Polish Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls

My dad was the family cook so I learned to make Polish cabbage rolls (golabki) growing up. We always used Uncle Ben's converted rice in the stuffing but the mushrooms are optional. Serve them plain or browned in a little olive oil with a dollop of sour cream on the side. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Makes: 16 to 24

Cabbage Rolls


  • 1 large head of cabbage (about 3 lbs.) – or use 2 smaller heads
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 cup diced onion
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 large mushrooms, finely diced - 1 1/2 cups (optional)
  • 1 pound ground sirloin
  • 3/4 cup uncooked long grain rice (brown or white)
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley
  • 1 cup Pomi strained tomatoes or canned tomato puree
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • pepper to taste
  • 3/4 cup liquid (beef stock, cabbage water, or combine with some leftover tomato for 3/4 cup)


  1. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Cut center core out of cabbage and place, core side down, in boiling water. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. While cabbage simmers, heat oil in pan over med-high heat and sauté onion and garlic 3-5 minutes until browned. Add mushrooms and cook another 2 minutes. Transfer mixture to a large bowl to cool.
  3. Remove cabbage to a rimmed baking sheet, keeping water in the pot. Gently remove leaves from cabbage, cutting away from the core with a small knife. Set aside the best 16 unbroken leaves and cut off the thick spine in the center for easier rolling. Set all remaining broken or small cabbage leaves aside. (If the core is too firm, return it to boiling water for a few minutes to soften)
  4. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  5. To cooled onion mixture, add meat, uncooked rice, parsley, tomato, salt & pepper. Combine well.
  6. Place about 1/4 cup of filling in each leaf, roll, and place seam side down in a 13 by 9-inch pan. Pour liquid over rolls and lay some leftover leaves on top. Cover pan tightly with foil, and bake for 1 1/2 hours. (Place pan on a cookie sheet in case it drips)
  7. Remove from oven and let rest 30 minutes or better still, let cool and refrigerate overnight. (They freeze well.)

How to Serve: The next day they are really good when browned in a little oil or butter and served with a side of sour cream. Click here..

To Cook on Stove Top - Use a heavy Dutch oven or your heaviest pan. If you have leftover cabbage leaves, place them on the bottom of the pan first to prevent burning. Use the same recipe, cover the pan and bring to a boil. Then reduce heat and simmer for about an hour. It takes less time because you bring it to a boil much faster on the stove top. Uncover occasionally to make sure they are cooking and to see if more liquid is needed.

Cabbage Rolls

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  1. Stanley Zee Ski

    Almost like my Polish Mother made, she would add cooked rice to the ground meat. Never used mushroom’s. Mom would always add more tomato Sause in the pan. They look Great. My Mother always used tomato soup and even tomato juice to cover , then add the extra leaves to cover them Pigs up. Thanks for all the nice comments.

  2. Peter Z.

    Hi Jenny,

    I discovered your cooking website, and this recipe, after reading your autobiography. I decided to try golabki today, and they turned out really well. My Polish father mentioned gołabki several times when I was growing up, so I had to give it try. Looking forward to trying again, will definitely get a bigger head of cabbage next time. 10 out of 10 to this recipe, and your book!

  3. Susan Mcdonnell

    Can you cook your cabbage rolls in cream

    • Eric

      Here it is!! Christmas Morning ‘2023, (around 5:46am, monday)
      Mom/Dad been gone 13 years now, Me? Always followed ’em in/out the kitchen, in coming years, helped prep.
      Mom/Dad, Masters of their domain, the Kitchen!! Me, brothers, no mistake in the scent of ingredients way early mornings of Thanksgiving and Christmas. So now I’m going to make stuffed cabbage for today’s two-person holiday meal. I’ll make Clams Casino, German Potato salad Raspberry Ham, one of them next year Etc. 🌲

  4. Jasiu Fielek

    From your days on TV to now, you are truly in your element as a cook. You have given fantastic no fail recipes that would please anyone. Your heritage has given all who follow you,a sure fire way to please everyone. You’ve absolutely done it Jenny and I applaud you.

  5. Kdot

    I’m allergic to tomatoes. Would a green sauce of tomatillos wreck the taste too much? If so, any other suggestions?

    • Mattie B

      I’d suggest a red bell pepper puree. Roasted red bell peppers? Maybe thin with chicken stock or water?

      Tomatillo would taste very different, but it could be delicious as well. I’d roast those too.

      • Mike

        That sounds better than the tomatoe version , great idea 👍

        • Heather

          There’s a Greek version that uses chix stock and lemons instead of tomato.

    • Mary

      I can’t have night shades and I’m a vegetarian. Any suggestions?

      • Kalisa

        Eat something else 😆…. or if you must Japanese have a tomato free version

  6. Ben M

    Made them vegan by adding 1 halfway boiled yellow potato and switching out 1 lb beef for 1 lb homemade seitan using bob’s red mill recipe. I had to go full mission impossible when I realized I forgot the tomato juice inside: I was wondering how the rice is supposed to cook with no moisture, then realized my mistake. Took them out, unwrapped them all, blended the filling with the juice, rewrapped, put back in oven, turned out bomb

  7. Doug C

    My wife is allergic to rice. I substituted riced cauliflower and Barley for the rice as I do in other recipes for us. It turned out great!!
    I put in 1cup of the riced cauliflower and 1/4 cup of barley. Thank you for this great recipe

    • Maggie

      Wow never thought of riced cauliflower…excellent idea. I am diabetic so switching that from rice to riced cauliflower is a healthier choice according to my nutritionist. Good thinking sir!

    • Laurie Y

      If I don’t have rice or cauliflower, is there anything else I can substitute for those?

  8. Terry Lee

    Excellent job

  9. Linn

    When making the cabbage rolls, what would you serve with it? Like a complete dinner?
    Thank you for your kind response.

    • Michael J Narkawicz

      I would serve with pierogi, kielbasa, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a good rye bread

    • Dennis J Reardon

      Try making mashed potatoes and creamed corn. And the kicker- use the creamed corn like a gravy over the potatoes. I know what you’re thinking, but once you try it you will be hooked!

  10. Carolyn

    These are amazing and taste like my grandmother made them..
    How can I freeze these

    • Deedubu

      Portion the amount you want for each meal & just put them in a freezer safe container.

  11. Corey

    Hi jenny. I watched your show back in the day and recently found your YouTube channel and now your site. Your recipes are great and easy to follow. But how come you dont post to YouTube anymore? Just wondering?

  12. June

    These cabbage rolls turned out to be the best thing I ever cooked in my entire life (I’m 90). The flavors somehow blend miraculously into the final delicious product. Thank you for your wonderful recipes and for generating the happiness and confidence to try new stuff.

  13. Connie

    I’m trying this for the first time. I’m using ground elk meat, Worcestershire sauce and 1/2 stalk diced celery with our home canned tomato sauce. The recipe was easy to follow and I stayed fairly try to the recipe. My daughter has been wanting this for a couple of months because she remembered a friend making this for us.

    • zed

      i’m using ground elk meat as well! mine are in the oven right now and they smell amazing, i’m always pleased at how replacing beef with elk in recipes works out. though i chose the wrong day to do this… its 27*C in my kitchen!

  14. Elaine

    Do you freeze the rolls prior to baking or bake and freeze. I tried after cooking and the cabbage was mush when I thawed them out.

  15. KP

    My husband is from Ukraine and my family East Europe but I had no idea how to cook this kind of food. Your recipes have helped me learn to cook, enjoy cooking, feed my family and help me draw closer..make connections to my roots. Thank You so much for all You have done. You are amazing!

  16. Catherine Saynuk

    Can I make this in a slow cooker?

    • bandon lori

      yes. put a couple of cabbage leaves on the botton and layer the rolls with cabbage eaves and sauerkraut, pour over tomato sauce and cook.

      good luck

      • eric

        My family recitpe for stuffed cabbage used canned and bagged sauerkraut to line the big pot and between the multiple layers of cabbage balls. Another trick was not to overcook the cabbage before rolling up the balls. And that meant using a paring knife to trime the thick park of the outer leaves so they rolled around the meat/rice mixture more easily.

  17. Julie

    I love this recipe! I have made it a few times now. You gave me the confidence to make cabbage rolls. Thank you 🙂

  18. Mary

    I just discovered your site. I’m a fan. I used to watch your show on TV. Really enjoyed watching you then. And now i can enjoy your site! Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and doing this for us all.. My mother-n-law made cabbage rolls. But sadly we didnt get the recipe before she passed on. Haven’t had them since.The recipe sounds like how she made hers, so I’m going to try them. Once again THANK YOU JENNY!

  19. Greg

    I like the recipe! However you’re being very presumptuous when you say your way is more healthy than your father’s.
    My polish great-grandparents drink grease for breakfast lunch and dinner. They lived to be over 100. My grandparents ate healthy and avoided butter! They died in their 80s! My parents stopped eating eggs as instructed by physicians. They used margarine and all the other stuff they died in their sixties and seventies!
    Not sure Polish food as your father made it is bad for people…

    • Stan Wierzbicki

      You have to realize that back in the days of our grandparents , food , either meat or vegetables was not filled with antibiotics and growth hormones or chemical fertilizers . What they ate was naturally raised . Chickens were free range and laid an egg a day …. Not production chickens that burn out in a matter of weeks producing multiple eggs a day . Times are different and as much as we want to eat and keep healthy , there certainly are concerns as to the quality of what is available and affordable on the supermarket shelves .

      • lo

        you are so right. i am 88 yrs. young.

      • Dolores

        Can you tell me why my pork & beef stuffed cabbage come out pink inside, my all beef don’t.

  20. Annmarie

    So glad I found this! All the other recipes I saw used cooked rice- not how I remember it. This recipe is the real deal- always use uncooked rice so much easier! I make the tomato sauce sweet and sour by omitting the parsley and adding a little vinegar and brown sugar. Serve w some sour cream on the side. Delicious!

  21. Diane G

    Just tried your awesome recipe! Growing up my parents made cabbage rolls using tomato soup (were Italian) however, these were so incredibly tasty… my new go to recipe for cabbage rolls! 😊

  22. Kristina

    Amazing recipe! Just made it!

  23. Barbara J

    Rinse & Core cabbage. Put cored Side down in large plastic/microwave proof bowl with 1/2 Cup of water and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Microwave for 10 minutes on high. I use meat fork to remove cabbage from bowl to counter and tongs to gently pull outer leaves off. If leaves are not coming off easily, microwave a few minutes longer.

  24. Statia

    My Mom and your Dad must have gone to school together… This is exactly her recipe and it has been a great meal all of my life. Thanks for all of your recipes that we all enjoy!!!!!!

  25. Nancy

    Hey Jenny, Loved your show. Made your cabbage rolls tonight. Thank you! YOU ARE STILL ROCKING IT GIRL!!

    • Kim

      Love cabbage rolls your are the best Thank.you for all your tips.

  26. Michael

    When I was growing up my grandmother grandfather when they get cook a lot of the dishes I read that you have published here you talk about using rice or brown rice they never use much rice the grain a used at that time was barley. Maybe it was the part of Poland they came from or what but I just found it interesting your thoughts on it thank you

  27. Mary from Nordeast Mpls

    Ohhhh, I loved golabki (sorry I can’t get the proper accent marks). I don’t remember my mom (Polish, possibly half Ukrainian) using tomato sauce or soup, just water when she made them. As she got older though, she felt making the actual golabki was too labor-intensive and just made a hot dish (“casserole” for non-Minnesotans) with chopped-up cabbage; then she used tomato soup and 50/50 ground beef & Jimmy Dean sausage. Whatever, the cabbage was always the waxy pale green winter variety, never savoy

  28. Margaret

    Jenny, Can freeze these “uncooked” to cook for company ?

  29. Jane Peil

    I love this video. Jenny…you are so easy to follow. I can’t wait to make this 😍 I’ll let you know how I did .

  30. daka

    I seem to remember my Grandmother using sour salt?

  31. Skipper

    Made this. Loved them! I really can’t compliment you enough on your clear instructions. They were thorough but not too much, and it all came together perfectly. Thank you!

  32. Miles

    I use a rice blend and it soaks up the juices nicely. I tend to use too much liquid. Always turns out great.

  33. Pamela Reed

    I’ve made this recipe a half dozen times – it’s delicious! I grew up eating these made with ground pork so I use that instead. A premium ground pork is so tender and delicious in these rolls. Yes to sour cream! If you’re Polish you put sour cream on everything 😉 Thank you, Jenny!

  34. Stan

    The rolls were excellent except the rice seemed undercooked and hard. Any suggestions?

    • Pat

      The rice was Bens converted rice. Converted rice is par boiled & dried. It will cook a little faster & is fluffier than regular rice. Less calories & carbs.

    • Maddy

      I always use regular rice but parboil it first.

    • Bruce

      I thought the same thing but after reheating the next day (300 for 40 min.) everything was fine.

    • Honorary Polish Girl

      I did the 1/2 beef & pork mixture as my Polish MIL showed me. I use tomato soup as well.

      For the rice she had me par-boil the rice so it will have time to cook. Try that next time and see of it works. Do NOT fully cook the rice before adding to the meat mixture or your rolls will be mushy from overcooked rice.

  35. Brittany

    Just made this tonight. I really enjoyed them much more paned till brown with sour cream. Very delicious detail that really set this dish off.

  36. Mary Linda

    Hi Jenny! I want to make your cabbage rolls but I am unable to eat tomatoes.
    Is there any substitution I could make in your recipe?

    Thank you! Love your videos and recipes!

    • Nancey

      Tomatoes are not really necessary for stuffed cabbage. The juice in my mother’s sweet and sour version of nearly 100 years ago contained sugar, citric acid, a bit of flour, and water. There are no written recipes in my family but Jenny’s cabbage rolls look beautiful and very do-able.

      • Mary Linda

        Thank you Nancey for the suggestion. I will try it!

      • Marilyn Oshiro

        We covered cabbage rolls with mix of vinegar and water. Layered with bacon, garlic, bay leaves. Anyone else do that?

        • Rose

          Yes! My mother always cooked them on the stove top with vinegar and a little water poured over the top. That is how I prefer them.

        • Bruce

          We used the same PLUS brown sugar to sweeten the sauce yet still give it a kick.

    • Suzanne

      Beef broth will do nicely. Try cream of mushroom soup thinned with a little water and a little milk.

    • Susan

      100%polish here…half my aunts made cabbage rolls with tomatoes, the other half ( including my mom) made them covered with sauerkraut.
      Being 100% polish and having options when cooking is da best!😂

  37. Miles

    I’ve made these several times. My partner hates cabbage but LOVES this dish. Always turns out great.

  38. john

    Oops I forgot to add the rice , we will see what happens.

  39. Brian LittleHawk

    Like others, I’ve made this recipe countless times…even in the heat of summer. I personally love mushrooms, but others don’t, so I’ve added finely minced carrots and celery and have substituted leeks for onions when available. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!

    • Deedubu

      I never used mushrooms in this way but I noticed a difference since using them. I just make sure they are finely chopped and no one will even notice them.

  40. Sparkles

    I’ve made this recipe several times – it’s always amazing. Recently, I made some for my neighbors – she is an excellent cook but I thought “it’s the thought that counts” right? Her husband absolutely raved over these cabbage rolls even though she makes them often. This is the first recipe that my neighbor AKA “Betty Crocker” has asked ME for! Thanks Jenny! Now we need one for stuffed peppers.

    • JustTabandMe

      I add tomato sauce, & chopped bell peppers to (basically) this recipe, to stuff into my bell peppers. HTH!!! Blessings!

    • Mary K.

      My husband dislikes cabbage so I use the golomkis mixture to stuff some peppers for him…I cut my peppers in half lengthwise! He LOVES these! I also use diluted cream of tomato soup as my tomato topping! My mother was Polish.

  41. Marlayne Madison

    Delicious recipe and I am serving this to a friend and her husband that are originally from Ukraine.

    I thought I would make my “World Famous” (just bragging) root vegetable mash and I could also do roast small sweet carrots in the oven. Any other suggestions or what type of dessert should I add to this? Thank you!

  42. Carmel

    I think I messed up. I cooked the meat along with the onions. Will it ruin them?

    • Billie the kid

      YUP, You’re screwed!!!😂😂😂 Just KITTEN! I’m sure they were delish!!!

  43. Heidi Greenbaum

    Jenny these tasted fantastic! You have given me the confidence to branch out and try new things! Thank you so much, and you are so funny!

  44. Judi

    I too am a cabbage roll connoisseur and have been making them for fifty years using my Mothers recipe. My secret is to pressure cook them. Mouth melters! Everyone loves them. I just use cooked rice, uncooked minced pork and beef, fine diced onion and salt & pepper. Mix with a beaten egg. Load in pressure cooker with 2 cups liquid. I use bovril mixed in water with a splash of tomato juice or V8. If no tomato juice no problem. I really love the sour cabbage from our Mennonite Market but I can only get them in the winter months in Canada. You don’t have to boil the heads, the leaves just fall off. Otherwise I use Savoy cabbage. Much more tender than regular green cabbage. Whatever your recipe is try the pressure cooker. So tender and juicy. Cut with a fork. Sour cream is optional. Enjoy!

    • Dee Marie

      I find it inappropriate to post your personal recipe on the website of someone else who is teaching theirs. So much competition and disregard for professional ethics on the internet!!!

      • Zach

        As someone new to Polish cooking I enjoy all variations on the same dish, as it gives me better insight and personal development. Please, by all means, share your recipes for the rest of us watching.

        • Mrs Dena Holland Canada

          I totally agree and God bless you for your openness. I say the more the merrier!! It doesn’t take away from the original poster for me it adds fun and creativeness. I would be so open to trying both. I never had a mother who taught me nice things like this. I appreciate all you lovely ladies for sharing your treasures and tips! Thank you so much!! ❤

      • Bonni

        I agree! Get your own website if you want to give out your recipes…This is Jenny’s site and she has put a lot of time and love in it:)

    • TeddyBear

      Hi Judy,
      Thank you for sharing your recipe. What is the time setting for your pressure cooker for cabbage rolls? I want to try it!
      I use the Instant Pot pressure cooker all the time, for instance to cook the eggs which never crack, or to make the dough for bread using the yogurt program…
      I just put 21 cabbage rolls in the oven following Jenny’s receipt. But the hot oven will make my house warmer.. I do not have the AC since it was never needed. Now we need it!
      Unfortunately due to the recent heat wave we have experienced around 500 people died in Vancouver area. The pressure cooker cooking is the best way to keep a house cool if you can eliminate the oven from the cooking process.

      • Judi

        I pressure cook them for at least 25-35 minutes gentle setting. You can’t ruin them. Trick is to let them stand down and wait until the pressure valve comes down. I don’t open lid for at least 25 minutes. ( that way the flavour is absorbed by the rolls and does not escape with the steam)

    • Liz

      I thought it was nice for Judi to add her ideas. It’s like having a conversation in the kitchen.

      • Susan

        I agree with you I think it is nice for everyone to share their own recipes

    • Terrie

      Great tip using pressure cooker. I have that Instapot that I have not used. How long do you cook it for?

    • MonicaF57

      Thank you for your input. I am just learning how to make these even tho i grew up on them being a German Russian from ND. I love getting many variations then taking out of them, what would work for me. My mother would have loved your pressure cooker idea. Blessings!

    • Shelly

      How long did you pressure cook them for

  45. Cccutt

    I’m a 74 year old NC country southern cook who grew up helping my mama in the kitchen cooking vegetables from our garden(summer fresh&home canned in winter), making preserves(pies& cobblers) from fresh fruits & making biscuits & cornbread from scratch. I consider that a gift.
    But your cabbage rolls’ recipe & video are Christmas tree lights! I’ve shared your YouTube videos with friends & family.
    THANK YOU as I make a double recipe of the best cabbage rolls EVER!

    • Christie

      I feel the same way I’ve wanted to make them forever and now you’ve explained it perfectly thank you so very much!

  46. Leah Lukasik

    Jenny thank you so much. I have watched my grandpa and dad make golumpki my whole life. I make it often. But you have showed me some new tricks. You bet your Dupa I’m making them this weekend.

  47. Steffani

    I noticed you used two big green scoops to remove the cabbage from the pot of water. Where do you find tools like that?

  48. Sandy

    My dad’s father came to the US from Russia and his mother from Poland. The cabbage rolls they made are different from any other recipe I’ve seen. Instead of a tomato based sauce they have a sweet sauce made with brown sugar. It’s very good. My dad’s favorite dish. Have you heard of a galumpki recipe like this?

    • Christy Anna

      YES!!! My Great-Grandfather made his like this…I’ve been searching for a recipe without tomatoes & I don’t have his recipe 🙁 But I do know that there was ground beef, ground sausage, rice, vinegar, and brown sugar…and probably some other things but I don’t remember. He spoke German but they were Germans that spent time in Russia. Do you have your recipe that you would be willing to share?

  49. Anton

    As a man of Polish descent myself, I can say that these cabbage rolls are THE BOMB!!!!

  50. william casella

    You are an amazing lady. So beautiful, amazing presenter, with a beautiful voice. It was a pleasure watching your video. This video was so well done. I am in awe of you. Thank you so much.

  51. Cynthia Frost

    Hi Jenny,
    I just have a question. My friends mom is from the Ucrain. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) Anyway I don’t think she uses tomato in hers. Is that something I can change on the recipe?

    • Dolores Armo

      I use some tomato sauce in preparing the meat. Also, I use a little lemon juice in the mixture and some more lemon juice in the water I pour over the cabbage rolls when baking them in the oven. I make a few other changes but they are my Armenian touch to the cabbage rolls that we call “cabbage sarma.” The Polish version is very nice as well. I have made them several times and I do serve the cabbage rolls with yogurt on top of the roll(s) on my dinner plate if desired.
      I’m just say’n . . .

      • Lawrie Foster

        Thank you!! Now I have the Armenian way and the Polish way…
        so thank you.

    • Rose

      My mother who is Russian/Ukrainian alway cooked these on top of the stove with a little vinegar and water at the bottom of the pot. She would have them simmer for a few hours and added water as needed. No tomatoes.

  52. Man Who Can Cook

    I have been making Holupki/Golubki for 50 years, but before learning my Ukrainian parents, some 70 plus years ago began precooking the inexpensive ground beef to reduce fat; we also prefer pre-cooked meat texture. I often found those I treid made with raw ground meat are often steamed, the meat looks rare and texture was mushy. I assume using low-fat raw ground sirloin and baked in one or two slayer, this might not be issue, but have never made them that way. I pre-steam rice in half amount of normal liquid so rice is still firm but not hard. While rice is par-steaming, I saute onions and fine diced celery till soft, add minced garlic for a minute, then off heat add 1/4 cup fresh parsley. At same time I lightly brown 2-3 lbs of 80-85% ground beef till no longer pink and drain (ground dried tofu or veggie burger works too) then mix all of above with 4 whipped eggs, salt/pepper; one can add other seasonings. This mix will hold together fine. Note some canned brands of tomatoes do not taste as good, so taste test in advance. However this consistently works: 5-6 cups of low sodium tomato or vegetable juice or 48 ounces of quality tomato sauce, 1-1.5 cups of ketchup, 1-2 fresh bay leaves, pinch of thyme, Worchestshire sauce, and sugar or other sweetner to taste. If simmered for 15 -20 minutes makes a great sauce and I always make extra sauce for serving on side. I can have these from start to in the oven in about 1.5 hours even working alone, by learning to do multiple things at once. Freezing cabbage to make it more pliable and avoid steaming is interesting and will try, but fear the cell structure will be damaged. Have used the aforementioned microwave method and that works too. Or just use Savoy cabbage which is softer and needs no steaming.

  53. Gael

    Thanks fir this great recipe and the how to video. I have made these a couple of times. They do freeze well and are yummy,
    I follow the recipe except I use ground turkey and chicken stock for the liquid.
    I have made them without rice also for low carb, using cauliflower rice.
    Excellent recipe!

  54. ConnieCC

    I ❤️ this recipe & shared it with friends & relatives. Tomorrow will be my first time using 2 days to make the dish – Meat mixture prepared & stored in frig & next day cabbage prepared & rolls made. I plan to bake half & freeze the rest to cook when my NC niece visits in a few weeks. (Safety first! We will have been COVID vaccinated for 2 weeks by then.). Thank you, Jenny. I’m so glad I “stumbled” upon your YouTube demonstrations. Some of the BEST & concise I’ve watched.

  55. AW-from AZ

    I have made these a lot…and each time they came out wonderful…
    I love this easy recipe !
    Thanks Jenn !

  56. Clsparks

    Made em! They goooood! Thanks Jenny.
    Buy some help. Come back to work.
    Your fans need you. :).

    • Clsparks

      Oh. I served them with your awesome bread recipe.

  57. Edmund

    I’m 92 years old, living by myself and learning how to cook. Enter Jenny…..I’ve chosen a half dozen of your recipes to be my new go to meals for the next short while, then I’ll decide which I like best and make and freeze and store.
    Jenny you are a breath of fresh air with your naughty sense of humour and your wonderful recipes, you have made living in the age of the pandemic a little easier for which I thank you. Remember that you are very important to so many people and try to encourage others to take all the virus precautions too. Edmund

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Edmund, I want to follow in your footsteps and keep cooking into my 90s too. I’m so glad my recipes are working for you and if you have any questions at all, just ask and I will try to help.

  58. William A.

    When I was a child my great grandmother made these but there was never tomato sauce or canned tomatoes. She just used beef or chicken broth. She was born and raised in Poland but immigrated to the US. Is the use of tomato sauce the traditional way to make this or is the tomato sauce a variation?

    • Carol

      My mother’s family was Slovak and they always had some tomato in the water.which makes a thin “sauce” but was perfect.

    • CarolA

      My mother’s family was Slovak too and there was always a hint of tomato in the broth that Grandma made. I made these last night and this recipe worked perfectly. I did not have tomato puree so I drained a can of diced tomatoes, (saved the juice) pureed those and added to the meat mixture. Whenever I had tried to make stuffed cabbage from guessing and memory, the filling was tough and dry. I think that the addition of tomato puree helped tenderize and moisturize the meat, as well as giving the rice needed moisture. I did add the saved juice to the beef broth for braising. You could also sprinkle dollops of any extra puree over the rolls and into the broth. For me, this recipe is perfect and will be my go-to for cabbage rolls. Thanks, Jenny!

    • Stefany

      My grandmother was Polish and we used to eat them all the time. She never used tomato over them.

    • Barbar P

      My mother would sometimes use tomato juice with the crushed plumb tomatoes. Also she cooked them stove top. Also she put kielbasa on top. My aunts saved the bacon rind ( they sliced their own bacon ) and put that on the bottom of the pot with some cabbage leaves. It kept the cabbage rolls from sticking to the pot and added flavor. Also she used regular long grain rice.

  59. Gail

    I prefer it made with sauerkraut, so I omit the tomatoes.

  60. Joy Fluckiger

    Jenny, just curious if you use a “particular” type of cabbage? I know that when my mom and aunts made cabbage rolls, they were very particular on the type of cabbage that they chose. Some like Savoy cabbage, others liked the smaller cabbages with the smaller and perhaps more tender leaves.

    Do you have a favorite, or, just pick a cabbage?

    • margaret

      savoy cabbage is the best and easier to work with

      • Carmen Peters

        If your cabbage leaves were hard to roll it’s because they didn’t cook long enough.

  61. Hens

    They look so good. Being a vegetarian, I will make them with tofu.

    • SheB

      When I make vegetarian ones I fill with an array of sautéed mushrooms, grated carrot and wild rice (along with onions/garlic and spices) very hearty.

      • steve repa

        I like 2/3 rice to 1/3 buckwheat as a lenten variation with a lot of onions fried in butter – the rice is par boiled – serve with a mushroom gravy

        • steve repa

          par boiled rice with onions fried in butter and shredded carrots in a red sauce – mom used tomato soup diluted in milk

    • Amy

      If you use tofu then you are not making this dish. Go.

      • Julie

        That is very rude….I think that changing a recipe to suit your own taste and/or preference is entirely suitable.
        I will be making this recipe tonight….I am a vegan so I will be substituting with Beyond Meat mince….I am sure it will amazing!
        Be kind and stay well xo

        • Alissa

          I agree Julie, I am off to buy some Beyond now to try these tonight !!

  62. Pat the Nurse

    easy, tasty, great .Thanks

  63. Edie

    I haven’t cook yet, but I used Savoy cabbage for first time, plus cooked in big steamer pot and let leaves cool slightly. Found the whole procedure so much easier, plus had fun doing it. Will remark on how it comes out. I added one half jar of kirklands marinara sauce over the top to cook in plus can of diced tomatoes mixed in

  64. Karen

    My cabbage leaves were hard to roll. After cooking for 2 hours at 350, the cabbage rolls still seemed a bit tough. Is there a certain type of cabbage to use?

    • Les

      Karen: Cut the core out of the head . Boil the cabbage in water ( big pot) gradually peel the leaves off the head … chill in iced water .. cut off the hard part of the leaf ( at the base) layer the leaves in a pile and freeze in a plastic bag. If using very big leaves, split in half . When ready to use thaw in cold water and then fill with the beef filling. This method makes it easier to roll and the cabbage will not be hard.

      • Lynn

        I buy cabbage in the fall, when it is huge and cheap, cut out the core, freeze whole in plastic bag. Remove from freezer the night before you want to make cabbage rolls, (I put in sink in cold water). Next day carefully peel leaves, cut out any of the tough core in center of leaf, cut in half if leaves are huge, lay in
        9×13 pan, the leaves will continue to leach water, drain pan once or twice until it quits weeping. Your leaves are tender, easy to roll, and I usually cook my cabbage rolls at least part way if I freeze the finished cabbage rolls. This eliminates steaming the cabbage and the end result is the same.

    • CarolA

      Hey, Karen,
      One hint I would give is that the cabbage leaves will be less and less cooked as you move from the outer leaves toward the center, even following the recipe. I just keep my water simmering to put the head back in for several minutes as the inner leaves need further softening. Another important step in the recipe is to trim the tough thick portion of the center vein. It takes forever to get them tender. I just fold the leaf in half side to side so the center vein is projecting up and shave it down with a sharp paring knife. On some leaves where it was especially thick, I cut out a wedge at the bottom also. This is easily “patched” with a little piece of leaf and with a tiny bit of care will roll up just fine. Hope this helps!

  65. Auntie Lu

    Thanks for being my “baba” to remind me of quantities, etc. It’s mid-October here in sunny SW Ontario, and I’ve just put my cabbage rolls on to cook in my crockpot. My locally-grown cabbage was so large, I made two batches for the same pot.

    LOVE your youtubes, and your personality. You’ve kept me sane and satisfied during #LOCKDOWN2020. That chocolate cake is SUCH a hit around here! You make even ME a good cook! Thanks!

    • B. Taylor

      I was wondering if I could “do” this in my crockpot. ( I LOVE slow cooking…so easy!) Did you just put a few extra leaves in the bottom of your pot and then just cook it like she says? (I love, too, always lots of extra cabbage.)

  66. richard

    hi Just wondering what the nutritional information is for your polish cabbage roll recipe.


    • Jude

      I love cabbage rolls but am trying to eat less meat. I used some buckwheat groats (kasha) and mixed them with the rice, onion spices and mushrooms) and served with a mushroom
      sauce. Thank you Jenny for all
      of your amazing recipes – quick, easy, healthy and DELICIOUS! Your blog and videos have given me the courage to play around a bit with recipes as I slowly move to a plant based diet. Thank you for sharing your recipes, your sense of humor and your passion for healthy food!

  67. Eileen

    My recipe from an renowned Polish cook in our area is very similar. The only difference is I put about a tablespoon of caraway seed in the meat mixture. And in our area, heavily populated with Polish descendants, you use Campbell’s tomato soup lightly diluted over the cabbage rolls to make a sauce.
    Only CAMPBELL’S …no other will do.
    I’ve never tried the mushrooms but that sounds like a wonderful addition.

    Still looking for a Polish version of Kiefles. Walnut filling with delicate pastry wrapped around and shaped into a crescent. Once baked, dusted heavily with confectioners sugar. Traditional Polish Christmas cookie. I am also interested in any other POLISH Christmas cookie recipes.

    • PghRegi

      Ah, yes—- Campbell’s Tomato soup, diluted and with a bay leaf or two is how my very Polish mother would make her Golabki. You’re right—had to be Campbell’s. 🙂

      • Valerie

        Yes, we use Campbell’s tomato soup too!! I’m glad some folks commented about using tofu because 2 of my kids are now vegetarian

        • Ashley

          I’d use mushrooms (variety, wild if possible) with more onions and a little grated carrots in place of tofu. Maybe a little bit of white bean?

          I’m sure some families made vegetarian cabbage rolls before tofu came to the area as vegetarian food used to be economical or you know how some religions won’t eat meat on certain days or periods of the year…

          Anyway I digress. Foraged mushrooms do make me think of Eastern Europe. I wonder if you ended up making it with tofu? How was if? I made the original-ish (less rice more parsley and mushrooms) recipe a few times and love it. I might try a variety of mushroom version to be fancy.

  68. Diane from Windsor,ontario

    I put smoked spare ribs,what a nice flavor. Like the Video Jenny

  69. Diane from Windsor,ontario

    I put smoked spare ribs,what a nice flavor.

  70. Pammie

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2020
    Love this method of prep and cooking. I use sour cabbage heads bought from grocery store…no need to pre boil when using. Baking rolls in 9×13 pan helps w even cooking.No tomato sauce on mine…
    Traditionally…used raw rice, diced bacon and diced onion w sour leaves.
    ….thanks Jenny for sharing.

    • Adrienn

      Can you please help me out in which grocery store you can buy sour cabbage head? Thank you a lot!!

  71. Jonathan Aristone

    Greetings from London Ontario Jenny. Its cabbage roll making day here for the winter freezer. Great recipe and thanks again

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Greetings back! 🇨🇦

      • Lora

        Hi Jenny, I’ve been watching you since The Jenny Jones show and now your videos. My question is (don’t laugh )… do I cook the rice before I add it to the meat? I’m having my son n his wife over Monday for these

        • Jenny Can Cook

          You do NOT cook the rice and I clarified the recipe as I can see why it was unclear. Good luck!

  72. alan g mochinski

    As I enjoy some time stuck at home. I thought I would stimulate some childhood memories. This recipe took me right back home to my youth. So with that being said, I loved the recipe. Simply and tasty!!! A flavor I will always remember.
    May I suggest adding a few other seasonings to the recipe? Like maybe a half tbs. of basil and/or oregano to the filling, and a pinch of cayenne. And then 1/2 of a 14.5 oz. can of petite dice tomatoes to the filling and the remaining over the top of the rolls before baking. Thank you for the video. Job well done.

    • Debra

      I make rolled cabbage…my grandma recipe pretty similar.. PLEASE!.. Don’t desigrate that dish n add basil or oregano. Dear Lord that’s Italian spices..This is a athentic Polish Dish..It’s not Lasagna!….??

      • NAlywahby

        Mygrandmother was German (from Germany), father Italian.. Raised with
        very few German food from Mother.Just trying to discover my German
        heritage. Closest here here is Pennsylvania Dutch.

    • Deborah

      I am told that marjoram is the polish go to. it is like oregano but milder.

  73. Yvetsy

    Oh yes! I was also quick to share this recipe with the rest of my family and friends and forwarded the YouTube video to them 🙂

  74. Yvetsy

    I made this for dinner tonight without rice and did not put any broth in the pan except for the tomato sauce on top. THIS RECIPE IS A KEEPER!!! The cabbage rolls came out moist and absolutely delicious. I served my husband these rolls with mashed potatoes and he inhaled his food and my younger daughter said it was delicious too. I definitely will be making this again and try some of the suggestions readers said they did. Using collard greens instead of cabbage and chopped zucchini or cauliflower to replace rice. Thank you, thank you Jenny.

  75. Sandi Ann

    Ohh my goodness! I adore you Jenny and FINALLY feel very confident that I will be able to successfully make cabbage rolls after watching your video. Thank you so much for making this easy and so fun!

  76. Melina Montes De Oca

    I was looking for a cabbage roll recipe and found this on Youtube.
    I was instantly drawn to you. You remind me of my mother, demeaner so gentle and kind. I have started to watch other recipes, thank you for making cooking so simple!
    You are a delight to watch.
    Stay safe and heathly.

  77. Christina H Wojtena

    Jenny, I have made these cabbage rolls twice. They are to die for! My husband and I both thank you!!

  78. SugarPlum

    Another hit at our house! I love your recipes, your funny videos and your cooking tips. Thank you!

    • Debra Radish

      I love your recipe for cabbage rolls! They are good, however the next time I make them I will use the Uncle Ben’s rice you have mentioned in your recipe. The rice I used was a big grain and swelled up quite a bit, was a little too much. My mom and grandma are Polish and used tomatoes on the top of the cabbage rolls before putting them in the oven versus the beef stock/cabbage water. All in all very good and thank you for all your great Polish recipes.

    • Kristen

      Thanks for a great recipe, Jenny! I’ve looked at a few recipes and yours is my favorite. Easy and delicious. I have made these several times, everyone loves them!

  79. ❤️Jenny Can Cook❤️

    I’ve been hearing that instead of boiling the cabbage to soften it you can freeze it and the leaves easily come off. I tried it and it works. I wrapped the cabbage tightly with plastic, froze it for a couple of days and then thawed in on the counter top.

    It was easy to cut out the core and the leaves were easy to remove without breaking. The only issue I had was that after several hours on the counter top, the center of my medium sized cabbage with still almost frozen. Next time I will thaw the cabbage overnight so make sure it’s soft and pliable all the way through.

  80. Sarah

    I tried my hand at making them for the first time today (instead of instantly devouring them whenever they are made by someone else), and they turned out delightful. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing such a wonderful gift with us!

  81. Julie

    Hi Jenny!

    If I omit mushrooms do I need to add more liquid to the meat?

    Thank you!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use the same amount of liquid either way.

  82. Tommy DiSabatino

    the BEST! Thank you Jenny! Today is my 5th time making this

  83. Melissa Randall

    I made this version of cabbage rolls tonight for dinner. My recipe doesn’t have the mushrooms or onions in the meat mixture and we use lemon juice in the sauce part and a little also in the mixture. My husband doesn’t care for lemon juice or vinegar either so that is why I tried these. My count was 12 not 16. I guess he liked them considering he ate 9 of them. Not over a few days…3 at 5pm 3 at 6pm and 3 at 7pm…so thank you jenny for this version which I’m sure is an authentic version. My mother is Italian so no idea where or who she got her version from. And of course she didn’t like the sauce part lol…she added a little lemon to hers. But she did say the filling was incredible.

  84. connie coleman

    Jenny, I loved you on TV and I’m also really impressed with your cabbage roll recipe, I have more in the oven right now. Thank you!

  85. Caitlynn Morris

    Is it easier to work with the cabbage leaves when they are just out of being boiled or should I let them cool

  86. Kitty

    Looks like a great recipe. When do you add the Tomatoe purée though??

  87. Nick Cordone

    Jenny please don’t leave us .We go to your site for different types of meals . Your The best of the best please stay .. We will come help you we will be your staff

    Like the song says paraphrased Jenny come back ANY KIND OF FOOL COULD SEE WE CAN’T DO WITHOUT YOU.AND YOUR MEALS ………..

  88. Buddy H

    I’ve made your recipe like 4 or five times and everyone in my family loves them. They look forward to me making them. Just pulled a batch from the oven.
    Can’t wait to eat supper.
    Thanks for sharing Jenny.

  89. Kristy

    Best recipe! We make this often it’s become a Family favorite. Thank you for sharing.

  90. Your big fan

    So delicious ?! Thanks:)

  91. Jessica Cornelius

    Really good, makes me remember the neighbors, Wojek Frank and Zofia. Had to look up uncle to spell it, I was little so you’d be betting my dupka.

    It’s now on our family list! Thank you for sharing it.

  92. Betty

    Can you cook the cabbage rolls in a crock pot (slow cooker)?

  93. Ann

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS RECIPE! I found your Youtube video and had to try these. I’ve made cabbage rolls for years but using a slightly different method and yours looked interesting so I made them and will definitely make them again! I find them much lighter as a meal than the others I have made and my family agreed the recipe is a keeper! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  94. Sophie

    This recipe is so easy and quick. About to put my first batch into the oven and I cannot wait to try.

  95. Kay Dee

    I was taught to make golabki by our neighbor who was a Polish woman. Much like yours, only she cooked them in a brine. I’ve had them since, in tomato sauce, but still prefer the brine. Beautiful food and so comforting. Thank you for sharing your version.

  96. Jan

    I have never really cared for golabki when made at my in-laws but my husband loves them. During this Covid shut down with plenty of time on my hands I thought I would make him some. Jenny, these were flavorful and great. I made them one day, refrigerated them and served them the next. A new staple in this household. You bet your dupa!!

  97. Ron in Chicago

    This looks good, just put them in the oven. They were very easy and fun to make. Perfect for a self distanced Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to eating them for dinner. I think little, bored kids might enjoy helping Mom or Dad make these. Thanks!

  98. Prosciuttocrudo

    Delicious recipe! Thank you for sharing.

  99. Sharon

    Jenny, thanks so much for sharing your Polish recipes!

    This is very, very similar to my babcia’s recipe. The main difference is she (now, we do too) used cooked white rice. My stryjenka used V8 juice instead of tomatoes & her gołąbki were always delicious.

    Just a note that brown rice takes significantly longer to cook and even with white rice the cooking time may be longer if the rice is ‘old’.

    • Fran Mc

      Such a great thought to use V8. We like the V8 with pepper. Gives a little bite.

  100. Patty

    Dziekuje!! Growing up, my mom made these all the time, and your recipe is simply delicious! I think I’m on my third batch …

  101. Ginny Sandusky

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. I hadn’t made these in years and I always just winged it so they were kind of hit or miss. I decided to make your recipe since I knew I could freeze them. Well, with using online shopping during the coronavirus I wish I had ordered two heads of cabbage because the one I got was fairly small. Other than that, I followed your directions except for substituting dried parsley and they were delicious. My aunt always served them with mashed potatoes so that’s what I did. Just wonderful!

  102. Helen J

    My Mom made cabbage rolls…delicious. My own not so. Can’t wait to try your recipe. Thanks

  103. H wooten

    Just finished make your cinnamon rolls (fantastic!!!!!) and the next video was this one !??Never made these but I have all ingredients and being self-quarantined , guess what my family’s having!? Thank you for your great recipes and videos! You saved my b*** today!! Be safe!

  104. Julie W.

    Hi Jenny,

    This will be the 3rd time making this dish. My husband is Polish and this reminds him of his grandmother’s cabbage rolls. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. You still are beautiful!

  105. Karen Zielinski

    Jenny, I made the cabbage rolls today and they were delicious!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes—I have made many of them!?

  106. Mandy

    How many people does this serve??

    • LJ

      Jenny clearly states in her video and in her written recipe as well that it makes 16. The written recipe states 16-24, if you stretch it I guess, but her video and photo with finished dish is 16.

  107. bozena kordek

    Please no meat! Add more mushrooms and veggie stock. They are so delicious and healthy without meat.

    • helen doyle

      I disagree, red meat is still good for you. My mother-in-law made the best cabbage rolls.She ate everything (died in her sleep at the age of 102) Don’t change your recipe’s Jenny, your recipe is still the best !

    • Claire Narbonne

      Thank you for the vegetarian suggestion. I will add more mushrooms!

    • LJ

      I don’t eat meat but the rest of my family does, so when I make it I will keep some of the filling aside with no meat and more mushrooms for me. You can pretty much adjust recipes like this to your own liking.

      • Lynda

        I do the same thing. I added a small grated carrot to my version. It is in the over now so cant wait to try it. Next time I may add chopped red pepper.

  108. Terry Ramsey

    Just like my German Grandma used to make. Printed the recipe for tomorrow. Nice presentation.

  109. MaryE

    I’ve never made cabbage rolls before but was hooked after watching your video. I’m also keto and substituted riced cauli for the rice. I first nuked the cauli then threw it in w/onions and mushrooms so that all were dry when it came time to stuff. Waiting now for rest of cabbage head to soften. Plan on having tonite.

  110. gauthier sylvie

    je vais assez votre recette de cigare au chou je vous donnerai des nouvelles merci moi je met pas de riz dedansa bientot

  111. Sue Gremm

    Can I substitute dried parsley for fresh parsley? If yes, what is the quantity that I would use?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The rule of thumb says to replace fresh herbs with dried, you would use 1/3 of the amount in dried herbs. So in place of 1/4 cup fresh parsley which is 12 teaspoons, you would use 4 teaspoons of dried.

    • Gerry

      I love parsley and include in just about everything. However, it is time consuming to snip fresh parsley to have on hand or freeze. I discovered a mincer that solved this problem. Check on a Zyllis fastcut herb mincer. This is so fast and you can use the stems and all as it can be so fine. I have been reviewing Jenny’s youtube recipes all day and just subscribed. It is Mother’s day and I hope everyone had a good one. This is not a paid advertisement just a suggestion from someone who just loves to cook.

  112. Betty Izquierdo

    I remember you from your T.V. Show, but this cooking on t.v. is your calling.
    I enjoy every recipe that you’ve made and it’s delicious, yet plain and simple.
    Keep up the excellent job and hope to see more Polish recipes.
    Thank You so much.
    Betty Izquierdo

  113. Robert

    I made these tonight. (They’re in the oven now!) I found them challenging only because the cabbage kept breaking and falling apart. Perhaps I cooked it too long? And advice for next time?

  114. Helena Zielinski

    My husband is Polish. I was raised by my Italian grandma. My mother in law served this to my husband often as a child. He grew up despising this dish…really anything with cabbage, but particularly this one. I grew up with my Italian grandma making a dago-fied version of this, with Italian seasonings and thick, spicy red gravy. I have never made it before, and I haven’t had it since she passed away about 15 years ago. I told my husband I was making it tonight and he grimaced and eye rolled me. I laughed and told him I would eat it all myself. I followed your recipe almost exactly, except I we eat a ketogenic diet, so I swapped the rice for a 12oz frozen package of garlic & herb seasoned cauli-rice. I heated the cauli from frozen in a pan on the stove to cook off the liquid and to make sure it softened in the cooking process. For the liquid, I used some leftover chicken broth with a couple Tbs of tomato paste whisked in. When it came out, my broth was cloudy tan, almost clear, without the red gravy I was used to, but it smelled great. I let it rest, then fried a couple pouches in butter and served with a dollop of sour cream. The husband asked to taste it, then asked if he could have one. Said he’s never eaten it with sour cream and usually it had lots and lots of tomatoes on top. But get this…he says it’s really good, ate 3 helpings, and said I should make it again. IMO, it is a little bland compared to my grandma’s version, but she used to add garlic and onion to her scrambled eggs, so… yeah. I will likely experiment with seasonings in the filling and the broth. Maybe some gyros seasoning, add a bit of ground lamb / pork to the beef? Would be great with some dilled sour cream…
    But thank you from this Italian girl who actually made a keto Polish dish that my husband ate with gusto.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Reading this just made my day! ? Thank you for taking time to share.

  115. Barbara Kinsing

    Growing up my Polish Mom never put them in the Oven, Always stove top..She started using Tomato soup and some brown gravy mixed with the leftover cabbage water. I have used the paste but alway went back to the tomato soup. My Mom always said Doesn’t matter how you make them as long as your family likes it all is good. lol

  116. Honey

    Hello and thank you for sharing your recipe I am going to make it for Mother’s day and I want to share a really time saving tip that I learned and it is to core the cabbage then wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it overnight or until you need it and when you thaw it out the leaves come off easily an are limp and you do not have to cook them before rolling them oh I got this time saving tip from watching Julia and Jacques cooking at home video and it truly is a time saver I try to always keep a head of cabbage in the freezer

    • Delores Malcomson

      I love the idea of coring the cabbage and, then, putting it in the freezer overnight, so that the leaves will come off easily. The other way that I have found to remove the leaves, easily, is to put the cabbage under running water after it has been boiled as Jenny said. The leaves will loosen as the water is running over the cabbage.

  117. Susan

    Cabbage rolls like my mom made – right down to the sour cream on top. BUT she would grind up polish sausage and raw bacon or ham and use this instead of ground beef. She would use a super sized dutch oven on the stove and make many layers separated by sauerkraut and cabbage leaves. They freeze well. I have never made them myself but will try this Mother’s Day.
    I’ll render the bacon first and drain the fat. Can’t wait to try making them!

  118. Jim Joyce

    Hi Jenny,

    Love your recipes. I’ve made cabbage rolls in the past, my former MIL would make them much like you did. I tend to do mine in a crockpot vs baking in the oven.

    Here’s a little “twist” I tried last year, rather than using cabbage I decided to use Swiss chard vs cabbage and I’ve also used collard leaves vs cabbage. BOTH worked out very well, the chard is so “delicate” it’s a bit more challenging to soften in the boiling water. I put each leaf in very HOT water, not boiling, one at a time for a short period of time and then rolled them up.

    Collard leaves are VERY sturdy and “tough” so much easier to work with and, they produce an EXCELLENT roll with beautiful bright green color.

    Thanks again for some WONDERFUL cooking recipes and I TRULY love your humor and candor duing your videos. Keep up the great work!!!!!

    All the best to you

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for sharing this. I might give collard leaves a try.

  119. Merci

    Gracias Jenny…
    Hice la receta ayer, me quedó super rica!!
    Seguí todas sus instrucciones.

  120. Robin

    Mine came out just fine. I did substitute diced zucchini instead of the mushrooms. I let them set for 60 minutes before refrigeration, with the foil still on. I have been enjoying them all week. Thanks for such a great recipe

  121. Edie Brundage

    I made these yesterday according to the directions, with UNCOOKED Rice.
    After 90 minutes, the rice was still not done. Now we have a huge pan of inedible cabbage rolls.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m very sorry to hear that. I can only tell you that I have been making this recipe this way for over 50 years and my rice is always cooked and soft. Long grain white rice takes only 20 minutes to cook and brown rice, which I have also used, cooks in 45 minutes, so I can’t imagine how either rice would not cook during 90 minutes in the oven. Again, I am very sorry it did not turn out for you.

      • Pamela

        Re: Rice didn’t cook. Maybe you did not put enough liquid over the cabbage rolls when cooking. This liquid is what cooks/gets absorbed by the rice.

      • Iwaniuk- Matusz

        In order to make sure the rice was completely cooked, my mom would usually par-boil the rice. I learned to make these while sitting on the counter watching my mom. Your video brought back so many memories. My mom was 1st generation US from Poland & the Ukraine. The last of my family, my Aunt Jenny died in Queens, NY this past April 1st. I miss her so very much.

    • Donna

      Did you use regular or converted rice? Converted rice is parboiled. Maybe regular rice doesn’t cook right in these?

  122. Carol

    Thank you Jenny! I totally enjoyed your video and of course, will try your recipe. My Ukrainian grandmother would make stuffed cabbage and she always put in a little bacon. You made me laugh out loud at the end with ‘you bet your sweet dupa!’ I knew EXACTLY what you were saying! Thanks for the recipe, your time and the memories! Stay safe.

    • Lori B

      I would watch my Polish Mom make golubki. She would par boil the rice also. Then, what really gives great taste to this meal is putting smoked polish sausage in with the stuffed golabki as it cooks. I cut the sausage into 3” pieces. I always use the sausage, it just adds an overall great taste to the entire dish. I also put some slightly rinsed sauerkraut in the bottom of my pot, it’s another thing my Mom taught me to do for another added flavor. I use enough sauerkraut to just cover the bottom. Using to much kraut can overwhelm the entire dish, Remember, don’t use much at all.

  123. Grace

    I’ve made cabbage rolls before but we really like this recipe best. I think it was the mushrooms. How would you freeze the extra rolls? And would you also freeze them with juices?

  124. Jenny

    They are in the oven right now! I can’t wait…
    I never had them fried with sour cream but it sounds yummy too.
    You cracked me up with the duppa line at the end! That’s what we call it too. My Great Grama was Polish.

  125. Kathie Baillie

    Oh and P.S. I am Italian and LOVE LOVE this recipe.. just saying

  126. Kathie Baillie

    Love love love this recipe! I’ve made it 3 times now for my family and they are hooked. Thankyou

  127. Mary Ann

    A very delicious recipe, loved it! My Heritgage is Russian so my Mom makes these and we call them “golupstee” the only difference we do not put mushroom. As growing up I dislike this dinner and would only eat one….I really enjoyed them tonight. The only thing was the rice didn’t cook through and it was a little crunchy why would that happen? I followed the recipe and I used a long grained brown rice, growing up we always Uncle Ben’s white rice and it seems now we choose other rices. The other thing I added did was pour a 14.5 oz of petite diced tomatoes along with sliced celery, mushrooms and diced onions. If you what I did wrong with the rice

  128. Poli

    Hi Jenny. I just found this amazing website I am so excited about that you are so sweet and share any recipe details with us. Good recipes! Today I am making the cabbage rolls and I will cook more recipes from you. I can’t wait to try them. Thank you and take care

  129. Carolina R.

    I Just discovered your YouTube channel. Thank you for sharing your family recipe for the cabbage rolls. It’s become a family favorite in our home! ❤️

  130. Nilda22

    Wow! My all Polish husband said these were authentic and the best I ever made in 48 years! Perfect!

  131. Donna Sbat

    I just discovered your YouTube channel, & when I saw the cabbage rolls, I knew I had to try them. Delicious! I’ve made cabbage rolls before, but this recipe is my new favorite!
    I had leftover filling, & cabbage pieces, so I also made cabbage roll soup. So yummy!

  132. Andrea Rogozinski

    My husband is Polish but has not had cabbage rolls since he was a kid. For Easter, he asked that we make them. We are a vegan family though, so we needed to vary it (but just a bit). We made a tray just as written, but put in Beyond Beef instead of meat. He absolutely LOVED it, and actually drove it over to his grandmothers house and dropped some off to her.
    I altered the recipe in another tray, because I don’t eat the fake meat products. I increased the mushrooms, crumbled Temphe and cooked that with the mushrooms/onions, and added some turmeric, fennel seeds and a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce a a little fresh thyme.
    It was really really good as well. And-perfectly manageable, even with three kiddos running around. Thank you so much!!!

  133. Kay Michaelis

    There are many, many recipes for cabbage rolls. This is from my Mother-in-Law whose parents immigrated from Poland (Polish names are of my own phonetical spelling memory)
    Cook 2 C short grain rice (use no salt) 1/2 of recommended time. drain and set aside
    in lg pot, submerge large head of cabbage in boiling water, cutting each leaf off as it separates from the head
    mix 11/2 lb of raw ground beef with the sautéed onion, 2 envelopes of onion soup mix and as much rice as you like for a filler (I like 50/50)
    put the grease in a shallow bowl. dip one cabbage leaf into the fatback grease, then fill with a scoop of meat mixture and roll, turning in the sides of the leaf and rolling until leaf is filled. make sure that there is enough excess leaf to tuck under to seal. repeat until the cabbage leaves are too small to fill
    (you may need more than 1 head of cabbage, depending on the size of the head)
    NECESSARY, putting some leftover leaves between the layers and remaining leaves in the bottom of the pan
    MIX 1-2 CANS OF TOMATO SOUP W/WATER AND POUR ON TOP OF THE ROLLS (should nearly cover the rolls)
    cover and bake at 350 for one hour. uncover and bake for 1/2 hour more. put the rendered fatback cubes in a separate dish in the oven for the last 5 min to heat
    As you can see, this recipe is not the least bit healthy and is labor intensive. However, it has excellent flavor and if made once a year or two, is a super treat. I think that the peasants in Poland needed all of those calories and worked off the effects of the cholesterol?
    * In the 1970’s when I learned to make this, fatback contained no meat, was covered with coarse salt and was 1″ or more thick so it was easy to cut off the skin.I hadn’t made these for years but in the 90’s I could only find fatback in 1/2″ pieces making it almost impossible to cut off the skin. Fatback is integral to the flavor and if I made this dish today, I would try butcher shops or amish markets to try to find the old cut.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for taking time to share your family recipe. I also added it to the “Your Recipes” section of the blog.

    • lucyagnes

      Could you tell me what fatback is? Thank you

      • Walela

        Fat back in my neck of the woods is: pig meat like bacon that is sliced thick and usually has a thick layer of skin on the meat that is usually cut of after cooking. Some places it is like “salt pork”. But not as salty. Ask your butcher about it.

  134. loretta loveland

    soooo disappointing! Totally tasteless, And my rice never cooked after 1 1/2 hrs in oven ! I suggest cooking rice before , if you’re not using Uncle Bens ! I used long grain brown! I would add some green pepper and celery and more spices! I am 1/2 polish on mother’s side remember my grandma from Poland making them and they were yummy wish I had her recipe! Also I like more tomatoes! This was a great learning experience even though tasteless!

    • Doris

      I had the same issue with the rice. Next time I’ll use instant rice or pre cook it. Overall, satisfied n now I can adjust n change as I please

    • Eve Ikeda

      Brown rice takes longer to cook, plus you have to use more liquid in the cooking process. Hope that helps.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I have made this recipe with white and brown rice with the same baking time so I’m not sure why the rice would not cook unless maybe the pan was not sealed well enough. I’m sorry you had this problem.

  135. Theresa

    These are delish!
    I made 2 pans, one to share.
    They are so good and easy to make.
    Thank you Jen.

  136. Jo-Ellen Kenney

    Hi. These were never on my radar to make, but I happened on the video on YouTube and am so glad I did! Jenny has a new fan and I’m telling everyone about her recipes. I found it was easy to get the cabbage out of the water with a metal strainer with a long handle. My husband and teenage son loved the cabbage rolls and the Faster No Knead bread. Happy I found you, Jenny!

  137. Marvelle Dann

    Great recipe.Used chick peas and corn.Also tuna fish and lamb.Sent to some of my friends.

  138. Izzy

    This is by far the best cabbage roll recipe, this is my second time making them and the whole family loves them!!! I have a 12yr old & 6yr old, and they often ask when i will making them. I love that they are not saucy, its the perfect combination of everything.
    Jenny you’re awesome!!!!!

  139. L Ruffer

    I went to a high school with Polish nuns in Chicago. Had these delicious cabbage rolls at classmates’ homes. Thank you for the wonderful memories and tastes. I added sauerkraut juice only because i had it left over. Delicious, amazingly simple recipe. Thank you.

  140. Eileen

    Can’t tell you why .. but I included some sourkraut in the pan with the stuffed cabbage and tomatoes and broth. Gives it a wonderful flavor .. the kraut just melts away.

    Thank you from a second generation Polish girl.

    • Kathy

      Good add! I use my Hungarian great aunt’s recipe and it calls for sauerkraut – maybe you have some Hungarian in your ancestry?? 😉

    • Vicki

      I leave out the tomatoes and add sauerkraut.

  141. millie

    I think this is the best recipe I have found for cabbage . I want to make it soon but I am confused with the rice .You don’t cook it before combining the filling??? Please answer soon I have the cabbage and am drooling for the finished product
    Thank youi

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The recipe does indicate to use uncooked rice.

    • B.H. Lawson

      My background is Russian Ukrainian and I have been making cabbage rolls for over 40 years. In my opinion, COOK THE RICE before adding it to the meat mixture. It never seems to cook all the way otherwise.

      • Julie H from Michigan

        I am 2nd generation Romanian. We cook these for every Easter and Christmas. We cook our rice first as well. We cook ours in a large roaster or deep pot. We make alot of broth with the cabbage water and add some canned diced tomatoes. Also….very important to add smoked ham hocks for flavoring. Yum!

  142. Martin

    I’m also Polish, second gen from immigrants,both sides, and my father was also the cook in family and now so are most of the men. Golabki remains a staple menu item and of course, I commandeer the cooking at our Wigilia every Christmas Eve. Four years ago in January, in her small kitchen in senior housing, it was the last thing I cooked for my mother before she died. Her cookware was ancient (I had to use an aluminum pie plate as a cover), but with the meager ingredients I picked up from the market, I made her the best Golabki ever. I think it was inherent in me to cook this dish just out of love for my ailing Mom. (she passed on Ash Wednesday) Love you, Jenny Jones. You are a beautiful lady. A Polish princess.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Your mother was lucky to have such a loving son.❤️

    • Mary-Ann

      She raised a good son as well as a good cook.

  143. BogdaBird

    My maternal grandparents were Slavic. Halupki were a staple. My mother turned 89 this year so of course the nearby family and Polish friend were invited for her birthday dinner! She and I ( came up from from Virginia and got my Italian family hooked on them) made a huge batch along with the pickled beets and fried potatoes.
    We use mixtures of beef and pork. Glad to see you didn’t use cooked rice. But we make a roux and tomato sauce with vinegar and sugar.
    ❤️ the stuffed cabbage

  144. John Krawiecki

    I’m 100% Polish. Grandparents from Warsaw! 1-1/2 lbs of 80% hamburger. Slightly less than 1/2 pound of fresh ground pork(not sausage). Sautéed diced half of a yellow onion. 3/4 cup of white rice(I use minute rice).salt, pepper and garlic powder. Mix all by hand. Core cabbage and place in large pot of hot to boiling water. Remove one leaf at a time. Place meat at bottom of leaf, on middle seam. Fold forward then fold over the sides. Very easy to do! For the sauce I use 1 can of Campbell’s tomato soup, 1 8oz can of Hunts tomato sauce and 1/2 soup can of water. Whisk all together. Slightly coat the 9×13 pan with the sauce mixture. Roll the cabbage rolls, seamed side down. Fill pan then cover all with the sauce. 1-1/2 to 2 hours at 350. Mashed potatoes, corn, rye bread and butter. Put a little sauce over the potatoes.

    • Hungry Hungarian

      I”m always bewildered why some people remark on a recipe with the way they make them! I can understand a few variations, but totally just posting your own recipe drives me nuts! Make your own blog/website!
      Anyways, these are in the oven as I post, and can’t wait til they come out! Tomorrow making your fast no knead bread. Thanks Jenny!

      • Ted K.

        No one is forcing you to pay attention to, much less read another recipe!

    • chris morro

      I am also polish john love your recipie,It is just like mine.
      I dont think cabbage and sourkrout in the same dish go together

      • John Krawiecki

        Chris I agree. Kiełbasa, kraut, pork chop in pot all day for flavor,quartered potatoes, corn, rye bread and butter is the way we ate it in the family.
        Kraut not great with golombkis.

  145. Joyce R

    What is the best way to reheat a 3 qt casserole of stuffed cabbage to take to a dinner party.

  146. jdgrammy

    I am so glad I found your receipt. My polish aunt showed us how to make these. I have one question, she used to take salt pork and garlic and mash it real good. She used a large pasta pot and layered the rolls putting this mixture in between and used WATER or maybe chicken/vegetable broth (water has no taste) and added it in. Have you seen these made this way?

    Not a very healthy meal, but you only make it once or twice a year.

    I will try yours it also sounds delicious. Looking forward to a response.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry I have no experience with, or knowledge of, how to use salt pork.

  147. Betty Duphiney

    My mom made these. Very polish but she did not use the mushrooms. She also added a can of tomato soup instead of the water and tomato sauce at the end. Haven’t cooked them in ages but will do so soon. Thanks for the memories.
    Betty Duphiney

  148. Sherry Gates

    That looks really really good. I’m going to make it.

  149. Cindi

    Love this! So glad I stumbled on it. The only thing I changed was, instead of pan browning, I drizzled with olive oil and broiled 2 minutes on each side. Perfect!!! A new fav!

  150. Sandra

    Hi nJenny, I am thrilled with this recipe. I have just finished rolling up my rolls and have them in 2 pans. Ready to put liquid over the top, My question is you mentioned freezing but didn’t say anything else. Would I cook the rolls first and then put in container to freeze? Or freeze before cooking? Thanks,,,,,, Sandi

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I freeze after cooking.

    • Robert Archambault

      I make cabbage rolls on a regular basis and also freeze them quite often. I’ve frozen them both before and after cooking and have found before comes out a touch better.

      Take the rolls you plan to freeze and cool them in the fridge overnight. The next morning, freeze them on a cookie sheet and then take the frozen rolls and seal them up in bags using a vacuum sealer. This prevents moisture loss and keeps the rolls from being crushed, both possible when vacuum sealing, as they are frozen before being vacuum packed. When it’s time to eat them, defrost them overnight in the fridge or under running water if in a hurry, and then finish cooking them as if they were freshly made. And that’s exactly how they will taste.

      I’ve also frozen them after cooking them, along with some of the liquid they were cooked in. They come out very good, and most people will be very pleased with the results. One benefit of vacuum sealing cooked rolls and freezing them, is that they can be easily reheated, after thawing, in a small pot of hot – not boiling – water, without unsealing the vacuum bag, in a very short time.

      My rule is as follows: If freezing them for a long time, to have on hand for an emergency for example, freeze before cooking. For long term freezing, I always recommend vacuum sealing. My vacuum sealer is probably the best thing I ever bought.

      If you made a good amount and are just freezing not to lose any, which would be a tragic waste ?, and plan to eat them within a month or so, or want to have some on hand for a quick meal, cook them first and then freeze. Not necessary to vacuum seal if you will be eating them within 2 months say.

      Hope this wasn’t too long a post and I hope it helps someone out there!

      And I just made a batch of 20 cabbage rolls before I posted this, they are in the oven as I type. Can’t wait til I eat some tomorrow! ?

      • CountryLane 4711

        Thank you so much Robert, for sharing your ideas!… Love this freezing ideas. Perfect results every time!

      • Slovak Cooking

        Oh Ms Jenny, ya lyublyu East European cooking and you are Da Boss!

  151. Jacqueline

    Hi Jenny (and all commenters!) I can’t wait to make your stuffed cabbage, but have one question. You specify uncooked rice in your recipe. Do you later cook it before you mix it with the meat and mushrooms? In my own recipe I always used cooked or partly cooked rice. But I want to try YOUR recipe. Your recipes always come out great!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The rice goes into the mixture uncooked.

  152. Mary Margaret Sayre

    On my I love this recipe…thank you so very much for sharing

  153. Grammy Lorna

    I saw your video and I knew I had to make these. I don’t cook much. Can’t stand that long. BUT I just put them in the oven. Luckily I discovered that I had forgotten the onion mixture before entering oven! Had to unroll, mix and roll again. I do feel quite accomplished!! Cannot wait to surprise my husband tomorrow with these. Thank you!

  154. Dan G

    It’s so good to see your face and hear your voice again! You are missed by your adoring public and you have a class and gentileness that missing from TV today! Thank you for the recipe and I will be making it soon for my dad! Much love to you!

  155. John S

    I expect that the cabbage rolls will be delicious tomorrow. Thank you for your recipe. But that is after ruining two heads of cabbage. After checking my own recipe, I saw that the cabbage is supposed to simmer for 2-4 minutes, NOT TEN. Cabbage mush does not make for good rolls.
    But, thanks again for sharing. John S.

    • Carolyn L

      Well it looks like we were cooking these on the same day, lol. I bought a Large Head of Cabbage and actually simmered it for 10 minutes, turned the burner off and then left it sit in the water for at least another 15-20 minutes because preparation had my attention but mine turned out perfect. Maybe it was because the heads you had were really small. Maybe that’s the difference but I appreciate your comment because I’ll be sure to pay attention closely should I ever buy small heads. 😉

  156. MrsM

    The last time I tried to make this dish was In 1986 and it was my cooking disaster. Your positive tutorial video, and cabbage cooking tips, has inspired me to attempt these delicious rolls again. Fingers crossed for no cabbage struggles today!

  157. Donna

    Jenny, I loved your presentation on cabbage rolls. Your recipe looks delicious. You have a wonderful connection with the camera. And you made me laugh out loud when you finished with: “You bet your sweet dupa!”

    I’m going to make your cabbage roll recipe.

  158. Pam

    I freeze my cabbage and when you defrost all leaves evenly wilted for rolling. Easier then boiling

  159. Camille

    My Goodness so very nice to see you ! …it looks as though your in a wonderfully happy place, I am so glad to see you doing what is in your heart I am book marking the site Camille

  160. Paula Warren

    My grandparents were from Poland and I make my cabbage rolls like my grandmother…………..covered with sauerkraut and V8 juice. YUM!!!!!

    • Judy Bennett

      Hi Paula ❗️ I’m 79 years old & this is FIRST time I’ve seen anyone say add sauerkraut ? My mom made it this way & so have I all these years! Adds so much flavour & nutrition to the dish ? I have taught many friends & relatives this method & all agree it’s THE best ! Good for you for going public with sauerkraut ??❗️

      • Yolanda Corzine

        My grandma was Hungarian and she used saurkraut on the top and I put it on the bottom also.. good favor and delicious

  161. Linda Davis Chavez

    I’ve always wanted a recipe just like my grandmother would make. This is it. Do you author a cookbook I can purchase? This is the first time I’ve written.
    Thank you so much

  162. Linda Davis Chavez

    I’ve always wanted a recipe just like my grandmother would make. This is it. Do you author a cookbook I can purchase?
    Thank you so much

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My cookbook is out of print and out of date so I do not recommend looking for it. I’m a better and simpler cook today and all the best recipes from the book along with many new ones are here on my website.

      • Lynne S.

        I have printed many recipes from my laptop. Bought a three ring binder. Now I have easy access to recipes and can write notes to myself. Jenny I love your recipes and have made many items. My family is always saying Yum!!! Thank you!

  163. Julie Birmngham

    I have been looking for this way to cook cabbage rolls for years. The visual gives me so much information. I would not get with the printed form. Thank you

  164. Mary

    How wonderful they look. The Polish kitchen is so versatile and yummy. I married a man from Poland and we went back many times to visit his family. I deeply admire the people, so strong and smart.

    My sons went with us on the Merchant ship that came into Corpus Christi and frequently used the word dupa, much to the chagrin of their father.
    Blessings, Mary

  165. Daniel Garbinski

    Our family secret is to breakfast pork sausage to the mix for outstanding flavor. Most I’ve ate at Polish restruants are flavourless and plain. Cook them in a roaster topped with Heinz ketchup. Yum

  166. Karen W

    Made this recipe last year and they turned out great. Plan on making them again this year.

  167. Cory

    They look delicious! I’m gonna try this recipe. The whole time I was watching your video I couldn’t help but thing you resemble a famous actress. I finally realized it is Kim Catrall.

    • Natalie Escalera

      Jenny Jones!!!! talk show from the 90s.

  168. PJ

    Decades ago, we had a friend whose mom loved to cook and would send our friend home with foil pans full of homemade frozen meals, meat balls, stuffed cabbage, and I don’t remember what else. All we remember is that our friend was overloaded with her mom’s freezer meals, so she passed some along to friends. Everything was very good, and for some reason I’ve thought occasionally of the stuffed cabbage. OK, so I bought some ground beef and a cabbage last week, and then last night our expensive 6 month old refrigerator died. I mean it DIED – no lights, no motor, nothing. So, I got out the pan for the ground beef, started some rice, got out the cabbage and a big pot, and P.U. – the ground beef spoiled! I didn’t think one night in a semi-cold fridge would have killed it, but it did. I also threw out a lovely package of thick lamb chops :/ The repair crew is coming out in two days, and I’ll be sure to get some ground beef and try stuffed cabbage as soon as we’re operational again!

    • Jim

      Per chance was your six month old fridge a Kenmore, but made by Whirlpool?

      My cooling and freezing features are fine, the repairman came out for $89.00, diagnosed the issue as the master led light, that controls ALL other lights. The cost for Sears to fix was $500. I paid $1100 for the fridge less than a year earlier. Still no lights. And I am 80 and disabled.

      Looking forward to you cabbage rolls though Jenny. Thanks for the recipe.

  169. Martha

    Is that ok to use wild rice instead of long grain rice

  170. Rose Hill

    Well I made these and I enjoy them nobody else got to eat any .
    so I had to put them in the refrigerator till the next day .
    unfortunately my husband didn’t get to try them
    But my son took what was left to work with him and his best friend tried them to,low and behold his best friend then wanted the recipe.
    He truly enjoyed them they both did. Now I’m having company this weekend they’re coming with their family to have dinner with me with your Polish cabbage rolls thank you after telling my husband’s an about it she’ll be here Sunday to enjoy a dinner of them with us as well no I’m doing a lot more cooking than I wanted but I don’t mind because I really really like them thank you so much for sharing I love your cooking.

    • Myra

      It is huge time waster to cook cabbage. Place head of cabbage in freezer overnight. Remove next day and allow to thaw. Cut off leaves and begin. A slow cooker is easiest method. Btw as a vegetarian the impossible meat package works very very well. Try cranberry sauce or prunes and raisin for a sweet sour taste.

      • mcleod55

        I’ve read that the analysis of the Impossible Meat shows 20 ingredients that are the same as some brands of DOG FOOD… Enjoy

        • Maggiesrose

          What is the implication here? Consider that having ingredients in common is something like having other constituents–DNA, for instance–in common. Humans share something like 99% of their DNA with chimpanzees. Does that ruin humans?

          I may be wrong in thinking I detect a bit of animosity toward plant-sourced meat in your post. If I am, please excuse me. But mock meat spares the environment, our health, and animals. It’s a good thing, not a bad one.

      • Chrissy

        How long does it take for cabbage to thaw if whole head was put in freezer !

  171. Karen

    I loved your video. It reminded me of my childhood days growing up in a Polish neighborhood. Thanks! Weddings required them. I never made them but you made it look so easy I’m going to give it a go.

  172. Melanie

    Jenny I love your videos. You make it look so simple. I always wanted to make cabbage rolls. I googled cabbage rolls and you piped pop. I followed your recipe but used organic ground chicken. It was so good. Today I will warm up in a skillet. This is my new once a week thing to make. I also
    Like you flour tortilla video

  173. Dale

    I have made this recipe a few times, and absolutely love it! It is a simple recipe and the only thing I’ve added is the spice blend of Garam Masala. This is my go to recipe for cabbage rolls. Thank you for providing it to us!!

  174. evelyn

    These cabbage rolls are delicious ….Now when I want to cook some thing I go to your web page and follow your recipe if it is there. Thanks Jenny.

  175. Lise Caldwell

    Best cabbage rolls in my book.So easy to make & great tasting.When my grown children are over for dinner I top them with tomato soup since they prefer them that way

  176. Mila

    just wanna say THANK YOU !!!

  177. Stan

    Sounds good made them never the same one time to the next thanks

    • B.A.F.

      Miss Jenny is a little polish sweetheart. I appreciate the recipes she has made available to us and you can print it. She has a great recipe for pierogies also. Every recipe has been rather easy to follow. Her YouTube channel is a great resource.
      Thank you Miss Jenny Jones you’re making things available that might be lost. I’ve heard that it only takes a generation to lose our culinary heritage. One last thing there’s a huge library of videos about food and heritage.

  178. Elisabet

    Hi Jenny! I just found your site and I really like your recipes. I love your enthusiasm. My grandma was a Polish immigrant living in Argentina. She used to make these cabbage rolls when I was little, she called them “niños envueltos” (wrapped children, LOL) in Spanish. I doubt she ever used mushrooms because they were expensive and not easy to find. When she could find them, she would use tender grape leaves instead of cabbage. Have you ever heard of this variation? I’m excited to try your recipe, it looks really yummy.

  179. Sue

    I just can see Jenny howling at all these posts! I have to say I’m impressed by the number of men posting and cooking! My hubby of 46 years does not cook, but is the best cleaner upper ever!
    Now, I had way too much meat left over as I always do. My cabbage was too tiny after using almost all of it! I sent the hubby to the store, he got me another cabbage, and I steamed it in my microwave for nine minutes in my ancient steamer for microwaves, and it worked like a gem, and I did not have to reboil my water. So easy! By the way Jenny, I cook my rolls in an Instant
    Pot! Hands down the simplest method ever, they do not unroll, but stay put in the sauce. Yummmmmmm! You are simply the best cook and demonstrator ever! Thanks a million, from Ontario. ??

  180. Sue

    I love this recipe, however ten minutes to cook the whole cabbage, just doesn’t work for me. I needed to cook it 20 minutes, and return the smaller portion again to the boiling water, otherwise, they were way too hard to deal with!
    Lesson learned. It was not a large cabbage either! ??

    • Ellie

      Right Sue, the cabbage takes quite a while sometimes, I found smaller ones work the best to use. Core the middle well, and as the leave become mid soft I remove them and let the cabbage continue to cook.

    • Ellie

      Right Sue, the cabbage takes quite a while sometimes, I found smaller ones work the best to use. Core the middle well, and as the leave become mid soft remove them and let the cabbage continue to cook. Not me, this is first time I addresssed the cabbage, and my e mail is correct.

  181. Kathy Sikora

    I have made stuffed cabbage many time through my 77 years. The last time was in 2018. I did put some bacon drippings in with the high-fat meat 🙁 but will try it your way next time. I would like to know how I can warm them up the next day for the first meal. Can the whole pan be re-heated in the oven and for how long? Thank you for such a delightful video!

  182. Rosely D.

    Jenny, your recipes are delicious; this one reminded me of my mom’s homemade Cabbage Rolls, of which we could not get enough. However, she substituted the ground beef with chopped/shredded chicken and diced onions, celery, carrots, potatoes, green beans and olives with the pimento inside and sauteed it all in tomato sauce she made; the sauce was delicious because she added 1/4 cup of orange juice and a tablespoon of mild salsa . Then, she stuffed the cabbage with all the goodies and cooked them covered and slow on the pan with the sauce covering the cabbages. YUM! I’ll haveg to make them soon! I did learn how to better prepare the cabbage from you so I thank you for that and all your recipes are healthier alternatives! Yeeei.

  183. delores ziga

    i make mine completely different..i make it the hungarian way..thats like meat loaf with rice

    • Rosely D.

      Hello Delores, I read the comment you left on the Cabbage Rolls and was wondering if you would share your recipe. My mom also made it entirely different but Jenny’s is the actual creation which has been modified by various ethnic groups. Our family is not fond of ground beef and eat beef very seldom so mom’s recipe was made with chicken. I posted it in this page.

      Thanks in advance for responding.
      Rosely D
      Niceville FL (Yes, it’s really Niceville – Lol)

  184. Kristin

    CAMPBELL’S TOMATO SOUP. That was the requirement in mom’s cabbage rolls. NOT generic soup, NOT the gourmet tomato, not any other tomato but Campbell’s Tomato soup & of course, tomato sauce (Pomi or other is fine) to add more liquid, you could even add chopped tomatoes I guess. It is in this and in Cabbage Soup, they HAD to contain Campbell’s tomato soup. Why? Campbell’s has a specific flavor & texture. Cabbage soup (the kind you make with brisket, they serve at Jewish delis) must be made this way or it’s no good.


      I TOTALLY agree about the Campbells Tomato Soup! I get more complements on mine and it’s always the same question, “What kind of tomato sauce do I use” LOL, It’s Campbells tomato soup!

    • Mary B

      Do you have an actual recipe? I’ve been looking for one. I remember my mom using Campbell’s tomato soup for a few things also

      • Karen T

        I’m getting ready to make my Mom’s Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and she always used Campbell’s Tomato Soup. It is sooooo good! Hope you get this.

        • 1 lb. ground beef
        • 1 ¼ tsp salt
        • ¼ tsp pepper
        • 1 egg, well beaten
        • 1/3 cup uncooked rice
        • 2 Tbls fat (your choice)
        • 1 onion, sliced fine
        • 1 1/3 cups tomato soup
        • 1 soup can water
        • 1 tsp dry parsley
        • ½ cup celery, chopped
        • 3 Tbls lemon juice
        • 1 tsp brown sugar
        • Salt and pepper – to taste
        • 6 (or more) cabbage leaves
        1. Season ground beef with salt and pepper – Mix well – Add rice.
        2. Sauté onion in fat for a several minutes.
        3. Combine tomato soup and water – Add to onion.
        4. Add parsley, celery, lemon juice, sugar, salt and pepper.
        5. Cook for 10 minutes.
        6. Wash cabbage leaves and boil until limp.*
        7. Put 1 to 2 tablespoons of meat mixture into each leave and roll tightly,
        8. Place in a sauce pan and pour sauce over rolls.
        9. Cover pan tightly and cook on low for 3 hours.
        Note: Mom said they use to add a few dashes of nutmeg and 6 to 8 crushed gingersnaps to the sauce. I never seem to have gingersnaps at hand so I don’t use them, but I always use the nutmeg and a tiny pinch of ground cloves.

        *A few ways to remove cabbage leaves from a head of cabbage – pick the one that works for you: Freezer: remove outer leaves/rinse and core cabbage/pat dry/wrap in plastic wrap or put in Ziploc/freeze overnight/defrost in fridge overnight/leaves will slip off. Microwave: remove outer leaves/place in glass pie plate core side down/add ½ cup water/cover/nuke on High 10 min/turn over core side up/cover/nuke 10 more min/set aside to cool enough to handle/slip off leaves (you may need to nuke a few more min. to get the center soft enough to release leaves. Traditional: remove outer leaves/rinse clean/core/in a LARGE pot bring enough water to cover cabbage (remember the cabbage will displace water) to a boil/add cabbage/boil a few minutes/lift with long meat fork (or tongs) remove leaves you can/put back in pot a few more minutes/remove with fork/tongs and remove more leaves/repeat – Ugh!

  185. Jim Vargo

    It’s the asides that add the spice!

    You washed an autographed baseball. The pool boy. You bet your sweet dupa!

    But best of all is the smile after. It’s like you are holding it in. So innocent, so funny, so authentic.

    What a treasure. I bake your dutch oven bread every day, and smile.

  186. Penny

    This is the best recipe for cabbage rolls that I have seen. Never thought to brown them with a bit of sour cream. Thanks so very much!

  187. Angie Delvenne

    I followed you’re recipe except I cooked my hamburger and rice added tomato soup then rolled and cooked them in oven for a hour, they were so yummy. Also I did almost all ur recipes and they are all awesome and I can understand all of them. Thank you Jenny for making them so easy. Love ya from Angie in Winnipeg Mb Canada

  188. Mr Ed

    Looks great and easy. Yumm

  189. Erik

    Couldn’t figure out who this Jenny was?? Hmmm?
    What a pleasant surprise!
    Wish I stood next to my Polish Aunt Mary a little more.

    Love these recipes! A great meal! I use salt pork to really add some flavor.

  190. Sue Geney Bynum

    This is my dinner tonight. My family is hovering! Looks just like grandma’s. I haven’t had good cabbage rolls since she passed. Now I know what I was doing wrong.

  191. Ernest Jones

    Pan fry riced cauliflower until it has the consistency of cooked rice. Substitute 1 1/2 cups of the cauliflower for the rice and you have a delicious KETO friendly dish. Jenny’s recipe is spot on.

    • Elva M. Buff

      I was trying to figure out how to make this KETO friendly so thank you for the way to use cauliflower instead of rice. I love cabbage rolls and now have your wonderful directions. Gotta try this real soon.

  192. Monique

    Jenny I love your recipes all of them.

  193. Annie

    At one time ages ago I had cabbage rolls with a light vinegar taste to the sauce. Have anyone had such a thing?

    • Mary Ann

      My mom used to layer the bottom and other layers with polish sauerkraut she said she cooked the rice first. Then she’d just add water and pour 2 cans of tomato soup.

    • Kathie McBride

      My mother-in-law made cabbage rolls that were somewhat sour. She baked them in a Dutch oven and covered them with a can of drained sauerkraut before baking them. Sometimes she also added golden raisins to the meat and rice mixture. She served them with mashed potatoes over which we heaped the tasty tomato-flavored sauerkraut. ONE OF THE BEST TASTING MEALS I’VE EVER HAD AND I’M 76!

    • HikingStick

      I remember reading an account a woman related about her grandmother. She would serve them with lightly sugared vinegar–simpler than a sweet-and-sour sauce, but the same concept.

  194. Rod

    Outstanding recipe ! Tried this for the first time after watching Jenny’s video and they came out Great ! Thank you so much Jenny for putting cooking videos online.

  195. Nancy

    I just bought all the ingredients for these. I’m 59 yrs old hand have always done then on the stove top and always even with lining with extra leaves burn them ?, so I am very excited to try this recipe making them in the oven. It looks more flavorful than mine also. Wish me luck lol Jenny, thank you so very much for sharing this recipe with us.

  196. Eunice

    I’m looking forward to make your recipe, it looks fantastic, thanks for sharing.

  197. William Kirk Sumrall

    Just made these wonderful cabbage rolls did’t take long and it was fun to do. I will find out later on this evening how good they are when my youngest daughter shows up. Miss Jenny you can cook !!!

  198. Dee did her

    ‘‘This looks delicious. I think it takes longer than I wanted to spend , but u make it look so easy I’m going to do it thank u & have a blessed day

  199. Peggy Sue Bouley

    Jenny these cabbage rolls are the best. I have made them over and over for the past 7 months. Your such a beautiful lady and funny. I understand the strain your under and all those people from all over the world that are constantly asking questions. I wouldn’t be able to handle it either. Your better off just doing this. I’m glad your not gone but on your own. That show’s your love for cooking and baking. Thank You for all you’ve taught me. Love you bunches

  200. JJ

    I have to make several dozen stuffed cabbage for a family reunion in September. I haven’t made them in about three years, so I looked for jenny’s recipe and found it, thank goodness. Jenny, I love to watch your videos. And I love your recipes. Thanks so much.

  201. Hedi-Schweinfurt

    I am from Deutschland, I love your recipes.

    Just like my Mutti made at home

  202. Haold john

    I use your recipe. But I add cooked bacon in the mix.

  203. Judy

    I love your easy demonstrated recipes, and your sense of humor and I know you want to be healthy, but you know, the latest is using full fat dairy, etc, recommended by healthy Doctors, because low fat things add more sugar to make things taste better.
    Pasture or grass fed butter and not a lot of sugar is the best!:)
    White flour is not so good for people either.
    There is an ancient wheat called Einkorn flour only from Italy that is pure and doesn’t cause issues with people who have to be gluten free:) – No chemicals.
    You can buy the flour in certain health food stores or Outpost or Fresh Thyme stores:)
    So don’t worry about cooking with pasture raised butter or full fat milk, yogurt, etc:)
    Check it all out:)
    I always seem to gain weight if I bake with too much flour or sugar.
    How do you keep your weight down and eat all of these delicious foods?

    • Marilyn Dennis

      I’m on keto diet so I am enjoying all the fat that I am eating. I don’t have to worry about fat as it is healthy for you. Study shows that the culprits are carbs and sugar. These are what causing heart problem and all kinds of issue in our bodies. The whole time we were blaming it on the fat. I get my sugar and cholesterol tested every 6 months and with all the fat I am eating, my cholesterol is normal than normal and so as my sugar level. When I watched how they make all those low fat stuff like the milk, they actually have to put chemicals in order to achieve low fat. The study shows it’s better for your health to actually eat NO low fat. If you read the bible, even God loves fat lol. Our paleo ancestors only eat fatty meat…. no carbs or even no veggies in those days. I enjoy my keto diet

      • Shirley

        I would like this simplified. With your experience can you simplify the Keto diet?

    • Lisa

      Actually after 7 years Gluten Free I bought Einkorn and although the wheat tasted wonderful after so long without, I ended up at the doctors.
      Wheat is wheat! Some cannot eat it! Beware.

  204. Louise

    Cabbage rolls are in the oven! Waiting patiently!!

  205. Cyndi Trumpold

    Dear Jenny
    I have a question about cooking 3 cabbage rolls with uncooked rice. I was thinking the microwave is that possible? i am Polish also and yours looked so yummy.

    I hope you can help me

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Sorry, I have never cooked any meals in a microwave so I can’t help.

  206. Stan Adamski

    Hi Jenny
    That’s pretty close to the way I make my cabbage rolls too.

  207. 'Granpa' Ed

    Hello. Glad I found your site,
    I’m an old 77 y.o. disabled Vet and I love to cook… well, at least I used to.
    I found your site and tried the stuffed cabbage leaves.
    Super great. I was proud to share them at a monthly pot-luck with other residents in the senior building I live in. They were a smash hit.
    Thanks for rekindling my love of cooking.
    The “Fall off the bone” ribs are next!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Ed, you are a great role model for other seniors in the building, who are seeing the benefits of home cooking. Wait ’til they taste the ribs! ❤️

  208. 'Granpa' Ed


  209. Donna M Carroll

    I can’t wait to buy the ingredients and try this recipe. Looks scrumptious ?

  210. GrannyB

    Hi Jenny, I just now found your site! As I read some of the comments about the cabbage rolls, I remembered a class in English Usage in college. The professor was asked for a good description of semantics. She asked if the class knew what Swiss Steak was and most raised our hands. She pointed to one student and asked how their mom made it, then asked another, and another. She got three different answers: one with brown gravy, one with mushroom gravy, and one with tomato gravy, but still the same dish. She said, “that’s semantics.” Cabbage rolls are made in almost every country in Europe and with varying ingredients, but each country has their own version of the same recipe.To say your’s is not traditional or authentic is just wrong! I think one would need to go back centuries to find where these rolls originated. My Sarma recipe is very similar to your’s, but I think the one you posted would have more flavor. I’m anxious to try it as well as to try more of your recipes!

    • Bobbie

      When I read your comment, I laughed because I have wondered how Swiss steaks have gotten that name, and when I lived in Switzerland I asked my good friend Elsbeth, as she was cooking one day, if she knew what Swiss Steak is. She asked how it is made. I said that in the US what I saw was round steak in a pan with lots of canned tomato on top, then steamed to “perfection.” She said, “Sounds awful” but there is no such popular dish in der Schweiz that even resembles it. Perhaps there was a Swiss lady in the U.S. who years ago used to make something like this (though the Swiss are tasty cooks so I bet it wasn’t this awful) and locally it got to be known as Swiss Steak.

  211. Larry

    Made these yesterday and although they are good I think the next time I will revert back to my Hungarian recipe which is to simmer them covered in tomato juice on top of the stove. I did enjoy frying the leftovers in butter – very good and different.

  212. Jósef

    Hi Jenny,
    I just made your stuffed cabbage after watching your delightful, informative, lovely video.
    To a degree, I don’t care how it turns out, the whole experience was fantastic.
    Thank you Jenny.
    I grew up on a real, live PA farm with a very Polish grandmother and grandfather. She made this for me all the time.
    She also threatened, frequently, to swat my dupa if I kept getting underfoot. But she rarely carried out her threat since we were buddies.
    Thank you for making this video Jenny and sharing so much of yourself and your culture.

  213. Susan

    I made these today, but I had to use what was on hand…and was searching for use for cabbage when I realized I had collards when I went to pick in the garden. I cooked them the same way and even my picky eater liked them! Oh, I had to use ground turkey, too, which is not bad, if you’re someone like me who just can’ eat beef anymore. Thanks for a great tutorial. We loved the sauce, but next time, I’d add more….used chicken bouillon and collard green water with leftover tomatoes. Delicious!!!

    • TONJA


  214. Richard Adams

    Jenny I really didn’t recognized you with the dark hair. These are some wonderful receipts and going to the store for the stuff cabbage for Mondays dinner. Oh yeah. Going to and a little soft cheese in the mix. Richard at 66 year old guy who use to watch your show.

    • SassySB

      I knew she sounded/looked familiar! Thanks for pointing that out!

  215. Michael Savinda

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    Thank you

  216. Diana Johnson

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  218. Kathleen M Leggio

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    You are the best! I have made your cabbage rolls 3 times and every single time they turned out delicious!!!

    I grew up eating “stuffed cabbage”. Was always hard to make and time consuming and smothered in some kind of tomatoe sauce. I kept trying because I love cabbage.

    Then, I found you! I made your cabbage rolls, followed your recipe and guidance to the letter! Was easy, perfect, scrumptious and my husband went nuts over them. Each time I thought we’ll have leftovers to freeze…not a chance!

    Girl, you CAN cook! I always loved your tv show, now you are my favorite youtube chef!!!!

    I made your chocolate cake 3 times too. What can I say…perfect!!!

    Today I going to make your cinnamon buns!!! Love you,girl! Keep cooking!!!
    🙂 k.

  219. Genowefa's Corka

    Polish Mom (R.I.P. at age 93) re-hydrated raisins with vodka or red wine & put them in stewed or crushed tomatoes, to reduce the tomatoes’ acidity. Any chance you can do a recipe Mom called “Lazy Golabki” ? (Raw cabbage is sliced into chunks, length-wise ; meat rolls are not wrapped) ? Best Golabki is made with rock-hard organic cabbage. USZKA RULES; tortellini lags, but has hopes… Here comes Fat Tuesday. Love your Paczki apron.
    Thank-you for the heart-warming & easy video recipes.

  220. John Schnitzer

    I’m vegan and want to substitute the ground meat in the cabbage rolls recipe with Gardein meatless ground.
    Has anyone tried this and will it work?


    • Vivian

      Used Veggie crumble….looks like Ground turkey meat. I put it in a bowl and seasoned it with a few tablespoons of marinara sauce and worked the meatless meat with my hands until it kind of lookalike Chile to give it flavor. I added some cooked white rice plus the sauteed mushrooms and the sauteed onion & garlic and added a tad of sauerkraut in the roll as well as more on top. It was relish! Go for it.

    • Denise

      I made this tonight using LightLife Gimmie Lean Veggie Sausage. I sliced/crumbled and sautéed it first and set aside. I sautéed the onion, garlic & mushrooms. Tossed all together in a bowl & added a shredded raw potato, parsley S&P and unfortunately I only had cooked brown rice. (putting it in raw would have given it more bite to the tooth I think.) Not having strained tomatoes I added about a cup of Mezzeta Plum Tomato Sauce. After I rolled up cabbage I put another cup or so of the sauce on top and then added about a cup of water. Covered all with imperfect cabbage leaves, sealed it in aluminum and baked an hour. They were spectacular. I had four! We are saving the rest to see how they would taste sautéed tomorrow.

  221. Kooms

    Hi Jenny,
    Wanted you to know was a fan of your show and love this web site. As far as the cabbage rolls! Forget about it! They are great. I have gotten ten so many requests and compliments when th this recipe. I follow it to a T!! And don’t adjust anything. Thanks again for another great recipe! You go Jenny!!


  222. Jan

    Hi Jenny, I loved this video! My Ukrainian Baba taught me how to make pyrohy, but I never quite learned how to make cabbage rolls. Your cabbage rolls look
    similar to hers except she didn’t add mushrooms. We used to go on a hunt looking for sour cabbage in the grocery stores for her and if we were having a really big meal, she made them with just rice and bacon. Now I can’t wait to start making my own cabbage rolls! Thank you!

  223. Mary Guidice

    I really enjoyed watching your video . I made the cabbage rolls and my family loved it. Thank you. I will continue to follow you

  224. Rod H

    I am 81 now, but fell out of the cradle reaching for the copusta. My family recipe does not contain mushrooms, is cooked in a pressure cooker for 12 min. covered with tomato juice and sometimes sour cream is added to the finished pot juices. This version came over on the boat with my grandparents from Budda-Pest and we make it often.

  225. Lori Bukaty

    Oh my GOSH!!! i just laughed outloud when you said…”You bet your sweet dupaw.” I had forgotten my Mom used to say that and my Grandma used to blush because she thought that was a bad word to say!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING THAT SWEET MEMORY BACK TO ME!!! For anyone that doesn’t know, should we tell them what that means???

    • Nyssa

      Around here, we have bumper stickers that say, “You bet your dupa I’m Polish.”

  226. Bonnie from Saskatchewan

    WOW JENNY can you ever cook!! What an AMAZING recipe! I have made holubsi on sour leaves for forty years but never tried making them with sweet cabbage until today. I wish I could send you a picture of how beautiful they look and how delicious they are. Thank you so much for your website filled with scrumptious recipes ?

  227. Ghislaine

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    • Ghislaine

      I said her not here but my autocorrect thought it knew what I wanted

  228. Eleanor

    I like this recipe. I’m going to try it, with half lean hamburger, an half sausage. I will let you know how it comes out. Blessings to you

    • Patty M

      My Mom used to use 1/2 hamburger and 1/2 sausage, plus one can of V-8. All the other (onions, cloves, etc. was the same addition. )

  229. Bennysmom

    Jenny…you sure can cook! I have never made cabbage rolls because the whole process looked so fussy but I watched your video tutorial and took the plunge. They turned out so well. Thank you for a great recipe and a straightforward, clear, step by step method. Love this recipe!

  230. Barbara Boothe

    Jenny, I love to cook too and I just found your website and love what you do. I am retired and spend a lot of time in my kitchen, my favorite place and I love all your recipes. Have you published some cookbooks that I could purchase. I live in Canada. Keep doing what you are doing but I would love to have a private lesson or two with you. Anytime. I am serious. Barb

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My cookbook is old and out of print so there is no need to buy it. All of the best recipe from the book are already here on this website, plus I updated and simplified most of them to the way I cook today.

  231. Michael

    I just found you out on your very entertaining food projects I call crazy cooking expeditions. being a happily married man for 32 years I am ready to make your life a very wondrous thing I have asked i It was OK if you and I could have a cooking affair MY wife OKed it and says she wishes you well all that to say at 77 years of age I have finally found a women like my mom . If you are ever in the Windsor Detroit area for a show would you please let us know you are the best thing that has happened to me in the last 32 years, thanks for the Cabbage roll and the quick bread best hurry on my request for a visit i will be putting on at least a one hundred Pounds Love Mickey

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My husband (& partner of 32 years) says it’s fine with him as long as he gets to see pictures… of our recipes, of course. ?

    • Tia Bella USA

      LMAO LMAO : ) VIDEO of Jennny Mike, CAN COOK.VIDEOS!!

  232. twylteyes

    I make mine the same as you. I am half-Polish

  233. Karen

    Hi Jenny ,Your cabbage rolls sure brought back memories to me. Dad cooked the cabbage rolls in our house. Now dad was English,but when he decided we were having golabki no one missed dinner that night.I havnt thought of the word golabki for years . Seeing it brought back so many memories LOL. It was fun Ive made lots of cabbage rolls over the years and none have compaired to my dads Next Sunday I will make them and ask the girls to see how they like yours Im sure they will love them and want copys of the recipes Thanks so much. this is the first time here for me ,so im going to subscribe Thanks again Karen

  234. Marilyn

    Thank you for this recipe. My mother always used uncooked rice but most recipes call for cooked. As she never used a written recipe I didn’t have exact proportions. The only difference is instead of ground beef we use bacon. I have tried to find out how to reheat these. I’m doing 2 large trays for a wedding. Any suggestions?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I added info on reheating at the bottom of the recipe.

  235. Kevin Olschesky

    My grandmothers ( From Gdansk) is virtually the same as yours, but she adds Campbells tomato soup on top when baked.

    • Agnes Steinmiller

      Our family recipe also uses tomato soup and for the meat we use 1/4 pound of seasoned pork sausage and 3/4 pound of ground beef. Otherwise the recipes are the same. My mother’s recipe was chosen for publication in The Toledo Blade cookbook. Love following Jenny

    • Kim McGrantham

      My grandmom also used Campbell’s tomato soup plus some worstechire sauce (however ya spell it lol) Man those were outta this world!

    • Nyssa

      Please, please, please, everyone-try it with crushed tomatoes instead of condensed tomato soup ? Mom said, “It’s supposed to taste like food, not salt.” Me: “It’s supposed to taste like food, not ketchup !!!” (BTW…heart health ?)

      • Paulette

        I agree with the no Campbell’s soup comments, it has too much salt and sugar. I use tomato juice or canned whole tomatoes which I put in the blender for a few seconds. My meat mix is always 3 parts beef to 1 part lean ground pork. If you prefer a slightly sweet tomato topping, use stewed tomatoes, slightly blended. We lay bacon across the cabbage rolls while they roast.

  236. Glenn

    Have always wanted to try cabbage rolls but was leery of getting the cabbage just right. With your instructions (especially trimming the spines) everything went according to plan and the rolls came out delicious. Thanks so much.

  237. Barbra

    I have my cabbage and meat and am going to make your recipe ….. I watched your video …… your cabbage rolls look delicious

    Do you think this recipe could be adapted for the Instant Pot? ….. perhaps cooking just 18 minutes under pressure?

  238. Dave

    I’m going to make the pecan ball or cookies today.
    Enjoy your recipes, clear, well described and really good.
    Keep them coming!!

  239. Mauserl

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your video. Your voice is clear with excellent diction, it’s easy to follow your instructions. When attempting to make cabbage rolls, I was always struggling with getting the cabbage leaves off, not realizing one has to cut off the core to begin with. Thank you for your being such a great role model.

  240. Jackie

    Thank you Jenny. I made cabbage rolls today for the first time because I was inspired by your video. Can’t wait to eat.

  241. Jodey

    Can’t wait to try these!! My Grandmother said they were so hard to make so my fear has kept me from trying. You make it look so easy I think I can do it and share with my family! You are helping me connect with my heritage! Thank you!

  242. Rose

    Hi Jenny
    My Mom is Ukrainian so the only change I made was omitting the mushrooms and adding fresh chopped dill. The rest of the recipe remained the same. Had I not added the dill I never would hear the end of it. LOL They turned out great, everyone loved them only one problem though ? I didn’t make enough! Thank you for another favorite made easy.

  243. George

    Jenny, what would be a good choice to use instead of mushrooms? I’m looking forward to make the cabbage rolls in a few days. I know they will be great. Non- traditional Christmas dinner. Wow, there’s an idea!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Mushrooms are optional so you can just eliminate them.

  244. Laila Winfield

    I can’t wait to make them and be happy to pass it on to my Sister
    Thank you

  245. RK

    Delicious, easy, and great leftovers. Did not change a thing in this recipe and it came out flawless. Made it again but omitted the tomato sauce. Tough to say which I like better.

  246. Liz

    Hi Jenny

    I am also polish, came to Canada 57 years ago. My question for your cabbage rolls is can you freeze the cabbage leaves instead if boiling them. Some people claim that tbe cabbage is more tender when freezing?

    Thank you and I enjoy your site, and also made you ribs which were a hit with my family. Thank you for your great instructions.

    Liz G

    • D Smith

      The answer is Yes!! A neighbor of mine worked for a caterer and they froze the heads of cabbage by the box/crate….then when ready to use they dropped them in warm to hot water to thaw and then peeled the leaves as usual …. Works like a charm — but I’ve found that by coring the cabbage before freezing makes it so much easier to remove the leaves…Good luck!!

    • Ann M Southern

      My mother was born in Poland & my grandfather had the family to
      the U.S. I spent a lot of time with my Babci in the kitchen. My
      Cioci Jean taught me to freeze the cabbage. It was real handy when
      I froze the kapusta when I had 22 heads of cabbage to make for a
      church International Feast. It sold out fast along with the kielbasi,
      pirogies, I cannot do that cooking now, I am 81 yo but still keep the
      tradition of Christmas Eve, Christmas & Easter.

      • Ana

        Please share your Christmas tradions and Easter too
        What food is served
        Thank you

  247. Terri

    What a clear, easy-to-follow video from someone who has never made cabbage rolls. Thank you!

  248. Denise

    How do you reheat them the next day? Back in the oven or on the stove top?
    Thank you!

  249. Dave

    Hi, Love your site and Videos, Fun to learn etc.

    I used Kraut Cabbage , must have been 8 lbs..lol. Leaves were Huge etc….I adjusted all for 1.5 lbs and got 9 of them…
    had a good half cup mixture in ea….

    ​In the Oven now , Hope they turn out…
    ​If they Do, I might send you a pic for fun….

    Next time I”ll follow directions better , ​

  250. Keith Helinsky

    I came across this today and will be making them for work food tomorrow. I never thought of using a paring knife to trim those thick ribs. It’s a dish that I can only now truly appreciate. My late Pops’ loved galumpkis.

  251. Diana

    I’m making these for our friends tonight. I’ve made them many times but never followed a recipe. I watched your video, and you made it so easy to follow. A small difference from my childhood ones. No mushrooms. And I put a small amount of sauce in the bottom. Otherwise my moms, who’s 100% Polish, and yours are the same. Thank you. Can’t wait to follow you and find more great memories of foods growing up.

  252. Monica

    I have never made cabbage rolls before but for some reason had a craving for them. I haven’t had them since I was a kid, probably the late 70’s, early 80’s and I did not like them because my mom used to put green bell peppers in EVERYTHING and I detest bell peppers 🙁

    Anyway, I was searching for a cabbage rolls recipe and was stumped at the cutting the vein on the cabbage since I had never made them and was so young when my mom made them…it wasn’t clear until I came across your video. So first off, thank you so much for posting the video! After watching, I thought ‘I can do this!’. So off to the market for cabbage and meat.

    I only made alterations for mine and my husband’s personal tastes. I omitted the mushrooms (for hubby!) and used a 1/2 ground beef and 1/2 ground sausage for the meat. Other than that I followed your recipe to the T, they turned out delicious and I wanted to thank you so much for your recipe!

    I’ve bookmarked your site and have watched several videos. I love how you simplify everything and laughed many times. I will certainly be returning and you are now my #1 Go-To-Recipe site!

    God bless and have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Nyssa

      Hi Monica- I’m a lifelong gardener, and even enlightened my Internist Doctor when he complained of an angry gut… GREEN BELL PEPPERS are actually under-ripe bell peppers. All Bells change to another color when ripe. Promise. My Mom was also intolerant, so we switched to bottled roasted red bell peppers & they actually HELPED her digestion. Just my experience. Green apples, like “Granny Smith” are best cooked, too.

      • Nyssa

        Sorry. Green Bell Peppers ripen to “White” “Yellow” “Orange” “Red” “Purple” and “Chocolate” (brown). The skins of all colors are too tough; cooking helps, but still, the green ones hurt me, too.

  253. Carolyn Jane Gillis

    My mom used to make a double recipe of your meat and rice stuffing, using half to make cabbage rolls, and half to fill large Bell peppers. She baked both the cabbage rolls and the stuffed peppers in a large roasting pan, with most of a quart of home bottled tomatoes and three Bay leaves. She put the cover on the (turkey roasting) pan and baked this dinner until the rice in a bell pepper tested not quite done. Then she took the cover off the pan and baked 15 minutes more to thicken the sauce and finish the rice. Correct salt and pepper last. The bay leaves, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and green pepper are a mouth watering combo.

  254. Mica

    These cabbage rolls may be Polish, but usually they are made with sour cabbage (in Poland, as well as in Romania). And when you put them in a pot, you pour over them some more tomato sauce. Also, in the mixture you stuff the leaves with, put some paprika.
    I know that Polish people make the best pickles (and sour cabbage), in brine, so why don’t you use this in your recipe?
    Anyway they are delicious. I am from Romania and we cook this dish for every Christmas and New Year, but, as I said, with sour cabbage.

  255. Elle

    I have been so intimidated by the recipes I have seen for cabbage rolls in the past…… These are SO easy and totally delicious. The video is very clear and make it completely straightforward what the process is. Thanks Jenny for de-mystifying a food I have always liked but was thinking was really difficult! If I can make it , anyone can.
    As to freezing well? I couldn’t say………I kept finding a couple gone, then another couple gone, and we ate them all in 3 days!

  256. Wendy

    My grandma made these but she simmered them in a spicy sauerkraut. I wish I knew what was in that! No recipe

  257. Chef Josken

    DELICIOUS!! ?‍?

  258. Terry

    Watched your video and found the recipe online and was excited to make this for tonight’s dinner. Only change I did was used a packaged Sour Cabbage as this was something we had growing up. Serving with a spring mixed salad.
    Cannot wait to try this! Updates to come on flavour…..

    • Terry

      UPDATE: AMAZING!!!!!!

      • Nsncy

        Where do you get sour cabbage?

        • Larry

          I don’t know where you’re located but I have found sour cabbage (both whole heads and/or leafs) in Hamtramck, MI and you can order either one from Amazon.

  259. Blondie

    The first time I made the cabbage rolls (a year ago) they turned out fine. I have made them 2 subsequent times using identical recipe but rice remains hard. I am at a loss to know why but I followed the recipe exactly.

    • June

      I usually precook my rice until it is halfway done.

    • whatsherface

      If you make sure and follow the instructions exactly. It will come out perfect. Don’t leave out the “let rest for 30 min”. I was excited and tried one immediately. And then, after they rested they was so much better. Rice was super soft.

    • whatsherface

      If you make sure and follow the instructions exactly. It will come out perfect. Don’t leave out the “let rest for 30 min”. I was excited and tried one immediately. And then, after they rested they was so much better. Rice was super soft.

    • Acinda

      My mom cooked this too. She was Hungarian & called it pigs in a blanket. She put all the rolls in a huge soup pot (she made Alot of rolls) & covered them all in a similar tomato sauce soup like & brought to a boil then simmered for many hours. She would put away in refrigerator & eat the next day or days.

  260. Maria Benedict

    I’m going to make the cabbage just like you, you also explained it beautifully how to make it. Thank you and also dziekuje bardzo ❤️❤️

  261. Mitch

    Why were my Golumpki s a little dry

  262. Maria @ San Antonio Texas

    I have always loved cabbage and now I’ve learned to make the rolls. Thank you

  263. Debra Eaton

    looks simple and yummy Thanks Jenny, I never thought about frying them swee deal 🙂

  264. Mitsy

    Hi! Have not tried these yet. Reading comments to see if others liked this recipe, I noticed some people had a problem with the rice. You may want to change recipe to read- Rice (pre-cooked). Especially with the longer cooking times of long grain, or brown rice. Now if people are starting out with a boxed rice, those would probably cook up nicely, right in the recipe. Just a suggestion. Looking foreward to try this one!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I have made this recipe over many years with equally consistent results using long grain rice as well as brown rice. A cooking time of 1 1/2 hours is enough to cook any kind of rice. I will not be making any changes to the recipe and when people encounter problems with a proven recipe, it’s usually because they did not follow the instructions. I use uncooked rice because it absorbs the flavors while cooking. I do not recommend using pre-cooked rice. I assure you that with either long grain or brown rice (uncooked) these cabbage rolls will turn out if you follow the recipe and cooking time.

      • Old Texan


        When someone complains that a tried and true recipe is wrong and then admits to not following the recipe, I recall my Mother’s comment that, ” you can’t substitute a cup of Lime Jello for a cup of Curry Powder.”

        I made a new batch of cabbage rolls last night, with a few tweaks to suit my needs. I can’t have sodium, so I must use salt free ingredients and that will almost always alter a recipe. This time they are perfect.

        I just re-read the comment from Mitsy, and this person admits to have never made these, but “suggests” that Jenny change the published tried and true recipe.
        A strange odor from under the bridge hints strongly of “troll”.

        But don’t tell the recipe owner or originator that they need to change a tried and true recipe.

        I followed the instructions and this time I have very good cabbage rolls.

        • Rosse

          Dear Old Texan – as they say “don’t mess with Texas”!

        • Nyssa

          Old Texan—Thanks for my burst-out-belly-laughing at “A strange odor from under the bridge hints strongly of ‘troll’ ” That’s a new one on me, & Love it !

      • Kim

        Thanks for clarifying! Your experience with the recipe and boosted my confidence. I’m very excited to try this recipe today ?

  265. Nancy

    Jenny, I am so happy that I found your website and recipes. My sister and I thought that our Polish grandmother recipes were lost to us for ever but now we have them via you and your father! Thank you, Nancy

  266. Rebecca Bohannon

    Used white rice left over from Chinese takeout. It freezes well. Easy to use in quick trip dishes.

  267. Yolanda Quimby

    I will be making these subing the gr steak with ground veggie crumbles! I’m planning on veganizing them. If it comes out good I will try vacuum packing for later use. I’m cooking for 1!

  268. J.Jones

    This recipe is delicious and healthy! Thank you Jenny!?

  269. Old Texan

    I wish I knew how to make the little laughing, crying emoji thing that the girls text me, so imagine it’s here.

    In all my years of cooking I have rarely took something straight from the oven to the garbage. I screwed these up that bad.
    The mess was just mush.
    I am still trying to figure out what went wrong, but the mess tasted horrible, too.

    The ingredients list looks about like what my Mother used to make for me.
    She didn’t write the recipe down, she just made them.

    I used no salt tomato puree and omitted the mushrooms and parsley. I don’t like parsley and didn’t have mushrooms, which I wouldn’t have put in, anyway.
    But that didn’t account for the disaster.

    Here is what I think happened.
    1. I over cooked them, as I forgot them in the oven. Next time I will use the Crock Pot.
    2. Today I made chili from the same ground beef, labeled as 93 percent lean. It had to be mis-labeled as I skimmed off a lot of fat, I usually don’t have but a little fat to rise when the chili is cool.
    So the beef was really greasy. I didn’t like the looks of it, and even checked the label, but it said 93 percent lean.
    3. I had already used about half my cabbage, so I used the inner, white leaves instead of the stronger outer leaves.

    The weaker inner leaves, overcooking and greasy meat spelled disaster.

    Well, my old iron skillet is perfectly seasoned, they didn’t stick and my rice wasn’t crunchy.

    I will try again after a trip to the grocery..

    • Nancy

      My sister said that my Polish grandmother used a combination of beef and pork. I was thinking that a meat load combo of beef, pork and veal would work ok.

      • ForensicDoc

        My mother is from Poland and she always uses the combo mixture of meats. My mom does the sauce completely different and uses more of it also.

  270. Thomas Lindsey

    Thank you for this video. I have diabetes and this is great (minus the rice, replacing it with 1 pound of Italian sausage or small cauliflower bits that look like rice)
    This would be a no card meal.

    • Katya

      My niece just made them exactly that way, with cauliflower and LOVED them.

  271. Bernice

    This was awesome. Will be having this during my work week.

  272. Ven

    I must have done something wrong. My rice was crunchy, I used Carolina Brown rice.

  273. EdnaV

    Thank you Jenny! This recipe is fantastic and you are absolutely adorable. Love it.

  274. Henryk

    Thank you so much Jenny for the video & written recipe and instructions. I shall try to make these (first time in my life…).

    One question on my mind and it has to do with the freezing and defrosting of these “doves”….

    What is the recommended defrosting method for these Golombkis? Whenever I defrost them in a Micro-oven, the outside of them becomes extremely hot, but at the core they remain frozen!

    Dzenkuje (Thank you) for any further guidance on this subject.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The best way to defrost anything, including cabbage rolls, is to place them in the refrigerator overnight.

      • Henryk

        Thank you Jenny. Would you then recommend reheating these Golombki in a Microwave-Oven or by some other method?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          I would not recommend a microwave. Please see my blog post on reheating cabbage rolls: https://www.jennycancook.com/cabbage-rolls/

          • whatsherface

            Thanks, Jenny.. I was about to ask about reheating them.. because I’m the only one that eats them in the house so I freeze them. These came out perfect. Thanks again.

    • Monika

      Defrost overnight in fridge or use defrost setting on your microwave before the cook setting from your microwave.

  275. Eurl Riley

    Is there a sauce to pour over these
    Before baking these? If so will you
    Please post it .

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The only “sauce” I use is the 3/4 cup of liquid you see in the recipe. There are many other variations for what to pour over them before baking but you would have to look at other recipes for ideas.

      • Jennifer Weller

        I have never used mushrooms in mine and i like it with tomato soup instead,.

        • ForensicDoc

          That is how my mother and grandmother do/did it. They are straight from Poland but every recipe is adapted to the family.

  276. George H

    I cooked this recipe his past weekend with my daughter and it was very good. Very good flavors of tomato and cabbage into the meat that gave it a
    hint of being corned flavor. my question is about the rice. I cooked it at your temps and time and reheated the next next at 200 for almost an hour but my rice was a little gritty, Is that part of the traditional way or did I miss it somehow?



    • Jenny Can Cook

      What type and brand of rice did you use?

  277. Camilla Coy

    Thank you Jenny. I love your down-to-earth style. I am of Hispanic origin and have never made Polish food before. When I saw your friendly face and yummy-sounding recipe, I thought, I just have to try it.
    Also, this might sound strange, but I recently watched a documentary about WWII and since hearing that you learned this from your dad I wanted to show respect for your culture. Anyway…it’s from my heart.

  278. Mireille

    Hello Jenny,
    I made your cabbage rolls recipe last night.
    They were sooooo delicious, the meat so tender, and the cabbage not saggy. In fact a little crunchy. I love this recipe. Thank you for sharing it!

  279. Karen

    My husband and I LOVE these. I made them last night for dinner. After baking I added an extra cook in skillet with some butter to finish rolls. Had the with sour cream…DELICIOUS! Thank you:)

  280. Middletown Lisa

    A friend/housemate (Caroline B.) made these for my birthday one year a long time ago. I’d never had them before, but I have never forgotten them since they were so delicious. I’m looking forward to being able to make these for myself. Thank you for sharing this. I may be having these for Christmas and my birthday again! 😀

  281. Katie

    Are not Polish gołąbki :(((
    We never use mushroom parsley and also beef is not good meat rice is cooked before we mix everything

    • Theresa

      This is Jenny’s recipe. If it’s not the way YOU make them, there’s no need to be so arrogant. There is more than one way to make any recipe. I suggest you take your bad attitude elsewhere.

      • Karen

        I agree! So rude! So unkind! So unnecessary 🙁

      • Kathy eann

        K guys. Calm down, my grandparents are from Warsaw Poland. Here’s my gram’s ingredients. 2 Large cabbage, cored and par boiled. Remove spine. 1 1b breakfast pork sausage, 2 lbs Hamburg, 2 lg onion, 2 c cooked rice, 1/2 teas salt, 1/2 teas pepper, 1/3 cup rice water or milk. Mix well. 1/3 c to each lg roll or however u want to fill. Layer and pour sauce over the top. Cover leaving enough room for mixture to bubble over. Cook 2 1/2 hours on 325. Leave in oven for another half hour while oven is cooling down. These are so delicious. I some x use fennel cuz we have them often so I change them up. U can also make Golumpki cascerole just layer mixture with cabbage like a lasagna. ?

        • Brenda

          I want to thank you for your recipe for polish cabbage rolls. I would like the sauce portion of the recipe as you did not include it. Thank you

        • Jennifer Weller

          This is more of how my great gram made them too. With campbells tomato soup. So delicious.

      • Lynda

        Thank you for responding as I would have.each to their own,but she didn,’t need to get nasty .

    • Martha

      Katie, not everyone cooks the same way, so even if you are polish no recipe is cut in stone. I will use this recipe it looks and sounds delicious and it doesn’t have to be “ polish “ to be good. By the way, I’m Irish .

    • Priscila

      There’s no gołąbki police! One may use whatever pleases them!!! There are several ways to cook almost every recipe to satisfy different taste buds! No need to be rude!

  282. Alice

    I am 88 and don’t do much cooking any more but would love to try these if I can freeze them. After they’ve been the oven? or before? Must find meals for one I can freeze as I can’t get used to “prepared” meals. I’ve always eaten well and just can’t stomach some of the food offered as easy substitutes for homemade.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Good news: Cabbage rolls freeze beautifully after they are cooked and cooled. I freeze them in serving portions (3 at a time) as they will stick together when frozen unless you separate them before freezing. You can separate them to freeze with wax paper.

      • Christin

        Jenny, I believe ALICE also wants to know if she can freeze before cooking or to freeze strictly after cooking. ?

        • Priscila

          Jenny said “after they’re cooked and cooled”

  283. Lisa

    My German Great Grandma lined a tall pot with a few of the outer cabbage leaves. Made a beef/pork filling with raw rice lots of white and green onions, fresh parsley and dill,stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce. She would cover them with water and top with more stewed tomatoes. Sometimes I’ll layer with sauerkraut and always serve with sour cream.

  284. Reyna Rodriguez

    He buscado esta receta en varias ocasiones, hasta que puedo hacerla pues esta muy bien explicada.Es un alimento delicioso.

    • Old Texan

      Reyna says that she has searched for this recipe several times and that she can’t wait to make this, the directions are very good.. It is delicious food.
      Thank you,
      No need to translate “yumm”,

  285. M C

    Excellent instructions ,well explained.
    I always wanted to know how to make stuffed cabbage.
    Thank you
    M C

  286. Lynn C

    Jenny, I have been looking to make these for years, but was never brave enough to try! After watching your video am going to have these soon. You make it look so easy with step by step instructions. Thank you so much. Will let you know how they turn out. Thank you, Jenny.

  287. Aniela

    Jenny! Sincere Thanks! I learn by watching and listening! You have been like “Divine Intervention!” Your Program has made a BIG Difference in my day. Perhaps there are many of us who only know our name reflects our Cultural origin, but never had someone to share what you teach! Your ability and knowledge truly assists many others! Keep us informed with the “Down Home” Recipes! ?

  288. Nancy

    I grew up in these stuff cabbage my step dad cooked them on the stove linedthe bottom of the pan with cabbage leaves and put a plate upside done on the top of them and covered them. Delicious!! I love them. ?

  289. Sherry

    These look yummy. My mom used to make these, but I remember vinegar in the liquid. How much would you use?

  290. Norm

    Growing up, my family made this on the stovetop in layers with polish or Hungarian sausage and sauerkraut (caraway seeds, unless my dad had a say in it).

    I read that meat stuffed vegetables are a Turkey/Ottoman influences throughout easter Europe. I have found and tried German, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian variations.

    Your recipe looks great, like the idea of mushrooms. Thanks for sharing.

  291. Lynda

    Dear Jenny,

    You have made me hungry for something I haven’t had since I was a child living at home. My parents weren’t Polish, but my mom used to make cabbage rolls regularly. However, I think her’s were not authentic as she used Catsup over the top when she baked them.

    Your recipe sounds divine and I want to make these before the week is up!

    Thank you,

    • Sharon

      My mother also put catsup on top, but my mother-in-law made a tomato sauce from scratch that she put on top.

  292. Rob

    Made these tonight. They are very subtle flavor wise but really good at the same time. I think I’m going to use this recipe as a base and kind of play around with different variations to find one we really love. Thanks Jenny! This was my first attempt at cabbage rolls and you made it less painful.

    • Hal (Hranislav)

      This same dish is known as “SARMA” to Serbians. My late wife, Silvija, (Sylvia) would make the dish with 50% ground beef, (80% lean/20% fat), 25% ground lamb and 25% ground pork. (She used a RIVAL 20 quart, Roaster Oven) in which she placed loose cabbage leaves on the BOTTOM to prevent scorching. She also used Steinfeld’s sauerkraut interspersed in and around and on top (with the juice) of the cabbage rolls + smoked pork meat on the top, with “Kobasica” (Polish Sausage), uncut – spread around as well with the smoked pork meat. She too reserved the cabbage water and made a slurry with tomato juice, or paste poured over the SARMA. This was slow cooked at a temperature of 200 – 225 degrees Fahrenheit for hours. (all day). This dish was the centerpiece of dinner for our invited Serbian and Croatian friends on special occasions. With no Rival 20 quart Roaster Oven, (adjust accordingly). The result is absolutely outstanding, in spite of the preparation time and effort expended. It’s the dish I miss most since Sylvia passed away, because I cannot reproduce it as did she.. Try to find smoked pork meat and real Polish style sausage in an Eastern European ethnic market. You will not regret preparing this SARMA. Your taste buds will reward you faster than you can say, “Clap hands, here comes Charlie!”

      • MJ

        Your late wife put a lot of love in that dish. I will try to recreate it in her honor. Thank you for sharing

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Hal, your late wife’s version sounds absolutely fantastic. I love sauerkraut and being Polish, I love kielbasa too. I live in Los Angeles and there is no place here that sells good Polish sausage like they do in Chicago and parts of Michigan. I plan to try making my next cabbage rolls with beef, lamb, and pork and lots of sauerkraut. Thank you for taking time to share this treasured recipe.

        • Kenneth L Balmas

          Jenny my grandma was German and made cabbage rolls useing polish sausage. I still make them i get my sausage online and it is just like what we used to but from the polish fanilies that live here. Can’t get it now so i buy it online the last i got was from Wisconsin and very good. I lost the web site for it .

      • RI Fishwyfe

        Hal – Loved your story and twist on cabbage rolls. Most interesting is that one reader said their mom used vinegar, and your Silvija used saurkraut – thus the vinegar presence! We grew up with these, but cooked in BUTTER! Oy!!! I love the idea of adding kielbasa in chunks and will do that when I make my next batch of golumpki. Best wishes to you!!

      • Sue

        I just made this today, in Hal’s beloved’s version which is much like what my grandma Della had, and it came out amazing. I didn’t have sausages to add to the top, so I’m missing out on that flavor, BUT it came out tasting like kapusta! Bonus for me, as it’s another missed flavor from my youth. My mom had made both stuffed cabbages and kapusta, but changed them up to her personal liking. I think I just out done her classics! Thank you Hal and Jenny for such great tastes of heritage.

  293. SRMcC

    So different from my polish heritage Gołąbki

    Interesting but to me not made with tradition and authenticity

    I really love your other videos !!

    So far …

    • Rob

      Please send me your true polish Gołąbki recipe if you would. I’d appreciate it. I did like this recipe as well.

  294. Lisa Noman

    Hi Jenny,

    I’m super excited…… made your stuffed cabbage rolls this evening but I did low carb it by using riced cauliflower instead of actual rice. And I did tweak it a bit with some spices fresh cilantro and parsley. Serving it with pickled beets and cauliflower puree. Thank you so much for posting such a wonderful recipes and entertaining videos!

  295. Mary Louise Bettess

    I hope you didn’t through those cabbage rolls out because you can freeze them and have them another time. They will even taste better. Lou

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You are right, and I noted that in Step #7. I freeze them all the time.

  296. Kelly R

    I am so glad I came across your recipe.
    My dad is polish but he didn’t cook. I was able to help my grandmother make perogi on occasion. My those were good. Many varieties of ingredients for all types of fillings.

  297. Shellie J.

    I can’t wait to try this recipe. It looks simple enough to try for dinner

  298. George Wolfe

    Can these be frozen before being baked and then thawed and baked as usual?

  299. Sue

    I grew up on these but I don’t remember my Mom adding mushrooms… I love mushrooms and going to try this your way, can’t wait! Thanks for sharing with us!

  300. Teresa Riveland

    I was so excited when I stumbled on to your cabbage rolls recipe. I too grew up watching and then helping my father make cabbage rolls. He always used a combo of fatty ground beef and ground ham with raw rice and lots of garlic in the filling. He would layer the rolls in alternating layers of sour kraut in a Dutch oven and cover them w/ extra cabbage leaves and some cabbage water. These were simmered slowly on top the stove until they were completely done in the center. We called these, “Pigs in a blanket” Yum!

    • John May

      Love this dish was raised on the same receipe.

  301. Judy S

    These are the best cabbage rolls I’ve ever made. This is definitely the best recipe I’ve come across. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  302. Kitty

    Love your recipes. My friends mother was Polish and the only thing I learned before she passed away, was to make Cabbage rolls. I really like the mushroom addition to the recipe. Because of you I now can make more delicious Polish recipes?
    Thank you

  303. June

    Try using the steamer rice with veg. In it, and 1/2 pound crisp chopped bacon added to the meat. Very good.

  304. Carol

    First time trying these.Different type of sauce. Absolutely delicious. So Much so that I shared some with my neighbor’s. They loved it too.

  305. Tsege

    I like the way you make it,so fast easy to learn. Thanks

  306. Ula z Chynowa/Polska

    Dear Jenny;your golabki-cabbage rolls look fantastic and you too.
    Jenny you are 100% polka I’m proud.
    I wish you always the best everyday.
    Love+kiss+hugs xoxoxoxo

  307. Cynthia Jordan

    My mom learned to make cabbage rolls from 3 ladies. The only thing they agreed on was to put sauerkraut on top of the rolls before baking. We use rice too but cook it first. Thank you for sharing your version of cabbage Rolls

    Jenny you look familiar, did you have a talk show in the 90’s?

  308. Claudia

    Why can I not print the recipe.
    I press print ,bit the page is empty.
    BTW I have made it this morning and it smells beautiful.I will let you know how my family liked it layer.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Please see the FAQs.

    • Shirley Tomisek

      email required will not be published

    • Carole

      I’m sure how you printer work or computer work, but I click on “ctrl & P” at
      the same time and it goes to my printer. You can try that. Hope it works.

  309. Linda

    Im from Port Arthur,Texas and im try this recipe. This will be my first time ever to make cabbage rolls. So lets see how this comes out !!!

  310. Kathie

    Is there a way you could show us how you sauté the cabbage. Can you make this recipe in a slow cooker?

  311. Clara

    They are delicious. I make them the same way without the mushrooms.

  312. Vonne

    I have a great crop of cabbage and decided to make several batches to freeze. Great recipe and technique. I’ve never friend them and served with sour cream, but will do so tomorrow. Thank you!

  313. Regina Remsberg

    They are in the oven baking! I have never been successful at cabbage rolls. I’m hoping this changes tonight 🙂

  314. Marilyn112

    Texting cabbage rolls video and recipe brings me way back to a time when Babka had the women helping make foods from her native Poland. We made these cabbage rolls, kolachi, kluskii (egg noodles), Pirogies, pickled eggs and cucumbers. I was very young, but I remember there were NO measuring devices. It nearly drove my mother (not Polish) crazy. To this day, I mostly cook,by look, feel, smell and taste successfully. We soaked rice overnight to be sure it softened in finished dish. Now I use (pre-soaked 1 hour) red quinoa in place of rice for taste, texture, color and health. Try it sometime. Thanks for memories. I will try your recipe soon.

  315. Kim

    Thank you for this yummy recipe. I love watching your videos! I’m so grateful for all your great recipes and videos!♥️?♥️

  316. Shawna

    I am Polish and Ukrainian. My Grandma Glowaski always made the best Golobchi. We never used tomatoes in the recipe, however, we did use sour cabbage, buckwheat or a sticky rice cooked with bay leaf, bacon, onions or garlic and baked them in the oven drizzled with butter and covered with the bay leaves. I continue to carry on the tradition and start my Golobchi first thing in the morning and let it sit in my baking drawer the entire day. I love my heritage and have shared these home recipes with my daughter Michelle who makes them every bit as good as I remember eating them as a child.

    • Bonnie

      My family made these without the tomato. Grandma made both a rice based and buckwheat based. Sadly, the recipes were lost when she passed. I keep looking for a similar recipe. Someday I hope to find one. I am almost 70 so I am determined to find a recipe and pass it to my daughters and my grandkids.

  317. Rebecca

    Thank you for this recipe. I make cabbage rolls. My mom didn’t teach me how to do hers. As a child, I kept peeking in the kitchen as she cooked. We are Greek and cabbage rolls are “big” among Greeks. I difficulty with the spine of the cabbage leaves. They are tough even after soaking in the hot water. I will be boiling the whole cabbage for 5 or 10 minutes rather than just let it soak in boiled hot water. If the spines continue to be too tough after their hot water soak that was initially brought to the boiling point (in particular, the outer and larger leaves). I will cut the spines out and just make smaller cabbage rolls with the leaves. This is not an issue as I work through the rest of the cabbage. It’s more of an annoyance with the first 1/4 of the cabbage. Is there a secret to purchasing cabbage?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I always look for cabbage with the smoothest leaves.

    • Mary

      My husband is our “cook”, but I am making these cabbage rolls today and cannot wait! He recommended I freeze the cabbage last night, thaw it out today and the leaves will be perfect… no boiling.

      • RI Fishwyfe

        Freezing the head of cabbage to avoid having to boil it – Brilliant!!!!! I will try this very soon!

  318. Ballerina

    Don’t eat red meats. Is ground chicken a good substitute for ground beef?

    • Carlyn

      Yes it is a fine substitute for those who don’t eat meat. Ground turkey is a great choice as you can with tacos as well.

  319. Nancy

    I can’t print out this receipt,Cabbage Rolls


  320. Jeff

    What kind of mushrooms do you use?

  321. Jenna

    I made this recipe tonight and it turned out great!! Didn’t have a problem with the rice being undercooked. The only addition I made was adding red pepper flakes for a depth of flavor and I omitted the mushrooms. Thank you for such a delicious recipe!!!!

  322. Lily

    I will try this recipe this week! its looks so, yummy I saw your video on you tube.thanks it looks so easy

  323. Lisa P.

    Can you cook these from frozen? My husband loves cabbage rolls but I rarely have the time to make them for him (we have five kids). When I have time to cook his favorites, I like to make a huge batches and freeze for him to enjoy later. How do I cook them from frozen? What kind of pan should I store them in so he can reheat them, from frozen, on his own? Or, is it better to thaw first, then cook them as directed? And finally, what is the best way to thaw, (if that is how the rolls should be cooked) in the fridge or counter top? I can’t thank you enough for such a clear, instructional video on how to make these cabbage rolls. All the ingredients look delicious. I am planning on making them this long week-end but I would love to make many servings for later. If you can, please inform me. Again, thank you!

    • runbabirun

      I cook a huge pan of these and when cooled I fill quart sized freezer bags & freeze. They only need to be reheated when needed.

  324. Adrianna

    Jenny, everything was awesome about your recipe – I am from Poland and was looking for a more seasoned gołabki recipe, therefore i went for yours. I was a little confused why you added uncooked rice to the meat since I remember my family always pre-cooking it. And yes, the rice DID come out undercooked. That is my only complaint. Other than that, you rock and I love your recipes!!!!

    • Vonne

      I used uncooked rice and just added some cooking time and also made sure I had adequate moisture for the rice to take up. Came out great.

    • Kitty

      If it would help use instant rice.

  325. Oma

    Jenny, this is a wonderful version of the cabbage roll recipe. My mother originated from East Prussia and like recipes today they were “tweeked” back then too! My mother mixed a 1/3 ratio of country sausage mixed with lean ground beef to give a little more flavor to the filling. She also used a veggie/beef broth to cook the rolls in. She always browned the rolls and hated that they sometimes loosened up or worse fell apart so we tied the rolls with sewing thread after rolling them and the thread stayed on till the rolls hit the table. Best rolls ever.

  326. Lindsay

    I made these tonight for supper and they were a hit ! I did leave out the mushrooms. Thank you for this wonderful recipe !

  327. Linda

    Would you please do something so that hitting ‘Print’ does not result in dozens of pages of comments being printed. I walked away for a few moments and found I’d wasted a lot of paper.


    • Jenny Can Cook

      If you click the orange “Print” button under the photo, to the right of the recipe title, it will print only the recipe.

      • Angelica Hawkins

        I just need to know if I should rinse the sauerkraut or not?

        • Jenny Can Cook

          If you rinse the sauerkraut, you’ll be rinsing away too much of the flavor – I never rinse sauerkraut before using (or eating / right out of the jar).

      • Vickie

        Can these be frozen?

    • Mike

      Linda highlight the recipe only, then hit control C to copy, then control P to print on a program like notes. Then send to your printer.

  328. john

    hi Jenny ,, i am a polack as well ,, your reciept looks great, but not the way i was taught ,, my mother is first generation Polish in Canada ,, ( so am I) , ,,your way is not her style.,, .hers was more tomato sauce … lots of tomato sauce ,, i nver heard of friying cabbage rolls ,, , i enjoyed your presentation ,,, are you married ?? , PROBABLY, Hey ??

  329. Just awe

    I am so happy! These are wonderful and it’s the first time I’ve tried doing cabbage rolls and I am thrilled thank you so much!

  330. Lyle Behrends

    Never have made cabbage rolls, but I’m going to! You have reminded me that I know Polish cooking is so tasty, I will search more on that.
    Your manner walking through food construction is so eveloping and easy, seeing this recipe done by you online today took me out of a low mental state. Thank you so much!

  331. Goska

    Hi Jenny!!! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I am from Poland, currently residing in San Diego. I came to the US at 12 and sadly lost my mom to cancer when she was only 54. Long story short, I regret that when I was younger I didn’t pay more attention to her cooking and written down her recipes…she was such an amazing cook and an awesome mom! Now I find myself searching Pinterest recipes and talking with my aunts from Poland to try to replicate my mom’s recipes.

    My mom used to buy the chunks of meat and make a stew with them, then she would grind the cooked meat and used the broth to cook her rice in it. The golabki were out of this world…but so so time consuming to make. I will be trying your version for the very first time and hope that I don’t mess up.

    Question #1: I only have Jasmine rice…is that OK?
    Question #2: When are you coming back to the youtube channel??? I miss seeing new videos from you! You are such a fantastic cook, with a very charismatic personality! I just love watching you!!! (brings back memories when I first came to the US and was addicted to watching your talk show!!!) Thank you kindly for all of your hard work and for sharing your recipes with the world!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I would not use Jasmine rice in this recipe. If you are trying to replicate your mother’s recipe, I suggest using plain long grain rice, like Uncle Ben’s and try to follow the recipe exactly. Good luck!

    • NancyM

      I just made cabbage rolls (my mom’s recipe, not this one) and I used jasmine rice. They came out fantastic! If that’s what you have on hand, use it!

  332. Sharon

    We made this for dinner to night. It was simple and easy to put together. We used fresh kielbasa cut from the casing instead of ground sirloin, it was what we had on hand. Was best cabbage rolls I have ever made. Thank you Jenny!

  333. Linda M.

    Had 80/20 ground beef, fried, drained, and rinsed. No mushrooms so I grated up some carrot. Had very nice napa (Savoy) cabbage. Cabbage water and a tablespoon of tomato paste wre the liquid. Thanks!

  334. Lulu

    Dear Jenny,
    Good grief, Rose is sounding like she is so agitated. We all have things in our lives that take more time than we have. But maybe she is a “lady of leisure” as my Mom used to say – not much to do.
    Best wishes to you, Jenny, and may God bless.

  335. Flodie

    Add a few pieces of smoked bacon on the bottom of the pan and on top. It adds such a good flavor.

  336. MsKittieKat

    After searching for a recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls I came upon your recipe. They are amazing. I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes.


  337. Loree

    Hi Jenny,
    I have been watching your videos and I have to admit it’s hard to stop! lol
    They are great recipes and you make it very easy to follow.
    I printed out the tortillas,flat bread,beef stew just to get started.
    One more thing…I noticed the pretty iridescent/pink fingernail polish that you
    wear in the videos and I was wondering if you would share the brand name and the color name…I would be so grateful! Thanks again for your recipes!

  338. Aflores

    Try red hot chilie powder instead of tomatoes my mother in law made rolls for Christmas tradition she cooked them under pressure cooker for 15 min. She made dozens of rolls. They were hot

  339. Karie

    Also..I will probably have a lot of leaves left over since I cooked 3 cabbage heads and took them apart…Any suggestions with what to do with them?
    Thanks Jenny!!

    • Lisa

      Make some Sautee onions and when the onions are soft and brow add the left over cabbage (cut them in small pieces) I have done it before and is really good.

    • Judi

      Chop and sauté with chopped onions, use bought noodles,or make your own,cook noodles,mix with onion,cabbage,salt pepper…you now have. HULUSKI…..

    • Betty

      Freeze the extra blanched leaves in serving size portions for the next time you want to make cabbage rolls. Just unthaw and they are ready to go.

  340. Karie

    Hi Jenny!
    Some Ukrainians add an egg…does that make a difference?

    • Flodie

      Don’t add egg because it will make the mixture too firm, too compact and you don’t want that!

      • Cathy

        can you use basmati rice. I tried it and it did not seem to cook. Wonder why??

  341. María Gerakios Totices

    We are Greek, and we love this cabbage
    Dish, we do also have done all the first steps as your indications.also I add a little bit of cumming, fine shopped mint, I place the rolls in a cacerole and cover the bottom with some some leaves to avoid the roll from burning while aré boiling,or the wood sticks (from the Asian culture) all the way across in the bottom of the pan, just like a nest. One hour is good time to cook them, we cover the rolls w/ water, add : salt and canola oil , and have a ceramic heat proven flat plate up-side-down covering the rolls in their place , this keep the rolls firm ( they don’t open during the cook. Once ready, we have ( up to each people) to add on the side: Bechamel sauce: butter, flour, milk, one egg yolk, nut meg, deliciously tasted with salt, pepper,
    Parmesan cheese. Enjoy it !!
    deliciously prepared with love!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for taking time to share your variation. I think my dad sometimes used to use a plate to weigh down the rolls.

      • Nancy67

        My mother pretty much made hers the same as you minus the mushrooms. She did not use any tomato paste but after the roles were made and in the pan she would cover each one and with a piece of salt pork. It had such a unique flavor and they were so good and I’m still trying to replicate it. I am however going to try yours. Thank you, Nancy 67

    • Thricebitten

      My Grandmother used to make a dish with eggplant and mint added to it. I know she also used a soft white bread soaked in milk and then squeezed for either a layer or mixed in to the eggplant.
      It was close to Eggplant Parmesan but not quite-do you have any idea what it could have been?
      Blaise M. Mancini

  342. Irene

    I’ve tried it with turkey and it was delicious.

  343. Rita Scott

    I enjoy watching your Youtube videos. The recipes really are easier & delicious. I learned to make my grandma’s cabbage rolls from my mom, both German decent. We make a nest of sauerkraut in the bottom of a dutch oven then lay in the cabbage rolls. Next another layer of kraut, cover with water & the lid. Then on the stove top bring to a boil over medium-high heat; reduce heat & simmer 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Some of us add tomato sauce some don’t, I don’t. But I do put a little ketchup on my own serving?!!!

  344. M. E.

    My mom (Slovak) made the stuffed cabbage in a pot and it had a sweet – sour mixture/flavor. She did the same for green beans. She made a rue (did not know that name as a kid) – the butter and flour and added to the pot. Wish I knew what the proportions were to make it. Do you know how to make ‘halupki’? Think that was the name of it and had no tomato in it at all. She lined the bottom of the pot with cabbage leaves so it would not burn on the bottom. Hope that you know how to make it. Thank you!!
    I will be trying to make your recipe.

    • Kathy

      I think it’s my mom’s recipe! She made it in a big pot on the stove and made a rue with butter & flour. I always thought it was Hungarian, but later found out one of her grandmother’s was Slovak.

      2lb ground beef; 2 eggs; 1 onion; 3/4 cup bread crumbs; 1 lg head cabbage; 1 lg jar or can sauerkraut; 1 TBS butter; 1 TBS flour.

      Cook cabbage in water & salt till soft. Remove from hot water and peel off the leaves one by one being careful not to break them. Cut the core out of the cabbage. Set aside. Mix meat, chopped onion, salt, breadcrumbs & rice. Mix well. Place meat mixture in each cabbage leaf. Roll & tuck the ends together. Place one layer of sauerkraut on the bottom of pot, then place the cabbage rolls as 2nd layer. Repeat each layer ending with a layer of sauerkraut on top. Cover with the water the cabbage was boiled in or chicken stock. Cook 1-2 hours or until done. To make rue: melt butter in pan, then add flour. Cook until brown. Add to cabbage pot. Continue cooking for a few minutes longer.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Thank you for taking time to share this. I love sauerkraut!

      • Debbie

        How much rice?

      • Marcia Cunningham

        My Mom and Grandma made cabbage rolls in much the same way but layered them with sauerkraut in a large Dutch oven letting them simmer slowly for top of the stove for about 4 hours. Then made a rue of equal parts bacon drippings and flour stirring continuously until nicely browned but not burnt. They then gently removed the cabbage rolls and stirred the rue into the sauerkraut and gently nestled in the cabbage rolls and let simmer for another hour or so. The bacon dripping rue adds a wonderful flavor…granted, not so healthy. They served them with mashed potatoes with sauerkraut mixture as a gravy and a side of cooked carrots. Oh my gosh! How nummy! We called the Halupki. My grandma was a peasant from Hamburg, Slovakia in the lat 1800’s.

  345. Rebecca

    I love your website! Your recipes are easy and made with simple ingredients for the every day cook. I can’t wait to taste your cabbage rolls! Thank you for sharing your cooking talent!

  346. Jennifer

    Hi Jenny. They just came out of the oven. Smells ? Yummy. I’m going to cool and reheat tomorrow afternoon. Do you think they would still taste good if I reheat in microwave? Thanks☺

    • Sylvia

      Can’t help making a comment
      They will probably be better second day. I think when food gets to mello in it’s juices a day later they have more flavor.
      I’m surprised no spices were used in these dishes. Sylvia

      • Georgette wood

        Yes, Jenny put salt,pepper, onions,garlic. Very good recipe Jenny.

        • Lynn

          Look good, can’t wait to try it. My great grandmother was Polish.

  347. Bern miller

    I love these my mother in law showed me how to make them ! Very easy n good !

  348. Linny

    Tried recipe…used. Paul Neuman Socaroni sace…hot italian. Sausage and ground turkey…You

  349. Mike Ellis

    Happen to see your cabbage roll video and gave it a try. You could not have explained it any easier or better!! Next time, I will add a little more garlic and a little more onion since I like those two flavors. And, there WILL be a next time!!

    • Sandie

      I noticed or thought Jenny only used 1 garlic clove in Video but written recipe called for 2 cloves of garlic. I might be wrong, I didn’t rewatch video. I do like more garlic so was glad I read recipe

  350. Irene Zwolski Lyddon

    I saw you and can’t believe that I wear my hair just like you Now I never thought why I Iiked it but thought nothing about it (laugh) maybe Its polish!!! Thank you
    for the recipe Its perfect. I learned a few tricks I’ve forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! My Mom used cambell tomato soup and used it as gravey on potato and g

  351. Jo Ann

    Thank you for an easy to understand and make recipe. I made cabbage rolls for the first time last Christmas using your recipe. My mum (a Polish Ukrainian lady) always made them for the large family dinner and in tribute to her (she passed away in 2011) I decided I would carry on the tradition for our extended family Christmas. They were a complete success and I am going to make them again this year. Thanks for taking the time to teach us.

  352. Lisa

    I made these cabbage rolls and my family really enjoyed them. Thank you so much
    This is in my rotation of dinners for now on. It was so easy. I love how you taught me the process on the video. You are a great teacher. I think I will be spending some more time on your website and YouTube channel. ?

  353. Dave

    Hi, Jenny, just wanted to say thx for the recipe. I used to watch ur show when i was just a boy. Back when there werent so many channels lol. Me and Korean gf make this about once a week and we love it. I was so happy to find ur website when i was looking for a cabbage roll recipe, can’t wait to try more. We’re actually making the Pot Roast recipe now

  354. Marta

    Howdy, Great easy breezy cabbage roll recipe presentation on Youtube. I’m California born and raised but, I’d spend some holidays and Summer’s in Rockford, IL outside of Chicago where there’s a large Polish population. Your golabki recipe is exactly how my Grandmother / Oma Lutsie made hers. My recommendation to your readers is to pan fry your golabki and put a dab of sour cream on top. Pan frying your golabki in a bit of olive oil (or other good oil) will elevate it’s flavor to another level. The cabbage corners caramelize a bit and some parts are a bit crispy and other parts are soft. Yummy to the max! Thank you kindly for sharing.

    P.S. I had recently purchased Walmart’s brand (Great Value) of orange marmalade and I was surprised to see that it was a product of Poland. On my next visit I had looked through other Great Value brand products and was surprised to see that there was other made in Poland products found at my Walmart Marketplace. We have Walmart grocery store’s here on the West coast that use local farmer’s produce and poultry.

  355. Susan Déry

    Great video! Will let you know how mine turn out. I have a question….is it okay to steam the cabbage and separate the cabbage leaves, the night or day before I actually roll them?

    Thanks so much,z
    Shannon, Quebec, ??

    • Gail Barabasz

      I blanch and remove the leaves the night before and keep them in a gallon bag in the refrigerator. I have also cooked the rice the day before. I steam my cabbage rolls after they are rolled. My husbands Ukrainian mother made them that way. We do not use a tomato sauce. They are great browned in a little bacon grease.

  356. Miss Sami

    omg! I have spent decades looking for Mrs Mazeskie’s cabbage roll recipe, I think you’ve got it Jenny! As a lil girl, my family would help her, roll out her trash can etc. She’d make us cabbage rolls when she’d make them for her family as a thank you. Nothing ever had tasted that good since. I can’t wait to try these. I wish my mom was still w/us so she could have one. Thank you!


    What is the carbohydrate count of your stuffed cabbage roll please

  358. Kay

    Would they be as good with sauerkraut on the bottom of the pan….or on top of cabbage rolls?

    • Marie.

      Kay, I always put some sauerkraut in my meat mixture, 1/2 of a large jar and make sure you squeeze all the juice out of it. I also add approx 6 sliceses of bacon finely chopped into my meat mixture as well.
      Also I add any leftover cabbage to the bottom of my roaster and then place my rolls on top. I enjoy eating the leftover cabbage along with some sauce.
      Cheers, Marie from Canada.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My dad put sauerkraut on the top.

  359. Kay

    Would they be as good if I put sauerkraut on the bottom of the pan….or over top

    • Cristan D Lamb

      Yes! I put some on the bottom and on the top! Delish, and I put a piece of kielbasa on the top, the flavours really add to it!

  360. Jody

    I made your cabbage rolls this evening and invited my kids and grandkids over and we ate like piggies! I browned the cabbage rolls in a little butter/olive oil before serving. OH man! And then we had some mashed potatoes and sour cream on the side. We were in Heaven. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes.

  361. Suzanne

    Hi Jenny,
    I have been looking all over for this recipe. I watched your video,and I like how you show everything step by step. I have a question though. Do I cook the rice before putting it into the mixture? I wasn’t sure. Thank you so much 🙂

  362. Deb

    Excellent video!!!! Step by step with no frills!

  363. Carolyn Dilts

    Can I make the cabbage rolls a day ahead and refrigerate them and cook them the next day?

  364. Clarice51116

    Jenny, Thank you so much for this great recipe! I found your YouTube channel last year after my boyfriend moved in with me. His mom was full Slovak and he had wonderful memories about her cooking including her stuffed cabbage and pierogies. So when I found your recipes online, the step by step videos made it so much easier to make than other sites I found. He especially loved your pierogies and your “pinching” technique kept them sealed perfectly! Thanks again! I can’t wait to try out some m

  365. lydia

    every recipe I have made from your site has been so good, I have not made your cabbage rolls yet but it seems as your recipe for cabbage rolls has no spices are herbs like I would like in a recipe.
    can you recommend other spice are herbs to add to this recipe

    • Melo Gardener

      We grew up with Polish Neighbors who gave my mom her recipes, garlic pickles that sat and clouded for a couple of weeks and then went into our root cellar for winter. She put a couple of Bay leaves in the tomato sauce of the cabbage rolls and fried diced bacon bits also put into the rice and beef and a few slices on top of the cabbages as they baked. They are still the best cabbage rolls ever. She would make the rice and bacon rolled in sour cabbage leaves that were Ukrainian from the Ukrainian aunties we used to sit and roll hundreds of tiny sour rice and bacon stuffed cabbage rolls with sour cream and dill baked on top of the big roaster of tiny cabbage rolls. mmmm I can still taste it all. The bay leaves flavored the lovely tomato sauce on the large meat and rice cabbage rolls along with the diced bits in the cabbage rolls.

  366. Stan Adamski

    Hello Jenny……long time no see…….
    I used to live down the street from you , and I spent a lot of time at your house on Sackville St……
    But……I make my cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers with the same recipe…
    I use two pounds of ground chuck, one pound of ground pork, two pounds of long grain rice, and one quart of my home canned tomatoes…
    and two heads of winter cabbage…….
    I have made these rolls 15 times in one year…..everybody keeps asking me to make them again and again….

    • Jenny

      You brought back fond memories of growing up on Sackville Street. 🙂

  367. BigDad61

    My father made the filling pretty much the same as yours , the only thing that differed was the cooking method . He would make tomatoe sauce and cook them in a pressure cooker . They would basically melt in your mouth . Was my favorite meal growing up .

  368. Ron O

    I have used this recipe several times and they were great. I am planning on making these for our loosely termed “gourmet group” of eight soon since we have the main course and chose Polish this time. My question: Is this all I would normally make for the main Polish meal or are there other things to include such as dumplings, polish sausage or sauerkraut to remain semi authentic? I am used to having a meat, potatoes, gravy, vegetable combination and bread for the main course but most web sites list individual recipes rather than combinations for each course. The others will bring appetizers, sour or salad and desert. Any suggestions from either Jenny or others familiar with preparing a Polish meal would be appreciated. My wife and I ate at Leggs Inn in Cross Village, MI last year and really enjoyed it. I am using their menu for some ideas also.

    • Jenny

      Growing up, we always had cabbage rolls alone, with a little sour cream on the side. Today I always make a salad first and I sometimes have a steamed vegetable on the side, like beets, but that’s just for health reasons and not tradition.

  369. Beth from Wisconsin

    Hi Jenny, Love this recipe, especially at this time of year, when fresh cabbage is coming out of the gardens. I just wanted to add that I love the method that you use to do this. Thank you for this great “stuffed cabbage” recipe.:)

  370. CC

    Hi Jenny, my thoughts and prayers are with Mike and all the Florida. So my question seems a little unimportant at this time but I need to know how to soften up my cabbage rolls I cook them didn’t file the directions correctly and now they’re dry. when I go to reheat them and eat them later, what would you recommend to moisten them up?

    • Jenny

      You might try “steaming” them with a little water in a covered pan – that’s all I can think of.

  371. Mike

    Jenny, We are under hurricane warning with Irma. I’m planning to make right now your golumpki. When power goes out, we’ll have cooked golumki and piwo! How comforting is that! Got to go…keep up your good work and say a prayer for all of us here in Florida.

    • Jenny

      I am watching, with the rest of the country, and praying for everyone in Florida. I hope you stay safe.

  372. Roger

    After you refrigerate, how do you warm for serving?

  373. Kimberly

    I really like your recipe, I love cabbage rolls but never tried it this way. Adding mushrooms to the filling sounds delicious. Thank you for the recipe.☺

  374. Paula from Beaumont, Tx

    LOVE this recipe/video!! I’m going to make these for my hubby tonight!! I think we’re going to love them!! Thanks so much!!

  375. Magdalene

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for the recipe. It looks delicious, have never tasted it but am going to give a try, hope it comes out well, will let you know.

  376. Jeannie French

    Hi Jenny,

    I was looking on the computer and your cooking of cabbage rolls came up. I have never made them but the way you demonstrated these rolls looked so easy that I’m going to try and make them.

    Great demonstration.

    Jeannie French

  377. Gayle

    Will Chinese cabbage work? I hope so because I just purchased two heads from a farmer’s market this morning. It would seem that you wouldn’t have to par boil the leaves. Thoughts anyone? Your filling sounds delicious.

  378. Mary

    Jenny, I just made your cabbage rolls and let me tell you they’re the best ever! I’m Polish and would never eat those but my mom’s. She’s 96 now and I’ve taken over the polish cooking. She always used to cook the rice and meat beforehand. I just had to try your way. Works better. Less work. And tastes great! The only thing I changed was I mixed beef and pork and squirted ketchup into the meat…mom used to do that. Love the mushrooms, that was new. Love,love, love it! Dziekuje! Mary… Marysia….from Canada …will be trying your baked ponczki and pierogi soon.

  379. Adam A

    Just tried this and the family loved it! Thank you soooo much!

  380. MAC

    Hi, I think my Grandmother called them Golumpki not sure, any thought on that?

  381. Barry Clark

    I loved your recipe, my mother made cabbage rolls , but , used instant rice , without garlic, or mushrooms, I knew there was something missing, thanks Jenny

  382. CrAzY BoB

    I don’t know …
    This looks really hard and sounds really good
    It sure is a step up from my classic boiled hotdogs
    Okay what the heck I’ll try it

  383. Momma Mia

    A new family favorite. Used short grain brown rice, turned out awesome. Agree these are even better, reheated with a little olive oil and butter, although would never have tried reheated except I doubled the recipe and froze extras. Have seen other cabbage roll recipes with raisins, figs or prunes – my kids rarely enjoy dried fruit in savory meals. My kids love watching your videos.

  384. Jess.

    I think you are priceless! I know you’re not in it for the money, but I hope with all the hits you have, that you are monetizing your YouTube account. We’re watching the ads anyway–you might as well get paid! xox

    Cannot wait to make these for the first time. These were always my mom’s favorite at the Lutheran dinners in my home town.

  385. Sheila

    Here’s a great tip to save time and work when making cabbage rolls. Instead of boiling your cabbage to soften the leaves just pop the cabbage whole into the freezer when you buy it.
    When you’re ready to make the cabbage rolls take it out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter until completely thawed.
    The leaves will be pliable and ready to roll without needing to boil them.
    It works like a charm and makes everything so much easier 🙂

    • Sheila

      I must add to this that your cabbage needs to be frozen solid before thawing for this method to work.

      • SarahSmile

        Thank you! Love making this dish…..never thought i would be the only cook in my family….but HATE trying to get cabbage leaves neatly off head! Thanks for the tip!

      • Roseanne

        I make UKRAINIAN Cabbage Rolls with a UKIE friends recipe. I also use the FROZEN CABBAGE method, as it’s so much easier. I DON’T COOK the meat or rice ahead of rolling them. I usually bake them in 1 LG can of TOMATO juice with a few Bay leaves tucked between, BUT SOMETIMES half Tomato juice & the same amount of Chicken Stock – either way they are delicious. I add FRESHLY GROUND Black Pepper, BUT NO SALT – as there is A LOT in Tomato Juice & Chicken Stock. Also I use FRESH Basil instead of Parsley as I don’t like Parsley. An Italian friend makes them using HALF Ground Beef& HALF Chorizo Sausage.

  386. Cora Mackey

    My maternal grandparents were from Poland. Thank you for making these recipes so easy to follow. I am so glad I found and subscribed to your videos!

  387. Kaye

    Hi Jenny! I have eaten my late aunt Jessie’s cabbage rolls forever but never
    ask how to fix them figuring it was difficult….Her husband was from Poland
    and she learned from his mother they were so delicious but all the recipes
    I came across were nothing like my aunts UNTIL NOW! Thank You so
    very much for your wonderful instructions…I made these yesterday and
    they came out picture perfect…..I am 72 as of yesterday, my aunt died in
    1976, so as you can see I have waited along time for this recipe to come

    • PJ

      That is the sweetest thing in the world! I’m trying these tomorrow

  388. Lorraine

    Dear Jenny,

    I just made your cabbage rolls today and will make your pierogi recipe later in the week for my son’s birthday. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful recipes. I’ve also made your blueberry buttermilk coffee cake and Christmas cookies. Everything turned out wonderful. My husband is of Ukrainian heritage and he says your recipes taste just like Baba’s which is quite a compliment.

    Thanks again

  389. John Tartamella

    Hi Jenny,

    I love your cabbage rolls recipe.

    The only difference I made is that I cooked the minced meat separately and
    added cubed tomatoes on top before baking.

    MM good.


  390. Pixie

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I finally made homemade cabbage rolls using your recipe. I would say they were totally the best I have ever had. Your instructions were so easy to follow and they turned out perfect. So glad I found your website after searching many others in my quest to find a recipe that was in fact true to the final outcome. Have made them many times over for my neighbours as well. Once again, thank you. Love your website.

  391. judy kay

    Would it turn out the same if I turned it into a casserole instead of individual rolling? I have RA and my hands just don’t work like they used to.

    • Chip

      I didn’t see anything objectionable in the recipe. I would say, go for it. Sounds like a good idea!

  392. Tobius

    Love this recipe, I have changed it a bit, used ground chicken instead of beef, used homemade nomato instead of the tomatoes, same thing really except without the tomatoes.

    And I also made this a vegetarian way, same thing but instead of beef or chicken I used jackfruit one time and another time I used neat, which is a meat replacement.
    And the third way was I also added some shredded carrots..

  393. sherry

    I just found you on youtube your teaching is amazing and I love your recipes
    do you have any vegtarian recipes. I can substitue meat with tofu or certain
    thank you kindly for your wonderful recipes.

    • Jenny

      All my recipes, including vegetarian, are posted on this site.

  394. Keith

    Thanks a lot Jenny. Excellent recipe. Clear annunciated language. Very bright kitchen and very organized cooking instructions. You made the recipe very easy to follow. Polish/Ukranian cabbage rolls are my favourite meal. I make them often, about 30 at a time, as the cabbage is a little chore. My recipe is a little different but very similar basically. Congratulations, for a very informative
    cabbage roll Pol./Uk. recipe. Excellent and very clean instructions for a beginner. Wish I had known your tricks years ago. Thanks again Jenny.
    Keith McAfee, LaSalle, Quebec.

  395. Trudi

    I like that stuffed cabbage,I am from Austria (Salzburg) and we make it just the same YUMM,Ty.

  396. Carol patulak

    At what point can they be frozen? How to cook from the freezer?
    Jenny I used to watch your talk show, big fan….

    • Carol Johnson

      Can u put this in jars n can them for down the road some time

    • Jenny

      Once they are completely cooled, preferably overnight, they can be frozen. After freezing, it’s best to thaw them overnight in the refrigerator and then brown them slowly in a little oil or butter.

  397. mark

    You are so good at teaching that it is a pleasure to learn new cooking skills from your videos! I can’t wait to try out some of your new recipes for my family. Thanks again!!

  398. Jenna

    My daddy was also Polish… Taught me a lot… I love them!!! I can’t eat just one…I usually go for a second plate… Although the sourkrault sounds good too. I love ur page!! I don’t know how to spell the words. But… Gendobre

    • irena czajkowska

      Jenny,you are wonderful! No words to say how much 🙂
      I am polish and have problem with cooking but I see it can be no problem now-I can see and read recipes,fantastic!!! Thank you !!!

    • irena czajkowska

      Jenna-dziendobry 🙂

  399. Cecilia

    I decided to try something different instead of steaming the cabbage. (I never boiled it.) I cored the cabbage and wrapped it in wet (not damp) paper towels and microwaved for about 10 min. Worked like a charm! I was thrilled. To get the inner leaves off, I had to rewrap and return to microwave for another few minutes.

  400. Jen

    Thank you so much for taking the time and giving all of your effort to share your wonderful recipes, talents, and wonderful, loving personality with us! Keep up the good work. You have so much to give… Thank you!

  401. Carl Pucci

    What is the procedure for the next day? After being refrigerated overnight?

    • Jen

      Jenny mentions browning them in a little bit of oil the following day and eating them with sour cream I believe. Yum!

  402. Debbie Edwards

    Dear Jenny,

    Although it wasn’t my first time eating them . 🙂 …it was my first time making them …..Thank you so much for the video with tips and the recipe ….. They are just fantastic and this will be a staple in my freezer meal line up <3

  403. Mary

    Hi Jenny
    Cabbage rolls are fantastic !!
    I have made many of your Polish recipes an have loved them all. These were the foods we ate when we were younger. Such fond memories of Polish foods. Thank you for sharing these treasured recipes.
    I remember watching you as a talk show host years ago I always watched loved you!

  404. MrsS

    This was our first time having this, and it was GOOD! Upon opening the oven there is a delicious aroma!! My 4 year old woke up from his nap, smelling the air and telling me, ahhh, our food smells good mom!! Hubbs liked it. We had it with mashed potatoes. I added shredded carrots to the filling. It wasn’t dry but I would like more sauce with it. So the leftovers will get some warm tomato sauce added.
    Will make this again!

  405. Mary

    Hi there, I love your website. You’re an inspiration. I also love to cook but I also like knowing how the experts prepare foods. Thanks very much for sharing your recipes. I can’t believe how you respond to your many emails. I’m polish and I’m interested in trying your way of making golabki. We’ve always boiled our rice and cooked the meat. Your no knead bread recipe is a huge hit and I’m also anxious to try the whole wheat loaf. Like your tips about the stand mixer. No ads works for me. Keep up the excellent work.

  406. rose

    gezzzzzzz I understand you do not answer all comments,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,give us a break you do not answer hardly any

    • Jenny

      I am doing the best I can. I never expected that my videos and recipes would generate over 300,000 views every week and more questions than I can possibly answer. Just posting a recipe takes me hours because I take the photo and I am not a photographer so it’s trial & error, I have to write up the recipe in detail, and post it so the links all work and there are no glitches. I also share my recipes on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram. I don’t do any of this for money and I pay to keep my website available to everyone around the world so they don’t have to deal with annoying ads. I’m sad that I can’t get to all of the questions and I feel even worse when I’m made to feel I’m not doing enough. Besides this “hobby” of sharing my recipes, I am also a homeowner who deals with everything that comes with owning a large home, plumber, electrician, gardener, gutter cleaning, anything that breaks, I cook every day and grocery shop at least twice a week. I do all of this without an assistant and it’s impossible to keep up with questions, many of which I do not have the answers to and have to research. I also run my foundation and need time for my philanthropy, which I cannot seem to find lately. If I don’t answer 25 questions a day, the next day it’s 50. And if my family is in from Canada for a week, then it’s hundreds of questions that need answers. By the way, today there are over 300 questions currently unanswered. All of it is quite overwhelming and I’ve even considered shutting it all down to get my life back. Please try to understand if I can’t give you a break when I need one myself.

      • Lynne Glode

        Thank you so much, I love your site and all the time you given to everyone.

        Hugs, Lynne

      • Debbie Edwards

        Jenny ….May God bless your heart for your response ….

        The initial remarks reflect more on the character of the person making them, than how they apply to you.

        Take care of yourself and thank you for this wonderful site !

      • karen

        please dont apolgize. everyone has a life as well. we just found your site through a friend and facebook. my other half fell down a scaffel and is off for months but he made your bread now in the oven with crutches on and
        a brace with a list long of what is wrong with his leg. i am anxious to
        try it and also anxious to try your recipes that look fantastic.
        thanks for your time, sincerely, karen 🙂

      • Colleen Mason

        Thank you for all you do!! Your Polish recipes put me back at the kitchen table with my boggie. Every time I watch one of your videos, I marvel that you have
        The time and energy to do what you do.

      • Peggy

        Jenny, I just recently found your youtube and website and I am overjoyed with it and all you do! Thank you so much for everything! Don’t let Rose’s comment get to you. Sounds like nothing would make her happy 🙂 Take care and keep up the good work!!!!

      • Marianne

        This has been my first visit to your site and I love all your recipes, all your wonderful teaching abilities, and I want you to know that you are fabulous! Please do not ever be discouraged by the occasional misunderstanding, inconsiderate viewer. Of course you have another life, and certainly deserve one. Keep up the awesome work that you are doing and please don’t give up. I’m sure that the majority of your viewers will agree! I’m praying for blessings to be upon you each and every day!

      • Lynn

        Jenny,….. Thank you for doing this and sharing these recipes and all your devoted time to do them. You ARE appreciated by most of us here. (The others need to go get a life and stop being rude. lol) I can’t wait to try more of them.
        Thank you,

      • Janet

        Jenny—THANK YOU SO MUCH for your recipes and especially the videos!! I am passing them on to the younger generation that do not have the benefit of Babas to show them the essence of old world cooking. They are truly a treasure and I appreciate so much! (oh, I don’t know if you are a Grandma, Babcha, Baba, etc, but if you are, you are a very young looking and hip one!) God knows I am one and struggle to stay young at heart! God Bless!

      • JB

        You told him! You are very generous with your precious time.

        I am going to look for your cookbook.

        PS My Polish mother born in the early 1900’s in PA. made cabbage rolls with barley and a no tomato sauce. Unfortunately, she cooked “with a little of this and a little of that” so I (sadly) didn’t learn how to make them.

        Very happy I stumbled on to your site!!!!!!

        Best wishes…

        • Judith

          JB – VERY HAPPY to see your post re. cabbage rolls. My mother too was born in early 1900’s in PA. She also made her delicious cabbage rolls with barley and a no tomato sauce….don’t know what kind of ground meat she used either.

          Since my mom was also a “little of this and a little of that” cook and I was very young I have no idea how she made them.

          If you have your recipe with the barley, etc. -, I would love it if you share it with us.

      • Dandy51

        Thank you so much for everything you do and may God always bless you. Both my parents were also Polish and my dad even spoke Polish about as well as it did English. Don’t worry about this Rose person people like her are always mad and hate everybody. Heck she probably even hates herself.
        Keep on cooking and baking and always remember you’re loved ❤️by God and probably everyone else except maybe Rose?.

      • BECKY

        You have more than enough things going on in your life and I really admire your effort. You really have my thanks. By the way…there’s always a nerd in the crowd. Just chuckle. They need to learn that too

      • Carole H.

        Blessings to you, lady. Just keep doing what you’re doing & ignore the naysayers. A person can only do so much. Even Jesus went off alone to pray & left some behind who cried for more. There’s not enough of you to do it ALL. Be encouraged and don’t quit. We each have God-given gifts to share for His glory and I believe you are doing that. Do not grow weary in doing well. 2 Thes. 3:13 Be blessed!

      • Ray Jaszcz (yosh)

        I have tried a few of your recipes, and all have been just Great My wife has been making cabbage rolls for as long 49years, But I made yours for all my Gran kids and Great Gran kids, That came over from TX last week. they all said Gampa pa these are the best stuffed cabbage they ever had. Jenny your cabbage rolls are just like the ones my Mother use to make ,When I was a kid Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you, Keep up the Great work .

      • Renny

        I have tried most of your recipes and I am loving them. thank you so much for sharing. I also did this cabbage roll today. I have never had cabbage roll before so I do not know what they suppose to taste. My husband who is German, said, it is soooooo good! so I will be making this again and again. Lol. thank you again. Keep up the good work, and please do not close!

      • Jodi

        Just stumbled across your YouTube video, don’t know how..

        There are always going to be haters, you are never going to live up to everyone’s expectations so forget about it.

        Do what’s right for you! Many many people understand and love your recipes!

        You’re doing a great job!

    • Appreciative of Jenny's great work

      To “Give us a Break!!!” Find another WEB site to criticize. Most of us understand what Jenny is trying her “best” to do and most of us appreciate that! Jenny is the best! Not second, third but just the best!
      Thank you Jenny for the super great recipes and video’s. Hoping you never quit!

    • Judith B.

      Dear Rose,

      Are you happy now that you received a long letter from Jenny?

      Hope you appreciate it and realize how so many of us would love replies from Jenny too. But, thank goodness – most of us feel very lucky that she so generously shares her wonderful recipes and precious time gratis. There are only so many hours in a day…….


  407. John Clement

    Wow, great technique. Tried it (’cause it was Ukrainian Christmas) and turned out great. Thank you!

    • Jenny

      John, your link did not work but you can send a photo using the “Your Photos” link at the top.

  408. Paul Szczesny

    I make these similar to your recipe, sometimes they are better than other times. That’s me. I just want to know? Do you always use regular flat cabbages or I was told once to uses only the Savoy. Please let me know wat difference does it make if anything at all. I like a lot of cabbage around mine. . Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

  409. george retired in pa.

    Golabki, wow i honestly cannot remember the last time i heard that word! Dziekuje bardzo Jenny, your video brought back so many great memories i didn’t know weather to laugh or cry, so i did both. Sauerkraut on pigs, you stole my mothers secret. Never met anyone {outside my family} who would do such an outrageous thing? Their loss. Mom was a wonderful cook and a wonderful person. I learned a lot from her but sadly forgot a lot as well. As a kid i could hardly wait for family reunions to have all of the foods i couldn,t even pronounce. Sauerkraut and bean soup, mushroom {telephone} soup, pierohi etc. Again i thank you sooo much! Do widzenia, Jenny.

  410. Ginny

    New Year’s good luck meal when I was growing up was pork roast, with stuffed cabbage rolls (made with uncooked rice, ground sirloin, and salt and pepper), smothered in sauerkraut, cooked for hours. Potatoes, cut to bite size were added in the last half hour of cooking. I continued this tradition for years. Haven’t made it in 20 years or so, until today. It was heavenly. We have leftovers to eat again, tomorrow. I figured I covered all my bases, having it New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day!!! My mom was Slovenian and my dad was Polish, both 1st generation Americans.

  411. Kelly

    Hi Jenny
    Thank you for all the work you put into this. At the end if your video you mention you fridge them overnight, then fry them up, serving with sour cream which sounds great btw). Do you heat them in the oven before frying, or just fry them to heat them up? It seems without the oven, it would be tricky to get them warm in the center without over frying the outside.
    Thank you

    • Jenny

      I fry them slowly on low heat straight from the refrigerator.

  412. Vange Torres

    excellent recipe, my Momma make those rolls about 50 years ago, they are yummy… :}

  413. Candace Schwartz Mingo

    Love ’em! I put a Scandinavian spin to them, too, and stuff with mixture I use for Swedish/Norwegian meat balls … delish!

  414. Magart

    I freeze the whole cabbage a few days before, thaw overnight in the fridge and run warm water over it.
    The cabbage leaves peel right off easily. A trick from my mother-in-law. She also put whole allspice in the sauce, they give it a really good flavor.
    Got some in my slow cooker right now and starting to smell so good!

    • Shereen Timmerman

      Do you cook the cabbage before freezing it
      /Sorry if this is a dumb query

      • Jenny

        No, you would freeze it raw. The idea is to avoid having to boil it to soften it.

  415. Julie Briggs

    I just love the different kinds of cabbage rolls we all can make ??? Its so easy; cause I’m just learning how make all kinds of food !! I like exploring my talents I’m pretty good thanks so munch Julie Briggs

  416. Barbara S.

    Can I refreeze rolled cabbage once its been in the fridge for 3 days since I made to much.

  417. kimene

    I absolutely love your cabbage rolls. I have made them with rice and they were great, but I am not especially fond of rice, though, and I would like to substitute quinoa for the rice. What do you think? Would I use the same 3/4 cup of quinoa? Would I need to add more liquid?

  418. Dave

    I fixed your cabbage rolls and the uncooked rice stayed uncooked! Why not use or pre-cook the rice? Is the rice supposed to be crunchy??

    • Jenny

      I’ve been making these for 50 years and the rice is always cooked and soft. If you follow the recipe exactly, there is plenty of time (and liquid) for the rice to cook. I don’t post any recipes that I don’t make for myself on a regular basis so I hope you’ll try again.

    • folksmith

      Dave, i just made these and likewise, the rice was hard. Husband said i should have stuck to my Polish mothers recipe.

    • Jeannette

      No you cook the rice first in the golumpki

    • Zee

      Jenny says in the video that she uses Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice. “Converted Rice” is partially cooked, or parboiled rice, so perhaps the problem is in using completely uncooked rice? http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-parboiled-rice.htm

    • Arlene

      My mother made cabbage rolls all the years i was growing up and I have made them for 40 years myself. I never heard of using uncooked rice; however, I don’t add liquid to mine, just tomato sauce and more sauce and a little water as it dries up. I cook mine a long time – about 3 hours. I’m making them right now for New Year’s Day and would be afraid to use uncooked rice.

    • Thud

      Made the recipe exactly as written. Perfectly cooked rice. Perfectly cooked everything. Firm, sliced well. Tasted GREAT! YOU need to use measuring cups and spoons and oven thermometers. And follow the recipe.

    • Thud

      And I used uncooked white rice.

  419. Hank Bayer

    This lady is an excellent AND delightful instructor, and it was a rare pleasure watching and listening.

  420. ConstantinV

    NOT only Polish stuffed cabbage. They are in Romania and Turkey.

    • Mike

      It’s a Slavic dish – most slavic peoples have a version of this dish.

  421. Shirley Lowe

    I absolutely love how you do a recipe and then also have the video of the actual prep. You do a great job!

  422. John

    Jenny, with a Eastern European heritage I love your channel . My mother gone 22 years now made all your ethnic dishes , my wife also makes them.Even to this day we have a traditional Christmas dinner and Easter breakfast ,I’m sure you know what I’m talking about .Only next time don’t dump those little pieces of cabbage or the core away ,put them in the pot with the extra leaves , the core is the sweetest part of a head of cabbage.My mother is looking down. Great recipes and I as a guy am going to try some, the breads for sure!

  423. carol-anne

    worthy trying! i have never liked cabbage but your recipe has change my perception

  424. SilentDua

    Loved ur recipe. you have a Gods gift the way you explain it. Thank you very much. I have tried adding Italian seasoning to the stuffing and everyone loves it. Thanks again for sharing it.

  425. Tyler Mamchur

    Hi Jenny 🙂

    Made this for my family tonight. Just great!!!!! Thanks so much! On that note, will you marry me??

  426. Lidija

    Dear Jenny,

    So sorry to bother you and ask you for a favor. I am looking for a great picture of cabbage rolls to create a Facebook post for commercial purposes and I’ve stumbled upon your site. I love this picture. Would you allow me to use it?

    Thank you,


    • Jenny

      If you can provide specific details on the commercial endeavor I can let you know but it’s not likely that my photo would be cleared to use for any money-making business unless it’s for a charity. If you reply here, your reply will remain confidential and will not be posted. Please let me know exactly how this photo would be used. If I do not hear back, then permission is not granted for the commercial use of any of my photos.

  427. Meagan

    Hi Jenny!

    I just wanted to say your recipes are amazing! I’ve tried many of them and every time I am so happy with the outcome. This cabbage roll recipe is a family favourite! Cheers!

  428. Sabrina

    I use sour cabbage (sauerkraut) for rolling and ground pork/chicken meat as I don’t like veal. I put sun dried tomatoes among the rolls, and I boil them in tomato juice. I wonder whether Polish people ever use sauerkraut for this rolls.

    • Lynn

      I use the sour cabbage as well because I love the taste.

  429. Babs

    How do you find out what the calorie, fat,protein and carb count….I am on a diet and I have to write it all down …but when I look up receipts they don’t have them and I am not smart enough to figure it out….thank you…:)

    • Jenny

      I don’t have that information. I’m just a home cook sharing what I make for myself at home.

      • Linda

        Can I rolled cabbage rolls the day before and put them in the refrigerator and cook them the next day .

        • Jenny

          I don’t know. It does not seem like a good idea but you may have to research this. (also, look through the comments as it may have come up)

    • Jeanne

      Hi Babs.
      Here is what I found online. I do not add garlic or mushrooms to my recipe, so they are not included. Hope this helps, at least a little.

      Servings 16
      Total calories for 1 serving 107 (one cabbage roll)

      1 large head of cabbage (about 3 lbs.)
      calories 340 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 0 Protein 0

      1 cup diced onion
      calories 64 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 15 Protein 2

      1 pound ground sirloin
      calories 800 Total Fat 44 Total Carbs 0 Protein 88

      1 cup Pomi strained tomatoes or canned tomato puree
      calories 64 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 14 Protein 2

      1 1/2 teaspoons salt
      calories 0 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 0 Protein 0

      pepper to taste
      calories 3 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 1 Protein 0

    • Mel

      MyFitnessPal.com has a recipe feature that calculates those numbers for you, Babs. You enter in the ingredients you used and the number of servings.

  430. jewish freddy from da bronx

    I eat bison instead of beef. Higher in protein, less in fat.
    Will this be the same cook-time ?

    • Jenny

      Yes, it would be the same cook time. I love bison!

    • Poppy

      Hi…I’m curious as to how the taste of bison compares to very lean beef…Thanks

      • Jenny

        For me, it tastes exactly the same. I have bison burgers all the time.

  431. DonH


    Here’s a shortcut to try. I make mine using a pressure cooker on the stove rather than in the oven. (10 quart PQ does about 25-30 at a time). Takes only 8 minutes under pressure and then do a fast cool down. No need to saute onions, etc. I do normally cook the rice (long grain and let cool) for the stuffing mix. Never tried the rice uncooked. I also use 1 #10 can of no salt added stewed tomatoes with approximately 1/2 can of the cabbage water for liquid in the pressure cooker. Layer the normally discard leaves on the bottom and top. Comes out great with a lot of ready made sauce! Try this method if you have a Pressure cooker. Do not cook for more than 8 minutes.

  432. Gwyneth Currie

    These cabbage rolls are delicious! They were fun to make too. Had 2 each for supper with mashed potatoes. Today just had one each for lunch after frying in a little olive oil. Oh so good. I didn’t have tomato puree so used tomato paste instead.

  433. Lois B

    About freezing cabbage rolls and other casseroles… I have had good results, just make it a single layer, a little extra sauce, preferably in one serving per container. voila! Your own homemade TV dinner. Even if not quite as good as made fresh, I bet it would still be tastier than what you get from the freezer aisle at the grocery store.

  434. Colleen

    I have made 60 pounds of stuffed cabbage rolls and froze them. I made them ahead of time for my son’s graduation party this weekend. They are in four roasting pans with 20 pounds each in them. How long do you think it would take to thaw them?

    • Jenny

      I have never made this many but since the best way to thaw any frozen food is overnight in the refrigerator, that would be the way to do it; however, it might take two overnights, not just one. But please don’t go by me and do some internet research on this as I can only guess. (I am not a trained chef, just a home cook like you)

    • Not sure

      yes I do to , but can I use the frozen meat in my fridge and when cabbage rolls are rolled up can I refreeze them for a lter day or does my meat have to be fresh, I also freeze my sour cabbage and thaw before making ,,,,,,,,,

      • Lavonne Lawrence

        Your meat has to be fresh if you are freezing before cooking

  435. Judy

    Hi Jenny:

    Love your site. I read through a lot of the comments for the cabbage rolls and did not find my suggestion in them. I freeze my cabbage and then defrost it the nite before ready to make the cabbage rolls. No boiling necessary. The leaves peel right off. I also tuck my ends of the cabbage rolls into the roll using my pointer finger and they stay rolled up. Thanks for a great site.

    • Jenny

      Judy, I searched and could not find another comment from you so I’m glad you resent it.

  436. Madeline

    Your video was very helpful and the halupkies delicious. Thanks

  437. Candace

    I have frozen cabbage rolls . How long and @ what temp. do I cook them?

    • Jenny

      Do you mean they are frozen and uncooked?

    • rose Offerman

      I do freeze,my cabbage rolls,afer ive cooked them even if my meat has been frozen. Good for several months. I also add about 1 cup of water to my mixture ..this,makes them more

  438. maria briahna

    They are Romanian heritage, not Polish

  439. Jean

    Jenny, cabbage rolls are not part of my heritage, but I learned them from an elderly German woman who was my “honorary grandmother.” Her way is different from yours, but both are perfectly delicious. The mushrooms sound like an addition I’d like very much.

    • John K

      I’m 100% Polish and in my 60’s. Grandparents from Warsaw! Large family, of aunts, uncles and cousins. The Polish people use a red tomatoey sauce. Germans use a brown sauce. Mom always used a can of Campbell’s tomato soup and a can of Hunt’s tomatoe sauce (same size) adding the water of a half of the tomato soup can. Mix it in a bowl. Put a light coating of the sauce on bottom of pan before putting in the rolls. Once rolls in the pan, cover all with the remaining sauce and bake accordingly. Cover rolls with foil. We always ate these with mashed potatoes, corn and rye bread. Need some of the juice on the mashed potatoes. I’m hungry!

      • Nancy

        Just had to write after reading your post. My mother was 100% Polish. As a small child I asked my grandfather about life in Poland, but he would not answer. I figured it wasn’t so good.
        My mother made stuffed cabbage often. Not sure how to spell the name she called them. One thing my mother and grandmother added was fried salt pork, cut into a dice, fried an added to her mashed potatoes!! Now, my family enjoys too! Try it, you’ll love it!!

        • John K

          Golombki. The L is pronounced wuh. Ga-wumb-key

        • Jeanne

          My mother and grandmother, both 100% Polish, fried diced bacon and added the bacon grease to the rice. Doing this flavored the rice as well as keeping it from sticking together. They added the diced bacon into the mixture. It’s very flavorful, but I don’t add the bacon and it’s still wonderful.

          We also never added tomato sauce, but I put ketchup on mine.

      • John K

        Preparing the cabbage: Fill dutch oven with water. Get it hot, about 3/4 full. Core the cabbage. Take sturdy meat fork or carving fork, and stick it in area where core was. Place the head of cabbage in the hot water until the first leaf softens and becomes limp. Take meat filling and place on low center of leaf. Fold bottom of leaf forward , then fold in the sides of the leaf. Repeat for each cabbage roll. I also use minute rice (cooked first). This is how my mom and aunts made them. Also she used ground pork, about a 1/3 to 1/2 pund. Not sausage but straight ground pork.

        • Danushka

          Yes my mother who was born in Poland and came to the states – her stuff cabbage recipe is identical to John K ‘s, yum

  440. Brenda Shay

    Can I cooked the rice and hamburger before putting them in cabbage rolls

    • Jenny

      I have never cooked either one before baking cabbage rolls. I’m wondering why you want to do that?

    • JohnK

      No, I have never seen it that way! When uncooked, then baked, all the flavors blend together to give you the best taste!

  441. Teri

    I’ve read where you have made the stuffed cabbage roll with ground turkey instead of ground beef,would the recipe and ingredients stay the same?


  442. Teri

    Hi Jenny,

    Stuffed cabbage rolls:
    I just have a little suggestion about the prepping of the cabbage leaves for the stuffed cabbage, that might be helpful . I use a large pot full of boiling water, I core with a sharp knife two the cabbage heads as much as I can, and then place the whole head in boiling water, as the cabbage softens up near the core, I cut off each leaf gently and place it in a large bowl, and do this for every leaf throughout as it slowly boiling. (Don’t over cook, you just want to soften them up, a couple minutes per leaf.
    Then when they’re cooled, I take each leaf and slightly shave off the middle of the back stem of the cabbage leaf with a sharp knife, being sure not to cut through the leaf. Teri Leyden
    This works wonderfully for rolling up the stuffed cabbage without resistance, and you don’t have that think chewy part of the cabbage in your cabbage roll to deal with. The leaves are a little soft and pliable and make for easy stuffing and rolling. It makes stuffing and rolling easier,with just a little time spent. I do it the day before and refrigerate the leaves in a plastic bag, all set to go for the next day.

  443. Elisa

    Jenny, I just found your website, I just love it!!!!!!! Your cheerful personality and your great recipes with easy directions, restored my belief that I can cook…

  444. Diane K

    Just like my Mother made. She learned it from her mother-in-law. This is a great site !!! Kudo’s Jenny!

  445. Linda Kutch

    Love the Stuffed Cabbage…. finally a recipe like my mother in laws’s and it didn’t fall apart!!! Already made this dish three times and each time to came out perfect. Thank you for posting it.

  446. Allison

    When you say cool and refrigerate overnight.Does that mean in the same roasting pan they were cooked in or do you need to transfer them to a air tight Tupperware container?

  447. Sa'ra

    I will be making this today. It looks yummy!!!!!?

  448. Ninap

    Jenny, thanks for the cabbage! I’m Slovak/Hungarian and it looks great…..

    BTW, I always loved your show!!!!!

  449. Diane

    Looks delicious. My favorite is the kind my grandmother made with kasha(buckwheat) after stuffing the rolls she layered sauerkraut in bottom of enamel casserole pan, covered and baked. Anyone have a recipe?

  450. Pam

    Thank you-I am of Polish Parents and never took my “food” heritage seriously. Today, I made your Cabbage Rolls and tears came to my eyes. My Dad in heaven was smiling. I have never made such perfect cabbage rolls. I drifted back in time, to a farm house outside of Scranton, PA. My Aunt Nellie making all of these delights. I can’t wait to begin baking and cooking again.

  451. Elaine

    I love all your recipes as I am a full blooded polish girl, but though I have not tried your version of stuffed cabbage as yet, I would like to make a comment.
    I have been making cabbage rolls for over fifty years and have made and tried several variations adding different ingredients, but the one thing I only tried once (and would not try again) is using uncooked rice. I tried using uncooked rice once and the rolls came out very dry because the rice drained all the moisture out of the meat. I now precook the rice, at least partially and they come our great.

  452. michael coyle

    Yes u can freeze put in tinfoil tray cover with tin foil 6 in tray or less lasts 3 months ??

  453. Darlene P

    I just found your website and I want to thank you wholeheartedly for providing videos with your recipes.I never seem to get things right just reading,I find it really helps to see it done.Once again,thank you. Regards, Darlene P.

  454. Tammy Nowakowski

    Hi Jenny! I married a Polish man a few years ago and he asks me to make his favorite Polish dishes; but not being polish myself, I’m at a loss. He emailed me one of your videos and I’m keeping it. I just put the the cabbage rolls in the oven. I hope he likes them. Angel wings will be my next attempt at Polish baking.

  455. John Summers

    Hello Jenny, the cabbage rolls are in the oven and I’m going to leave them to sit overnight, is it ok if I leave out of the fridge or?


    • Jenny

      I would not leave them out overnight. Let them cool down and then refrigerate them.

  456. Annie A

    Hi Jenny, it’s me again, I left a tip for re your Chrusciki recipe. I have another quick tip for Golambki and it works really well. I hated having to boil the cabbage so now instead, I core the cabbage, put it in a plastic grocery bag, tie a loose knot at the top and put it in the microwave for 15 minutes. Upon removing from micro, I discard top one or two leaves and it’s pretty much ready to go. If it’s really a large head,then some of the inner leaves may not be as soft as you like so put back in the microwave for a few more minutes. By the way, I’m one of the Campbell’s tomato soup fans for my Golambki sauce. I’ll be making them on Tuesday for Christmas!

    • FoodforThought

      Annie A, I really like the idea of saving time by not boiling and pulling the leaves off individually. My one concern is the use of the plastic grocery bag in the microwave. These bags are not safe to eat out of especially after being exposed to heat. The BPA and other chemicals used to make these bags will leak out of the bag and into your food. I recommend switching from the grocery bag to something safe to heat
      Such as a ziplock bag. The packaging states microwave safe.

    • Nancy

      My mother also used Campbell’s Tomato Soup and Hunts Tomato sauce. She also added chicken broth. Don’t forget the fried salt pork in the mashed potatoes, yummy!

  457. Pam Kindt

    I’m a little unclear on the freezing technique. Do I wrap them individually or can they be frozen in a pan? When removing from the freezer after letting them refridgerate overnight do I then add the sauce to bake or do I freeze with the sauce to bake? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      I have never frozen cabbage rolls before baking, only after. After they are cooked and cooled I wrap them individually in plastic and freeze. That way I can remove only what I need each time.

      • Ann

        Have you tried to freeze cooked cabbage rolls in a baking dish to reheat later?

        I read that it would turn into mush. Is that true?

        • Jenny

          I have frozen cabbage rolls but only individually, never in a baking dish together.

  458. violet turner

    Love this recipe and watched the video. They were so good and my kids loved them! 🙂 definitely a keeper.

  459. ronald c. williams

    I am thrilled that I found you. my Hungarian mother and grandma made poppyseed rolls, stuffed cabbage, and angel wings, all of which I have recipes for, but you opened my eyes with your videos. I have tried with varying success but I know what to do now. thanks a bunch. hugs and kisses from an 82 yr. old guy. grandpa ron

    • ronald c. williams

      i understood what you said at the end of the cabbage roll video. too funny

      • richard

        yes…being Polish I had tears from laughing!!!!

  460. Keith Hinkel

    Here again I do a “quikie” Golabki; cut up cabbage into pieces–say–2″ square-whatever or shred–then blanch or 1/3 cook; set aside. Mix filling all together well cooked-I use 3 lg. onion, 3 garlic cloves, pepper, celery seed, 8 fresh tomatoes, Stevia, parsley, dry mustard, 1 tbsp worchestire sauce, liquid smoke, beef burger & sausage, Coat bottom of baking dish w/sauce, add cabbage layer–repeat until dish filled. Cover bake at 350F for 35 minutes and check–keep checking until cabbage is just slight crunchy. Serve–I use black bread & butter. Its tasty.

  461. Adele G.

    Hi Jenny,

    I have been using a few of your recipes. All turn out great! You made cooking/baking so easy. I have a polish husband and I am a Chinese. I cooked more polish than Chinese foods in my life.

    I have just one question before I attempt this stuffed cabbage recipe.

    Do you or can I add any seasoning to the beef mixture? Salt, pepper and etc.


    • Jenny

      My recipe already includes salt & pepper in the ingredients and most people seem to feel it’s enough. You can add additional spices if you choose but I encourage you to try the recipe as it is and you will likely find it has enough flavor.

      • Adele G

        Hi Jenny,

        Thank-you for your reply. I have mis-read and skipped the 1 1/2 tsp of salt.


  462. Jane & Rick

    We made them and loved them…Friends have already requested a copy or site to get recipe…

  463. Gwen haldae

    I make cabbage rolls for some of my family for Xmas . Is it to early to make and then freeze.

    • Jenny

      Technically, it’s not too early to make them for Christmas but I always believe in less freezer time whenever possible. I would try to wait 2-3 weeks (then it would only be a month of freezing).

  464. Kim

    Absolutely delicious!! Thanks Jenny, keep up the good work!

  465. Brenda

    Jenny, I just found you about 2 weeks ago. Can’t remember how but sure glad I did cause lady you are so funny. I cook all the time, everything from scratch but was never able to master Cabbage Rolls, well I’ll be trying your version but I have a question? I don’t use white rice, can I sub brown rice for this. Not sure if it will come out since brown rice cooking is a little different then white. Let me know and can’t wait for more videos.

    • Liz

      The last two times I made these cabbage rolls, I have used brown rice. I always liked the texture of white rice compared to brown, but in cabbage rolls I don’t see any difference. They are still yummy. Same cooking time. In the end, you get the added nutritional benefits of brown rice without compromising the flavour.

  466. So Turner

    What a delight to find you, Jenny! Like meeting an old friend you loved so much, but lost through the years… You Look Fabulous! I’m looking forward to making your GOLABKI, as I am cooking for my “Polish” Boyfriend, who was actually born in Chicago! I have always loved to cook; and looking over your recipes, I find we have very similar tastes too. I’m sure Teddy will be delighted if I follow your clear instructions carefully. I promise to make these Jenny, as soon as I bring home the cabbage > Ha! GREAT to see you… > Hugs, for sure! Thanks.

  467. Maureen Travers

    I brought these to my sister’s house last Saturday and everyone enjoyed them. She loved them and so did the other family members. I just want to Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and I would try another one soon. Thanks Again,Maureen

  468. Shirley

    We are having a big celebration on friday,and your, the fall off the bone ribs and cabbage rolls will be part of my menu,as I’m making them today tuesday evening, how long would they take to reheat from frozen state to serving.It’s my granddaughter convocation,so I’ll be away at her ceremony,them we all come back here to have dinner,time frame will be tight and I don’t want anything to go wrong.
    thank You so much

    • Jenny

      I hope I’m not too late if you already cooked but I don’t think you need to freeze if you cook Tuesday evening for Friday.

  469. SHARON B.

    Hi Jenny, I do a TON of canning, and I regularly can my cabbage rolls. You can get 7-8 in a half gallon jar, 3-4 in a quart. My family raves about them, wants them for birthday and Christmas gifts, it tickles me, of course none of them are farm raised like I am. One Grandson wants them canned with V8 and I must say they’re pretty good that way.
    Once I get my pressure cooker up to 12 lbs (for my altitude) I process them for 90 min.
    Thanks for sharing your time and effort in making our lives funnier and more fulfilled, and delicious! God Bless, Sharon

    • Allan Cross

      I wondered if you could can cabbage rolls – now I know. I am going to can about a dozen quart jars in my pressure canner. Of course I will add tomato soup in the jars as well.

      • Len

        NOT tomato soup. Tomato juice if anything. The liquid helps hydrate the rice.

        • Len

          Upon sober second thought, you can add anything you want. Everybody has a different way of doing things. Doesn’t make them wrong. Just different.

  470. Cecilia

    Hi Jenny — Thank you for this excellent video. I have made these many times using my mother-in-law’s recipe. Yours is very similar. However, she always insisted that they should be made in a heavy pot on the stove top. I have never done them in the oven before so will try. She also always put a can of sauerkraut on top while cooking. This really adds a great punch. I thought I’d mention it in case you want to try it. Thanks again for your wonderful recipes.

    • Jenny

      I have made mine with sauerkraut too just like my dad sometimes did.

  471. Ann

    Hello Jenny,
    I was wondering if I made cabbage rolls Tuesday but actually was going to serve them on Saturday, do you think the cabbage rolls would still be safe to eat?

    • Jenny

      That seems a little too long for me. I would not go more than three days without freezing them.

    • Annie A

      As long as they’re refrigerated, they’re fine. We’ve eaten then after three and four days, I haven’t killed anybody yet. 🙂

  472. carmen

    Hello Jenny I plan to do cabbage rolls. May I ask you please if I can prepare them in the pan (without the sauce) and then bake them the following day? thanks for your advice

    • Jenny

      I would not prepare them in advance to cook the next day. I can’t say for sure that it won’t work but it seems like leaving ground beef and rice with liquids to sit overnight is not a good idea. You can look online to see if anyone has ever prepared them in advance like this.

  473. Tymek

    This is a great recipe — I’ve made this 3 times in as many months.

    I previously made them in a slow cooker (8 hours, but they will be done before that) but this is great for a shorter cooking time. I add sausage on top (fresh kielbasa, if you can find it, cut into serving-sized pieces) or any other sausage that’s available.

    In a slow cooker, a large can of stewed tomatoes poured over each layer of golabki can help keep them moist and cooked through with a lot of flavor. And I put a ton of paprika in the mix.

    Rye bread and mustard are a must on the side once it’s out on the table. As well as any piwo that’s more substantial than Tyskie or Zyviec!

  474. Aasha

    Hi Jenny can i use Chicken or pork in this recipe???This recipe looks easy and delicious..But i cant find beaf here

    • Jenny

      I think chicken would be a better choice rather than pork.

      • Aasha

        Hi Jenny if I use Chicken should i minimize the cooking temperature and time???

        • Jenny

          No, you would not change the time or temperature. I know that ground chicken is softer than ground beef so you may find the mixture softer than mine. I have made cabbage rolls with ground turkey so I hope they work for you with chicken. Please let me know.

          • Aasha

            Hi Jenny I made this recipe with Chicken without altering other ingredients and the cooking time and temperature..The result was awsome..so many appreciations from family and friends…Thank U so much for this great recipe…

        • Jenny

          That’s wonderful! I appreciate you letting me know so now I can tell anyone who asks that this recipe works with chicken. It’s good to hear that everyone liked your creation and thanks again for your feedback.

          • Aasha

            U have been an inspiration to me to try out new recipes that too in a simple way..Love ur recipes and Thank au so much..Stay rocking…

  475. M. Thomason

    Can I use uncooked jasmine rice instead of long grain?

    • Jenny

      It will likely alter the flavor but you can certainly try. I have only used long grain rice in this recipe so if it’s short grain, I’m not sure you would like the result. But everyone seems to love my recipe as it is so I hope you will try it my way, at least once.

  476. Sunny side

    i’ve used your cabbage roll recipe for a few years now and was making a big batch due to a bumper crop of cabbage this year. I was reminded of asking my granddaughter last year if she had liked them. She said they were very delicious but her mommy had to “peel” them for her. I made her a little casserole of the inside mixture rolled into meatballs this year. Love your website and recipes. This one is easy and the best cabbage rolls ever.

  477. Joelle

    I’ve been looking for a recipie for cabbage rolls for a while as I have tried them before and thought they were amazing… Your recipie didn’t dissapoint! So yummy I ate 4 rolls as soon as they were out the oven! ? 🙂 will have to try this when cooking for my polish friends to impress 😀 thanks so much for sharing.

  478. Nancy Z

    Thanks for the great recipe! I have been eating Golabkis all my life being from a Polish family but these were the best I’ve ever made. Thanks again Jenny

  479. Janet ostrowski

    Thanks Jenny,

    You are helping an English Australian make Polish food for my husbands family. Keep cooking, live, laugh, love well.

    best wishes

  480. Chgo girl down under in Oz

    Love the recipe. Remember your talk show days, but enjoy your recipes even more.
    Thx, for bringing a little bit of my former home to my new home.

  481. Daniele

    I HAVE FROZEN LARGE CABBAGE LEAVES. Blanch, cool, place a few together and roll up or wrap flat, expelling air. WORKED GREAT.

  482. Carol

    can I boil cabbage and use it the next day to rool

    • Jenny

      I don’t know. I tried to research this but could not find any recipe where the cabbage was boiled in advance so I’m not sure how the leaves would hold up the next day. I’m sorry I just can’t say for sure.

    • Gamzy

      yes you can boil cabbage a day ahead. I do it all the time. Enjoy

  483. JZ

    Just came across you website and loved all your recipes. I especially like it when you have your recipe and plus your video all in one page. This makes everything right at hand. Thank you so much in producing these videos.

    • Vanessa Ryals Cook

      I agree 100% I am a visual person and technologically challenged in some areas. So less is better for me if you have not tried Jennie’s beef stew please do. That’s when I said Jenny real can cook.

  484. Judy

    I am making these for a pot luck, can I make ahead & freeze? If so, should I cook them first or freeze raw?
    Thank you

    • Jenny

      Cook them first. After cooking, I let them cool down and refrigerate them overnight. They are easier to handle the next day. Then I freeze them, separated so they don’t touch each other.

  485. Jay lowell

    Best I’ve had, they came out just right with good texture and flavor. It should land you a spot on the Food. network

  486. Ania

    Jenny….your cabbage rolls are a huge hit…moist and low in fat…my son and my husband loved them, thank you…looking forward trying more of your recipes xo

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  490. Sandi

    Hi Jenny, I come from a Polish/Ukranian background and grew up with cabbage rolls made by my Babcia. Hers had mostly rice and a little bit of ground pork and no tomato sauce. I loved those so much! That being said, I have always shied away from making my own cabbage rolls because that thick cabbage spine scared me away. After I stumbled across your video, I have made at least a batch of your cabbage rolls once a week! Everyone loves them and I love making them! Thanks so much for giving me the confidence 🙂

  491. Dustin

    Growing up Czech we ate these often, usually with tomato sauce. I made a psn today and have cinnamon rolls in the oven. Thanks for making it fun and easy. Any chance you’ll be making poppy seed or prune kolaches?

    • Jenny

      I have never made kolaches but I know there are recipes out there.

  492. Daveinfl

    OMG. So tasty and healthy. Jenny, you are the best. Thanks

  493. Pat

    I made all the stuff last night and put in crock pot to cook. I went to bed at midnight and forgot to put in refrigerator and now 7 hrs later it is still warm. Is it still good?

    • Jenny

      UPDATE: At first I thought the meat was raw when I posted the response below. But even if the food is cooked, I would still not eat anything with cooked meat that is left out warm for 7 hours. Again, it’s not worth the risk.

      MY INITIAL RESPONSE: I think you need to throw it away. I found this on the web: “The Food and Drug Administration recommends that meat left out at room temperature for more than two hours should be discarded. Raw meat left out for this amount of time is a breeding ground for bacteria that can make people very sick.” I know you put in a lot of work but it’s not worth the risk.

  494. Ed

    cooked cabbage rolls yesterday. What is the best way to reheat and serve for dinner tonight?Thanks,

    • Jenny

      I think they are best when heated in a pan with a little olive oil (my dad used butter) and let them brown a little on the outside. I start out on low heat so they warm up inside and then I increase to medium, turning occasionally to brown all sides. I consider them a complete meal since they have meat, rice, and a vegetable but I always make a salad first. Polish cabbage rolls are traditionally served with sour cream. There’s a picture of some cabbage rolls that I browned in the my blog posting dated Feb. 9th, 2013.

  495. Sharon

    Hi Jenny,
    I’ve made many beef stews in my time but when I saw yours I was anxious to try it. I went on your web site Cooking with Jenny. The video is a great idea and the recipes are easy to follow.
    The beef stew was amazing and my husband loved it, this recipe will be saved and made a lot in the future.
    I do have a question for you, If I want to make more of the stew do I just double all ingredients?

    • Jenny

      Please see Regina’s question below the stew recipe.

  496. Sharon B

    Hi Jenny,
    Was looking through recipes to make a beef stew. Made a lot of different stews but they never taste that great or never come out right.
    Came across finding one in Cooking with Jenny.
    Boy, Jenny I love that you have videos showing each step as you go along.
    I just want to tell you that I never made stew taste so good in my life.
    It was amazing, my husband loved it and I will definitely put this recipe in a folder so I can make it again soon.
    By the way I am going to make your meatloaf that sounds delicious. I will let you know how it went.
    Thanks again Jenny

  497. Lindsay

    I made these yesterday and loved them! I am wondering what to serve them with? What do you typically serve them with? Or are they kind of their own thing?

    I made these with ground turkey and they came out very good. I can only imagine how they would taste with sirloin…even better I bet!. I didn’t have Uncle Ben’s rice and I was nervous about the rice not cooking, so I boiled the rice for 3 minutes and drained the water. Then I added the rice to the stuffing. The rice came out perfect and wasn’t mushy! I might not have had to do this but I would have regretted all the time, effort, and ingredients if I hadn’t and the rice wasn’t cooked.

    • Jenny

      I grew up having cabbage rolls alone (with sour cream) but today I try to eat more than one vegetable at every meal so I always have a salad first and then I’ll still make a vegetable side like some sauteed greens or steamed beets.

  498. debra torres

    I made your meatloaf today, and will be making the stuffed cabbage in a few days, Love the polish recipes

  499. debra torres

    Jenny, I was so excited when i came across your videos on youtube i was looking on videos for making periogies and you came up, I saw your show in Chicago many years ago. You are an awesome cook, love your colorful kitchen.Where can I find your headscarves , I looked on the internet for polish headrscarves but cant find the pretty ones like yours..

    • Jenny

      They may look Polish but they are usually just fabrics I buy at the fabric store or scarves that come out in the summer that are more colorful.

  500. Lina

    Hi Jenny, I love the presentation, simple and easy. To the point, your comments and manner of speech are interesting NOT annoying. Well stated and perfectly enjoyable to watch AND listen too. Your recipes are easy and looks delicious and easy to follow. Thank you many times over, I love C-rolls and will try them. I didn’t know you did recipes and found this by accident, I kept say to myself, “that looks like J,J,” Bingo ! So you now have a new follower. Thanks again,

  501. Lori

    Jenny, I’ve been making these for years and today, for the first time, my rice didn’t cook. What could I have done wrong?

    • Jenny

      There could be a few reasons. 1) You used brown rice. 2) You did not use long grain (pref. Uncle Ben’s rice). 3) Not enough liquid. 4) No enough cooking time. Please let me know if any of these apply and I’ll try to help further. (I assume it’s my recipe but no matter…)

  502. Astika

    I love your cooking online and show. Now I’m trying to make polish perogies your way, for my wife; she is polish. Thanks for your program. By the way, what’s channel is your cooking show on tv? I

  503. Jackie Moore

    Hi Jenny,

    I have been yearning to make these for weeks and I finally made them last Wednesday night. We, my Son and I had them Thursday and Friday and they were sooooooo yummy. I added grated cheese on the top. My son loved them as well, I asked him can I make them again. Yes please was the reply. so thumbs up jenny

  504. VamliV

    Hi Jenny! I was just wondering, would it be ok to add more liquid to the final sauce? My husband loves a light but more abundant sauce. I ask because I wouldn’t want my cabbage rolls to get too soggy or for the sauce to overflow the mold, Thanks

    • Jenny

      I think you could do one cup or even 1 1/4 cups without the cabbage rolls being soggy.

  505. Stacy

    I cannot wait to try these!! I will be cooking them on New Year’s Day!!!

  506. Monica

    I am making stuffed cabbage for a large amount of people right after Christmas and wanted to know how and if I could make them ahead somehow and freeze or refrigerate and then re-bake day i’ll be serving them???? what do you think?

    • Jenny

      Yes you can. In fact, I always think they taste better the second day. I would not freeze them if you don’t have to. Make them a day or two before, then bring the pan to room temperature and re-heat in a preheated 325 oven, covered, for about 20-25 minutes. I have never re-heated an entire pan but this is my best guess on the time and temperature. Good luck!

  507. Sandra

    perfect recipe..I use tomato and sour cream to make a sauce to put on cabbage rolls and boiled potatoes

  508. Gloria

    Just made these rolls today and I am super satisfied about how they turned; they were very flavorful and with just the right amount of salt! I was not patient enough to fry them and try with sour cream but they are just so good right out of the oven! Thanks so much for such a simple and delicious recipe! Trying the pierogis next….By any chance have you made any dessert with buckwheat? I tried it in Krakow but don’t recall the name.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know of any Polish dessert with buckwheat – glad you liked the cabbage rolls.

  509. susie

    You are just too cute! I stumbled across your video while on youtube. I thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes with the world and I cant wait to make these rolls! Blessings

  510. Hannah

    These looks really yummy!

  511. Gary S

    Jenny thank you for this recipe. I followed it except I used a head of sour cabbage, OMG these rolls are awesome! They are the best I’ve ever made.

  512. Kimberlee Fredericks-Fackenthal

    Making these again today, Jenny. Everyone loves them. We like some sauce too, but many like them just gently fried with a dob of sour cream. You feel like family. I make these about every two weeks or more. There are so many other recipes to try as well, of other dishes. I think food is better than, well, just better lol We adore you… Dziękuję za gołąbki. Jesteś najlepszy! Również, gotować kapustę trochę dłużej, więc w centrum nie jest tak trudno.

  513. Jane Silva

    My mom used Campbell’s tomato soup. When I make them I dilute the soup with beef broth or water. It makes a nice gravy.

    • RF

      That’s how my mother and grandmother always made them too. To me its the best way.

  514. V. Stoen

    Wow this little babies are so scrumptious ! Thank you for sharing your delectable cabbage roll recipe . I ate three of these in one setting , just couldn’t stop myself , yikes ! The recipe is a keeper !

  515. Dianne Brockmeyer

    after freezing these, can you re-heat them in a slow cooker? If yes, how long would they cook for?

  516. Laura

    Jenny, I made your cabbage rolls…and they are to die for…I will keep this recipe with me always..it was delicious!

  517. Nancy Clancy

    I just came across your site, can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. These cabbage rolls sound wonderful, I make mine similar but cut up the leftover cooked cabbage and mix with drained saurkraut (sp) to make a bed for the rolls to cook on.
    I’m guessing that you and I have both enjoyed the cabbage rolls from the Polish Hall on Hill St., London. They had the best banquets.
    I’m looking forward to your future videos!

    • Jenny

      Oh yes, I remember those cabbage rolls and I remember dancing at the Polish Hall with my dad. Great memories.

      • Soph

        OMG! We may have met! I’m a Yank but half my family is Canuk and I recall going up from Chicago to London for many a wedding reception at the Polish Hall on Hill St. not far from Our Lady of Czestochowa. Still think your golobkis are better. The uncooked long grain rice is probably the reason. Most of the recipes I’ve tried called for precooked rice. Precooked is mushy to me. Love your cooking vids! Extremely helpful and every recipe I’ve tried so far has been delicious. Thank you!

  518. Sandy

    I made your cabbage rolls recipe tonight. They were awesome! My neighbor is Polish, and she said they were just like the ones her great grandmother used to cook when she was a child. Thanks for the great recipe. It’s going to be my permanent potluck dish.

  519. khabirah

    I just made this recipe last night. I let it sit over night as suggested and it tasted good. I served with a sour cream and cream cheese sauce. I was not able to purchase the ground beef so I had to use the ground turkey that I had on hand. It may not have been as flavorful, but I look forward to changing up my filling and trying different flavors.

  520. Joanna

    Jenny, I have loved you from your comedian days and your talk show which I watched faithfully. I for some odd reason am now just finding your recipes on you tube, and I am going out to find your cookbook this coming weekend. I can’t thank you enough for making these recipes for me because I am not much of a cook. You explain things and make it fun to watch. I just made the healthy chocolate cake recipe and it came out as delicious as you made it seem. I can hardly wait to make more of your recipes, please keep them coming. Oh and by the way you still look as beautiful as ever and have a personality to admire.

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much for the nice note. Just fyi, my cookbook it out of print but I am in the process of adding all of the recipes from that book to this website so there’s no need to look for the book. I some cases, I have improved and simplified recipes so they are even better.

  521. Cara

    Mine are in the oven right now. … Super EXCITED can’t wait to try then! 🙂

  522. Florence

    I take care of a 91 year old Polish man and his wife. He’s been wanting Gołabki for a while now. After watching your video today, I made your recipe, (the only one I found that wasn’t smothered in tomatoes). I’d just like to say, I got two thumbs up from this finicky ol couple. Thank you very much for this recipe Jenny! You’ve helped me put a smile on their faces. Priceless! 

  523. Nancy

    These cabbage rolls are awesome. Thank you for sharing this recipe. My kids, husband and brother in law loved them and want me to make more.

  524. Joan

    Can I make the cabbage rolls and keep in the refrigerator for two days before cooking them?

    • Jenny

      I have never done this but my feeling is that it’s not a good idea. It seems to me that the moisture would seep out of the filling to the bottom of the pan. It might be better to cook them, cool overnight, and freeze them after that. If you don’t want to freeze them, you should know that cabbage rolls keep very well after they are cooked. In fact, they taste even better the second and third day.

      • Mark

        I plan on making these for my annual New Year’s Day Good Luck party. There will be 24 guests so I will make two batches. I have two questions for you:

        1) If I prepare and cook them the day before, and then store them in my refrigerator overnight, how long and at what temperature should I re-warm them. I

        2) f I re-warm both batches at one time, will that affect the time or temp?

        Thanks for your help!

        • Jenny

          I can only guess because I have never re-warmed an entire batch. I usually take what I need and brown them in a pan. So I think you can re-warm both batches at the same time and I like to re-heat things at 325 degrees. Bring them to room temperature first, make sure they are covered and I think about 20-30 minutes should do it. I wish I had the definitive answer but this is what I would do – start checking one cabbage roll at 20 minutes.

  525. Andrew

    Made this yesterday along with the pierogi recipe. I have to say both of them are very good. These are going in my recipe box.

  526. meg


    Can these be made vegetarian with a “meatless” substitute? Thanks for any information!

  527. Joe

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  528. Mike

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  530. Elisabeth

    Just made these now and they were delicious! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  531. Ewa

    Thank you for this recipe. I made galabki yesterday. They were delicious. There are many ways how one can prepare stuffing: some people use more or less rice, some use cooked rice; some add an egg to the stuffing. I have never done the stuffing with tomatoe puree before. I tried yesterday… and it worked perfect. One of the best golabki I have ever eaten. I serve them with tomatoe sauce. I usually have them with bread and my husband prefers with patatoes. Definitely will keep this recipe. Thank you again.

  532. Oogii

    Thank you for your recipe. I made it today and it was absolutely delicious.

  533. Liz Marotti

    Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! I just made it, and quickly learned why you have to wait a half hour! It really does make a difference!!!!
    I also want to say how happy I am that you are taking on such an amazing project in such a grass roots independent way! I am such a huge fan of yours! Congrats on your continued Success!!!
    You Rock Jenny!!!!

  534. antonia

    I made your cabbage roll recipe they came out so delicious,and I add a few jalapeno peppers to make them a little spicy mmmmm. thanks for sharing your recipes

  535. Jay

    What a great cooking video! Thanks for sharing ( : Well done step by step instruction and it ended up just like I remember when I was a kid when grandma and other family made it. Thankful I will have leftovers now because it turned out great today, just out of oven an hour back. I had no idea you were doing these helpful cooking shows or that you had Polish roots! Jenny Jones cooking is awesome!

  536. Audrey

    Can you freeze your cabbage rolls? If can when it the best to freeze it?

    • Jenny

      I freeze my cabbage rolls after they are refrigerated overnight. I put them in a freezer bag and try to not let them touch each other. If they stick together, you might tear the cabbage when thawing and cooking.

      • Suzanne

        I froze my golabki on a parchment lined cookie sheet and once frozen, put them in freezer bags.
        what is the recommended way to thaw, heat and serve?

        • Jenny

          To me the best way is to thaw them overnight in the fridge, then heat and brown them in a little olive oil (my dad used butter) and serve with sour cream.

  537. Iloveinsegnamento

    Just made these last night, and they were really yummy, however, fried them up in a little olive oil for lunch today, and they were AWESOME! Letting them sit overnight really made them better even without the mushrooms lol. Great recipe! Thank you!

  538. Tony

    my grandma made cabbage rolls for christmas eve. and she learned to cook them by you. Thank you it was delicious. 🙂

  539. Julie

    I have made this recipe four times now and I love it! It has come out great every time. I found the pomi tomatoes in my local grocery store, but one time I substituted a can of tomato soup and that worked out fine. I add a little more garlic and some red crushed pepper for a little extra flavor and heat (my personal preference)… One time the recipe only made 14 rolls, but since then I use your trick to separate the filling in the bowl to help eyeball the measurements.Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!

  540. Tessa

    thanks for this helpful video, making these right now for the first time!

  541. Mel

    I made these tonight 🙂 they turned out perfect but I use ground chicken an didn’t have mushrooms soo I cut up a zucchini in small bits an used cooked rice an he was perfect I added abit of rosemary also 🙂 soo perfect this is my first time thank you soo much for ur wonderful video

  542. Song - Please help :(

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    I’ve been searching how to make this for days and this video is very helpful.
    My father-in-law is very sick and he can’t eat much nor many different kind of food. But once he told me that he used to enjoy eating this and I thought this sounded healthy and good for him. but he doesn’t eat many things like mushroom and garlic. And it seemed that he used to have it with (i’m not so sure) pork or both mixed (pork and beef) and my husband also mentioned bacon in it (confused). And he also said that he didn’t have it with tomato sauce nor sour cream. How can I make it taste good without many of the ingredients because for me, mushroom, garlic and tomatoes seems that it makes it taste better.

    • Jenny

      There are so many different ways to make cabbage rolls. The mushrooms were my own addition and they are not traditional so you can leave them out. If you can use the onion, just leave out the garlic. You can use a mixture of ground beef and pork with no problem, and instead of tomato sauce, just use the cabbage water or a beef or vegetable stock. So if your filling is just meat, onions, rice, salt & pepper with the cabbage water or a nice stock (that would provide more flavor) you will still have tasty cabbage rolls. The sour cream is optional as a side serving which most Polish people would use but certainly not necessary. I hope this helps.

      • Song - Please help :(

        Thanks Jenny. I will try to make it this week or next week. And I will surely let u know how it went. thanks again~ 😀
        n happy new year 😀

    • Jeannette

      I use 2 cans tomato soup to 1/2 can water

    • Jeannette

      Try using tomato soup with 1/2 cup of the cabbage broth

  543. Shirlee

    I made the cabbage rolls this evening. Some 16 of them and I can honestly say I have never eaten anything quite as tasteless in my entire life. Neither has my husband. The remaining 12 are about to hit the rubbish bin

    • Carol

      My Mother is Polish.. she doesn’t
      Cook the meat.. combine everything
      Add to meat, mix. — her recipe includes pouring tomato sauce over
      Cabbage rolls.. a small can , 0r more
      .. make sure there is plenty..
      It defininately adds to flavor .. I’ve
      Loved these all my life … hope u do too ….error : DONT COOK THE
      MEAT .. they will absorbe the sauce
      To make them very flavorable
      Iwe also BAKE THEM, 325 degrees
      Or 350… Long & Slow !! .. they take
      Time to make, but are well worth it

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    Hi, I think this is a great recipe as it is healthy and looks absolutely delish! I would love to give it a try but I don’t have an oven. Is there any healthy alternative besides baking them in an oven?

    • Jenny

      No problem. You can use the exact same recipe with a dutch oven and cook them on the stove top. Put everything in the dutch oven the same way, cover it and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer for about an hour. It takes less time because you bring it to a boil much faster on the stove top. Cabbage rolls can also be made in a slow cooker.

      • Kathleen F Hussey

        Hi Jenny, Can you do these in a pressure cooker and for how long? Love your videos.

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    Thank you for your dividing “tip” for the stuffing in your video. I always end up with too much or too little the way I was doing things. 🙂

  554. exeuroweenie

    Ages ago I had these in a Polish café in Brooklyn.It was immediately my favorite comfort food(and I’m not even Polish/Slavic).Their version had dill and mushroom sauce on top.Thanks,just tried this recipe,and it turned out beautifully.

  555. Trish

    These are by far the very best cabbage rolls we have had. Growing up I had a Polish friend and her mother made wonderful cabbage BUT these were even better. We don’t eat mushrooms but other than that we followed your recipe exactly. The hardest part is getting the cabbage cooked and separated. I love your web-site. I just found it as I had first seen you on YouTube.

    • Mavis

      Use the tip by HONEY. Core & freeze your cabbage, and then when you thaw it to make cabbage rolls, the leaves will come off soft and be easy to roll with the meat, rice mixture.

      Love reading tip that make life and cooking easier.

      Thanks for the recipe Jenny…Your videos are great to watch!

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    I was so excited to find your recipes. My mum was polish and sadly passed away 21 years ago. Miss her so much and her beautiful cooking. When I saw this recipe, it bought back so many memories. Your recipe is the closest I’ve come across to mum’s. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.!!! 🙂

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    I made these tonight and they were great! This is exactly the method of preparation I was looking for. Thanks for making this great video.

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  566. Liz

    Good recipe. Most people don’t use mushrooms but they are such a flavour enhancer.
    I always freeze mine about 6 to a ziplock bag. I almost always don’t plan ahead so I cut away the ziplock and put then in a deep frying pan with a lid. I add about 1/2 cup of water and bring to a slow simmer. This thaws and when the liquid evaporates, about 1/2 an hour, I add a little canola and brown them on each side. I little sour cream and mmmmmmm.
    I’ve never frozen them raw because I want them now! I have been known to warm them up with some salsa on top.

    • Jenny

      That’s funny because I have thawed them the same way too but didn’t mention it because I thought it was too much work to keep an eye on them. You have to find just the right time to add the oil and uncover. But it works. Thanks, Liz!

      • Liz

        How do you find identical leaves? My rolls are uglier looking, all different sizes and shapes. Not so perfect. Do you put a layer of the bigger leaves at the bottom and over the top of the whole thing. That’s what I’ve always done to keep the oils true in. The baked cabbage by itself is good,

        • Jenny

          I just put more filling in the smaller leaves and less is in the bigger ones so I can roll them up to be about the same size. And I haven’t found much difference whether I line the bottom of pan with extra leaves or not but I do cover the top with leaves, though not always completely.

  567. Lacey K.

    Hi Jenny!!! I am loving that you made a video on this because I haven’t had these since my “aunt” used to bring them over when her polish mom made them in huge batches. Can you tell me when it is best to freeze these and how to reheat from frozen? I wasn’t sure if you freeze before or after cooking and if the same temp/cooking time applies!
    Thanks Again! Big lifetime fan here!

    • Jenny

      There are cabbage rolls in my freezer right now! I always cook them first and once they have cooled and refrigerated overnight, I freeze them, trying to make it so they don’t touch. To thaw, I put them in the fridge to thaw overnight and then I brown them in a little olive oil to serve. (In a hurry, I have microwaved them to thaw, then browned, but they don’t hold together as well). I will ask my sister to weigh in since she makes them, too.)

      • Lacey K.

        ok, thanks again Jenny! And I read the comment below from Liz and that was a big help too! I put these together earlier and now have them in the fridge with the foil on and I will stick them in the oven soon!

    • Kay Michaelis

      I cook them first, then freeze in plastic containers, covering them with sauce and putting plastic wrap right on the rolls to keep out air before putting on plastic lids. You can thaw them on defrost in the micro then heat them in the oven on 300 ’til hot. Heat them in small pans though because I once tried to reheat a turkey roaster-full and it took them as long to heat as they did to bake. Much to my chagrin and the annoyance of the extended family ?

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