Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

You'll need a 70% chocolate bar, which most groceries have and World Market sells them. Be sure the chocolate isn’t too hot when you add the eggs or they will cook. You can replace the oil with melted butter if you like. This recipe does NOT work with whole wheat pastry flour. (I always try!) - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Makes: 16 brownies

Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies


  • 3 ounce bar 70% bittersweet dark chocolate
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil (I use avocado oil)

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (Dutch process is best)
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1 cup sugar (works with 3/4 cup sugar)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • 3/4 cup toasted walnuts/pecans + 1/4 cup choc chips (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  2. In a saucepan on very low heat, melt chocolate with oil, stirring a few times. Remove from heat to cool down.
  3. Line an 8 x 8-inch baking pan with parchment paper or foil. If using foil, grease the bottom only. Leave enough extra parchment or foil to use as "handles."
  4. Sift flour, cocoa, baking powder, and salt onto wax paper or into a bowl. Set aside.
  5. To the saucepan, stir in sugar by hand followed by eggs and vanilla. Stir as little as possible.
  6. Stir in flour/cocoa mixture followed by nuts and chocolate chips.
  7. Spread evenly into pan and bake for 20 min – no more.

Notes: For more on this recipe in my blog click here.

Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

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  1. Taibah

    thanks for sharing the brownie recipe! my kids loved it and they turned out wonderful!

  2. Roweena

    Great recipe! I used relatively affordable ingredients but the brownie turned out really tasty, chewy and fudgy! Thank you for this recipe😊

  3. Gloria

    Jenny, I love your brownie receipe.Your receipe is only one I use.👌
    Is it possible to use a 85% dark chocolate bar. Maybe use more sugar.

  4. Jen

    YUM!! Have made these twice and this is now my go to recipe for brownies. These are so easy to make and are delicious! Thanks Jenny for another great recipe!

  5. Malea

    Hi Jenny,
    Finally made these brownies and it’s delicious! My first time making home made brownies =)
    I now live in high altitude and baked it about 10 more minutes and it was perfect!
    Thank you so much for being my mom/teacher i never had. <3

  6. mary

    Love your recipes, wish you could put up more. I loved your talk show too, watched it all the time. Your sense of humor is great. Thank you

  7. Elizabeth

    OMG! The search is finally over. I have tried many recipes as I was trying to replicate box brownies without all the chemicals. These are even better! My kids are finally satisfied with the taste and especially the texture. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to discover this recipe. Thanks.

  8. Jenevieve

    OOHHWW my gosh!
    So I made your recipe today! Best brownies EVER!

  9. Robin P

    I made the recipient. Delicious!
    Then made it again but melted dark chocolate chips instead of the chocolate bar then used dried cherries instead of chocolate chips before baking them. 2 kinds of chewy in one bar. Yum!

  10. DMK

    I wanted to try malted milk powder in my brownies but the recipes I found had tons of butter, so I decided to adapt your recipe which I really like. I used 1/4 cup of malted milk powder and reduced the flour to 3/4 cup. I also split the sugar into half white and half brown. I had some milk chocolate that I chopped up to replace the chocolate chips. It baked a bit longer, maybe 2-3 minutes extra. Wow, very yummy. This is an excellent basic brownie recipe that is easily adapted. Thank you Jenny!

  11. Ann c

    Each time I make these, I hear” 20 minutes only in oven”. Has anyone left them in longer and Jenny showed up? I wouldn’t dare go over.

  12. Laura Kruk

    Hey Jenny!

    I JUST LOVE your brownie recipe, as well as your sense of humour! I’ve made your brownie recipe SO MANY TIMES that I’ve memorized it!
    Whenever I make them, it’s usually for a special occasion such as; Christmas, Easter, my dad’s birthday… (he’s ABSOLUTELY CRAZY over them! I mean, he’ll RATHER have a fresh batch of your brownies INSTEAD of a birthday cake!)

    However, when it comes to Christmas and Easter I add my own “touch” depending on what holiday it is! Do you know what that is? It’s…milk chocolate M&Ms! Depending on what holiday it is, I buy a pack of SPECIALLY coloured ones, related to the holiday, and pour them in! This way, they’re EVEN MORE special for the holidays!

    If you are interested, I’m planning on making a batch for my family for Easter, and can send you a picture, of the final product, so that you can get a clearer idea, as to what I’m talking about!

    Please let me know if you’re interested in the picture, and thanks again for your AMAZING sense of humour, as well for a WONDERFUL, and ABSOLUTELY delicious recipe!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I love getting pictures! Please do share a photo of your creation. Just use this link: YourPhotos@JennyCanCook.com

      • Jeanette Thommen

        I just have one comment. When you say things like “do not over mix or never, never whisk” as in brownies etc. would you explain why and what will happen if you do. Thank you.

        Love your humor, especially the one about going to the eye doctor!

  13. Yummy

    Tastes GREAT!!!!! I made them this morning.

  14. Lavar

    Made the dark chocolate brownies today. Came out great, also the Dutch oven bread. Love your humor. It took a few minutes to figure out who you were. Use to watch your tv show.

  15. Terry

    I have made these many times, always com great, but I think I really blew it this time I reviewed everything I did, but they were still wet at 20 minute bake,,The only thing I did different was to use heavy duty foil, this time so I would not puncture the corners if I forgot To use my knuckles I had to put them back in the oven for another 15 minutes,, they were finally baked well, I only say this so your loyal followers would never use heavier foil, I really think that is what happened, everything else was good, cooled chocolate and oil,etc,,continue to stay well, and happy 2021🥳

  16. Nora B

    Jenny, I just took a pan of these brownies out of the oven and the whole house smells wonderfully of chocolate. Thank you for this recioe..the family will be smiling as I cut them up for serving!

  17. Jill Herman

    I have made these brownies many times! They always come out moist and delicious. I follow your recipes exactly as written. I don’t understand why so many people change the ingredients and then wonder why the results aren’t up to snuff. I have been a fan of Drostes Cocoa since I was a girl and that was a long time ago. My mother used it in her chocolate cake.
    Of course I use Drostes in your chocolate cake recipe also.
    It’s election night and I have a pan of your brownies in the oven to take to a friend’s.
    Thanks for all of your recipes!

  18. Eli

    Could you use Almond flour?

  19. Liliana

    Your recipes are amazing!!!

  20. Ishrat

    I made your brownie recipe and it was delicious. The only downside was the salt. You said 1/2 teaspoon of salt. I put that in but it after I tried the brownies, it taste too salty. Maybe it was because I put coconut sugar instead of white sugar. Next time, should I put more coconut sugar and less salt? I love your videos!

  21. Ishrat

    I made your brownie recipe and it was delicious. The only downside was the salt. You said 1/2 teaspoon of salt. I put that in but it after I tried the brownies, it taste too salty. Maybe it was because I put coconut sugar instead of white sugar. Next time, should I put more coconut sugar and less salt? I love your videos!

  22. Radha Jaldu

    I love dark chocolate so making a dessert with it is a big yes. A big like to this recipe.

    For some reason mine falling apart, maybe because i replaced eggs with flaxseed or i didn’t stick to the exact 20 minutes. The reason i did 5+ more minutes is because the brownie looked very doughy after 20 minutes. Thinking my oven could be different i let it bake for 5+ minutes more.

    Still that is not a big bother to me. Loving it

    • Radha Jaldu

      One more thing is I liked 3/4 cup sugar. One cup sugar would have made it too sweet for me.

      • EmmaFromToronto

        I agree about the less sugar. When I was a kid, my mom was always adding extra water to the frozen orange juice concentrate or cutting down the sweetener in muffins, etc. The amounts of sugar used in commercial baked goods is overwhelming, IME.

    • Tabitha

      I use flax egg all the time & mine comes out no different than using chicken eggs. 1 TBSP ground flaxseeds mixed with 3 TBSP water, for 1 egg, I double it for the 2 egg replacement. But you have to let these set for 5-10 minutes before you mix them in. (I normally do my flax eggs first, while I’m measuring out the rest of the ingredients) try it again, I bet they’ll turn out great!!!!

  23. New10

    When making dough for muffins why does it become so sticky how do I solve the
    problem please need you expert advice,
    Sorry to be a bother.

  24. Bhanu

    Jenny! You are great! Love your fun personality. I don’t know who could leave bad comments to you. Thank you for this recipe!

  25. Linda

    I watched u when u had your talk show. Now I’m watching your cooking shows just love cooking.
    your recipes r so easy. I’ll b making brownies this weekend. With 72 % chocolate. Can’t wait. Brownies r my favorite. Thank u stay healthy and safe, one of your fans.

  26. Debra Cummins

    Made these delicious delicious brownies, second time!! First time exactly as you said; second time I expected to see outside because I left them in oven for 26 minutes!! What, whaaaaat!! Went outside to do some gardening and lost track. Delicious anyway 😉 Pass your website to all my family!

  27. Glenda

    Can you provide the nutritional facts for this recipe??? Being pre diabetic I’m needing that info…thank you!

  28. Bobbi

    Do you think the Brownie recipe would work with passover cake meal ?

  29. Deval

    @jenny. I have a loaf of bread in the oven from your fasted bread recipe…my family can’t wait.
    The question I have for you is in this brownie recipe, can I substitute a combo of coco powder and sugar for the initial melted chocolate?

  30. Lisa

    I made these brownies today and they’re tasty but I found them to be more cakey than fudgy. I followed the recipe exactly. Anyone else find that?

    • Dawn

      Leave out the baking powder…that’s what makes them came like…

  31. Barbara B

    I have one word for these heavenly dark chocolate brownies……yummy! I’ve made them twice in the last two weeks and they keep disappearing. Absolutely the best brownies I’ve ever tasted. Thank you Jenny!

  32. John S.

    My family isn’t Polish but, you make a lot of things my family makes. Thanks for sharing. I just put the brownies in the oven. 8 mins to go. The dough tasted good. So they won’t be horrible. (I’m not a baker so there’s no telling really how they’ll turn out.)

  33. Milika M Leweniqila

    thank you
    tried the Chocolate cake

  34. Basia

    Don’t worry you look beautiful you cook good some people jealous of you be proud Polish and proud because I am

  35. Basia

    Don’t worry about any bad comments you’re cute you cook good and your Polish be proud

  36. Lumpy

    This was my first try @brownies. They were incredible! As was the no knead bread. I love you website. i enjoyed learning of your background. What experiences!!
    Should you ever decide to change eye doctors, let me know. For all you know, I am one.:-)

  37. Lumpy

    This was my first try @brownies. They were incredible! As was the no knead bread. I love you website. i enjoyed learning of your background. What experiences!!
    Should you ever decide to change eye doctors, let me know. For all you know, I am one.:-) lol

  38. Patsy

    I’ve been looking for a dark chocolate brownie recipe where I could add Port-soaked tart dried cherries. By adding the cherries, it’s possible that it might add too much moisture to the brownies and they may not turn out. Have you ever tried this and are there any suggestions as to how I can make this work? Thanks!

  39. Puck

    Hello Jenny,

    Love your recipes and style of delivery on youtube.

    What would you recommend as home made egg replacer for this recipe?

    Thank you.

  40. Terry

    To gluten free grandma, I use exactly the same amount of GF flour as called for in all Jenny’s recipes,, sorry I did realize you had a question about that,

  41. Terry

    Jenny in answer to Shelly regarding gluten free, I use bobs red mill 1 to 1 baking flour in these brownies, I have a grandson is gluten insensitive, they came delicious,i I also make the chocolate cake for him, with the same flour. If that gets too pricey or unavailable there are other gluten free flours on the market, just be aware of cost and be sure it indicates gluten free and you won’t have to deal with all these crazy gums, etc,that are foreign to me, I even use gluten free flour for your chocolate chip cookies, when he visits, I make desserts for him to freeze, as he does not live close by, brownies were delicious,to make this pan was half the cost of the package mixes, and just as easy, thank you for the video showing how to measure the foil to overlap for handles, I did use my knuckles as my nails kept making holes and ripping,an easy fix, never too old to learn, Merry Christmas, ???

    • Gluten Free Grandma

      I am Gluten Free and would like to know how much of the 1to1 flour you used in this recipe? Is it the same equivalence as regular flour?

  42. Bee

    Followed this recipe, added toasted coconut flakes as well as pecans and chocolate chips. Loved the result, especially the texture the coconut imparted. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  43. lily

    Hello Jenny,
    Would you have an easy recipe for a Christmas log cake? Thank you so much !! I love what you do and I love your jokes. So funny. Thanks again. Lily

  44. Winnie Cameron

    I think your great, I made my first apple pie, it turned out great, my husband said : that’s how I need to make it all the time, p.s. don’t worry about what that lady said, I like to watch you cook, it makes me want to cook Winnie

    • RP

      The letters were a joke Jenny was making If you listen carefully at the end she read (signed) “Mom”
      She has a great deadpan delivery – very funny lady!

  45. Susan

    Has anyone tried this recipe replacing the sugar with Splenda?

    • Caity

      Yes I have and it makes a cake texture not moist at all! Idk what the store boughts do different but I have tried Splenda with brownie recipes and everything it’s a totally different texture nothing like a moist brownie

      • Kat

        Try cutting your Splenda in half. It will still be sweet.

  46. Susan

    I made this recipe this evening and it was phenomenal. I baked it for 18 minutes as I live at 4500 ft elevation. They were underdone and a bit gooey under the crust but still lifted cleanly from the pan. Do add the toasted nuts and 60% chocolate chips as they add to the flavor.

    On to the chocolate loaf!

  47. Micki

    Do you have to toast the nuts? Also, can you add nuts without adding chocolate-chips?

    Thank you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You do not have to toast the nuts and you can eliminate the chocolate chips.

  48. Meghan

    Absolutely delicious brownie recipe! Thank you!

  49. RoseAnn

    My batter was less thick my candy bar was 3.1 ounce is that why

  50. Diane

    Hi Jenny… You are the bomb! Great brownies! Can this recipe be doubled with perhaps a 9×13 pan?

  51. Terry

    Thank you for answering so promptly, very kind of you with your busy schedule, finally made them yesterday, delicious, will be my go to for grands when they call, and say they are coming to visit, these and the chocolate cake are the fastest and easiest dessert to make, love bran muffins, have made other recipes, but your recipe the best, freeze very well I , wrap each in seran wrap, to freeze, thawed and nuked they are like freshly made ?

  52. Terry

    Have been to 3 stores, can only find 4 Oz 70% ghiradelli baking bars, can I use this, or will this mess up a great recipe, should I tax my brain getting rid of an ounce, math not my greatest asset, love your recipes, adapting some of them for gluten free grandson, trial and error, but boxed GF desserts very costly, so far GF flour working ok, thank you for all your recipes, stay healthy, and never lose your sense of humor??

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Here’s an easy solution: Cut or break the bar into four roughly even pieces. Save one for eating and use the other three for the recipe. (the math being that each piece will be around 1 ounce and using three will give 3 ounces, the right amount for the recipe) You basically want to save 1/4 of the bar for eating and use 3/4 of the bar for the recipe. Good luck!

      • Rob-Renee

        Or take that extra 1 ounce and grate it over the top after letting pan cool slightly.

      • Kat

        You’re so smart! Great idea!

  53. Momy4kids

    Awesome recipe, will try next time sugar and oil free….

  54. Janah

    Thank you Jenny…for the awesome and easy recipe..tried it today..turned out very good…Thanks again..

  55. Lyka

    I tried it,,, but unfortunately I forgot to put sugar but I surprised me because even without sugar it lovely, and I realized atleast it was less sugar anymore ?.. thanks

  56. Nikki

    Thank you for the awesome recipe. I didn’t even use the dark chocolate because we didn’t have it at work and they still turned great.

  57. Kathleen L

    Oh my Goodness! Are you kidding me! I can’t believe what I just ate!!! Okay let me be clear… I just made your Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies to the T. This is how I really feel. I Love You ❤️ I Love the BROWNIES❤️ My family is in love with the Brownies ❤️ I’m 61 years young and these are the Very BEST BROWNIES EVER❤️ THANK YOU JENNY❤️ This is my go to BROWNIE recipe forever. Forget all my other Pinterest brownies pins. This is IT❤️ You are the real deal❤️?‍?❤️ love Love LOVE❤️❤️❤️

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Don’t hold back. ? Tell me what you really think. ?

  58. r.k


    I just made these brownies and they were delicious. I was trying to figure out the amount calories in these brownies and I could not. May I ask, how many calories isnt coming up to per piece. Thanks a lot

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I do not keep track of calories.

    • From San Diego, CA

      Can I use stevia instead of sugar? I understand you want to use the exact ingredients you used, but I want to try stevia for diabetic friends. If it’s ok, what’s the ratio?

  59. Amy

    Hey Jenny, I was wondering instead of using a 3 oz bar of chocolate, can I use chocolate chips instead? And how many cups of chips would I use?? Thanks so much!

    • Jenny

      Chocolate chips have additives that pure chocolate does not have. I recommend sticking with the real chocolate.

  60. Cuisinomane

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while, and I’ve been meaning your make one of your recipes, so I made these tonight! It made me realize a few things. 1-You’re very smart (but I knew that). 2- You’re very funny (I actually scared my car laughing). 3- I really should read all the instructions before starting a recipe, as I made a few mistakes that I would have avoided if I had (you give the smartest tips).
    Anyhow, my brownies did turn out pretty well (yay for me!), and I will certainly make more of your recipes (after reading them through)!
    You’re the best!
    Love, from Québec, Canada

  61. Barbara

    I don’t have a mom growing up so looking and watching you cook I feel like I found a mom? I’m your new follower and I’m already starting some of your recipes. I’ve been looking for dark chocolate brownies because I’m a chocolate lover specially dark so thank you for that❤️ In the oven right now is also your baby back ribs recipe I hope it will come as good as yours. More power to you.

  62. Misty

    Hi Jenny! I love your recipes and videos! I have heard you mention using a butter and olive oil combination for greasing your pans a few times. What is the proportion ratio for that, if you don’t mind me asking?

  63. Yoli

    Thank you for the recipe. I loved the video as well 🙂 I Googled a recipe on a whim and came across your website. I just finished baking the brownies!

    The only change I made was to cut the sugar to 2/3 cup. But I do wonder what I’m doing wrong because my brownies tend to crumble regardless of the recipe.

    • Jenny

      I have made these brownies many times. If you follow the recipe exactly, including the size of the pan, they will not crumble.

      • Yoli

        They were delicious anyway! I think I was a little impatient. Once they cooled, the brownies didn’t crumble as much.

      • Leslie

        Jenny, no need to answer as this is just a comment. Thank you, your recipes are detailed and very accurate. And very very delicious.
        No guess work. And that is the whole point of baking – unlike some cooking, baking is a science. I can’t believe some people changing the science and the wondering why it didn’t work. You have such patience! Just baking bread eight now and brownies later ?

    • Cecelia Romero Tkach

      Make sure chocolate cools before adding sugar + eggs, use correct size of pan and I just found out crumbs should be on the toothpick; otherwise, if they bake till no crumbs stick, brownies have baked too long and will crumble.

  64. ALMA

    Loved your chocolate cake recipe! However I’m writing because this link doesn’t work to print your brownie recipe.

  65. Sheila

    Hi Jenny,
    You are adorable! I watched your video and loved it. I’m heading to the kitchen to try it out now. I bet the brownies will be delicious.
    Thank you for posting! xxxooo

  66. Barbara

    Random question – what cookware do you use? I’m needing to stock and upgrade my kitchen wares. I really like your recipes and tutorials!

  67. MaureenK

    Another great recipe from Jenny! You wouldn’t know there’s only 1/4 cup of olive oil in these as they’re so rich and dense. The only substitution I made was swapping the white sugar for brown sugar. This is my new go-to brownie recipe!

  68. Gigi

    Thank you so much for yummy recipes..

  69. Fran

    I love your videos Jenny! The recipes are great. Baking brownies now!

  70. Lisa L.

    I’m so glad I’ve found your site! I love all your recipes and your videos are amazing and always make me laugh!
    I haven’t made this brownies, but I have to say– I LOVE YOUR POT HOLDERS! I never can find pretty ones, and I never thought to make them. Do you have a pattern for them? I’m not that great of a seamstress, but i can sew. I would love to make some.

    If you don’t have time to comment, I totally understand. I read one comment by someone that was upset that you didn’t answer back. My gosh, you do have a life and doing a blog/videos takes an enormous amount of time. And especially for a blog that is done as well as yours! Please keep it up and don’t stop!! I love your videos. I’ve been cooking for over 30 years and it is my passion. I love finding new recipes and new food blogs. Yours is my new favorite!

    Thank you so much!!

  71. Kathleen

    Jenny, YOU ROCK!!! I love the recipes, videos & humor! Thank you for being the kind & generous woman that you are! You are an inspiration to me & I am certain to many others. Much Love & Admiration, Kathleen

  72. Terry

    These brownies were moist and delicious. I didn’t add nuts or chips and they were a big hit in my home. Thanks for the tip on the world market chocolate bar –73% cacao. Yummy!

  73. Steph

    I made these and they are amazing!! Thanks for the recipe, Jenny!

  74. Kinjal

    I love your cooking videos Jenny!!! You turned me in to a baker!! You put smile on my face. God bless you!

  75. Darlene

    Watched the video on your brownies and got the biggest kick out of the part where you comment on how you really need some chocolate as you went to the doctor yesterday and how you hate getting undressed in front of him, then you say “but he’s a good eye doctor”. I had to have my husband listen to it too. We got the biggest laugh – who undresses for their eye doctor?

  76. sara

    I found you today and enjoyed your delicious recipe!! Thanks, but most of all I enjoyed your sharp sense of humor!! You make cooking fun

  77. Donna

    Well, well, well…I made this last night and followed the recipe to the letter with one exception. I got overly ambitious and added more chocolate morsels at the end than I should have (1/2 cup), and while it’s not a bad thing, if one is a chocolate lover, I’ll still tone it down the next time. I must say, though, it came out exceedingly well, very moist, flavor galore, and with the added nuts, oh, this is definitely a keeper in our household. Thanks again, Jennifer. I/we love it!

  78. Nanda

    Hi dear Jenny,
    you are my favorite cook/Baker to follow, you make it easy, and food that is good for you, and incredible funny. I remember when you had a show on TV, I hope you come back. I just love to see your videos & recipes, I’m very new in baking, but I love it .If you are close to Sleepy Hollow N.Y. I love to cook with you- this is my first reply to anyone, again new in computers also, hope you reply back.


  79. Domonique

    My 18 y.o son said I could make brownies by replacing the butter with Olive oil. Came across your recipe, tried and I liked it. Ingredients were doubled to make a larger batch.
    Thanks for all the tips as well.

  80. Young baker?

    Ur recipe was perfect I loved it and I did it really well. I am still in primary five. Thanks a lot Jenny
    Hope u could do more

    • Jenny

      It’s great to see young people baking and cooking. Your family must be so proud of you.

  81. Jelli

    I’ve made cocoa brownies since forever and they’re always my go-to’s, but a friend recently gifted me a bar of dark chocolate from a recent trip to El Salvador and I just HAD to make brownies with it. I’ve used your recipe 3 times in the past two weeks or so and we’ve devoured them super fast. This is the most delicious chocolate brownies recipe (with actual chocolate IN it) that I’ve ever made! Thank you!

  82. Dr G L Sitara

    Hi Jenny. I’m from India and I made this fudge brownie. Your recipe is simply sweet and the brownie came out well. I used the ingredients exactly as u told. Thank u so much. I’m gonna try all ur recipes. Namaste?

  83. Maria

    Dear Jenny

    Really a Delicious recipe u made

    Thanks for sharing

  84. Sara

    Can I skip the cocoa powder or add less because I have a little less than 1/4 cup of it.

    • Jenny

      It’s best not to change the recipe and wait until you have all the ingredients. When my recipes are followed exactly as written they will always turn out.

  85. Jelli

    Made these, loved them, thank you! I usually make cocoa brownies, but a friend gifted me a baking chocolate bar from El Salvador and this was perfect use for it.

  86. Annie

    I watched you make your brownies on you tube and they looked excellent. Then I checked you out online and found your recipes here. I love your taste in foods so it will be great to cook and try most of your recipes. I don’t buy buttermilk so may I use vinegar or lemon juice in reg milk? Thanks, Happy Cooking!

    • Jenny

      I address this in my blog under the Substitutions category.

  87. Maham

    Hey Jenny!

    I am from Pakistan and had been looking for some yummiest, not desi (Asian-traditional, as we say) recipes. I started watching your recipe an hour ago in the office and I am stuck at your website, where to go?? Your recipes are Ah-maziinngg!!. I had been looking for this perfect zing and you’ve got it. Hats off! I am surely gonna try these brownies today, and wholewheat bread too. Mark me as your regular visitor. You are so cool <3

  88. Connie

    Hi jenny. Hello from Singapore. I ve been watching ur videos for a mth nw but haven’t tried any yet.
    Tonight I m gonna make ur brownies. Was wondering if I can use black strap molasses instead of sugar? If yes. How much should I use?

    Many thanks ?

    • Jenny

      This is too drastic a change for baking and the result will likely be very sticky and dense. It’s better to follow the recipe exactly or look for a different recipe that uses blackstrap molasses.

  89. Amber

    Hi Jenny,

    I’ve tried making your brownies twice now and both times they’ve come out extremely oily… I used just regular vegetable oil.
    Do you know a possible reason for this and remedy?

    They still smell delicious,
    Thank you. 🙂

    • Jenny

      Can you please list all your ingredients (exactly, by brand if possible) and how you measured the oil & the flour, and the size of your pan and I will try to help.

  90. Ellie

    Hey Jenny! Just wondering if you could use anything else to grease the pan besides butter?

    • Jenny

      There are sprays you can use to grease pans but I don’t use them.

    • Debbie

      Hi Ellie, I use olive oil to grease the pan for most of my baking. It’s always worked great for me.

  91. Tiff

    Hi Jenny, I love how simple this brownie recipe is! There is relatively little fat in this recipe as well. I’ve made these brownies twice and they turn out amazing every time. Thank you so much!!

  92. Zhaojun Lim

    Really love the way u tell people how to bake it ??? I’ll try right after I got light olive oil ? Thank you so much for sharing

  93. Patricia

    Hey Jenny, love your recipe for the brownies, but for the baking powder, is 1/4 cup around 40 grams? Because I may have added too much baking powder, causing the taste to be a little weird

  94. Jenny AC

    Hi, im Jenny from Philippines. I really love ur blog. I want to try ur recipe. Can i use choco chips instead of choco bar? And How many cups of chips?

    Thank you for sharing ur knowledge in cooking and baking. GodBless!!???

    • Jenny

      Chocolate chips have additives that are not found in pure chocolate so I don’t know how they would turn out. I can only guarantee a good result if you follow my recipe exactly.

  95. Me Me

    Thanks you Jenny
    I made this tonight, this is so good.

  96. Jennie

    Hi Jenny, unfortunately Pulix was out of Extra Light Olive Oil, they only had Pompeian Mild Olive Oil, would that one work?

    • Jenny

      I would go by the smell. If the oil has no smell of olives, it would be okay to use. Otherwise, you can use any vegetable oil.

  97. Daymon

    Great recipie! I have watched many of your videos on YouTube, and only found your wedsite just this evening. I will make this for me, and would like to make it for a friend, but she cannot eat eggs. Is there a way to substitute this? Thanks Jenny!

  98. Mary K

    I refused to make brownies for years, because I made them from a mix and they never came out right. This is the best brownie recipe ever. With this recipe, I get the most delicious brownies and now I am happy to make them. Thanks Jenny!

  99. Virgin

    Today I also use 100% cacao powder..My 70% cacao almost run out..I don’t think it will enough for 1/4 cup. I will let you know how it will be..^_^

  100. Virgin

    Today, will be the second time I try your recipe. I think this recipe is the most delicious brownies that I had try ^_^ thank you. The first time, I used chocolate couverture. Today I use chocolate compound. Do you think what will be the different in taste? How about if I replice the all purpose flour to almond flour? Will it gonna work and delicious too? Thank you for your reply.

    • Jenny

      I am not familiar with those chocolate products but I always suggest that you do not change the recipe if you want to have a successful result.

  101. Miranti Megani

    I’m craving for your browniea tonight, but I don’t have any baking powder only baking soda and you said it’s totally different. Can I skip the baking powder?

  102. Gloria Cabeen

    Jenny, these are really delicious! I wonder if you would mind sharing your recipe for the olive oil and butter spread that you use for greasing.

    Thanks, Gloria

    • Gloria Cabeen

      Please disregard my previous question about the butter/oil combo. I just found it under “Videos” – a newly discovered part of your site! Thanks.

  103. Beth

    I’m havin a piece as I type. They’re divine, and so so easy. Thank you!

  104. Charloene

    Hi jenny, can you use self raising flour for these brownies? Am low on plain haha

  105. Jeanne

    Hi Jenny, Just popped the Brownies in the oven and we’ll see. I melted the chocolate and added the OO. Let it cool and added the eggs. Soon they became very hard and dry. Had a hard time adding the dry ingredients. I checked and I added everything and can’t understand why my chocolate, OO and eggs became so hard and dry.

    Hoping the results will hide the confusion. I just love your recipes and am making them for my daughter who is coming over for dinner.

    • Jenny

      The mixture should not be dry. Did you use all purpose flour? Did you aerate the flour before measuring? Also, what kind of chocolate bar did you use?

      • Jeanne

        Hi Jenny, I used a 72% Dark Chocolate Bar I bought at the Super Market. I will say they are delicious. Best tasting Brownie I have ever eaten.

        Just watched the Potato Pancake video so onward and upward. I love Potato Pancakes and yours look delicious and easy! Thanks for all the good recipes and nice Video’s.

        BTW I am catching up with you. In two week I have made about 8 of your recipes!

  106. Kay Shannu

    Hey Jenny…just stumbled upon your videos on Youtube, love watching how you bake. I’ve tried the lemon brownies as well as this one and my husband loves it so much so does his family members. We live in China and these kind of desserts are not common here so they were really impressed when I made this. Thank you sooo much


  107. Naz

    Hi Jenny.

    The brownies tasted fantastic but the batter was nowhere as smooth as yours looked in the video. Where I live, the granulated sugar has larger grains than that in the US so maybe that was the reason. But the problem was that the texture on top after baking was also grainy looking – as though I’d added rice crispies to it! Could the larger grains of sugar have been the reason? I could also tell that the sugar hadn’t entirely dissolved during baking?

    What would you suggest I do? Run the sugar briefly through a grinder before baking?

    • Jenny

      Coarse sugar does sound like the problem so if you can run it in a blender or food processor that will probably help.

  108. Mariam ?

    Hi jenny,
    I love all your recepies ?
    So, can you please teach us how to make chocolate cookies without butter and i will be really thankful ?
    Please replay to my comment ?

  109. Halla Banna

    Dear Jenny,

    You look amazing, you taught me a lot in cooking. You make Best recipes ever. ??

  110. Syapex

    I really need help on my oven. My oven has an option of using top heating / bottom heating/ top and bottom heating. What should I use to bake this brownie? please answer me 🙁

    • Jenny

      With American ovens, baking is done using only the bottom heat. The top heat is used primarily for broiling. But if your oven is small or a counter top style, you might need both so it’s best if you check your manual. Most manuals have instructions and some have recipes. You may find a brownie recipe specific to your oven and then you can use my recipe with your oven.

  111. Katerina

    Just wanted to say
    Amazing, easy and delicious recipes

  112. ann tan

    Dear Jenny
    Can I use butter instead of oil? Tq

    • Jenny

      I have only made it with oil so I can’t say how it will turn out. I can only guarantee my recipes when they’re not altered but let me know if you try… someone else may want to try butter too.

  113. thana

    hi jenny ! can you please teach us how to bake a white chocolate brownie 🙂
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hon
    thanks a ton
    greetings and love from India 🙂

    • Jenny

      Sorry but I’ve never cooked with white chocolate.

  114. manchry

    Hi jenny, its a such a plesure to talk to you ( if u reply). Just wanted to ask how many grams of dark chocolate did u use? Also, is it alright if I half the recipe? Subscriber from England xxxx

  115. Sylvia

    Hi Jenny!
    I’m a sixth grader and my teacher has asked us to write a how to__________.
    I would like to write a how to make brownies using this recipes. (There is no way I would be able to think of my own recipe.) I just learned about plagiarism in school and would like to ask for permission to write about this.
    Thanks, Sylvia

    PS I made these and they were delicious! I used 90% cocoa though.

    • Jenny

      Thank you for asking and I am happy to give permission for you to use my recipe. Feel free to send me a copy of your essay if you like as a comment. Good luck!
      p.s. A sixth-grader who cooks? That’s great!!

  116. Lula

    Jenny, I just made these after stumbling on your youtube video and because I didn’t have an 8×8 pan I portioned it out into a small ramekin and still cooked for 20 minutes. Also used coconut oil in place of extra light olive oil (which by the way, I think is a great idea. I’ve made dark chocolate and extra virgin olive oil madeleines with sea salt and the dark chocolate and olive oil pairs so well! For the skeptics out there: try it just once!)

    These are heavenly! I am a “corners” brownie girl and baking it in a ramekin was a stroke of genius on my part. Your recipe is so simple but oh-so-delicious!!!

  117. Erline

    Can i use 86% cacao for brownies?

    • Jenny

      I guess you can but that much cacao might be a little bitter. But if you try please report back on how it turned out.

  118. Jennie

    Hi Jenny, Publix had the Ghirardelli Intense Dark 72% cacao twilight delight on sale. It was two for $5.00. Can I use it for the brownie recipe? It doesn’t say bittersweet on it, but the ingredients in the back says unsweetened chocolate, sugar cocoa butter, etc. It is also 3.5 oz. I am not sure if it’s for baking.

    • Jenny

      The Ghirardelli bar is fine for melting and baking.

      • Jennie

        Excellent!! I plan to make these over the weekend. Thank you so much.

  119. Cynthia

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I must tell you these brownies are crazy good.


  120. Shelly

    Hi Jenny I was wondering can I use gluten free flour blend instead of regular flour? My mom has to eat gluten free and I try and find good tasting recipes to make for her to enjoy.

    • Jenny

      I have no experience with gluten free baking so I guess you will have to try. If you do, please let us know how it turned out.

  121. JS

    Thanks for the recipe and video! I didn’t make any substitutions, baked it for 20 minutes, and it came out fudgy. I think I will reduce the sugar next time to 3/4 cup. I’m sure it will still taste good.

  122. Barbara

    Yum! To justify the healthy story to my conscience I added some cranberries.
    No leftovers here. Thank you.

  123. Marge

    Do you think you could reduce fat with a liquid egg replacement or maybe applesauce in place of oil?

    • Jenny

      I’ve never had luck baking with apple sauce and I use oil because we need some healthy fats in our food. Rather than make drastic changes you might be happier with a different brownie recipe that is already proven that uses apple sauce and egg replacer.

  124. Chitvish

    so far, the best chewy fudge brownie, I have tried. Used coconut oil which added to the taste!

  125. Ellen D.

    I made these brownies with coconut oil and coconut sugar. It came out more as a dough than a batter. I wasn’t sure how thick it should be. I baked it anyway for exactly 20 minutes. They came out dry and crumbly. Taste good though.

    • Jenny

      If you melted and cooled the coconut oil that should have been fine but coconut sugar may be the reason they were dry. I can always guarantee my recipes when they are followed exactly so I hope you’ll try again.

  126. Michelle

    Last night I made fudge brownies, I didn’t have any of the walnuts/pecans or the chocolate chips on hand, But the brownies tasted great, and my husband loves them tooooo. And he says Thanks Jenny

    • Jenny

      I think pears would work but they need to be firm and not ripened to where they are soft.

  127. Lisa

    One question: Can coconut oil be substituted for olive oil?

    • Josie

      I am sure coconut oil can be substituted. I will try it myself with it and leave a comment. It will also add a great taste!!

    • Jenny

      Thanks for jumping in, Josie. My recipe just calls for oil so you can use any oil you like, flavorless, of course. I just prefer extra-light olive oil but canola, safflower, coconut oil, etc… are all okay.

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