simple broiled salmon

Simple Broiled Salmon

Simple Broiled Salmon

Wild caught salmon is the best choice and I allow 1/4 pound per person. I serve it with either my spaghetti with chard or rice with kale. Salmon benefits the heart, brain, eyes & joints, and helps protect against many diseases. Depending on the size of your salmon, it should cook about 10 minutes per inch of height. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Makes: 2 servings

Simple Broiled Salmon


  • 1/2 pound salmon filet
  • juice of 1/2 a small lemon
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • freshly ground pepper to taste


  1. Move oven rack up to about 6 inches from the broiler. Preheat broiler.
  2. Use a broiler pan or line any baking pan with foil. (no cleanup!)
  3. Pat salmon dry and rub with lemon juice, followed by oil, salt & pepper.
  4. Place skin side down on foil & broil for about 10 minutes.

Notes: For more on this recipe in my blog click here.

29 Comments on "Simple Broiled Salmon"

  1. Lacey

    I used your recipe, except I put my salmon in the air fryer. I also didn’t have lemons so I just used lemon juice. It tastes great and I served it with a side of rice and beans!

  2. Samspookie

    The best and easiest way to cook salmon. It’s on my dinner list to serve often. Thank you.

  3. Victoria

    I had sworn off cooking salmon but then tried your recipe for dinner the other night and it turned out just perfectly, thank you, thank you! I will now cook salmon at least once a week from now on using your instructions.

  4. Sarah Keith

    I just want you to know that you bring big smiles and laughter to me. I also love the recipes that I have tried especially the BREAD! I can now bake good tasting bread, YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gibberish

    Jen – Big fan of all your recipes I have tried. Wondering – do you have one for tuna fish salad?

    Thanks – and keep cooking!


  6. Mary-Lou

    If the oven rack is positioned 6 inches away from the broiler heating element, then should the height of the broiler pan and/or thickness of the salmon be taken into consideration with respect to cooking time? Thank you, in advance, for your reply.

  7. NANCY

    Should this be broiled on high or low? I had it on high but my smoke alarm went off. Ha.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use mine in high but you should probably try low.

  8. Ren'ee Corsi

    Loved the info. Thank for answering my question and keeping it simple and to the point.

    • Chip

      Agreed. It’s such a pain to ask a simple question and get a recipe that includes ten ingredients (half of which aren’t in the cabinet). Thanks for keeping it simple.

  9. Ricardo

    Thanks so much for this recipe… I’ve never prepared Salmon before and this came out perfect!! Paired it with some Linguine noodles in a light white wine and lemon butter sauce!

  10. sandy

    If u remove the skin how long to broil?

  11. Uncle Lar

    Hi Jenny I have watched you cook many delicious looking recipes on u tube and we are planning to have this salmon tonight. Keep up the good work!
    PS-love some of your tongue in cheek comments as well

  12. Jack

    Awesome recipe thank you very much that other guy’s comments were very rude he probably can’t cook anyway

  13. Ron


    The thanks is to you for being a jerk and “old as the hills.”

  14. Brad

    Michael…you are an idiot. A complete and total moron IMHO.

    Your rude comments, and mine, for that matter, should be removed from this web site. Good comeback Jenny. Very professional. 🙂

    Thank you for the “10 minutes per inch of height” advice! Very helpful.

  15. Michael

    Thanks to who? This recipe is as old as the hills…
    Any fish is delish when broiled…its not rocket science people!!

    • Jenny

      A lot of my visitors are just learning how to cook, some as young as 12 and 13. That’s why I have my “Easy Recipes for Beginners” category. If you stay away from that category you might find something you like.

    • Russ

      Dude you are a D-Bag.

    • Don


  16. Cindy

    Absolutely delicious, and so easy!! Thank you!

  17. Sharon

    This was so easy and delicious, I made your Rice and Kale to go with it, what a nice meal. Thank you for all your great recipies. Oh, I have your Fasrer No Knead Bread rising now, will let you know how it turns out.

  18. Kitty

    I never liked Salmon till I broiled it. It stays together and is so good for you.
    Healthy from you.

  19. Diane

    I am not a fan of Salmon. But I loved this simply recipe. It was yummy. Thanks Jenny.

  20. Danni

    Wow – this is so easy even I can make it. Thanks Jenny!

  21. Celita

    Thank you Jenny for this very easy Salmon recipe. My family wanted seconds as it tasted awesome!

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