creative way to put the powdered sugar on the cookies. We sifted it on. It worked great!

  36. Ksheena

    This was so much fun and yes, very easy to make 🤗. I made mine without nuts and they came out Great.
    Thank you Jenny for the recipe.

  37. Debra

    My problem making these snowballs
    I roll them the second time. Put them on a rack and turn around and their gone. Do they fall through the rack.
    HaHaHa !!!!!

  38. Gerty

    Is is supposed to be 2 cups of flour? Mine spread flat when baked.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe is correct. Be sure to follow it exactly, chill the dough as noted, and make sure your baking pan is not warm, which can happen if you let it rest on a warm stove. Also, make sure your oven is fully preheated to 350 before baking and an oven thermometer is the best way to check it. This recipe has worked for me for years. Good luck!

      • Wanda

        My family loves these cookies. I use walnuts but think I will try the pecans. They really are very good

      • Lisa

        When will you start cooking/baking again? I’ve been through most of your delicious recipes many times <3

      • Lisa

        When will you start cooking/baking again? I’ve been through most of your delicious recipes many times ❤️

  39. Patti Hardt

    Jenny, my husband can’t eat nuts. Can I make this recipe without pecans? Thank you 😊

    • Liz Jacob

      I make mine sometimes with or without the nuts with dried fruit, like cranberries, dates, strawberries, peaches or apricots. I dice up the bigger fruits. They’re delicious 😋

  40. Nidia

    Jenny love your recipe, but I make some with powdered sugar, and some with cinnamon sugar every one enjoys both.

    • Darlene Pedersen

      The recipe calling for powdered sugar is often called “Mexican Wedding cookies.
      Name it what you want the tongue is going to be twisting and twirling!

  41. Barbara

    Oh my goodness Jenny,
    There was a party in my mouth. Toasting the pecan bring out a whole new flavor.
    Thank you for the great tips and such an easy recipe for my grandchildren and I to make together ❤️.

    Thank you so very much. As always your recipes are a favorite of mine.


  42. Lisa

    These couldn’t be simpler to make, and I had perfect results. These will be a huge hit on my cookie platter.

  43. Mimi

    Just made the snowballs, can they be frozen !. if yes with or without the powdered sugar

    • Marie

      I freeze the cookies even with the powdered sugar I’ve been doing this for years

  44. Ms Marci

    I made these cookies for the last two years and I love this recipe….EASY, EASY, EASY! I can hardly wait to make them again!

  45. Karen L

    Made them last holidays everyone love them !!!😍 thanks for the delicious recipe 😄

  46. Okie Ingrid

    Okay Ladies and Gentlemen….this recipe is Fabulous….I’m am a hardcore Keto baker, so I’m going to try this with Almond flour and granular/powdered Erythritol. Here goes….

    • Robin

      Hi Okie, just wondering how the pecan balls turned out Keto-style ?

  47. Kitkat

    I have made these for years. Jenny, I just tried your version today.
    It’s cold here on the East Coast, so staying inside and baking.
    Your recipe is kudos—the best! All other recipes are now obsolete!
    Turned out as perfect can be. Recipe needs or requires NO tweaking.
    Thank you Jenny, so very much.

    • Ms Marci

      Did you have a BBQ restaurant named after you?

  48. Belinda Remedios

    My colleague shared this recipe and I must say Jenny it came out fabulous. It was just melting in the mouth

  49. Marta

    I baked them yesterday. They came out good but no as round as Jenny’s

    • Judy

      I, too like someone elso have cookies that are flat on the bottom after baking, and yours stay round! Any suggestions?

      • Jenny Can Cook

        My reply is near the top of the comment list (Dec, 10, 2023) under Kim’s question.

    • Judy

      I, too like someone elso have cookies that are flat on the bottom after baking, and yours stay round! Any suggestions?

      Yes, but I’ve scolled and scrolled and can’t find solution you gave.

      • Judy

        Requested solution to flattened bottoms after baking. I know I saw someone texted with same problem, but can’t find that comment now

        • Jenny Can Cook

          My reply is near the top of the comment list (Dec, 10, 2023) under Kim’s question.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        My reply is near the top of the comment list (Dec, 10, 2023) under Kim’s question.

  50. Susie

    🎄DELICIOUS! Thank you to my hometown gal, Jenny. (Yay London Ontario 🇨🇦)

  51. Lee

    Made today with all purpose gluten free flour and they came out GREAT. Thanks for the recipe! Merry Christmas Jenny. xx

  52. Irene

    Made these today and turned out great👍

  53. Sheila

    Jenny! Yes you can cook! Bake too! Thank you for this recipe and the tip on roasting the pecans. Delicious!

  54. Cathy

    I made them on 22nd giving away 26th where do I keep in fridge on counter

    • Susie

      Hi Cathy,
      An airtight container is best but it’s not necessary to refrigerate these cookies. They do freeze beautifully, if they make it there without being eaten. (LoL). Your friends and family will love these cookies!
      🎀All the best to you and yours in 2022.

  55. RuthAnn Rotterdam

    Need recipe. Cant save. Thanks so much

    Merry Christmas.

  56. Jayne

    Dangerously good cookies, Jenny! I used a small ice cream scoop to form them and it went sooooo fast!

    • CLand

      Glad to see this, it’s what I am about to use, too!! A one T. scoop!! Thanks!!

  57. Twila Easterly Montoya

    What is the easiest way to chop pecans?

    • Jayne

      Put them in a plastic zip lock bag and run a rolling pin over them until they’re the right size. No mess and it takes a minute.

  58. Tina D Welch

    I made these today! Yummy but I should have doubled it! I had to use self rising flour since out of all purpose & no salt used. I also added teaspoon of almond flavoring for a little extra something! They are great!

  59. LW

    Best cookie recipe, delicious!

  60. Patrisha

    Hi, Jenny! You made this recipe look so easy so I gave it a try last year.

    They came out delicios!

    They weren’t as pretty as yours but they sure were good.

    As a matter of fact, I’m gonna make more this week but, this time, I’m gonna double the recipe ’cause those few that this recipe made lasy year didn’t last long at all! 🙂

    NO, maybe I shouldn’t…but, I am! 🙂

    Thank You!

    Patrisha (Stepanski)…Yes, I’m Polish too.

  61. Myra

    Hi Jenny
    Made these Christmas balls last year I figured you really needed to know.
    Mine turned out good of course I had medicinal wine which really helped me during making these. I would recommend medicinal wine it really did help me. Jenny thanks for the recipe. Making more this year.

  62. Starla

    Hi Jenny. I am truly enjoying your videos. Not only do you have awesome recipes that even someone like me can make but you add your Witt and humor as well and it is truly such a joy to learn from you. I used to watch your talk show all the time. I loved it. You were the best. Who knew Jenny can cook? Thank you my ray of sunshine, may God bless you Jenny!

  63. G

    I made these last year and they turned out great but I just made them again and they were lousy. Could it be that there should be “powdered sugar” instead of granulated sugar in the recipe for making the actual batter. I know it’s powdered for rolling the cookies after they are made. Help, cause I loved these and I don’t want to waste any more ingredients. Thanks!

    • Karen

      Yes use granulated sugar in the recipe

    • Jeff

      Nope, nope and nope. Follow exactly like she said / wrote. Nobody else had this problem.


    Sure wish you would do a new video making a few Christmas cookies, even if they are old recipes you have done before. It would be nice to see you again and my grandkids would love following along with your simple, but delicious recipes. Merry Christmas Jenny!!

  65. Steph

    Thanks so much for this recipe. My grandmother made a similar cookie, Pecan Crescent. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  66. San Angelo

    Thank you for your easy delicious recipe.. have been making them every Christmas.. everyone loves them 😍

  67. Idarean Devers

    Jenny I will be making the Christmas snowball pecan ball
    Here what I need from U I love that gingerbread potholder. Please

  68. Idarean Devers

    Jenny I will be making the Christmas snowball pecan ball
    Here what I need from U I love that gingerbread potholder. Please Please

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It might have been from Sur La Table but I’m not sure.

  69. Lisa M Worley

    Thank you Jenny ! I’ve finally made sumthing great,( I’m terrible at cooking everything ) ( intil now) 🙂 it’s was easy to follow video etc and excellent outcome with the family’!

  70. Renie

    Best recipe ever! I just realized that I forgot to add the vanilla. Can I add it to the dough if I take it out of the refrigerator, let it come to room temperature and then try to knead it in?

  71. Sarah

    Hi I can’t wait to try your cookies,but as I’m looking for my butter in the fridge,notice I only have sweet cream unsalted can I use this and will it change the taste, 😊

  72. MR

    Great recipe, thank you! I put them in a cookie tin w parchment paper in between two layers. Today is Dec 4 – Can I leave the tin in my kitchen on a shelf until Christmas or should I refrigerate or freeze the tin?

  73. Sue

    Can I sub chocolate chip to replace nuts some people are allergic to nuts

    • Diane

      Another option if not using nuts, substitute finely chopped dried cranberries, dates, or raisins.

      • Diane

        Also, fruitcake mix would be tasty and colorful.

  74. Classical Composer Anne Perry

    Dear Jenny, you are the best!!!
    Have a joyful MERRY CHRISTMAS and

  75. Sue

    I happened upon your YouTube video and loved it! There is nothing nicer than a really good recipe accompanied by good humor:)
    Thank you for both!

  76. Denny

    Love your youtube recipes! Your my hero!!

  77. Natalie

    I made these amazing cookies. I made a double batch cuz I trust Jenny’s recipes and the switch i did was one cup flour and one cup almond flour and they came out amazing. So hard to stop yourself at one ball lol😁

    • Martine

      Hello ,I get scared doubling cookie recipes, do you just double everything in the recipe? Thank you for your help.

      • Dog hair don’t Care

        December 2021. Jenny girl so miss seeing new videos! But every Christmas you pop up on my feed. Hv made these cookies over an over an your bread.
        Hope you are doing well. Texas here loves you!

  78. Alisha

    So good! My mother-in-law make these every Christmas and I’ve been eating them for 20 years. I can’t see her this year unfortunately, but I decided to try yours. They were amazing and so easy! I’m making my second batch for New Years Eve later. Thank you for the tip on roasting the pecans. Have a great 2021!

  79. Leticia

    I just made them . They are amazingly delicious. I love them and unfortunately I couldn’t stop eating them. Thanks fir sharing thus recipe. 😋

  80. Cuka

    Jenny is right , anyone can make these . I made them with some pecans from Tennessee that my Dad in law gave us . So delicious 12/30/20.
    Thanks Jenny you’re a gem💕be well.

  81. Sasha G

    Mahalo Jenny for the easy yet awesome recipe!
    I didn’t have pecans but used macadamia nuts instead.

    Stay safe and Aloha to you & yours!
    Sasha G

  82. Denise

    Can you substitute with walnuts? Merry Christmas Jenny!!

    • Kathy Palazzola

      I made them with toasted walnuts , they were just as good as pecans . I don’t keep pecans handy but always have walnuts in the freezer .these were delicious.
      Thank you Jenny for the easy step by step recipe. I also love your cast iron pizza ,I make on a regular basis much healthier than take out . My husband loves it .I

  83. Kathy

    Hi Jenny! My son and I loved your pecan balls; I just made them tonight for the first time. I hope you have a great holiday.

  84. Linda Zieman

    Hello Jenny thank you for sharing this recipe. I love these cookies but I will use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar next time!

  85. Linda

    Jenny, I love you! These cookies are so easy and so delicious. There are lots of videos out there, but I just love watching yours.

    • Lori

      I’ve been making your cookies for years and this is my all time favorite cookie to make at Christmas
      I love all your recipes and miss your you tube channel

  86. Tammy

    Omg! Just made these today 12/23/20 so good. They turned out perfect and so soft. I followed the recipe to a T!! Yummy!! I will be making these every year from now on I always thought they was hard to make. You made it so easy for me. My mom use to make these every year but she always made it look hard. LOL Thank you so much!! Merry Christmas!!

  87. Theresa

    Easy peasy! Came out perfect. I had no idea these were so easy to make. Thank you Jen and have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!

  88. Gert carr

    We made cookies. Turned out crumbly,so added a pinch more butter to foam dough. After baking and sugering twice, cookies tasted dry. Pecans smelt wonderful after toasting for 8 minutes.
    Thanks Jennie for all and merry Christmas.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Make sure to aerate your flour before measuring. Using too much flour might cause the pecan balls to be crumbly. Also, try letting them cool longer than 2 minutes (try 5 minutes) and handle them very gently when rolling.

  89. Jade

    Can these be frozen once prepared? (After dipping in sugar coating twice)?

    • Annette Williams

      We did, Mom made 10 doz ands sometimes they didn’t last. Day bought a deep freezer with a lock. My brother figured it out. Merry Christmas

  90. Brenda

    Can I use self rising flour. Don’t have any all purpose

  91. Debra

    That was so cute when all the cookies were gone then you were eating the cookie and as you talked so cute. I laughed so hard. Thank you for your video.

  92. Anna

    Can I make it with walnuts instead of pecans?

  93. Janice

    Made these cookies today bit substituted granulated suger with Stevie. They are delicious and as easy as Jenny says! Thanks Jenny.

    • Diane

      Thanks for posting this. I was wondering if using Stevia would turn out ok. I try to substitute sweeteners every time I can.

  94. JoAnn H

    Thanks for the video, we use to call them Butter Balls and they are so good

  95. Mary

    My neighbours comment after she could not stop eating them.
    They were DEADLY

  96. Pat

    Can you make these cookies with almond flour or half it with all purpose flour? I love working with Almond Flour.

    • Juliette

      I substituted half of the flour with almond flour and it came out just as delicious!

  97. Manny

    I made a batch but not sure if I got the texture right. Should it be a bit dry with very fine crumbs? What should the final texture be like?

    • Molly

      Hello Manny,

      The same thing happened to me. Not sure what went wrong. I think I may have over baked them because my oven is a little bit tricky. At 350 for 15 minutes they were not cooked at all.

      • Theresa

        I too made them today 12/22/20 i doubled up on the batter and they were very crumbly. Almost under cooked but boy were they delicious.

    • Cindy C.

      Hi Manny, I just made mine today ( 12/22/20), and have the exact same problem. Mine came out of the oven so crumbly, that I couldn’t even pick them up to roll them in powdered sugar. They just literally crumbled. Even the crumbs sure are tasty though!

      • Kate

        It came out very crumbly for me too, but I packed it into a rounded teaspoon until it became solid and was able to form balls. It helps to warm it in your hand a little so the buttle melts and holds everything together better. They ended up turning out perfectly with a little patience.

  98. Kathleen Oliver

    Can I make the dough the night before?

  99. Carol

    Jenny, Love your easy homemade recipes! My older sister used to make Snowball cookies every Christmas. When she passed away years ago I misplaced the recipe but from memory yours seems pretty much the same.
    Thanks so much for reminding me of these wonderful treats and my sister!

  100. Andie

    Happy Holidays Jenny, my family and I really enjoy your recipes easy to follow and very tasty Thank you from all our tummy’s ?

  101. Nathalie

    Hi Jenny, I love your recipes and your videos, tey are always a big hit in our home! Thank you!
    Can you please tell me where you find your gloves? The colors are so much fun to cook with!

  102. Margie

    Love ya Jenny! Keep cooking.

  103. Moster

    I love this chick!

  104. cami

    I miss your talk show. Keep up the recipes. I will be making the pecan cookies this afternoon. I’ll have to hide them from my husband. Maybe I won’t cuz they’ll already be in my stomach. Ha!

  105. Jane Champagne

    Can I use King Arthur’s unbleached flour instead of the pastry flour?
    Thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe calls for all purpose flour, not pastry flour and I believe KA unbleached is all purpose flour.

  106. Grama jan...

    Your ideo popped up n I watched it. After you snuck the cookie, you had my heart… then I made the cookies. Now you have my gratitude. Both were just what I needed to help with the times… I work at a sr retirement home n we were not even out of a lockdown due to one resident when 1 of staff n 5 more residents were positive.. they just, of course dont understand!!! But they will understand this when I get the kitchen to make them for me to take as afternoon snack!!!

    • Lisa Holly RN

      I just wanted to say what a kind person you are! These are tough times & you CAN make it through this. You CAN do hard things! One day at a time & you share your time & love with us! Thank you! Love Lisa

    • Juanita

      My snow ball cookies mixer is a bit dry can I add a little bit of more butter.

  107. Holley

    I was always afraid to make these, never knew how easy they could be! Made exactly as directed and turned out fabulous thank you!

  108. Denise


    I love these cookies. I have never made them before and they are great.

    Good holiday fun.

  109. Debbie

    Could I substitute honey for sugar n not roll my daughters in powdered sugar?

    • Marlene

      Hi Jenny, I’m half Italian so I make very difficult cookies and pastries for Christmas, but now that I have arthritis, I’m looking for more simple ones. Yours look so easy compared to my usual rolling, frying, twice baked, grating, not easy to do recipes.
      I’ve always called these wedding cookies, but never tried making them. I will make 2 batches; one with walnuts, one with pecans. I send baked goods to my children every year (one is 3,500 miles away, the other a 5 hour drive). I can’t visit them this year so I will be including them in my cookie tray. Thanks so much for showing us how to make them!

      • Chrissie

        Those sound delicious. I remember my mom getting similar cookies at Christmas time, but they had cashews instead of pecans or walnuts. I think I am going to try using them…I haven’t had those cookies in over 45 years. Blessings!

    • Marlene

      To Debbie who asked about using honey instead of sugar, that probably would not work if you tried to roll them. They would fall apart. What you could do is mix a half cup of honey, a tsp. granulated sugar, 1 tsp. water, heat on stove and cook on med- low 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly (do not burn). Let cool, then drizzle the honey over the cooled balls as a glaze.

      • Connie

        I use Lankato sweetener in all baking/cooking that requires sugar. You can buy granulated and they even have powdered sugar. Some stores have it or Amazon.

  110. JoAnn

    I make these every year for Christmas… it’s a family favorite. My recipe calls for powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar but I think this year I might try your recipe. Because my son has nut allergies, I leave out the nuts but flatten out the dough to a disc, hide 4 or so chocolate chips inside, roll into balls and bake cookies as directed. I finish them off with the powdered sugar coating as the recipe directs. My daughter loves Andes mints, so I chop up mints and use those instead of chocolate chips in her batch.

  111. Edith

    Absolutely delish! Will make them over and over again.

  112. Maryline

    It’s easy to see that the cookies disappear quickly so I was wondering if they
    can be frozen. Thanks.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see my note in the recipe on freezing.

  113. Geri

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  114. G Lindberg

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  115. live oak

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  116. live oak

    I am thinking Kahlua instead of the vanilla.

  117. Lily

    Hello Jenny,
    I made these three times during the Christmas holidays and everyone was asking me to do more for the next family gathering. Thank you!! Love your energy and the work you do to make simple easy recipes for everyone to enjoyed!

  118. Lori Anshus

    Take it to another level….Try baking at 325 degrees for 30 minutes until bottoms are golden brown for a fabulous, melt-in-your-mouth texture and buttery taste!

  119. Mohamed Alsadig

    Add cardamom ground to it. About a tea spoon and thank me later ?. Thank you Jenny for making baking a fun thing. Always been intimidated by baking.

    • Sandra

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  120. Suzy

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    • Christine55416

      Yes, my Norwegian grandmother made these with Almond extract instead of vanilla all the time, just what I’m used to, otherwise basically the same cookie. 🙂

  121. Laurna

    Hello, I enjoyed making snow ball cookies. I enjoy watching you show us exactly how to make them. I am making tonight for my myself, husband and good friends who are coming over for Christmas tomorrow. I was laughing how you are eating the cookie and talking saying you want a cookies sorry they are all gone. I want to wish you a Happy & Healthy Xmas & New Year.

    Laurna Calabrese’Coluni 12/24/19

  122. Kazy Reed

    I followed the recipe exactly, but my dough was very crumbly and barely stuck together. Like very course beach sand. Now that they’re cooked, they’re extremely fragile. What on Earth did I do wrong?

    • Cathy Doran-McMillion

      I found that I could clutch the dough in my palm and the heat of my hand would soften the butter and allow me to compress it into a ball like shape. Not like working with Play Dough.

    • Linda Leone

      You probably used too much flour … stir your flour with a fork and gently spoon flour into a measuring cup and level with a knife. Do not tap cup to use more flour …. I am sure that is why your dough was so crumbly and sandy. This is a common problem with measuring flour, it is why professional bakers weigh their dry ingredients.

  123. Renee

    When butter marries pecans, only good can come of it. We call these “Russian Tea Cakes”. As easy as these are, I always go into slight panic mode over the powdered sugar ratios and the whole too hot/too cool dynamic with sugar not sticking if too cool and the 2nd roll of sugar gumming up because I didn’t let them cool before the second rolling and so end up rolling in too much sugar.

    First roll, warm…second roll, cool…that’s the take away for me here!

    • Renee

      I made them tonight, and realized the recipe has a few differences than Russian Teacakes…and I am going to say…THEY ARE BETTER!

  124. Always Wichita Falls

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    Merry Christmas

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  128. Ava

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    I followed the directions how to make the Cookies,they came out hard?They went felt not round what did I do wrong?

    • Jeanna

      Maybe you skipped the step of chilling them in the fridge?

  133. Gale

    Here is the Keto pecan bars that were a hit to the keto dieters here.

    1/2 cup each of almond and coconut flour
    4 oz or 1/2 cup softened butter OR 1/4 cup ea butter and cream cheese and one egg*
    1 cup finely chopped toasted pecans
    3 tbsp Xyla
    1 tbsp pure vanilla extract
    Powdered Xyla

    * egg is needed to make ball less sandy. It might also make them more chewy.

    1. Put all ingredients except powdered sugar into a large bowl.
    2. Mix thoroughly by hand, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
    3. Preheat oven to 350° F. Roll cookies by hand into 1-inch balls.
    4. Place on ungreased or parchment-lined cookie sheet an inch apart.
    5. Bake for 15 minutes or until set but not brown.
    6. Let stand on cookie sheet about 10 minutes (the balls fall apart if touched in 2 minutes), then gently roll each one in powdered Xyla or your choice. Let cookies cool.
    7. Once they cool (15-20 minutes), roll again (gently) in powdered sugar d substitute. . Store loosely covered.

    To Toast Nuts: Place on ungreased baking pan and bake at 350° F for 8-10 minutes. Keep an eye so they don’t burn. Cool, then chop.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thanks so much for taking time to share this recipe. I also added it to the “Your Recipes” section of my blog. Merry Christmas! ?

      • Jenae

        Jenny – you are awesome!!
        I have been baking a few of your recipes and taking them into work. They are extremely popular with my colleagues. (I always share that I got the recipe from you!)

  134. Susan

    I would like a recipe like this using Sweetened Condensed Milk. I lost a recipe that I just loved.

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  137. GypsyDuckMom

    Can these be made with Almond flour or coconut flour?
    It’s that ol’ Gluten thing. Yuck!

    • Lori

      Have you tried Bob’s Red Mill Gluten free 1 to 1 baking flour?
      My sister has been quite happy with the results she has gotten with it.

    • Gale

      See the keto recipe I posted

  138. Ann Doesn't Cook

    You are the cutest thing! My family has morphed into food snobs so I quit cooking. Since trying your recipes, I’m having some successes again! (My recipe box was lost when l had to move.) Anyway, you on are the best!!! Keep smiling!

  139. Cindy

    My Grandma made the same cookie. She called them “Nothings”. She used what ever nut she had or what was given to her for free. Normally Black Walnut. This is a wonderful cookie.

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    I made these today and when I picked them up to roll them, they fell apart. Any suggestions?

    • Kathy H

      Did you use the right amount of unsalted butter? Important that it’s just left out to soften, not melted. And I chilled mine in a large zip lock bag shaped into a loaf when in the back. Easier to work with when it’s cold. Good luck!

      • Deborah Swanson

        You may have to bake them a bit longer.
        If they don’t quite set up from baking them
        They probably just need a bit more time in the oven.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The dough should be well chilled and then roll each one gently into a ball. Pressing them too hard when rolling might cause them to crumble. Also, follow the recipe exactly.

    • Lynn

      Jenny did mention to let them set for a minute or two after you take them out of the oven, so that they won’t fall apart. Perhaps this will help.

      • Jewels

        It was the ( raw) dough not holding together during the rolling process, before baking… not rolling them in the powdered sugar.

        • Lis V

          i just made this last night and also found the dough didn’t seem right. I wrapped it in plastic wrap and put in refrig for 40 min and it worked fine. I made a 2nd batch and worked the dough a little longer and the texture was better.

    • dee

      Let them cool longer I would say

    • antman

      This happend to me also, I believe they needed to cool more. After the first two broke and I had to eat them ?, what I did was dusted them with powdered sugar, let them cool completely, then rolled them and they were fine……taste great too!!!!

    • Renee

      Sounds like they’re too dry…you likely added too much flour or ground nuts, or not enough butter. That can happen with measuring cups, and spacing out. Also, did you maybe put the powdered sugar into the dough? That is meant for rolling baked cookies only….

    • CharWW

      Add one egg. OR, a few drops more of water or milk.

  143. Rosanna

    Could Almond flour substitute for the wheat flour 1 to 1?

  144. Hope

    Does anyone know if these can ge made without any nuts for soneine who is allergic to nuts?

    • Gale

      I am also allergic to nuts. I would use pumpkin seeds, and some sesame seeds instead of the pecans. Toasted as well but probably not for as long. If you want to add another taste, use cranberries. I made a pumpkin seed and cranberry biscotti that everyone swore had nuts.

    • Deborah Swanson

      Yes! They absolutely can be made without nuts!
      It’s how I make mine every year!

  145. Teresa Cosenza

    Whar Kind of gloves are you using?

  146. Margaret Teliski

    I would like to have a receipe for embossed cookie

    • Bev

      Are you talking about Springerle cookies? They are an anise/cardamum dough rolled out w/ special rolling pin that has reverse embossed designs that imprint the dough as you roll. Then you cut each into squares where the border edging is. My Mom made these 60-70 yrs ago.

  147. Jo

    I can’t wait to make these pecan cookies. I sent the recipe to my granddaughter. Like me, she likes cookies made with nuts.

    • Bonnie Johnson

      I have made these for years and if you want to make them drop dead good, add a bag of Heath bits without the chocolate coating!!

  148. Jackie

    Has anyone tried these with Gluten Free flour? If so how were they and which flour did you use?

  149. Tori

    I make these every Christmas. Mine are called pecan butter balls and when I make the dough into balls,I actually roll them in pecans as well as putting the pecans into the dough mix and then I cook mine for 25 min @325 degrees. It’s a hit with my family. ☺️

    • Tori

      One more thing,I DO NOT wrap these with plastic wrap nor put them in the fridge. There’s actually no need to do that. At least with my experience I didn’t and they always turn out so yummy.

    • Teresa Cosenza

      YUM! I make these every year but this year I’m going to try this!

  150. Kevin

    I have made these before but used 1/4 cop of wheat germ in place of 1/4 cup of the flour or 1/2 if you double the recipe. They are good no matter how you make them.

  151. Brenda

    Love your videos and recipes. You are very entertaining! I think this is the recipe for Christmas cookies my mom used to make. She rolled them out differently. I’m making them with my g-granddaughter soon.

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    Can I freeze these cookies after I bake them?

  153. Eileen G

    I made these at Christmas and you were right , they are so easy. Not to mention how DELICIOUS they are. I’m making them again for Easter , one with pecans and trying one with walnuts…. We shall see who wins ! Ty ty ty

    • Teresa Cosenza

      I make them this way using pecans, but my mom always use walnuts and they came out delicious,!

  154. Erin

    This recipe for Pecan Balls is my husbands favorite (and mine). I’ve tried a dozen versions and this is our favorite. Just made a batch for my husband’s bday. This was his only request. Thank you for the video. I’m not a great cook and every little tip helps. They always come out perfect.

  155. Kate

    I made about 13 different kinds of cookies this Christmas, these were, hands down, my very favorite!

  156. Vonnie

    These were fantastic!!!! Great tip to toast the nuts (it does make a big difference)! I made 1/2 of mine one day and the other half 2 days later and just kept the dough wrapped in the fridge. Your video was awesome and so easy to follow like all of your videos are. My husband said these were just like his Mom used to make.

    Thanks Jenny!

  157. Metrogirl

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  162. Dina

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    • twylteyes

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      • Suzanne

        I made those many times with walnuts or almonds and they were as good as the ones with pecans.

      • CharWW

        You can substitute any nut or seed.

  163. Gail

    I made these cookies for the first time today! Oh my goodness so delicious and so easy! Thank you so much for this great recipe. I have always like these cookies but never knew how easy it could be. I’m making another batch tomorrow. I toasted the pecans too! Thank you so much Jennie! Really enjoy your cooking videos.

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      Chris Z.

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    Wesolych Swiat!! Just made your snowball cookies and they came out great!
    Do you have a recipe for Polish Kolaczki? When I make these, they puff up way too much and lose their pretty shape after baking. Would love to see a video of you making these!
    Thank you!

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  170. CJC

    The dough would not come together…it is dry and crumbly. Should I add a tad of milk, maybe?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m not sure. What ingredients did you use? Please list them. Did you make any changes?

  171. Jerry

    When I was young my mother made these but shaped them like little lady fingers. Our family hasn’t had them since she passed.I watched your video on YouTube. I’m making them tonight but I’m going shape them like yours. Thank You so much for sharing.
    Merry Christmas !

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    These are my favorite

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  175. Joan

    These turned out so delicate, with just the right amount of sweetness. Nice flavor from the pecans. They make a lovely gift! I made them vegan by using a dairy free, non-hydrogenated tub margarine straight from the refrigerator. Not exactly a health food but a great treat during the holiday season.

  176. Susie

    I used olive oil rather than butter since I have to watch my cholesterol so carefully. Worked very well.

  177. Rose

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    All my family love it my cookie.

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    For your information, I made your no-knead bread and cabbage rolls at Thanksgiving dinner for 11 people, everybody liked it with great comment.

    • K

      This recipe has been handed down in my family for years and is always made with walnuts, not pecans. Delicious!!

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    Certainly enjoyed your presentation and you humor!
    I printed your recipe ,I thought, what I got was several pages
    Of comments. A new printer so I guess I’m out doing somthing right.
    Cookies look delish!
    I wrote the recipe out. Hope I do better with that.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Try using the “Print” button just below the photo.

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    Please keep them coming!

  183. Wayne Tripp

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    • April

      I looked this up copy/pasted it for you. Hope it help

      When can I use margarine instead of butter? … In baking, melted margarine could work in recipes that call for melted butter, but in recipes that call for softened butter, swapping in tub margarine may change the texture; for example, cakes will be less tender, and cookies will generally spread out more and be less crisp

  184. Bailey

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  188. GramaCindy

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    Thanks Jenny

    Happy Holidays Everyone???

  193. Y

    Hi Jenny, So nice to see you after all these years!
    I made these tonight and they were super yummy! I made 1 and 1/2 times the recipe (wanted to make some with no pecans) but even still came out with only 22 cookies. I rolled them the size the recipe indicated, watched the video multiple times to verify ingredients and measurements and don’t know what happened…why I found up with less cookies with 1.5 times the recipe?
    Any one else come up with less cookies?

    • Shirley Vivio

      I usually double the recipe and roll them smaller.

    • Lisa

      no nuts means less dough!

    • Marie

      No pecans, seriously? Do you think that may have something to do with it? Might as well just make sugar cookies.

    • Loretta Palmer

      it is the size of the ball..go smallerit will work out..they expand slightly in the oven..Is great recipe thank YOU☺

    • Grace

      I usually weigh the total amount of the food, then divide the weight by the number of portions needed, then make each one that weight. It always works, That is how restaurants do portion control on each meal. Thanks for another crowd-pleasing recipe, Jenny.

      • Stephanie D

        Great tip! Journaling food can be a pain when trying to determine servings sizes and number of baking recipes. Your tip makes it much easier! Thanks 🙂

  194. Roanokejoe

    An ex-girlfriend’s mother made these for me about a million years ago. She called them “white things.” I could never find a recipe for “white things,” but recognized these monsters immediately. Thank you so much! A decade-long quest has been fulfilled!

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  207. Ceci

    Hi Jenny..I have made these twice..and it is so very easy…like you say in your video…can you dump things in a bowl…lol…yes I can!…I gave a couple to a friend ..they are her favorite…and she loved that there were so many pecans…thank you for such an easy recipe..

  208. Sheryl

    Everyone loves these cookies!!!!! Jenny, thank you so much for the recipe. I used almonds and almond extract instead of the pecans and vanilla extract.

    • Heidi Tysinger

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      Happy NEW year!
      The Lord is coming soon.

  209. JulieRumbarger

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  210. Sanhita

    Turned out great. Thanks. But I could not get as much powdered sugar to stick on them as you seem to have from the picture. Mine look a bit bald. But very tasty!! 🙂

    • JulieRumbarger

      The key is to roll them when they are nice and warm and then do it again. Hope that helps.

  211. Crystal Ross

    Hello from Houston Texas,well I finally baked these snow ball cookies,oh my gosh it was a hit!!!! With my family!!!,I had been looking for this recipe for a long time,and well that were yummy!!!!, again Thank you for sharing !!!, followed the recipe.??. thank you Jenny!!!!. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  212. Linda

    Hi Jenny, made these for Christmas and they were very good. They are a lot like the Greek cookies kourambiethes, (sp) They are buttery and tender, Melt in your mouth good. I didn’t have pecans, but used grated walnuts, not toasted. I used confectionary sugar in place of sugar as our greek recipe uses. I think this makes them very tender. I will use toasted pecans next time. Do you think that adding powdered sugar in place of regular sugar makes them more tender? These are definitely a keeper.

    • Sandy

      Did you use the same amount of confectioners sugar as the regular white sugar?

  213. Marcella Constancio

    Thanks for these delights so easy to make and very full of flavor love you Jenny Jones.

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    Now I have 23 left to share with my kids when they visit tomorrow. Did I say how proud I’ll be to put these out?!!? I’m actually giddy and they were so easy!!

    • Jenny

      That makes me so happy to hear, and it’s a valuable message you’re sending that it’s best to follow a good recipe EXACTLY. I’m so glad they turned out for you and thank you for taking time to write. Merry Christmas! ?

  216. Crystal Ross

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    Gee Jenny the recipe won’t print…it comes out blank. Even the preview page just shows the date & name of the recipe : (

  218. Eileen

    Just made these. I had made a batch using a different recipe that called for nutmeg and didn’t really like the flavor so I came upon this and they are so yummy , I toasted the nuts too and really appreciate the flavor of these cookies. Enjoyed your video too , thanks.

  219. Sharon Irene

    I made these exactly as your recipe is. The only thing is I made them. 11/2 ” instead of just one inch.. Oops! So I cooked them about 8 minutes longer. I always have an oven thermometer in my oven to make sure its heating correctly.. They are really inexpensive and it has saved me many times. These cookies are beautiful!!! Your recipe is PERFECT and EASY! Melt in my mouth delicious. I love your demonstrations. You are fun to watch and have easy to make recipes. I love cooking, but to have a sense of humor while cooking is WONDERFUL! I sincerely hope you have a wonderful Christmas and are safe and healthy.

  220. Jami

    Can I use almonds instead?

    • Jacqui LaRoche

      I added sliced almonds to mine and it was incredible!!

  221. Kathi O

    My family has made these cookies for 50 something years. I decided to try to do them this year with gluten free flour since I haven’t eaten them in four years. I also used coconut sugar instead of cane because I’m allergic to cane. I’m hoping you can help me figure out how to fix my mistake.
    My first attempt at these turned out wonderfully although the cookies were a bit more fragile then the ones made with regular flour and sugar. My second attempt I tried to double the recipe and got my numbers confused and ended up quadrupling the nuts and flour though I had only used enough butter, coconut sugar, and vanilla to do a double recipe.
    I thought an easy fix would be to remove the dough from the bowl, and cream the additional butter, sugar and vanilla ( our family recipe calls for doing this before adding the flour), then re-adding the dough.
    However, rather than going from the Play-Doh type texture I had with too much nuts and flour, to a normal batter texture, I ended up with a mousse like texture. The batter was actually fluffy, and very sticky.
    I tried making it this way, but even after the cookies were baked you couldn’t pick them up. They dissolved like a dry sand castle the second i touched them.
    I added a little more flour to a small amount of the batter, and achieved a better texture, but those cookies were still very fragile. Their surface texture felt like they weren’t cooked all the way even though they’ve been in the oven for longer than normal.
    Did I mention I was doing this at my mother’s house? Ultimately I packed up the batter and brought it home, hoping to experiment more with it here. I thought of trying to add some xanthan gum, or perhaps some ground flaxseed to help the cookies hold together better. But I’m not an expert baker, so I could really use some help here.
    I know it’s a long shot, hoping for an answer today, but I’m desperate! Grateful for any help you can provide!

    • Kathi O

      And oh my gosh, I just realized that you have posted a regular recipe. I have been Googling for help making these cookies with gluten free flours when I came across your site. I didn’t read it carefully enough to realize that you weren’t going with gluten free stuff here. So if you know nothing about baking with gluten free flours, I apologize for taking up so much space in your comment section!

      • Jenny

        No problem. I wish I could help but maybe someone else can or you might find something else on the web. Either way, I hope you have a good Christmas. ?

  222. Nancy

    I made them and they were delicious! However, they were flat! What is the key to keeping the balls round? I was thinking I needed to add more flour.

    • Jenny

      Flat cookies would likely be from either not chilling the dough long enough or the oven not being preheated long enough. It must be at 350 when the cookies go in. Also, it can be from placing the shaped balls on a warm cookie sheet (some people leave the sheet on the stove top while the oven heats up and that heats the pan). I hope this helps.

  223. Leslie

    Do you use salted or unsalted butter.

    • Jenny

      I use unsalted but you can use salted butter as well.

  224. Maggie

    Hi Jenny,
    Please don’t ever take this recipe off of your site, I love these cookies and toasting the pecans first makes a big difference in dry cookie versus’s moist cookie.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  225. Maura

    How many days in advance can I make these cookies and they will still taste amazing?

  226. KJT

    Omg, I totally forgot to toast the pecans!

  227. Cheri

    So cute!

  228. Lola Robson

    Pecan balls are my favorite cookie.
    But too much sugar is not.
    When I make these I let them cool completely then put them in a baggie with a little powdered sugar and roll around gently.
    It’s less handling and They are already stored in a bag with plenty of sugar coating. Yum.

    • Jesse Lejarzar

      I use xylose sugar it’s 8 on the glycemic index and isn’t as sweet as sucrose (table sugar) it’s has a mild sweetness with no aftertaste , to make powdered sugar you just put a cup in the blender with maybe 2tsp corn starch . Xylose can be a healthier alternative to regular sugar but it’s hard to find and isn’t cheap but it’s cheaper than erythritol. Beksul is company which sells it and you can find it at Korean grocery stores for about $10.00 US for 2kg which is cheaper than the erythritol which is the same price for 12 oz to a 1lb. Don’t get xylitol a sugar alcohol .

  229. Gladys

    Followed recipe and only had 17 balls! I later realized yours were very big, so I went back and pinched off a piece from the ones I made to try and make 24 but still wound up with 17. Otherwise they were yummy and super easy to make. Love idea to use gloves! It’s a keeper, thanks

    • mry

      I just made these cookies and I think I know why you only got 17 cookies…. The dough is pretty tasty – maybe you licked the fingers, fork and bowl more than you thought.

  230. - Gayle

    Wow! These cookies will just melt in your mouth! They are so good, but very rich. Try to only have a few at a time, or else your tummy might complain. But easy peasy to make and like Jenny said, they look so pretty that people will think you took forever making them. Thank you for another wonderful, tasty recipe, Jenny!

  231. MaureenK

    These are amazing and so easy to make! I toasted the pecans as Jenny suggested and doing so really makes the cookies extra yummy. I used salted butter as that’s what I normally have in the fridge. A very tender cookie with great flavour. This is a keeper for sure!

  232. CJ

    These cookies looked great! But I guess my taste buds have changed since the last time (years ago) I tried them and loved them. Just tasted like flour, nuts, powdered sugar. Maybe flatten them and add more sugar. I’m a good baker/cook and Jenny’s recipes have all been great, so I was surprised not to like this one.

  233. Rothana

    Made this today and my kids love it! I tried one without powdered sugar and it taste just as good. I actually prefer it without it!

  234. Donna Sophia

    I’m waiting to put the second coat of powdered sugar on them…. As soon as I took them out of the oven, my husband grabbed one and said, “whoops”.

  235. CARLOTA

    can I use wallnuts in this recipe?

  236. Mary Beth

    Jenny love this recipe video ( and so many others). I was wondering if this cookie dough could be refrigerated overnight and baked the next day.
    Also is it possible to freeze this dough for like a month?
    Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!

  237. Donna Sophia

    Love these, thanks for the videos.

  238. linda s

    Hi Jenny, I’m a big fan, and have tried many of your recipes. Watching how things are done is so helpful. I have made the Christmas Pecan Balls several times, for my neighbor. He mentioned they were like something his mother used to make, but hers had the red and green fruit pieces in them, I am assuming he’s referring to the fruitcake pieces, such as Fruit and Peel, pieces, do you think I could add some of this to the cookie base? I searched (mechanically)through the comments, and could not find anything, So if I’m repeating, sorry. Again, thanks for your great recipes!
    linda skelly

  239. Linda

    Thanks for these cookies. I have tried others and didn’t have good luck. Made these today. My my my, they were excellent.


  240. Ann Dobbins

    Thanks for this easy and yummy cookie recipe!!! I am making these for Christmas this year!!!!

  241. Maureen

    I just knew I could count on you to fill a last minute request. Thanks soooo mush

  242. Sally

    Hi Jenny I would love to macke these cookies for my grand baby’s could u help me out want to make gift bag’s for them by next week I thank u very much. Happy holidays to u and your family

    • Jenny

      A gift box would be better than a bag because these cookies should sit flat and not be bounced around in a bag. Besides that, how can I help you?

  243. Nikta

    Hi Jenny,
    I want to make these, I have whole pecans, do I toast them first and then ground them? Any tips on toasting is also appreciated!
    Thank you!

    • Jenny

      Toast them first. See the “How To” section of my blog on toasting nuts.

  244. P. LaVall

    I would like to know what is the best way to store these and can I freeze them.

  245. ROZ


  246. Safi

    I bake them at 200 c and they were so delicious and soft.my oven is not hot so it will take longer if i will bake them on 180 c and cookies will get hard…but love ur recipes and love u jenny.

  247. leli

    Jenny if I double the portion do I have to double the time too ?

    • Jenny

      No, the time would remain the same if you double the recipe.

      • leli

        Thanks , love your videos , and all your recipes , bless you

  248. Safi

    Hi jenny i love ur videos and i have a qiestion prob is my oven is not so hot i usually bake stuff at 200 c and so in mine oven how long it will take means the temprature will be same and time of bakinģ?or should i bake them little longer

    • Jenny

      I believe that 200 degrees C is 400 degrees F which is too hot for this recipe. Please clarify your question.

  249. Cora C

    Jenny, thank you very much for this recipe….You are right – friends are asking for this recipe. I have all directed them to your easy to navigate internet site as so they can try more of your easy to follow great/delicious recipes.

  250. Judy

    This was a very nice presentation. I enjoyed it and the ending was so cute. Thank you!

  251. Charmie

    This is the easiest recipe for these cookies that I have seen. I checked out a few others from great cooks/bakers, but this one, hands down, was the best. Making this one for an upcoming shower…. YUM!

  252. Florina

    I made them last week for our Orthodox Christmas, they were so yummy, everyone loved them. It will be a Christmas habit from now on.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  253. L. Wayne Gambee

    My wife’s family makes the same cookies but replaced the pecans with walnuts. They call them “Ouffs.” (Pronounced “oofs”)

  254. Rebecca

    OMGoodness! I made these for Christmas this year after stumbling upon your webpage. They were gifts for family and…well…me! I LOVE pecans and never have I ever tasted any nutty cookie so wonderful! I think I made mine too big as they fell apart when I made them the first two times but they were so delicious! Thank you for these great recipes! I also made your caramel popcorn for all the kids…the problem was the adults were eating the kids!

    • Rebecca

      P.S. They fell apart when rolling in sugar…not when baking.

      • Jenny

        Yes, they are fragile at that time. If you made them bigger, they probably didn’t cool down enough before rolling. Next time make them smaller and they should be cool enough not to fall apart. To be safe, you could wait about 5 minutes before rolling…. gently.

  255. Mavic

    I make this often. great and easy recipe.

    btw, where do you get coloured latex gloves? it looks so much fun! i just noticed that you waste too much of those. why not re-use during the entire episode? if taped in several days, just don’t show that you keep using new gloves for each baking steps.


    • Jenny

      The gloves were a gift purchased online but if you buy them you will find them impossible to re-use because they are very thin and need to be peeled off and even then they almost always tear. It’s easier to leave them on and wash your hands with them on or just take another pair. If you use gloves regularly, I recommend the ones they sell at Costco, which are stronger and can be re-used.

  256. Alexia

    I have made these twice this week.
    They are delicious. Thank you so much.

  257. Jen

    So I made the cookies and they were scrumptious . However, you should put a warning up! DO NOT TRY ANY or u r going to have to make a second batch lol! Thank you for the recipe they were DELICIOUS!

  258. Maryam

    I made these delicious cookies last Christmas and everybody loved them.
    I’m going to make some tonight as well. Merry Christmas and happy New Year?

  259. Carol

    Going to try your recipe right now! Thanks! And LOVED your video! The end had me cracking up! Carol

  260. Magda

    Thank you for your recipe. I tried one yesterday that didn’t end well #sad face, it included water and a cup of butter. It was disappointing to see all my first cookies goes flat and crumbled. I’ll do my cookies tonite with your recipe. Enjoy the holidays.

  261. valerie

    I’m wondering how many latex gloves you use and if this is “environmental” friendly??? or good for the “land-fill”…just for the inconvenience of dirting your hands???

    • Jenny

      I use less than doctors, nurses, dentists, and all others in the medical and food service community.

    • K

      Rudeness is a pollution all its own.

      Jenny these are delicious and have become a tradition in our family at Christmas. Thank you for the recipe 🙂 I made them with gluten free flour as well and they turned out just as yummy.

    • Karen

      Always a Karen…..

  262. Lisa

    I made these last week for the first time and again today. They are delicious, and super simple! I think toasting the pecans is what makes them even better.
    Thank you for sharing!

  263. Julie G

    Hi Jenny

    Love seeing again, big fan of your talk show. .. How make cookies does this recipe make?

  264. Maureen

    I could not print your recipe. I already suscribed.
    It’s something wrong?

    • Jenny

      I assume you are using a desktop computer. For some reason, in some browsers (like Google Chrome), the “print menu window” appears to load faster than the actual recipe page you’re trying to print. The workaround we’ve used is to close the print window and then either wait for the recipe page to load or refresh it, and then print via the Chrome browser menu – File > Print. I hope this helps.

  265. Chen


    I just made the cookies today. They are so delicious! I was going to try one only and I could not stop eating them. Yummy! Yummy! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. Happy Holidays to you!

  266. Carol Dombrowski Krieg

    Any of your recipes I have tried turn out great!
    In your cookie recipes do you suggest unsalted or salted butter be used?

  267. Jo

    Would it be alright to use honey roasted pecans? Or too sweet?

    • Jenny

      I agree, I think they would be too sweet but you never know. You can always check around for any snowball recipe that has used honey roasted pecans. But for my taste, this cookie is too delicate for honey roasted nuts.

  268. Patricia Frangos

    Oh Jenny,

    I L.O.V.E. your video…particularly the very last part!
    I’m making these for my annual cookie exchange this year.
    <3 Kisses and Hugs <3

    • Jenny

      You’re making a good choice. Everyone loves this cookie. Merry Christmas!

  269. Kayla

    How long can you store these?

    • Jenny

      I find they keep really well up to about five days.

    • Carey

      My family has made these for years around Thanksgiving time and then we freeze them until Christmas! They will need another coat of powder sugar after thawing though!

  270. ChristineM

    You know, with the price of eggs, this is such a winner this year. Not to mention a great gift that can give a few times over, there are a lot of these gems for sure!

  271. Britt Girl

    I made these cookies today and they turned out fabulous! My husband bought ground pecans by mistake for a recipe and I didn’t know what to do with them, so I made these pecan balls. Followed your recipe exactly and it all turned out perfect. The double dusting with icing sugar made a big difference in how they look. They really melt in your mouth! Will make these again as I have more ground pecans. Very yummy…..thank you for the recipe.

  272. Rosalind G

    Jenney, I love you and your show. I have followed a lot of you reciepes and they have all be great. Look forward to making and backing .

  273. Margaret Day

    This lady is so neat like her a lot she is great fun also. I am going to make these seem so easy.

  274. Heather

    I have the same question as Lynn. Can you freeze the dough or finished cookies? I bake a lot during the holidays, so anything made in advanced is a huge triumph for me!

  275. Lynn

    Hey Jenny, I was just wondering if this dough could be made ahead of time and frozen in balls so that you could just take a few out at a time in case of unexpected company or if you just wanted a fresh baked cookie, anytime.

    • Jenny

      I can’t find any source that says you can freeze the dough before baking but you can definitely freeze them after baking and after they are rolled in powdered sugar. Then once thawed, you would roll them again in powdered sugar.

      • Shari

        When you freeze, does it affect the texture of the dough?

        • Jenny

          You can freeze pecan balls and there is no difference in the texture at all.

      • deb

        Is this the same as Danish Wedding cookies?
        I will be trying them, sound delicious!

  276. Molly

    I love those cookies I am going to make some for me .thank you for the recipe

  277. Araceli

    Thank you Jenny I love them and my family love them

  278. Tina

    How far in advance can be made before using

    • Jenny

      I have made the dough a couple of days in advance so I think you could make it 3-4 days in advance. I’m afraid to suggest longer because I’m not sure if it will sustain for a week but it probably would last a week. But you will have to let it soften up a little at room temperature to be able to shape the cookies.

  279. Mim

    Your cookies are AMAZING!!!! After tasting the 1st one, I thought of your video… No one has to know how many I’ve had and also, if I baked them at all. Luckily I kept an eye on the pecans because my oven is slightly hotter than yours and I nearly burnt them. Apart from that, this will be a recipe I keep with me forever. Thanks Jenny.

  280. Caroline

    OMG, I use to have these every Christmas when I was a kid. We called them Russian Teaballs. They absolutely melt in your mouth.

  281. Deni Blackerby

    Jenny, I have just discovered your site and am totally thrilled with all of your recipes. I am now retired, so I have time to do some baking. Thanks so much.

  282. sophia

    Do you have to add nuts? Can you leave them out?

    • Jenny

      I have only made them with nuts so I’m not sure. I know you can make them with mini chocolate chips but I also don’t think they will have much flavor without nuts. The toasted pecans provide most of the flavor in these cookies. If you try making them without nuts, you may have to adjust the recipe to make a thick and heavy dough like in my video but it’s probably better to look for a different recipe without nuts. Once you start making changes in baking, there is always a risk they may not turn out well.

      • macey

        you know if you need to keep the nuts out try a short bread recipe then you can put chocolate on top smiles all around.

    • Kim A.

      I have been making Snowball cookies for many years and never used the nuts. My son has allergies so he can enjoy them too. They are delicious with or without! For this size recipe and without the nuts, we use 2 tbls sugar and 1/2 tsp of vanilla and a dash of salt. Delicious!

      Nice site Jenny! I would love to know if there would be anyway to sub the butter for olive oil?

      • Jenny

        There is no way to make these with oil. 🙁 That’s why I only make them once a year.

    • kidi

      hi sophia it will work with out nuts. i make this every year for chrismas with out almond but the recipe that i used have almond.

  283. Namagiri Sridhar

    This was delicious. Family loved it.Thanks Jenny.

  284. Namagiri Sridhar


    Does it affect the food when latex come in contact with it?

    Why did not use electric mixer to make the dough?


    • Jenny

      I use latex free gloves but if you are concerned, you can easily mix with your bare hand. This dough is too thick for an electric mixer and mixers usually incorporate air into a mixture and this dough is better when it’s thick and dense and it’s also easier to shape.

  285. Lori N.

    Just making these for the first time. My house smells wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe Jenny!!! And it was easy!

  286. Carol Kelly

    Jenny, I made these they taste great.day after they are hard as rocks.where did I go wrong???HELP

    • Jenny

      When something goes wrong with baking, there is usually an explanation. I will try to help but I need a little more info. Can you please tell me:
      1) what kind of flour did you use? 2) did you use real butter? 3) how did you soften the butter? 4) what temperature was your oven? 5) how long did you bake them? 5) what color was your baking pan? 6) did you bake them until they browned? 7) what size were the final cookies – or- how many did one batch make? Please let me know and I will try to help. This recipe has never failed me and many others seem to be having success so with a bit more detail, I think we can figure this out.

  287. Jeanette

    i’v made these for 50 years and they are the first ones I think of when I start my Holiday baking. Everyone loves them. And I do bake them with no nuts and just round balls and than press them down. (Small) and than put a spoon of colored glaze in the center. Green and red.they are so good and everyone loves them that way too.

  288. Vikki

    Hi Jenny – feel like once I mix everything together the ball of dough is somewhat crumbly and i have a hard time keeping it all together. There seems to be a lot of dry mix left in the bowl that won’t stick. Any suggestions?

    • Jenny

      Sometimes even the slightest change in baking can cause problems. For me, the longer I mix and squeeze with my hand, the more firm the ball of dough becomes. Please let me know: 1) Are you using real butter? 2) How did you soften the butter? 3) Are you using all-purpose flour? [what brand?] 4) Granulated or powdered sugar? 5) Are you mixing by hand? Let me know so I can help more.

  289. Patti Kraska

    The recipe calls for 3 T sugar is that granulated sugar or confectioners sugar?

  290. Jamie B.

    I have a question…Is it one cup pecans before you chop them or is it 1 cup of chopped pecans?

  291. Maryann

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m making these snowball cookies now! They look so yummy!! Thanks for sharing this and so many other recipes. Love your videos. Merry Christmas!

  292. Monica

    Hi Jenny! I tried these with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips (a half cup instead of a whole cup) – and the peanut butter chips make a nice substitute! The extra oil from the peanut butter really holds them together well. The chocolate, not so much, but oh well – still chocolate 😉

    I love how easy these are for holiday gatherings at work!!

  293. stephanie

    Hi Jenny I made them and my family Loved them!
    I made some more doubled the recipe but used almonds and almond extract. It was Delish! I Love them both ways and plan on making them this Christmas!
    P.s I Love your kitchen 🙂

  294. Sally Miller

    Thank you for this recipe. This is like my mom’s which I lost. I do have one question. I would prefer to use walnuts. Do you toast them as well, for better flavor?

    • Jenny

      Yes, toasting the walnuts first will give these cookies a better flavor.

  295. Christine Toves

    Do I have to add a bit more flour for the absence of pecans?

    • Jenny

      I have never made them without nuts so I can’t say. You could try looking for a different recipe that does not use nuts.

  296. Lori

    Can this recipe be doubled or tripled?

  297. evita

    Can you make them gluten free?

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry, I have no experience with gluten-free baking.

    • Barb

      I haven’t tried these GF but have done lots of others and these look very GF compatible if you just sub an all purpose GF flour.

    • RJones

      I make these ONLY Gluten Free. I use BROWN RICE FLOWER or any gluten Free flower. I’m only gluten sensitive not celiac, so depending on your level of sensitivity to Gluten, you might want to see about finding all the ingredients in a Gluten Free format. For now, the Brown Rice Flower does the trick.

      Hello Jenny.
      I don’t know if you remember me but I performed on your show back in the late 90’s…you had a day with female comedians. It was such a pleasure working with you. I had a ball and made some life long friends in the process.
      This is one of my FAVORITE recipes. I am encouraged to make some of these cookies this year because your recipe is spot on the way I use to make them. I just forgot what I did, so thank you for publishing this.

  298. Wava Gail Isaac

    I really enjoy listening to you. You make everything look so easy. I was wondering if you have a recipe for orange cookies with orange icing. I had one but cannot put my hands on it. The cookies are very good. Thanks, Wava

  299. Mary


    These were so delicious. I toasted the pecans AFTER chopping them. Do you toast them before or after chopping them? When I toasted them after chopping them some of the tiniest pecans burned. I toasted them for 10 minutes.

    • Jenny

      I toast & cool the pecans before chopping them for that reason – some smaller pieces can burn. And I toast them at 350 for about 10 minutes as well but I start checking them at 7 minutes. I’m glad you liked the cookies.

  300. cindy

    Hi Jenny, these cookies look delicious!! Do you use salted or unsalted butter? Thanks..

    • Jenny

      I usually use unsalted butter but since there is no salt in my recipe and since a lot of people add a pinch of salt to cookies, I think salted butter would work too.

  301. Debby

    I have been making these Cresent Cookies for the past 40years. I have never toasted my ground pecans. Maybe next Christmas I’ll give this a try. My grandmother told me they were always shaped like a Cresent moon. To fussy for me.

    • Kathleen

      We made them as crescents, too. I think my grandmother called them, Viennese Crescents which is how they appear in her -now, ancient- Fannie Farmer cookbook. But I always make them the way Jennie has, in her video. I knew a family, when I was growing up, who made these cookies, in their Christmas baking, put them away in tins, and ate them, the next Christmas. They were delicious, even the next year. They’d never last through the year, here, though.

  302. YTfancol

    I made these cookies. They are delicious :-).I look forward to more of your lovely videos. Happy Holidays !

  303. Karima

    Thank you jenny I would like to request that you give us substitutes for some ingredients like sour cream because I leave over seas and convert the masuring spoons to grams thank you so much for getting back to me happy holidays

  304. karima

    can i use Other nuts insted of pecan

    • Jenny

      You could also use toasted walnuts. I stress toasting the nuts first because it greatly enhances their flavor for any baking.

    • Carol

      Hi Karima:

      This is one of my favorite recipes! I make this EVERY year around the holidays….to serve to family and friends at home and church/office/any holiday parties (they are ALWAYS requested), and I always make extras to put in pretty tins and use as extra gifts for drop-in guests or others I may run into. They are ssssooo delicious and make wonderful gifts!

      I’ve made these using pecans, walnuts, or almonds….and they all are delicious!!!

      Besides the holidays (they are so festive, don’t they just look like little snow balls), they also are very elegant at weddings and can help make any holiday or dessert serving occasion extra-special!!!

  305. lynn

    I’ve just subscribed and I’m glad I did. This will be my first “official Jenny Jones” recipe!! Will let you know how it turns out!

  306. Kristen

    This is probably a crazy question, but what’s the best way to toast pecans? What temp in the oven and for how long?

    • Jenny

      It’s not a crazy question at all. Just put them on an ungreased baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for 7-8 minutes, turning them over once. Or just watch my video on How to Toast Nuts.

      • Ava

        Hi this is my granddaughter and her name is Ava, so I wanted to say thank you for putting this on because I love to bake it is my favorite thing to do. ?❤?. When I have candy I make a desert with the candy.???❤???. And WOW you are a amazing Baker and cook I watch,and WOW I am so amazed at the work you do. And is that your home you do your cooking and baking????? I am such a fan of you Jenny. And you are helping me because now I know what to make I have the ingredients so I can get started for it you know what I mean. So thank you very much
        and remember I am your biggest fan!!!!????????????????. My
        wonderful granddaughter put this for you it was not me who put this it was all her!!!?????????❤??.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Hello, Ava’s Grandmother. I’m so glad you like my recipes and like to bake as much as I do. I made my videos in my own kitchen at home. Good luck with your Christmas baking!

          • Ava

            Thank you Jenny so much for that and that is actually Ava so thank you very much for you are my favorite Baker and thanks

          • jonathan

            hello jenny do u have to double coat them or no

  307. Dasha Morgan

    So glad to see this. I love these cookies and lost my recipe. Your presentation was just right — can’t wait to try them again. Dasha

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