Fast Pizza Dough

20-Minute Pizza Dough

20-Minute Pizza Dough

You’ll probably have to wait for the oven to heat up but that’s okay because the dough can keep resting until you’re ready for it. Use it right away or put it into a greased bowl, cover with plastic (give it room to expand) and keep refrigerated for up to three days before using. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Makes: One 14-inch pizza

20-Minute Pizza Dough


  • 1 1/2 cups bread flour (all-purpose flour works too)
  • 3/4 teaspoon yeast (instant or active dry)
  • 3/4 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • up to 2/3 cup warm water (120-130° F for instant yeast or 110-120°F for active dry)
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil


  1. Place the flour, yeast, sugar & salt into a mixing bowl.
  2. Slowly add warm water and oil until dough forms a mass. (you may not need all the water)
  3. If using a stand mixer with a kneading paddle, knead until dough is smooth & elastic (1 - 2 minutes).
  4. If using a hand mixer or if mixing by hand with a spoon, combine and transfer dough to a floured surface. Knead 50 turns by hand (1 minute).
  5. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest 10 minutes.
  6. It’s ready. You can: 1) Use it right away. 2) Let it rest for up to an hour. 3) Refrigerate it for up to 3 days.
  7. To use a pizza pan, bake in a preheated 425°F oven for 15-20 min. To use a pizza stone, bake at 500°F on a well preheated stone for 7-10 min. Use it to make my pepperoni pizza.

Note: Refrigerating the dough overnight enhances the flavor and texture, plus it's convenient to have it ready whenever you are.

For more on this recipe in my blog, click here.

20-Minute Pizza Dough

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  1. Barbara C

    This is the one! I’ve made it exactly as directed, very good. But making the dough the evening before and then making the pizza the next evening, it was much better. It was easier to stretch into a larger, thinner pizza with an airier crust on the edge. I’m glad it just makes one pizza, as that’s all we need.

  2. Jindabyne

    Awesome as usual. My pizza was fabulous!!

  3. John T

    “Hi Jenny,

    I just wanted to share with you how much we’ve been enjoying this pizza dough recipe. It has been consistently reliable every time we’ve used it over the past few weeks. The only modifications we made were to use the entire packet of yeast and add a pinch more salt. The dough is very forgiving, as we’ve successfully used it after only 10 minutes of rising, as well as after letting it sit for several hours.”

  4. Kent

    Great quick pizza dough recipe! But what I like most is the recipe and instructions are simple and straightforward. I didn’t have to navigate through stories, ads and other nonsense to find the recipe. I truly wish more on line recipe sites were like this!! Definitely will be visiting Jenny again!!

  5. Catherine

    My husband said that this crust and your pepperoni pizza recipe made the best pizza he’s ever tasted. And we’re seniors. So high praise there and thank you.

  6. Catherine

    Hi Jenny,

    It’s New Year’s Eve, 2023, I am actually welling up with tears because it’s been such a rough year for all of us, and we’ve made it through.

    In the last few hours left in this year, and my beautiful grandson spinning time with me, I am grateful to be here making pizza for him.

    I found your recipe, I’m loving how the dough has come out already, just finishing up the 10 minutes before I prepped to bake.

    I wanted to say thank you and happy new year and a prosperous 2024 to us all, and our entire nation, our entire world.

    Blessings to us all.

    • JP

      Hello Catherine. I come to this website often, but haven’t been in a while, so I am first seeing your New Years Eve comment right now. I thought it was so beautiful and touching, that I felt compelled to respond. May we all have a prosperous and peaceful 2024.
      Your grandson is lucky to have someone like you in his life.

  7. P

    Amazing and so simple,
    Thank you so much

  8. Marian

    Tried this recipe many times- excellent and doesnt require two hours rising time as my previous recipe did.

    Thanks for sharing an amazing recipe!

  9. Jason

    Not only does this recipe work great, but I don’t have to scroll through 10 pages of commentary before I can find it! Thanks!

  10. Amber

    Thank you for this recipe! I absolutely love this!! It is my go to pizza dough!! I was wondering if the dough can be frozen?]

  11. johnnyS

    I am literally floored by how well this pizza dough turned out. I have an outdoor pizza oven that heats to 800 deg, so I changed the flour to Tipo 00 pizzaria flour and left everything else the same. The rise is perfect, it is thin so it holds toppings very well. I’ve been looking for the perfect pizza dough recipe for a long time; this is definitely it! Thank you!!

  12. Jasmine Wilson

    This recipe is great. I proofed my yeast in the oven and let this rise for 15 mins there covered in a damp cloth. The flour amount is perfect but you’ll need additional for rolling. I would suggest increasing yeast a little. I tripled this recipe to make 2 pizzas and cheese sticks and used 3 tsp of yeast instead of the 2.5 tsp as was required when tripled. For cheese sticks just cut into strips and add 1 stick of butter plus seasoning and about 2 cups of cheese on top. Thank you!

  13. Kellee

    Absolutely the easiest recipe to make. Probably should have used a little less water, dough was a bit sticky. But turned out great and crust rose very well. Gonna save this recipe definitely

  14. Abby

    I doubled this recipe tonight. Definitely follow instructions, haha. I put all the water in and it was way too wet so I ended up using a lot more flour to fix it. I used quick yeast.

    This came together so wonderfully. Baked at 500 for 10 min on preheated stoneware pan. I tend to put too much sauce and other recipes I have made get weighed down and don’t rise well. This is literally perfect. The crust rose all the way around. Will definitely make again.

  15. Daisy

    Just want everyone to know this is a great pizza dough recipe… I left it to rise only for 15mins cause I was running out of time! I was pleasantly suprised at the results …. Never buying ready made pizza dough again! I had no idea it was so easy to make. Thank you Jenny 🥰

    • Abino

      Yes I just made this yesterday to try it.
      It is quick and easy and and tastes like well but its only bar wine and bar scotch , please dont over shadow the greatness of fine pizza dough that must have time and patients to be truly a great product.

  16. Nicole H

    This is my favorite pizza dough recipe. I have made it several times and it turns out perfectly every time. I’ve made it by hand and I’ve used my stand mixer, both worked well. I always add some garlic powder and Italian seasoning in with the flour and yeast (I don’t measure, but maybe 1/2 – 1tsp of each). It tastes like you made your pizza on some amazing garlic breadsticks.

  17. Gloria

    Love your pizza dough.I always use white all purpose flour. Is it possible to use whole wheat flour

  18. Cedriq

    I have used some of your recipes. I use a metric system when baking and would like to recommend that your list both US standards and metric. For this recipe I have:
    188 grams (1.5 cups) AP four*
    2.33 grams (3.25 tsp) Yeast
    1.5 grams (1.25 tsp) Salt
    227 grams / 158 ml (2/3 cup) Water
    13 grams (1TBS) Olive Oil
    Depending on the four, the density, the grams will be different: eg: Whole wheat 1 cup weighs 130, Almond 1 cup 112.

    Thank you Jenny for your diligent works

    • Roxanne

      Thank you, Cedriq. Now I don’t have to get any measuring utensils dirty. 🙂

      Have you made this with almond flour? How did it turn out?

    • Kate

      Your metic numbers are wrong if you are referring to Jenny’s recipe

    • Julie

      THANK YOU, Cedriq! I appreciate you sharing the equivalent measurements for this recipe’s ingredients. I love being able to use my digital scale to measure most of my ingredients; it really facilitates consistency.

  19. Becca

    I love this recipe and have another pizza in the oven for supper! It’s the perfect amount of dough for my 10.5-inch cast iron griddle. When the dough is ready I sprinkle a little yellow cornmeal on the bottom before shaping the dough on it and top with whatever I’m in the mood for. Tonight it’s pizza sauce, lots of cheese, pepperoni, red onion, and some bell pepper.

  20. Alison L

    Your website was my first choice for a quick, easy, and tasty pizza dough recipe. I was not disappointed!! Thanks so much for sharing it…and all your recipes and videos.

  21. Jo-Anne

    The pizza is baking in the oven as I type. The dough was so soft & beautiful to work with! I topped mine with left over roast beef, white onions & something knew I found at the store… Shishito peppers (just cut off the stem end & fish a bit of the seed core out then blistered them in a hot skillet & sprinkled with Fleur de Sel salt. The peppers were the Hubbies suggestion … Good idea! Thanks Jenny

  22. Casey D

    I made this for a quick side of garlic bread to go with the pasta I made. I made it as directed but as I kneaded it I added more oil if it needed more moisture. I also used 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of active yeast because I’m lazy and didn’t want to pull out the 1/4 tsp lol! I let rest in a covered, oiled bowl for 10 min on top of my stove while the oven preheated so it would be warm, it didn’t rise much, but that’s okay. I cut into four sections, rolled into balls and into a little round shape and added butter and garlic. baked as directed and they turned out great! the butter gave it a great crunchy crust and the inside was fluffy! I’ll be trying this again but as mini pizzas next time. Thank you for the recipe!!

  23. Paula

    Hi Jenny! Thanks for a wonderful and easy to follow pizza dough recipe. I usually take a look at the printed recipe and then review the video. I’d love to share a picture of our pizza but too late…my husband and I ate every last bite.

    Thanks for all you do for us! We truly appreciate you.

  24. Calzones

    I just made 2 large calzones
    The recipe was so easy to make and delicious

  25. Nancy

    Love this quickness of this recipe, but there are a few things to note. First, I never get those great air bubbles that you get when you make a regular longer rising dough. Second, the taste is not as complex as a longer rising dough, and third, I really wish Jenny would use weight measurements in addition to cups and spoons, so we could get a more consistent dough each time.

    • Kate

      In her bread instructions, Jenny says that a cup measure in her house weighs 4 1/2 to 5 ounces. Spoons are used throughout the world as a measure.
      Happy baking. ✅️

    • Helen

      Nancy, I think it’s nice that Jenny shared a great recipe. Time for you to convert the measurements to weights as someone else kindly did. Stop moaning and start thinking of what you can do.

  26. Erin

    Has anyone used this dough for pizza cooked in a pizza oven?

    • Ian

      I just used this for a pizza oven and it came out great for a quick dough!

  27. Judy B

    Have enjoyed your No Knead Bread for some time. Tried the pizza dough last night. Was really excellent. Added mushrooms, red pepper, a little onion with the pepperoni. Used mozzarella and brick cheese in equal amounts and sprinkled a little freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano around the edges. It was great! And thank you for making such clear and fun videos. Always a hoot with a happy ending.

  28. Joshua

    Can you freeze your pizza dough? Thanks!

  29. Rebecca

    This is my second time using and making the stove I love it it tastes good and my pizza comes out fabulous

  30. Emmajean Hicks

    I am trying this tonight I was so happy to hear i do not have to wait hours or even days for the dough to do it’s thing.

  31. Laura Colliander

    I don’t know what happened but my dough isn’t rising. Should I proceed like I would if it had risen? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    • Home chef

      I’ve been using this pizza dough recipe for at least two years and it’s never failed, it has come out a bit differently once in a while texture and taste wise, probably because I don’t weigh the ingredients, I generally loosely measure instead, also heat and humidity can also affect the recipe.
      The few times I’ve had issues with bread or pastries not rising it was caused by stale yeast, I check the expiration date of my yeast often and I keep it in the fridge after the jar has been opened.

  32. Claudia

    Very good pizza crust recipe, it’ll be put to good use from now on!

  33. Ann

    Jenny, my family and I love this pizza crust recipe! I triple the recipe and made 3 rectangular pizzas on a cookie sheet. My grandson and daughter helped me put the pizzas together. The crust is so user friendly, I used my hands to spread out the dough on the cookie sheet with no problem. One less thing to wash and that’s the roller! Also, I also baked this dough in my Ninja Grill and it worked beautifully! This recipe is a keeper! Thank you for sharing the recipe with all of us Jenny!

  34. Jeanna

    Excellent recipe; fast, easy, tastes great. I scaled it back to 1/2 the original recipe and it made a nice little personal pizza just for me.

  35. BernardIE5317

    I hope you no longer cover pizza w/ plastic as it is now well known plastic contaminates on contact. Thank You for the video. – Cheerio

  36. Andi Jordan

    This is the best pizza dough recipe I’ve ever used! Super quick, super easy, great taste. It’s crispy on the outside and nice and doughy (chewy) on the inside. This will definitely be my go to from now on. Thanks so much for sharing!

  37. Bender

    Best pizza crust recipe ever. Can I freeze this is I make a lot of it

  38. Deborah

    This is an incredible recipe. I make it every Friday night, sometimes I add herbs and or chilli flakes. It always comes out amazing. Will never order in a pizza again.

  39. Vicky

    This pizza dough is by far the best ever. My autistic grandson loves pizza. I can make a homemade pizza for so much less than take. My husband loves it too. Today I’m going to make cheesy bread sticks.

  40. Stephanie

    Easy peasy! This dough is awesome if you are on a time crunch, but I usually will let it rise for an hour before using. 🙂

  41. Kate

    This is the pizza dough recipe of my dreams! I have tried so many recipes for pizza dough, including those that involve complicated two or three day rises, and this quick and easy recipe tops them all! Delicious, chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Fantastic!

  42. Lynn

    I LOVE this pizza dough recipe! Easy, fast and simple. I even tried making two seperate batches and put one of them in the freezer. That turned out very good as well. I have made so many of Jenny’s recipes everything I have tried turn out very good.

  43. Diamond Don

    Jenny, I mixed your dough and refrigerated it. How long after I take it out do I wait before baking it?


    • Jenny Can Cook

      It should be at room temperature so probably a couple of hours.

  44. Joanne

    Amazing dough recipe. I made it for the first time today….no mixer (I don’t own one), all made by hand. Delicious!!

  45. joyce

    Sorry, Joyce here again. I meant to ask about the short cycle dough in a bread machine.

  46. joyce

    Love your recipes! Question. Can you make the pizza crust on the short cycle dough setting?

  47. Nancy

    You did it again Jenny. This pizza dough crust is a home run. I am throwing out all of the other recipes for pizza dough that I have.

  48. Marie Sangillo

    Made your cinnamon raisin bread. Never made bread before. It came out delicious. My husband loved it.

  49. Deborah

    Just started baking pizza dough at home using bakery pizza dough. So delicious! Love this recipe for homemade. Thank you!

  50. Cheryl

    A friend got me started making your delicious no knead bread recipe and now I make your pizza dough once a week. I am a pizza lover and the dough is so easy and quick. Thanks so much for your videos!!

  51. AD

    I made this pizza recipe throughout pandemic and it got our pod through the darkest days of the stay at home order. I just tried making the pizza on the gas grill outdoors for the first time using aluminum foil under the crust and it’s a game changer! Best thin crispy crust ever! Like a wood burning pizza oven! Thanks, Jenny.

  52. Doll

    I have made this twice and it was a big hit! It turned out so good. I made a pizza for my neighbor. They loved it and said “You could sell this”. Thank
    you for making cooking easy and so much fun.

  53. Elle

    Can I double this recipe? It’s our family favorite!

  54. Teresa Luvs Dogs ❤️

    Finally no more paying $40 for yucky delivery Pizza! Thanks Jenny it turned out sooooo yummy!

  55. Grannyrsh

    You are absolutely right. “You gotta spank that dough!.” 😂

  56. Nova Garwood

    amazing! i am a 10 year old, and have made this a lot! i know it by heart. thank you so much!

    • Grannyrsh

      So neat to see young people like yourself making pizza from scratch. Stick with Jenny’s recipes. They’re easy, tasty, healthy and fun to make too!

    • Kurt in Seattle

      Awesome! Keep on cooking! My wife fell in love with me when she saw me cut up a cauliflower.

  57. Dianna

    This crust recipe was wonderful!! I made a quadruple recipe, as the neighborhood youth were coming over for a pizza night. The dough was workable for these first-timers at homemade pizza and baked up delicious! Thank you, Jenny, for such a great recipe. 💖

  58. JR Jones

    U are the cutest thing & have a great day, your so bright, great recipes, cool kitchen.

  59. Sarah

    Literally the best pizza I’ve ever had. Hands down, 5 stars here. I’m really picky with pizza, but this was the best out of the 50+ (I know I have a lot of pizza haha) pizzas I’ve had. Will definitely make this once a week, thanks!

    • Sarah

      I’m also a slow chef, but made this in under 20 min!

  60. Maria H

    “I want skinnier thighs…” LOL
    The man I live with said he was ready for some homemade pizza….so I am here on your website, watched the video and will be ready to make the dough in the morning!
    Thank you, Jenny!

  61. David L. Hurt, MD


    I am pleased you often offer healthier alternatives. I am disappointed there is no comment about the possibility of using whole wheat flour to make a whole wheat crust.

    • Carol

      I’m just happy to get the recipes. If people want to use WW flour. I think they’ll figure it out.
      Thank you, Jenny. We appreciate your time and effort.

      • Krystal

        Whole wheat dough is more dense…heavier. just use more water/oil as needed to make the dough with same kind of feel as all purpose flour made dough. Thats what I’ve been instructed anyway by elderly women I know who use whole wheat for bread. But admittedly, I have not tried it yet. Was thinking about making mine whole wheat tonight and trying it.

  62. Teri P.

    Jenny you are great! I truly love all of the recipes you sure with us! Thanks to you I now can bake bread and I am about to make the pizza dough! Love you Jenny!!! I can still remember watching your great TV show! God bless

  63. Vincent Acuna

    No no you get it back next

  64. Joanie

    I absolutely love all of your recipes. This pizza dough is easy and delicious. It’s a lot quicker than the one I used to make. We love everything we’ve tried. Can’t believe how easy and delicious your paczki recipe is. Thank you so much Jenny for sharing your delicious recipes with all of us.

  65. lily

    Hello Jenny,
    I have heard using the pizza yeast is better than the active yeast because when you use the pizza yeast for the dough to make it does not come back to its place while rolling. It stays in the shape that is needed when rolling.
    I have not tried it yet. Would you think the pizza yeast could do a better job when rolling? Thank you

  66. Liz

    Jenny, 1st time trying your recipe and it came out great let it rest 20 mins. But I didn’t know whether I was suppose to heat it in cast iron pizza pan prior to adding ingredients, so I did for about 4 mins….took about 15 mins to bake with ingredients, although it was great the crust was a lil hard crispy, and not soft crispy. Any advise? Thanks!

  67. Leslie

    Hi, I don’t use any oil in my cooking. Have you made the pizza dough without oil? Just wondering how it would turn out. Your recipes are wonderful and I love your funny, cute personality and how you fix up your kitchen so bright and colorful. You make cooking look fun, and I don’t usually think of it that way! Thank you for all you do,

  68. Dab

    EZ and thx.

  69. Tami

    I absolutely love your cinnamon roll recipe and I was wondering how could I turn them into pumpkin cinnamon rolls,any suggestions would be much appreciated thank you Jenny

  70. Tami

    This is by far the easiest pizza dough recipe I’ve tried and it turns out perfectly every time,thank you Jenny

  71. Joanna

    Thanks, Jenny, for the easy and foolproof recipe. We enjoyed making the pizza – great bonding time for our family! Like in your pepperoni pizza video, they didn’t want to wait but I asked them to help me roll the crust and assemble the toppings. The cook time went by quickly because they were both excited! (We have older sons: 26 yrs old and 18 yrs old – but they both waited with eager patience!) Love from Texas!

  72. Cecilia

    Wow! Love this recipe. So fast and good. Mine was a little sticky. Maybe I added too much water?

    • Kathy

      Cecilia, if it is too sticky, or you think you added too much water, just add some more flour and your problem will be solved! ?

  73. Shanny

    Making this for the 3rd time. We love it. I added some garlic powder to the dough and its yummy! Thanks Jenny, you”re saving us money on pizza delivery!

    • Cecilia

      This is a great recipe. Mine was a little sticky. I added all the water/oil. Maybe I should not have ?

  74. Terri D Hollestelle

    I made this pizza crust yesterday and cooked it today- And love it!! I have been making one of your breads- all thru this covid- and my family loves it. Its so easy! Thank you for sharing! Your recipes are easy to follow and your videos are fun to watch! thank you!

  75. Vanessa

    I just made this and came out great for me. My dough rested for about 20 minutes though while I washed the dishes. I made 2, 1 is in the freezer and the other is in the oven

  76. Tami

    Until I tried your 20 minute dough, I quit trying to make homemade pizza dough!!This recipe is super easy and delicious,homemade from now on,thank you Jenny

  77. Laura

    Can this dough be frozen?

  78. Sofia

    I would give this recipe a 5 star.

  79. Swanjoy

    Yes I agree with many postings here. Your recipes are awesome. Simple fun and good results. Thank you for keeping me sane during covid. And slightly more pudgy lol. Your the best ?

  80. Gloria

    I’ve never been much of a Baker but you and your recipes are changing that! I ve tried to make pizza dough from scratch but until your 20 minute pizza dough recipe, I settled for buying pre- made. Not any more! Both my husband and I love the crust and I now make pizza every week! Thanks, Jenny!

  81. Kathleen Brodbeck

    Going to try this one ?? yes !!!!

  82. Daisy

    Love all your recopies that I have tried and on my to do list.
    Thank you for making them easy to print and usually one page
    Also…. I Love…Love your sense of humor and your darling aprons.

  83. Uma_S 510

    Made the pizza dough following the recipe here and it came out excellent . The pizza was so light that one person can eat the whole pizza.

    I used all organic ingredients too.

    Jenny, thank you for this recipe. During this Covaid 19 quarantine, I discovered your blog and YouTube videos and have made wheat bread, artisan bread besides pizza .

    Really appreciate your lively YouTube videos


  84. Terri

    I have made your pizza dough recipe 3 times and it turned out perfectly every time. The first time I just let the dough rest 10 min resulting in a thinner crispier crust. The next time I let it rest about 40 min and the result was a thicker crust because the dough rose so much more. Both were awesome! I used all purpose flour And my yeast was fresh. I had always made my dough in my food processor. I used my kitchen aid mixer for this recipe, so much easier this way and a lot less cleanup too! Thanks again for another home-run recipe, you are the best! Keep smiling!

  85. Mary Anne

    Jenny, thank you! I am 73 and have discovered l love to cook and it’s all because of you. I have one quick question. Can l make Stromboli with your pizza dough? My family is crazy for your bread, crusty rolls and apple pie. You are a wonderful sweet girl. Thank you kindly.

    • Lynda

      We have used this dough to make Stromboli’s, Calzones, hand pies and individual pizzas. It’s a great recipe and also forgiving.

      • jan

        what are hand pies? and what quick dough recipe do you have that would make pie crusts for fruit pies? Thanks for your great time saving recipes!

  86. Sherri

    Delish pizza crust, doesn’t get any easier –simple, quick and yummy! I added a little chopped fresh rosemary, dried oregano & italian seasoning to the dough.
    Thanks Jenny!!

  87. Champ

    Jenny, Thank you so much for your easy recipe. I am running a daycare, made pizza with the kids. They loved it, I loved it as it’s very easygoing.
    There was “ah ha” moment at the end for everyone.
    I appreciate you a lot. Love you.?

  88. Joan

    I just made 2 batches of this dough recipe to make 2 pizzas. I used all-purpose flour, whipped it up in my KitchenAid mixer & they were ready in no time. I let them rest for about 40 min, not for any reason related to the dough except I had some other things to do. They both rose a little. I didn’t need to roll the dough with a rolling pin but pushed it around the pizza pan the way Jenny shows in her deep dish pizza video. It worked perfectly. Both pizzas came out delicious. I will be making this recipe again.

  89. Patricia

    20 min pizza
    Made this in food processor, fairly easy. Rested for a few hours,
    Put on a upside down cookie sheet, with a dusting of cornmeal
    Preheated oven, bake for 15 min, crust was very brown and crunchy, but the middle not cooked enough, too soggy.
    What did I do wrong?

    • Tammy m

      I find it’s better to bake the crust w, the sauce a little before adding the toppings. I learned this from a Italian pizza guy; he said home ovens are different from restaurants ovens. Hope that helps?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m also wondering if using a food processor might be the problem. That’s very different from a mixer.

    • Joan

      Maybe your oven was too hot & the outer crust cooked faster than the middle section of the dough circle. For pizza dough & cakes I set my oven temp about 25 degrees lower than the recipe because my oven cooks hot.

  90. Nicole Montillano

    My mom and I just made this pizza dough and it was delicious ?. We made our pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. We’re definitely making it again.Thank you Miss Jenny for all of your recipes!

  91. Shlbwm

    Simply Amazing pizza dough!
    OMG! I’ve spent my entire adult life (which is a long time) searching for the PERFECT homemade pizza crust recipe and yours is it!
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us.

  92. alison andrews

    This is the second time I have made this pizza dough.. It is awesome!!

    I am a mediocre cook at best but I can do this. My husband and I love this pizza


    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  93. Pat

    Sittin here on Easter Sunday. I made your pizza dough recipe….pretty darned good! Having a gin martini and watching you on the old Match Game! Didn’t know that was you! I love your bread recipes, by the way! I love they only take 1/4 t yeast! Wish I could include a picture!

  94. Leah

    We just finished dinner and this pizza was a HIT! so easy! So delicious! It’s been printed and added to the recipe book. Amazing!

  95. Susan

    Pizza dough. Just made this dough for the umpteenth time. Never fails. With our heavy duty strong flour, here in Ontario, I always need more water and more yeast. I’m still eating that gorgeous round no need crunchy loaf I made yesterday. I cut it into wedges, put it in a plastic bag and froze it. Thank God for my air fryer! We do everything in there, this bread takes minutes to defrost and become perfect for noshing on! Yum!

    • RKR

      No matter how you heat & eat bread, it’s ALWAYS best to slice it and freeze after baking and cooling to room temp. Remove only what’s needed immediately and you’ll always have ‘fresh’ bread to eat!

  96. Lynda

    I hope you or someone can help, I checked FAQ.

    I made your pizza dough for the umpteenth time but used King Arthur bread flour (for 1st time), instead of AP flour. I made it last night, took it out of fridge today and let set hour and half. I cannot get it to roll out! After rolling a few minutes I walked away and let it rest 10 minutes. Still fights to roll. I’ve put it back in fridge and am waiting to see if someone can help. Never had this happen before.

    Hope everyone is staying safe

    • Bella

      Lynda…it sounds like you didn’t knead it enough. I would knead it some more then let it rest for up to an hour at room temperature before shaping dough by hand into a circle…do not use a rolling pin! I’ve tried this recipe many times now and when I didn’t knead the dough as Jenny recommended then it fought back and won? Good luck! It’s worth the extra effort.

      • Lynda

        Bella, thank you so much for your reply! I ended up dividing dough into fourths and made breakfast calzones this morning. You’re right, rolling pin was not my friend. I will stick with AP flour for pizza dough as that is a sure thing with Jenny’s recipe.
        Thank you again for the much needed advice ?

  97. Suesellsu

    I found one of her pizza in a skillet somewhere but I lost it? So I’m trying this one. Thank you Jenny.

  98. Brisy

    Jenny, thank you for sharing your recipes with us. Every time I make one people are wowed, from your bread to the cinnamon buns, pizza, cakes just about everything I’ve made for people they are amazed. I love this site because everything is simple to make and tastes amazing. I have tried too many recipes to mention, and I haven’t found one that didn’t work out for me. You make me feel like an accomplished cook and make cooking for my family and friends so much fun!

    • Saffy

      I so agree with these comments!! Meta Given has been my go to for years! But you are my new favorite! Short sweet and HOMEMADE freshness and flavor. Fantastic

  99. Lata

    Hi Jenny
    20 min pizza dough i made it and result was amazing ! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    When dough is ready to bake ,should we first bake only crust?and then again with toppings?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You do not pre-bake the crust. Add toppings onto unbaked crust.

      • Lata

        Hi Jenny
        I made 20 mint dough pizza
        Result was amazing,I share your website with many friends!!
        Thanks again for sharing such a useful recipe!!!

  100. Sandy T

    This is our first try. I put some Italian herbs in the dough. We made a tomato sauce for half with Italian sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms and my half Oil and garlic with herbs. Then spinach, mushroom and bacon. Baked for 17 minutes. Topped with cheese baked for 6 more minutes.

    Will be doing a make your own pizza Sunday night with the grand kids.

  101. Christine Fiasco

    Can I substitute 00 flour for bread flour in your pizza dough recipe?

  102. Rene

    I started out using this exact recipe. I have changed it to use half all-purpose flour and half white wheat flour. I use 3/4 of a teaspoon of yeast and water. Works perfectly every time.

  103. Theresa Galdamez

    love the pizza recipe

  104. Martha Young

    I use many of your recipes. You make cooking so much easier and fast. Because of this dough, I never buy pizza. Thank you Jenny.

  105. Susan Miller

    Second time’s a charm . I love it . Quick and easy.

  106. EvelynK

    I just mixed this dough. It now resting. I can’t wait to try it. It was super easy to put together. I’ve got plenty of bread flour in my pantry and I was looking for a recipe that can be refrigerated for a while until I’m ready to use it. I have a family favorite pizza I want to make for dinner that I usually buy ready made dough in the bakery section of my local supermarket, but I don’t feel like running to the store. Fingers crossed!

  107. Jeri

    Never have i done homemade crust.
    This was awesome.
    My Hubby loved it 2
    Thank You Jenny

  108. Mia

    I absolutely love this recipe! I gave it to a friend of mine and she told me that 4 generations of women in her family have not been able to achieve the perfect pizza dough, and that this one finally was.

  109. Sam

    This recipe is insane. I just made a better than restaurant quality veggie pizza based on leftovers I had in my fridge. And I know the cook washed his hands before preparing..because that would be me. Never again will I buy take out. Thanks!

  110. Linda MacLean

    Just reading through comments on your Pizza Dough and noticed that someone was looking for your cookbook. I got mine from
    Look Good, Feel Great Cookbook: How Eating Superfoods Can Help You Turn Back the Clock with Over 80 Comfort Food Recipes

  111. Babbs

    I really enjoyed making this dough. I have 6 grandbabies that LOVE pizza and I made this pizza dough and they just loved it and so did I. Thanks Jenny for such a wonderful quick & easy recipe for pizza dough that me and my grandbabies can make and eat together.

  112. John

    Self rising dough works great and i was able to make it in far less than 20 minutes!

  113. Teresa

    Made recipe doubled, ended up with two thin crust 14″ (roughly) pizza’s. My dough ended up hanging out for 30 min in an oiled bowl covered with plastic, doubling in size. While this dough is not as light and airy as the “long-version” that I make it certainly doesn’t suck for quick family dinner. I’m going to keep this recipe and experiment a bit using the dough for other creations too….

  114. DIANA

    What size pizza pan does the dough make. I have a 16 inch pan and like a thick crust

    • Jordan

      it makes a 14in pizza dough, and it’s not thick

  115. Tennie

    I love you! You make cooking fun because your recipes work.

  116. Jacalyn

    Beautiful Jenny✨
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful
    Recipes! Absolutely love the Heart
    You put into this site and your videos!
    This Pizza crust was a Dream to make!
    And the texture was Outstanding!
    What Legacy of Recipes !
    Polish Donuts next!
    Thank you for detailing each recipe!
    So good to see you on videos!
    Many Blessings Dear Soul ❤️

  117. Elaine

    Love your recipes…I had tried the pizza one, bread, chicken pie, and apple pie. They all came out very nicely and very HEALTHY!

  118. MarkF

    Great quick recipe, turned out tasty. Wife came off a long night shift and when she woke I had this pizza and some home made wings ready. She said it tasted like a restaurant ordered pizza. I topped it in this ordered, sauce, mozzarella, fried mild Italian sausage, small sliced fried bacon, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella, pepperoni, green peppers

  119. JR

    Jenny, I’ve commented several times before, but I will say that your bread and pizza recipes are what we love the most and are asked for the most by the g-kids. I hope you enjoy doing this web site as much as we love you doing it. It’s such a good, warm feeling, like coming home, when I come to your site.

    Lot’s of work on your part, but hope that you can keep it up. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  120. googie

    Love your recipes and the humor! I have made several of your recipes. Remember when you accidentally smashed the eggs in your, em, er, oh well, you broke me up too! Do you have a published recipe book? I wanna buy it!

    • Jenny

      My cookbook is out of print but most of the recipes are here on the website.

  121. Debbie Frye

    Hi Jenny, I just wanted to share that I made homemade Hot Pockets using your 20 minute Pizza Dough recipe. Made them twice in one week because my husband loved them that much! I use your dough recipe all the time for pizza, but wanted to share that it makes great hot pockets as well. Best dough recipe ever! Thank you so much!

    • Jenny

      Thank you for sharing this.

    • henry

      Jenny your recipe is fantastic and a great time saver thanks for it, and yes you can cook !!!

  122. Shama

    Very good Recipe! I made a double batch, worked out perfect.Thank you for sharing.

  123. Wanda

    Jenny Can Cook I have grandchildren who are very picky about pizza dough. They and I love your recipe. They rated you on a scale of 1-10 and guess who got 10, it was you. We made 3 pizzas and we didn’t leave a crumb. We bow to you!!!!

  124. Mike

    This is the best pizza dough I have ever tried !
    Easy to work with, and it tastes so good, I made three batches, one to a time, used one and froze two and if you thaw it in the fridge over night, take it out of the fridge about an hour, hour and a half before you shape it it’s great. I think it tastes even better.
    Thanks so much, now this lazy guy can have pizza almost any time.

  125. Theresa

    Can you double this recipe in one ‘go’. Or is it better to make it twice for 2 pizza crusts?

    I know sometimes it’s better to do two batches for some recipes, so was just wondering.


    • Jenny

      I have never doubled so I can’t say for sure.

      • Aunt Duddie

        I double it all the time.In fact, I have a double batch ready to roll for an early dinner tonight.
        It’s not as good as Neapolitan but it’s so fast and I don’t have to make it the day before!

    • Sandy

      I’ve doubled it and it came out perfect. Great recipe!

      • Pamela Johnson

        Thank you for sharing that you double it! I am going to make it today!

      • Jackie

        I double this each time I make it, never had a problem with it. This is a great recipe!

    • Ester

      I did two portions in one go it worked fine

      Have a nice time

    • Jackie

      yes you can double it, I do it all the time. Great Recipe!

  126. Richard

    Wit this recipe, how many loafs of bread would it make? How long and what temperature. Thank you

    • Jenny

      It would be much better to use a bread recipe. Most of mine are very easy.

  127. Celine

    Can you please send me recipee for French Bread

    • Jenny

      I don’t make French bread. Every recipe I make is posted here.

  128. Jaslyn

    Hi jenny,
    How long can we keep the dough for?

  129. Elizabeth


    Is it OK if I put my Pizza dough to rest on the counter overnight so I could use it the next day? Or should I put it in the fridge over night and then take it out the next day until it reaches room temperature?

    • Jenny

      It should be kept refrigerated. This is addressed at the top of the recipe.

  130. Elizabeth


    Could I rest my pizza dough over night so I can use it the next night for dinner?

  131. Erin

    I was looking for a pizza crust recipe that didn’t require more than 2 cups of flour (easy smaller ratio for experimenting with multiple ingredients). Found this one and it is perfect. I add pickled jalapeño vinegar (just the “juice” from the jar…), and it makes it nice & crispy! Add some crushed red pepper for a spicy flair. This is my go to now every time!

  132. Chris H

    Hi Jenny,
    If the dough has been refrigerated, should it rest to room temperature before shaping, adding toppings or baked? Or can it be baked cold? How about par baking before topping?
    Thanks for your great recipes,

    • Jenny

      It needs to be back to room temperature.

      • Chris H

        Can’t wait to try this recipe. I want to make a few batches of this dough and share with my mother. I’ll try freezing it as well, so it will be easy for her to pull out, thaw and prepare without extra work or clean up.

        Thanks again for your delicious and simple recipes

  133. Nancy

    At what temperature and for how long do you bake this pizza dough?
    Your roll recipe is so amazing Jenny, you have found a friend for life. Will be trying several of your recipes.

    • Jenny

      You can use this dough for any pizza recipe you find or use the links in my recipe for two of my own (pepperoni & bbq chicken).

      • brenda

        hi jenny,

        What temp. and how long do you bake it?

        • Jenny

          You can use this dough for any pizza recipe you find or use the links in my recipe for two of my own (pepperoni & bbq chicken).The time and temps are listed in those two recipes.

  134. Marysia

    Can I freeze this dough?

    • Jenny

      I don’t know. You can refrigerate pizza dough for several days but I don’t know about freezing. An internet search may be helpful.

      • Marysia

        Thank you Jenny.
        I will try soon and will let you know!

        • Charlie

          As a test I froze a ball for months and after thawing it was perfect. So next time i make this i’m freezing a few balls.

  135. Ticked

    Hey Jenny, I’m probably one of the worst cooks in the world and don’t enjoy cooking either. I love pizza and was cruising through YouTube and came across your channel. After trying several different recipes for pizza dough without much success and ending up with a ton of thick bread dough, I found your pizza recipe for pepperoni pizza and added bell peppers and onions. Excellent! I also took you up on grating my own mozzarella rather than using the shredded. What a difference. Tonight I made your meatloaf. Everyone loved it, especially me. If I can muster up the courage, I’m going to tackle your cinnamon rolls next. Thank you! And BTW, you don’t look a day over 40 and are still mahvelous. Believe it or not, I remember you from Star Search with the lovely hairdo. Now that was funny.

  136. Scrappie54

    Thank You Jenny I can finally make a mean loaf of bread and rolls. The pizza dough is to dye for, family and friend alway ask for more dough. Thanks again

  137. DebinSC

    Can this be done easily without a stand mixer and dough hook? I don’t have either.

  138. Mike

    Hey Jenny, Can I use this dough for my Stromboli meals?

  139. Jeff

    sorry I just saw my question was already answered about refrigerating.. thanks

  140. Jeff

    I make this dough all the time and we love it.. I was wondering do you think I can make it the day before… put in an lightly oiled container and plastic wrap the top and stick it in the fridge over night… I want to make 4 balls so I have them ready to go.. and just pull them out a couple hours before guest come over… thanks

  141. Shweta

    The last time I made the dough it didn’t double really but the pizza turned out fine..And as I type my second attempt at the dough is resting since over an hour, it hasn’t yet doubled.. But I’m just gonna for it… If the last time worked well this should too rite?

    • Jenny

      Yeast doughs are never the same twice. It’s possible your water was not hot enough the second time. An hour of resting should result in a huge dough so try again and make sure your water is plenty hot.

  142. Shweta

    Can I make one 7’inch pizza n refrigerate the rest of the dough for another day?

    • Jenny

      Yes. In fact, refrigerating pizza dough improves the flavor.

  143. Lisa

    Can i use milk as substitute for water?

    • Jenny

      I have never made pizza dough with milk. I’m curious why you would want to use milk?

  144. Jeff

    Can this be doubled? thanks


    • Jenny

      Yes, it can be doubled but always add the water slowly until the dough is the right consistency.

      • Jeff

        great .. last time did 2 separate batches.. turned out great.. will try one jumbo next !!! thank you

  145. honey

    Dough didn’t increase and when I made pizza it was like chapati

    • Jenny

      Assuming you used either bread flour or all purpose flour, the reason could be either that your yeast was not fresh or the water was not hot enough. Yeast has a short shelf life after it’s opened, which is why I keep mine in the freezer. If you have an instant read thermometer, that is the best way to make sure the water it hot enough.

  146. Firyaal

    Thank you thank you thank you Jenny.Made pizza with this dough last night for dinner. it was simply awesome. Will be making it again today.Any advice for what else can I use this dough apart from pizza plz?

    • Jenny

      You could use this dough for calzones or if you google “other uses for pizza dough” a lot of other ideas come up, definitely more than I could think of.

  147. Devi

    hi Jenny can I use whole wheat flour instead of all -purpose flour.

    • Jenny

      Pizza dough made with whole wheat flour is dense and chewy and that’s why I use all-purpose or bread flour. I use whole grains everywhere I can, as long as the result is delicious, but it does not work for pizza. You can certainly use whole wheat flour or part whole wheat flour (you may need more water) but I would not recommend it.

  148. Marilyn

    Have used this recipe many times…..just plain awesome….Thank you, Jenny. I use your site and many of your recipes….the chocolate cake….was such a hit with the children last night….Made it and put the icing recipe on ….then, put sprinkles and tiny M&Ms…..I keep your tortillas in my freezer….just love your videos….so imformative….thanks!

  149. Sue

    I’ve made this at least 4 times and it turns out perfectly each time. My goal is to avoid eating out, and with your recipes you make it so much easier. Thank you Jenny….keep the recipes coming!

  150. Charlie

    This recipe looks very easy! will using ” 00″ flour make any difference to this dough recipe?

    • Jenny

      OO flour is supposed to be great for pizza dough but I have never used it. I believe it is a finer grind so you will have to use your judgement and adjust if it’s a little to dry or wet.

      • Charlie

        As an update Jenny, with the 00 flour it turned out perfectly light crisp and airy! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

        • Jenny

          Oh, that’s great to hear, thank you. Now I have to buy some and try it too.

  151. Carmela

    Hi Jenny,
    I love your cooking,simple and good.

  152. Lonza

    Tried your pan pizza, I ate it all .

  153. AlexandraVA

    Hi Jenny! This is the second recipe from you tried since I found you on youtube last week. I just made two doughs today, one regular for my husband and one wholewheat, they both came out great. I mixed mine with 1 cup wholewheat and 1/2 all purpose ( because the last time I tried to make wholewheat cookies the consistency was too fibrous). I also think I will add a little bit more salt to my husbands dough next time, it wasn’t salty enough for him. Great recipe nonetheless, can’t wait to try some more!

  154. Pizza Fan

    can this dough be frozen for later use? If so, would there be any special instructions to using it other than maybe letting it rise again before using? I’ve never made my own dough before and if possible is like to make several batches ahead of time to keep on hand. I use the store bought refrigerated doughs for all kinds of recipes but I think making my own would be much healthier.

  155. Martha Dance

    I made your dough tonight and we will be making our own pizza from now on. What a great pizza dough, easy to make and tastes great. Thanks Jenny, all of your recipes I’ve tried are awesome. I look forward to trying more new recipes.

  156. PhoenixHinds

    I usually make my own dough recipe for pizza, but it takes 2 hours before I can use it. I tried your recipe and it was amazing. It was virtually the same as mine, but in a fraction of the time. Thank you so much for this. I LOVE pizza!!!!

  157. Ta

    Wow this is the best quick fast pizza dough recipe!

  158. Gina

    Would I be able to use white whole wheat flour in this recipe?

    • Jenny

      I have not tried making pizza with white whole wheat flour but I see a lot of recipes that use it; however, I did notice that some added gluten to the mix. I’m not sure if w.w.w. will have as much gluten as bread flour or all purpose flour so I can’t say for sure if you would be satisfied with it. I try baking with whole grains as much as possible but for me, bread flour makes the best pizza dough.

  159. Ewa

    This pizza dough is just amazing. So easy to do. I did not even bother to use a mixer. Just mixed it up with the spoon and then kneaded 100 turns which was a pleasure to do because the dough is very easy to work with. Thanks!!!

  160. Maria

    I love all your recipes except your delicious pizza flat crust is a little confusing. After you let it rest for 10 minutes, do I let it rise or just start rolling it out….I know I let it rise and the pizza was delicious . Which way is the correct way. Thank you, Maria

    • Jenny

      After the 10-minute rest you can start rolling and shaping the pizza right away but if you’re not ready you can let it rest for longer – even an hour.

  161. Alexandra

    I followed the recipe, but the dough came out really sticky… Could it be that the temperature of the water isn’t exact? (i just used really warm water w/o measuring the temp)

    • Jenny

      Water temperature should not make a difference. However, I apologize that I did not specify to add the water slowly because you may not need all the water. So measure 2/3 cup of water but add it slowly and stop when the dough forms a mass. I have clarified the recipe instructions. Please let me know if you make it again.

      • Michele

        Water temperature absolutely does matter as too hot can kill your yeast.

  162. Douglas Winters

    Do you let your dough rest on top of pre-heating oven?…Looking for a quick recipe for a crispy crust instead of my normal 4 hr one…=)

    • Jenny

      To me the method is more important for a crispy crust than the dough. Either a pan with holes or a pizza stone always give me a crispy crust with this dough (and a really hot oven).

  163. Dana Williams

    So excited to try it!!! Keep up the good work Jenny!!!! 🙂

  164. Lisa

    I prepared this recipe last night. The only thing I will say is that the dough was still kind of wet after about 20 minutes of resting. I added 1/2 cup APF and about 2 tsp. of olive oil and that seemed to work well. I let the dough rest for an additional 15 minutes, placed it in the pizza pan and baked for about 10-12 minutes in a 450 degree oven. Turned out great!

    • Jenny

      The wet dough was my fault. I did not clarify that you add the water slowly because you may not need all of it. Please try again and see that I have corrected the recipe instructions. Sorry about that…

  165. Tammy

    Does this recipe have a youtube video? I enjoy watching the video as i bake 🙂

    • Jenny

      Not yet, but I’ll be making a video in a couple of weeks.

  166. Alexandra

    Would all-purpose flour work?

    • Jenny

      Yes, all-purpose flour works although I think bread flour makes a slightly crispier crust.

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