Best Meatloaf Ever!

Best Meatloaf Ever!

Best Meatloaf Ever!

Everyone raves about my meatloaf recipe and you’ll see why. Serve it with real mashed potatoes or you’ll love it the next day in a fantastic meat loaf sandwich. Be sure to use a baking sheet and not a loaf pan so any grease can run off and all sides can brown. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Makes: 4 to 6 servings

Best Meatloaf Ever!


  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves

  • 1/2 cup quick-cooking oats
  • 1/3 cup milk (reduced fat or whole milk)
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped red pepper
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped green pepper
  • 1/4 cup shredded carrot
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • pepper to taste

  • 1 1/2 pounds extra lean ground beef


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F. Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In a small pan sauté the onion, garlic and thyme in oil over medium-high heat for 5 minutes. Set aside to cool.
  3. In a large bowl combine all the ingredients, including cooled onion mixture, except the meat. When mixture is well blended add the meat by hand but do not overwork it.
  4. Place on baking sheet and shape into a 9 by 5-inch loaf. Bake for about an hour or until the center reaches 160° F. Let rest 10 minutes.

Note: Too much meatloaf? For my recipe using only ONE pound of ground beef, click here.

Best Meatloaf Ever!

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  1. Janice

    Delicious! This is my go to receipe for meatloaf, I have tried many but this was the best. My husband and family loved it.

  2. Katerina

    I’ve been doing this meatloaf for many times. Simply the best, my husband loves it!
    Thank you for the recipe Jenny!

  3. Katerina

    I’ve been doing this meatloaf for many times. Simply the best, my husband loves it!

  4. Yvonne Grammen

    This is an excellent recipe! My family really enjoyed it.

    Thanks Jenny.

  5. Debra

    This meatloaf is in my oven cooking. Your recipe caught my eye because I always want more veggies in my diet anyway I can get it. I followed the recipe exactly as it is written except I added a good amount of poblano, approx. 1/4 c.. I will be back to let you know the verdict. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. Jenny

    This truly is the best meatloaf recipe and so close to the one I, have made for years. Where I used a couple of different things in mine – I swapped out for your ingredients ….made it that much more delicious!

    It is a hit with my family too!

    Thanks for sharing your recipes Jenny – I have made quite a few others and they are all delicious!


  7. Virginny

    Excellent. I’ve tried bread crumbs, Panko, crackers, and nothing as filler, but oatmeal worked the best in this recipe. If you want it spiced up, then I suggest adding Worceshire sauce or BBQ to the ketchup, but keep everything else the same in the same proportions. It is moist, beefy, and mine definitely did NOT fall apart when I cut into it.

  8. Tomi Fox

    Love the way this meat loaf is in all ways except that it was bland to my tastes, so I will have to add something in the spice department. Other than that, it was perfect.

  9. Nancy T

    I’m so glad to see you Jenny. I just stumbled on you on Youtube. Great recipes and I’m happy to see your sweet face again. I’ve missed you!

    • Deborah

      Hi Nancy, I seriously doubt Jenny will ever see our comments, but I just wanted to add how much I miss her sweet smile (& her comedic side) as well!!! Her recipes have always “r0ckEd” throughout the years! I hope she’s in good spirits & feeling great!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I see all the comments and thank you for your kind words. I am doing fine, just always busy with life.

  10. Raven

    From one Polish girl to another, this recipe is now mine. Without shame, I will tell everyone who eats this at my house that this is my recipe lol. Jenny, this is so seriously delicious, and I’ve been following your recipes for some time, and for some reason, I’m just getting around to making this gorgeous meatloaf. I’m putting this in the dinner rotation around my kitchen. Thank you for sharing! 🥰

  11. Joan

    Love Jenny always. Cracking up at the comments. If you like Jenny, you better not badmouth her recipe. Funniest thing ever. By the time I finished reading, I’d lost interest in the food, but found the loyalty endearing. The internet is training us to choose a side.

    • Barb

      I totally agree! Plus, she is a great cook, and I like the way she shows and explains every step:)

  12. KK

    Simply amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!


  13. Lisa

    Can I substitute Panko crumbs for the rolled oats? If so how much would I use?

  14. Andrea

    Jenny, You were right the best meat loaf ever!!

  15. I haven't made this yet

    Hi Jenny: This sounds terrific. I just made another meat loaf the other day but after it is used up I will definitely make this one.

    The photo of it really looks wonderful.

    Thanks for putting this recipe out there.

    The best to you,
    Bonnie from California

  16. Irene

    I made this yesterday. I prepared all the veggies ahead of time and added some diced mushrooms and fresh grated parm cheese. My husband loved it and thought it was amazing! I will be making this again soon!

  17. Mark Stanford

    This is the best meatloaf I have every made and had to eat thanks to you Jenny. I need to make it again because my son left with the meatloaf we had left over as I made a big one. Definitely needs a shoutout as it was mazing!!! 😉

  18. Dtoney

    What’s the cook time if you freeze an extra pre-made meatloaf?
    This is my 2nd try, first one was delicious, but a bit crumbly. Made fantastic lunches!

  19. Diana

    This really is the best meatloaf recipe ever. I’m making it again tonight but are using 2lbs of beef. I will likely have to cook a tad bit longer. So moist and delicious I serve with mashed potatoes and a veggie.

    • Kevin

      Yes, I could not agree more. This is the best meatloaf ever 💯

  20. Marjie

    This IS the best meatloaf we have ever had. Hands down. I used some leftover beef gravy, but it wouldn’t need it. My husband couldn’t say enough about it. Thank you Jenny! I LOVE your recipes!

  21. Marjie

    This IS the best meatloaf we have ever had. Hands down. I used some leftover beef gravy, but it wouldn’t need it. My husband couldn’t say enough about it. Thank you Jenny! I LOVE your recipes — have tried several: borscht, cabbage rolls, Angel wing cookies, to name a few.

  22. Tall Mocha

    It’s the best I’ve ever eaten! I didn’t see the 1lb version, so I made a 2 lb loaf. It came out perfectly, no fat on the pan since I used 93% lean hamburger, no clean up! I ate a big portion then cut up the loaf for freezer meals. Ive tried to cook meatloaf through the years and gave up. This panless recipe is painless and perfect. So good. I will make this on repeat. PS I was a career girl and my mom never taught me to cook, so I’m grateful to have found your easy and delicious recipes!

  23. June

    I made the smaller version using 93% lean beef. The top got too dry and the bottom and edges were oozy-gooey. I should’ve checked the temperature earlier, it ended up in the 180’s at exactly one hour. I repurposed the middle part, chopped, with fried cabbage and onion. Great flavor–no surprise,–thank you, Jenny!

  24. Foodiehall

    I’ve made this meatloaf twice in the last two weeks, followed all the instructions, didn’t substitute any ingredients and it was delicious BUT…it crumbled when I sliced it. Yes, it rested for 10+ minutes after coming out of the oven. I’ve made meatloaf many times over the years and don’t recall having problems with it falling apart when being cut. My only theory is that I’ve sprayed the foil with PAM thereby causing the meatloaf to spread as it bakes. Perhaps I should try baking it on parchment paper for a better result? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  25. Coraline Jones

    I have been making meatloaf for close to 50 years & have NEVER used milk. I use 90% ground beef, chopped onion, shredded carrot, garlic, tomato sauce (small can, half in the mixture, the other half on top of the loaf), Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, a few sprinkles of Lawry’s lemon pepper, eggs, & crushed saltines. It always comes out moist & yummy.

    • Jiminy

      LOL so you came to this comment section to literally just post your own meatloaf recipe? Why. Start a blog or something.

      • Kevin

        Totally agree, These ignorant narcissists are all over the food communities. I was going to start a food blog a few years ago but just thinking about the comments repulsed me enough to reject the idea.

    • Cj

      No one asked for your recipe, pls keep it to yourself

      • Ms T Cartledge

        Cj this is a presentation she paid for to present to the community. Please don’t be nasty. Kindness works so much better when you angry or jealous of someone else ‘s success. Do you cook? She is Good at this, let her succeed.

    • Dorothy

      Peace to all. Better to have a crumb than a feast full of strife. 😉

    • Jeff

      Start your own blog then. This comment thread is about this recipe.

  26. Melovebrandy

    The best meatloaf recipe in the world!
    Deserves a golden globe award! 😀

  27. Dena

    This is the best meatloaf recipe, I have put it in my recipe book. I mix a little ketchup with brown sugar and powered mustard for a glaze on top. It always all gets eaten up!

    • Cj

      Interesting additions in your recipe but much less healthy, because of the sugar.
      If it was tasty without the brown sugar, etc than all this is doing is feeding the sweet tooth monster, which is bad for sugar levels and cholesterol

      • Jeff

        Just saying how they glaze it. I’m sure they’re aware of the sugar content. Did you know some people snort cocaine or put their sexual escapades on the internet even though it may not be healthy, because they like it? The world is an amazing place. God forbid a meatloaf glaze. How’s your marriage?

  28. Mark

    Meatloaf lovers if you like moist meatloaf with a nice taste of sweet peppers you must try this recipe, the only change was I smoked it on a pellet smoker @ 220 degrees for one hour for the smoke taste then 350 degrees like in the recipe. The next day put a slice between 2 pieces of bread ( Here I thought I had the best meatloaf recipe well I do now)

  29. Love this recipe!

    Since finding this recipe, it’s been my go to for meatloaf. Thank you Jenny!

  30. Troy

    This truly is the best meatloaf ever!

  31. Pat

    I saute the green and or red peppers and some celery with the onion and garlic….Too, I use 96% lean beef.

    Most prefer a much higher fat content,

    Was my lucky day when I found your site Jenny.
    Be well and safe.

  32. Jeannette

    I made your meatloaf for company any tonight. We all loved it so much. No bread crumbs, hardly any salt amazing full round flavor
    Delicious. Thank you.

  33. Marla

    I was looking for a meat loaf recipes after going over several i choose this one. It’s still in the oven. The house smells good.

  34. Andrea Runde

    Jenny, I think that this sounds like a delightful meatloaf. I will incorporate some of your ingredients into my own regular one.

    AND – I want to say that your tip about not smashing the meatloaf over and over is one of the most helpful ones people can do when they make meatballs or meatloaf or even hamburgers. Treat it gently!

    • Lou Ann

      Andrea, Thank you for providing recipes. Some of the ingredients have helped me to make other dishes. Thank you. 😊

  35. Sue

    Just found recipe today…will make tomorrow…looks great and so very healthy
    Thanks Jenny.

  36. Abby

    I think it’s about time to post a comment. I have been making this recipe for years. My fiancé and I like to joke around and call it a MUBE ( meat cube ) I’ll explain later- the only difference to this recipe we use is cheese and adding my own sweet glaze. It’s the best meatloaf. My mom RUINED meatloaf for me as a kid and in my adult life I never tried to make it. This is the ONLY recipe we used for meatloaf. It’s amazing. I add my meat mixture to a silicone bread dish and build up the walls of it. I make a box and stuff it with cheese and then using the rest of the meat mixture on the top. TIP – smooth out the creases to hold the cheese in as much as possible. you can bake in the pan but I prefer to flip it on a baking sheet and cook it. so the fat drains out. THUS creating the Mube. Thanks Jenny

  37. Millie

    Delicious! I’ll use this recipe often.

  38. R. Brown

    I’m a single man that eats out frequently . I saw the YouTube video and decided to try doing the recipe. It’s awesome! Truly the best I’ve ever tasted.

  39. ERNEST

    ha ha ha ha , i saw the video and they cut you off at the end, but i saw the original and thought it as cute too bad about having fun while we cook.
    my wife and i love this meatloaf very much can hear that remark and we laugh all the time so have fun and don’t let your meatloaf ha ha ha


    Hi Jenny! I love your recipes!! Can I use extra lean ground turkey instead of beef?

    • Jules Garcia

      I was thinking the same thing. Did Jenny ever reply to you? Please let me know if you tried using ground turkey and how did you like it? Thnx

  41. Jim Hiarr

    If you are a new cook and your meatloaf was not done you may not have preheated your oven. Remember an electric oven may take up to 20 minutes to reach temp. of 350

  42. Daphne

    Do you have a lentil loaf recipe for vegans?

    • Julie R.

      I was wondering that too–not vegan but want to use lentils instead of beef. Think I’ll try it with sprouted lentils once and perhaps mash them? Sprouted lentils have many times more nutrition in them. You measure them, rinse them, let sit overnight, then rinse the next day and they will sprout very quickly.

  43. Corinne

    It’s the best meatloaf I’ve ever had. I also add chopped (in tiny pieces) zucchini which adds moisture to the meatloaf. I also ground up the oats to a powder and add it.

  44. FBGJohn

    Tried with half pork and cooked to 170F. Very moist and tender, but would skip carrots next time.

  45. Lakita Williams

    Very tasty meatloaf. I used Japanese Pranko breadcrumbs. This was my only substitute. I liked the way Jenny grilled the garlic and onions first. My family loved the meatloaf.

    Thanks for sharing your gift of cooking Jenny😘

  46. Judy

    Thanks for that hint; I didn’t think I would like oatmeal 😜but it’s a little different from my mom. And would like to try it. DON’T TELL HER, lol No changing a92 year old 😊💖

  47. Donna S

    I didn’t use oats yes it does fall apart , the secret is use stuffing I use corn bread and all the other ingredients and it turned out fantastic

    • Bridget

      Cornbread stuffing??? Like for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

      I use ITALIAN bread crumbs and I LOVE IT. Trying to Improve for Hubby

  48. Karen

    First time making it. I made it for my in-laws and us. We a ll loved it. I did have to leave it in the oven a little longer to brown. But everyone loved it. It’s a keeper

  49. Char waver

    Sorry folks, but this ended up in the trash. It was mushy (enemy though I left it in for an extra 15 minutes). It didn’t even look or taste like traditional meatloaf. It was red when it came out of the oven…..It didn’t even get brown and just fell apart…..good meat in the garbage. Don’t waste your time on this one.

    • Hungry Larry

      Sounds like your oven isn’t working properly. No other reason why something as basic and easy as meatloaf would turn out so badly. Mine turned out perfect so it can’t be the recipe.

      • Judy

        Yes sometimes you have to adjust a recipe 😚

      • Michelle

        I’ve made this countless times and it’s fantastic. Very tasty and leftovers are to die for. Maybe give it another try and up the temperature on your oven a little bit, it obviously shouldn’t be red when it comes out of the oven. 🙂

    • Laura

      I have made this at least a dozen times in the last year and it turns out perfect every time. I am 67 years old and have been searching for a great meatloaf recipe for 40+ years. This is it. My brother who never cooks made this recipe and he loved it. Not sure what happened to yours, but mine was excellent. I’ve recommended this recipe to at least 10 people – and not one complain.

    • Loretta

      I would use a meat thermometer – sounds like your oven is off??

      • PC

        So, I’ve made this great once, and once so-so, and last night I think I figured it out. I think the trick is that even if the inside temp is 160, in my oven (and I did check my oven’s temperature, too), I need to leave it in for the full hour. It just stays too mushy and too wet otherwise. Possibly the carrot was too soggy, or the parsley, but that’s what I’ve learned. The first time I made it I had no thermometer and left it in the full hour. The second time with thermometer, too mushy. Last night with thermometer, it reached 160 in 1/2 an hour, so I left it in another 20-30 minutes, and it cooked up better.

        Thank you to Jenny for this awesome site and to all the commenters for sharing their experiences! 🙂

    • Renee S.

      Maybe you put less ground beef in. It calls for 1 1/2 pounds, and many packs of burger come in one pound, in which case you’d have to adjust the ketchup and vegetables, etc.

    • AlleySally

      I don’t think there was anything wrong with the recipe… why would you just throw the whole thing away? You could have used it in a pasta sauce or soup.

    • ERNEST

      i think your oven failed you, read all the other comments NO ONE threw meat in the garbage can. i’m making it right now for my third time and it best ever me . just read it right you be good have a nice day

    • Carmel

      You did something wrong, because this meatloaf was a bomb,, meaning great. I tried others at times, but always come back to Jenny’s. Meatloaf is one of the easiest things to make.

    • cook'n@Dallas

      I’m not sure why someone would come to the comment section, read all the positive comments about the greatness of this recipe, and then decide to bash this meatloaf recipe-all the while overlooking the obviousness of their own lack of cooking skills. So in summary, you should listen to the one moron who couldn’t follow the most basic recipe and disregard the hundreds of other positive comments. bwahahahaha, where do these people come from?

      • Cherry

        I could not have said it better👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Also, what a damned waste to toss the whole thing in the garbage!!

    • Jeannette

      Sorry that was your experience. For me it was fabulous and came out perfect. I don’t know why you would be so rude about it.

    • Darlene

      Sounds like you used to much milk. Are you sure you only used 1/4 cup and not 1/3 cup?

    • GREG

      Sounds like to me you had the oven at 160 degrees. The internal temperature of the meatloaf itself should reach 160 degrees, not your oven temp.

    • Carol

      Sounds like you need an oven thermometer. My oven is so finicky I use one all the time.

    • Jiminy

      LOL what in the world, why would you throw it in the trash? Sounds like something is wrong with your oven and it was underdone. Just make patties out of it and fry it up and or use it in a pasta sauce or something. Man your kitchen sounds like a chaos vortex.

    • Barbra

      Your oven needs to be calibrated, invest in a oven thermometer. Walmart sells them for about $6.00.

  50. POLLY & JACK

    We have made your meatloaf many times it is always ( AWESOME )

  51. Gerry

    I made for the second time and still fell apart does not cut without falling apart . What can I do love the flavor

    • Lee Anne

      It may be too hot when you try to slice it. I’d let it cool down a little longer before slicing. Hopefully, that’s the answer.

    • janelynn

      Eat it anyway, if you love the flavor; gets chopped up in your mouth, so–what’s the difference.

  52. Bob

    I love this recipe. It works very well with ground chicken or turkey as well. I make this often.

  53. Rose

    Interesting; satisfying; tasty.

  54. Anna

    I have made this meatloaf with turkey every time and it is so delicious! It even tastes delicious cold.

  55. Mark L

    I love this rmeatloaf and have it in the oven at this moment. I’m not a good cook and this recipe is so easy and taste great. The other best part is easy cleanup. I have the instant pot and air fryers but you just can’t beat this method. Thanks Jenny

  56. KarenK

    Salsa has about the same as ketchup and no or very little sugar.

    • Christopher

      Great idea!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks for your comment. It’s REALLY hard to find a meatloaf recipe that doesn’t use ketchup. I find using k. makes it too sweet and I can see where salsa would provide the required moisture plus some extra zing 🙂


    Delish ! Will make again and again .
    Thank you.

  58. Irma

    This is my go to recipe for meatloaf.😍.it s healthy considering I don’t have to have cheese (unless I add it)..already delish as it is.Most ppl I serve this with..Love it. Jen , thanks for this…

  59. Inez

    I will try the 1 lb. recipe. I have never used bell pepper in meat loaf but have used frozen petite peas and frozen corn with carrots instead. Pepper will be a new adventure. I will use a tablespoon more oats and a jumbo egg.

    Usually increasing the egg also helps a meatloaf to hold together so I would advise people to use 2 eggs in the regular recipe as well as a couple more tablespoons of oats. Also, using 96% lean would help. 88% to 93% is just not lean enough.

  60. Cmdr. Worf Nez

    I’ve cooked most of your resipes and they are all great, thank you for sharing and could do more. I’ve been looking for cook book in New Mexico but still searching
    Thank you

  61. LadyInMaine

    Have made this twice. People love it. My only issue is that it doesn’t slice; it crumbles. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? It smells SO GOOD before and while baking. 🥰

    • Judy

      Replace oats with breadcrumb (NOT much different in calorie) & 2 eggs if they are on the smallish side. And what isn’t today??🤐


    any body know the nutritient values for this meatloaf

  63. Joyce from Halifax, Canada

    Jenny, your meatloaf recipe makes the best meatloaf I have ever made or tasted. I made it as a request from my husband for meatloaf, not my normal favourite so I usually avoid it. I am so pleased with your recipe I now have it in my “favourite meals list”. I also made your Cabbage Rolls, now another favourite, thank you so much! I also love your YouTube videos to help with the prep, they really simplify the process.

  64. Ralph

    I have to disagree. This was the worst meatloaf ever. This is nothing more than a bell pepper mush. I couldn’t even finish the first piece.

    • Sarilyn

      I beg to differ with you, Ralph!! I guess you don’t know how to cook! It’s easy, just follow her step-by-step video,(you might want to pay close attention to the end!!)
      This is the BEST meatloaf ever! Reading through the other comments, I’ve noticed many people change the ingredients. The only thing I change is I use fresh thyme instead of dried. GREAT meatloaf, Jenny!!!!

    • Sarilyn

      I forgot to add, I love this meatloaf so much, I’m trying it in my Instant Pot today!

      • RonP84

        Christine, How will you prepare it for your Instant Pot? I am using my Instant Pot more and more and want to try Jenny’s great Meatloaf recipe in it. Thanks, RonP84

    • janelynn

      Dr. Phil says don’t ever miss the opportunity to keep your mouth shut.

  65. Ray Burns

    I agree this meat loaf is delicious, since wife passed do all my own baking and love meat loaf this recepy is supreme, thank you Jenny

  66. Kathryn

    I made this meatloaf today and it was a amazing. I huge hit for my husband. I will definitely be making this recipe again.

  67. Jeanine

    How can I make this exact recipe but add cheese in the center ? What kind do I even get? Mozzarella chunk!?

    • Joyce

      How about the Mozzarella sticks in the dairy section ( Snacks for kids )

    • janelynn

      I have actually done this–seems yellow cheese works best (stays inside the meat better)

  68. Jo-Anna

    This is the best meatloaf I have ever made. So moist and full of flavor. The recipe is perfect. Will make this again and again. Love it!

  69. Lil

    EXCELLENT MEATLOAF RECIPE!!! Very moist and delicious. Would highly recommend this recipe👍🏼😋

  70. Lynn

    I made this meatloaf recipe twice. First time was ok. I only had red bell pepper. The next time I made this recipe for 6 guests and its was a disaster. I followed the recipe exactly. Too many peppers. Way too much ketchup. Sorry. But these ingredients didn’t work. Meatloaf fell apart. It was an embarrassment to my cooking. Sorry, I’m going back to my regular meatloaf recipe.

    • Sarilyn

      Sounds like it needed a bit more oatmeal. Maybe a tablespoon or so.

  71. Robin

    This meatloaf is awesome! I only had almond milk and only green peppers. Used ground beef, pork,and veal evenly mixed because that’s what I had. Otherwise followed the recipe. We actually argued about who got to have the leftovers!! Thank you! It’s a keeper!

    • janelynn

      In the olden days (that’s when I was young) the recipes actually called for beef, pork and veal. Now that veal is so hard to find, they leave it out.

  72. Mina

    White onion, yellow onion, Vidalia (which is sweet, but a specific name) onion?

    • DELIA

      Vidalia is a sweet onion and also the Walla Walla. Also I’m sending you to a web site that describes all kinds of sweet onions.
      Hope this helps.

    • Gayle

      Mina, I’m going to try this recipe. For me, I’d use a yellow onion. I think it will add great flavor!

  73. Jorge L Amaro

    Best meatloaf…..amen!

  74. Sandy

    I made your meatloaf tonight Jenny. I sent my husband to the grocers today for 1 1/2 lbs of extra lean ground beef and green and red bell peppers., written down on paper. He came home with ground chuck. It’s 20 minutes round trip to the store and I didn’t have time to go back to the store. So I took my chances. Boy was that a mistake. When it was done it had a big crater in the center and was falling apart! I was so disappointed! I had such high hopes. We ate it anyhow but it just wasn’t the same as sliced meatloaf. The only thing I did differently was the ground chuck. You might want to stress to people the importance of ONLY using extra lean ground beef. That was a lot of chopping, sautéing and mixing for nothing.

    • Claudia

      Lesson learned! Never send a man to do a women’s job! 🤣🤣🤣
      My mother once was baking a cake and sent my father to buy butter. He couldn’t find it and brought mayonnaise instead!
      First of all, how is it even possible that one can’t find butter in a grocery store??? LOL!
      They just can’t do it!

      • Ernie

        Don’t knock all men because a few messed up. I am probably a better cook than most women

        • Ian

          Your comment is, well , to be blunt, ignorant, Claudia. I’m a man and I am the cook in this house – and a darn good one. I buy the food, prepare the food, cook the food – and clean up. I enjoy it. I’ll try this recipe tomorrow. I seldom follow recipes – cook by instinct. We’ll see how this turns out.

          • Gayle

            Good for you Ian. I love when my husband cooks. He’s good! I’m the main cook here ,but I appreciate it when he cooks. 🙂

        • kristi7717

          That’s awesome that you can cook! My father(German) was divorced so had to do it and he made the best apple cake. He learned from a German Dr Oetker cookbook which he gave to me when I moved out.

      • Bert & Ernie

        I may be going out on a limb, but perhaps your husband was being passive-agressive. He didn’t really want to go to the store, so just grabbed something that would surely make you think not to send him again. Just saying.😒

      • Karing Kathleen

        I Totally Agree… They just can’t seem to
        Get the Grocery List Right LMAOOOO

      • janelynn

        One time my sister was making a pumpkin pie that called for Pet milk; she didn’t have any so she used regular homogenized. That was quite a disaster.

  75. Eva

    This recipe is VERY similar to mine and I love it. Sometimes I grind up almonds and mix into the recipe. I added ketchup or tomatoes to mine.

  76. Jack & Polly


    • Jo-Anne

      You should read her About Me bio. She was on TV and did lots more. (ps. Jenny, I love your recipes -long time fan!!)


    I made this before and this is realllyyyyyyyyy gooooood! I am making it again today!

  78. Food lover

    Miam! So moist so delish I give it 100%👌

  79. Fahmida khan

    Yummy!!! I’ve made so many horrible meatloaves prior to trying this. It’s delicious!

  80. Lela Brown

    Thanks Jenny!! This is my favorite meatloaf.

  81. Linda

    Best meatloaf I ever made! Very easy and will definately try it again!

  82. LJCambria

    Jenny, it’s in the oven but I have 2-stage meatloaf pans (holes for draining fats). I can’t wait to taste it because you ROCK recipes! (And my husband enjoys watching your videos, that is a HUGE compliment!) ?? Thanks! LJ

    p.s. can’t believe I had fresh parsley on hand which is HUGE too!

  83. Merrick Roe

    I love this recipe

  84. Irma Estrada

    Jenny i would greatly appreciate if you can us one your cookbook i cannot afford it im 64 living with my 84 yr old father we get disability but since you been i your own show i have never stop following hope you find it in your heart may god bless you my adress ( – – – ) irma estrada hope you get to read this❤?

    • Carl

      You can download the cookbook for free from Jenny’s site:

      • Marcia

        Nice of you to post the link to the cookbook, Carl. thank you.

      • T.McB

        Thank YOU so much for free cookbook download!! I have been wifi-less for the past few weeks & so happy 😁 to be back online!! I had so much time to cook…. but now I have this excellent cookbook on file, Always!
        I will also share with those in need, (wink,wink) Indeed!

    • Edna

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    • Edna

      I bought one on eBay for total of $5.00. Loving it!

  85. Maria A Rodriguez

    Hello Jenny: This is THE BEST MEATLOAF EVER!!!!! It’s juicy and full of flavor, and I love that you browned the onion and garlic, it makes a world of difference.
    Another thing I love about you is that you scrape ALL your ingredients into the mixing bowl, I don’t like when people leave them behind in the containers where they put them after chopping them.
    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this recipe, and by the way, my kitchen smelled divine when this meatloaf was cooking, my husband helped me put it together, we’ve been isolated since late February due to this virus but I love the fact he helps with meals now. He’s about to retire so this is something we enjoy doing together now that he’s home.
    Please stay healthy and safe and please don’t forget to wear your mask.
    Sending lots of love.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  86. Scott


    Very new to cooking so the question I have is “what are cooking oats?” Is it just regular oatmeal?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      These are “quick-cooking” oats and Quaker sells them. I think the current packaging calls them “Quick 1-Minute Oats.” (I put a hyphen in my recipe for clarity)

    • Leasa

      I use Quaker quick cooking oats. Works well. Easy to find at the grocery store. Don’t use old fashioned oats.

  87. Diana

    Whoa, I’ve been making meatloaf for years, and I thought, “this recipe is almost exactly like mine, betting it won’t be any better”. Boy, I was wrong–this is terrific! DH couldn’t stop telling me how good it was. I actually made him fish tacos from scratch the next day for lunch so he wouldn’t remember to ask about the rest of the meatloaf (which I had eaten for breakfast, lol).

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    Loved the video! I just found you Jenny but love your sense of humor and enthusiasm for cooking. I’m definitely going to try this one too.

  89. AnnaB

    This meatloaf recipe turned out kind of meh for me. Maybe more salt, thyme, garlic? I even doubled the garlic.

    • Heidi Ho

      My family loved it I even used the left overs and there was alot as taco meat the next day for hard shell tacos they loved that even more. I have noticed lately saltine crackers with sea salt taste way different so maybe that is why. But my family asked me to make this again tonight.

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  92. Greta

    I don’t have fresh parsley, only dried, and I have frozen green, red, yellow peppers. Live in rural area, so I freeze a lot of my veggies. Will the dried parsley and frozen peppers work? Do I need to moisten the parsley?

    • Tabitha

      Yes, Greta it will work. I use frozen peppers & onions, sometimes frozen garlic cubes. I just measure out what I need and sauté them. I use probably a teaspoon of dried parsley. I’ve never been to found of parsley. I have also shredded a huge carrot and measured out the 1/4 cup into bags and froze them for the meatloaf & Jenny’s carrot cake, both turn out delicious!! Good luck, Ma’am

  93. Cynthia

    I stumbled onto your tutorials by accident looking for a specific recipe! I LOVE your tutorials…and YOU are SO funny. I LOVE this one at the end. I laughed! I am loving your recipes and all of your neat ‘gadgets’. I am trying this meatloaf recipe TODAY!!

  94. Wanda Boyd

    Years ago my husband went into one of your recipe books for Meatloaf with a very sweet sauce for the top. I have never been able to replicate it….and it was so delicious we would make an extra batch so we could use it for dipping. Please let me know if you have thoughts about this sauce…thank you…..Wanda Boyd

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m sorry but I have never made a meatloaf with any type of sauce – it must have been someone else’s recipe. I hope you can find it.

    • Paula

      I’ve made Jenny’s delicious meatloaf twice now. I always make meatloaf with a glaze made from ketchup mixed with Worcestershire sauce. About 3 to 1 ratio, about 1/2 cup altogether. When the meatloaf is about 10 minutes from being done, I spread the glaze on top.

    • Sharon Russo

      Use chili sauce for a sweet sauce topper. Comes in a jar.

    • Kathy

      Wanda – here is the dipping sauce I always make: 1/2 C. ketchup, 1 T. yellow mustard, 1 T. BBQ sauce, 1 T. worchestershire sauce, 1 T. brown sugar, 1 T. apple cider vinegar, 1 T. steak sauce.

      Warm up these ingredients in a little saucepan and serve in individual cups at each setting. Everyone always wants to know what that great dipping sauce is. Sometimes I use even more mustard…or dijon instead of yellow mustard. I love it’s tanginess.

      • Terry

        I just made your sauce. However I had no steak sauce and used housin sauce in place of barbecue sauce. Otherwise any suggestions to replace steak sauce. I have fish sauce

    • Celia

      For the sweet sauce (glaze), combine ketchup & brown sugar. When meatloaf is 5 or 10 minutes from coming out of oven, brush this onto it.

  95. Roomba

    My grandpa makes meatloaf, too.

  96. T McRae

    Jenny, I love your recipe! I’ve tried quite a few and all had one problem or another – from lack of flavor to overly grainy texture. Your recipe gets it all right and has become my “go to” meatloaf recipe. Thank you! BTW, I noticed a couple of people saying the meatloaf didn’t hold together. I will relay my experience. I’ve used your recipe many times now. Twice, I used 80/20 ground beef (what I would use for a burger) and experienced some crumbling/falling apart. But, I loved everything else about it. So, after thinking about it, I tried again with 90/10 ground beef and there was no crumbling. I made it again, with 88/12 ground beef (Costco) and it held together. So, I would suggest trying leaner ground beef like 88/12 or 90/10. Don’t change anything else in the recipe, just try it with the leaner ground beef and see if that does it. BTW, if this couldn’t get any more flavorful, I cooked this on the grill (indirect heat, of course); oh my goodness!

  97. Susan

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    Thank you for sharing! ?

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  99. DEBBIE

    I’m in the middle of making this and thought I had quick oats… can I use panko bread crumbs instead?

  100. Terri

    Hi jenny, can you substitute old fashioned oats for quick oats, all i have!!

    • Ashley

      Totally fine to use quick oats. I do this all the time! 🙂 Have a great day!

    • PAULA


  101. VALERIE

    Made it today, it was delicious! Will share with friends and will do it again.

  102. Cathy

    I made the meat loaf and it was delicious but I probably put too many carrots or
    peppers to add more vegetables, then I added an extra egg or else it would have crumble into pieces. My husband love it so it is my new go to Meat Loaf
    recipe, thanks a lot.

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  107. PatinCanada

    I thought I had a pretty good meatloaf recipe but yours, Jenny, has this alluring sweetness about it. Perhaps the caramel used onions and red pepper give it that nice taste. I actually caramelized the onions, carrots and pepper all together so textures would be similar.
    I was going to take a photo, but we dove into it as soon as the 10 minutes were up. I can’t wait to have a meatloaf sandwich tomorrow.

    Ps used 1/2 ketchup, 1/2 Diana sauce

  108. Angela Matthews

    Jenny I am a spoiled witch….for many years I was eating out with my gal pals as many times a week as possible. No cooking skills as if you don’t use it you lose it! …Now with the Pandemic I have no choice, my husband is loving it! I made your rolls on Sunday night for guests…they were to die for! and so easy a fool could follow your fabulous video. The meat loaf was beyond gourmet fare and I am making it again tonight for company. Suddenly I am a good cook and confident. Thank you is not enough for your time and generosity, but ……

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    • vonHolley

      My husband didn’t think using oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs would be good, but he said this is the best meatloaf he’s ever had and to put it on the rotation! I agree thank you Jenny!

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    Best meatloaf ever, normally I don’t make meatloaf but this was terrific.
    Thanks Jenny.

  115. KT

    Can you use lean ground beef instead of extra lean? If so, do you need to make any adjustments?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It shouldn’t make much difference since the fat rolls away.

      • EmmaC in Toronto

        Hi Jenny, Many new viewers seem to be discovering your cooking Channel on YouTube during the lockdown, myself included. So nice to see you onscreen again. Love your jokes, personality and great recipes. Thank you from Toronto. 🙂

        • MissingThe90s

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  117. Cape Cod Joanie

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  118. Joy

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    It’s delicious….I’m so happy to finally like meatloaf…cause everyone else seems to.

    Thank you so much

  119. bob rice

    For those who cannot eat eggs, here’s a substitute for a binder

    3 Tbsps cold water + 1 Tbsp chia seeds, mix and let set until it gels = 1 egg

    • Buddy NeSmith

      Thanks so much for the egg replacement comment. I’m 67 and need this all my life!

      • Faith

        Another GREAT egg replacer is Bob’s Redmill Egg replacer. It works amazing! It’s a powder you mix with water and shelf stable for a long time. Around 4-5 dollars.

  120. Sam Senen

    I made this.tonight thinking the family will refuse it as they would never even try a meatloaf in the past. Well my daughter came home “starving” and tried it. OMG, she loved it as did the rest of the family after she proclaimed it delish.
    I was asked to put it in the dinner rotation!
    Thank you for your recipe.
    PS: They also liked your oven baked pork ribs the other week!

  121. Jim

    I’m sort of surprised that there’s no call for an egg (most recipes I’ve reviewed call for an egg as a “binder”). Would addition of an egg to this recipe be an issue/problem?

    • Jim

      MY BAD!!!!! I went back and reviewed the ingredients and noted there IS an egg called for. Apologies for my oversight!!!!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        I was wondering how soon your second comment would arrive – 2 minutes! ?

  122. yolanda

    Need the ingredients to feed a family of nine,your recipe sounds like the meat loaf will be a treat for a Sunday dinner….thanks

  123. Kate

    Can I substitute ground turkey for ground beef?

  124. Judy

    The ingredient list has 2 cloves of garlic but in the video, only 1 is used…which is it, or does it really even matter? Making this tomorrow for Monday’s lunch guests. Thanks. Love your breads!

    • Judy

      Comment update: I made this using 1 lg clove garlic. I rarely eat red meat but wanted to try this recipe in part bc of all the great reviews, but the pull was more strongly due to Jenny’s closing comment. You are so funny! This meatloaf IS as you say, so I guess I’m safe to just throw my old recipe in the trash! I’ve watched many of your videos & have already made your buns (?) recipe twice, & I just found you a short bit ago. I am making your beef stew recipe today. Already can’t wait. You’re a doll, Jenny, with a true gift. I appreciate you & all that you do. Thank you!

  125. Marilyn

    Rave reviews at my dinner party last night for this meatloaf! One of my guests was 88 years young and said meatloaf was his childhood favorite. Uh oh! Hope this recipe meets with his expectations. He loved it. Just in case this meatloaf was a hit I made an extra to send home with guests. They were thrilled. YUM! This is a keeper. So happy I found Jenny Can Cook on YouTube. Love your sense of humor too Jenny! ?

  126. Misty

    Oven temp is 360, 160 is the temp the meatloaf should be when tested,

  127. Sandra Valenzuela

    Do you have a receipe for glaze for meatloaf

    • Patrick

      brown sugar, ketchup, mustard of your choice.

      1 cup ketchup
      4 tablespoons brown sugar
      2 tablespoons mustard
      mix well in a bowl cover meatloaf before cooking if not enough to cover meatloaf make more
      cook until 160F on thermometer in center of meatloaf

      • Jane Dough

        I use this same topping all the time, i also put 1/2 tsp of dried mustard into the mix as an added zing

  128. Matt Easom

    I would like to say i love your cooking show on youtube. I just discovered it and have made your no need bread. my first time making bread and really loved it.
    your cooking instructions are easy to fallow and very delicious and easy to make.i look foreword to watching move of your youtube channel. Thank you.

    Matt Easom

  129. jc8952

    Just tried this tonight. You were right. It was the best meatloaf I ever tasted, the only problem I had was it didn’t hold together very well. When I cut into it, it fell apart. I did cook it past the 160 degree internal temp but that should have made it denser. Maybe I need to use two eggs instead of one, or make it narrower and shorter.

    Any hints?

    • Misty

      I made the recipe also and discovered that water was not necessary and a tad less milk would have worked better. Mine fell apart too, but will try again!

      • Jenny Can Cook

        There is no water in this recipe. I just want to make sure there is no confusion.

    • T McRae

      I love Jenny’s recipe. Just relaying my experience. I had some crumbling with 80/20 ground beef. Switched to 88/12 and 90/10 and have not experienced this problem since.

  130. Danielle

    This really is the best meatloaf ever!!! Seriously one of the only nights there is no leftovers. So much flavor! Might I suggest making stuffing to go with it, it goes very well together 🙂 Thank you so much for this recipe. <3

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  133. Dee

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  134. Dee

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    et cetera??
    I want to make meat loaf today.

  135. MJ

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    Can it be prepared the day before?

  136. POLLY


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    • Deb M

      Made it again and this time it sliced without falling apart. Merry Christmas Jenny and thank you for the easy meatloaf recipe!

      • Sam Senen

        Mine fell apart! ?
        Was there a trick to keep it together? Any advice will be appreciated

  138. Terry

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    • Mari Anne Souza

      Hi – I don’t see any ingredient that would effect the outcome of doubling this. ?

  139. Adèle

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    Your video showing how to make cabbage rolls was my first exposure to your videos and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m so glad I found your site!

    • Pam

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    Meatloaf is the best!

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  146. Dawn

    Where are you. I love your cooking and funny comments. Please make more video’s 🙂

    • Sally Scherer

      Hi Dawn. I agree with you! “Where are you Jenny?” I also like the funny things you do and say! We need more of your joy and laughter in this world today!!! Please!?? We Love you, Jenny!!

  147. RC

    What kind of gravy would you use
    for the meatloaf?

  148. Debee

    Hello everyone, I don’t eat beef or pork. Is it possible to use ground turkey? I also only have red and orange peppers. Please help? Thanks! 🙂

    • Sandy

      I only had red and yellow peppers and the meat loaf was so GOOD !!!! Best i ever had !

    • RC

      Any type of pepper would be ok

    • Deb S

      Yes ma’am, I use Ground Turkey

    • Mari

      I just made this with turkey for same reason. I knew it would be very lean so I doubled onions, garlic, carrots, peppers and parsley and thyme.
      It was incredible! Moist & perfectly cooked to poultry temperature 190° so flavorful. I dont like green peppers so I added orange and yellow peppers flavor was amazing! Enjoy!

  149. Pauline

    Love your meatloaf it was really delicious

  150. DJ

    Hi Jenny, love your recipes (lemon brownies, oven ribs, etc.) so I want to try this, BUT you do not put a ketchup/brown sugar/etc. sauce on top like on most meatloaf recipes — you feel it isn’t necessary? Thank you!

    • Sally Scherer

      Hi Jenny! Thank you for Sharing your recipes. Now that we have 4 or 5 days of 70 degree weather coming up, I plan on making your Best Ever Meatloaf today!! I can’t wait to try it. I’ve read so many of the Replies that others have written to you, so inspired to make that today!
      Also, I have a package of large Spare Ribs to make. I’ve never made ribs, so I will use your recipe for Oven Baked Spare Ribs!! I’ll marinate them tonight and bake them tomorrow. Really look forward to that too!!
      Also, can’t forget homemade dessert. I have Lemons to use up so I hope to make your Lemon Brownies!! Thanks again!!!!!!!

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  152. Old Texan

    I forgot to add, this meatloaf makes great sandwiches.

  153. Old Texan

    This is almost identical to my Grandmother’s (family) recipe.
    Another traditional Texas recipe.

    I thought I was the only person on the planet to use oatmeal in meatloaf.

    I have 2 in the oven now.

    I have a new instant read thermometer and came here to see what temperature to use.

  154. Ken W.

    Meatloaf is good ; But meatloaf on the grill , is even better ! Then turn it into a toasted or a grilled cheese sandwich and you have the best eats in the world . . . use your favorite cheese and some beef bacon ! Then you have a killer grilled cheese sandwich ! ! !

    • Ken W.

      You all may remember me from the chicken thigh meat loaf recipe ! ! !

  155. Walter

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  156. Kaal

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  157. Helen

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  159. Defender of Freedom

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  160. Sandra A Titka

    I have made this meatloaf over and over again and I love it and so does my husband, family and friends!! I have also shared it with family and friends. I change it up a little and add apple. Either way its the best I’ve ever had and you will ever have!! Thanks, Jenny

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    I made this meat loaf for friends on Sunday and it was one of the best I have ever made or had. Tender, flavorful and quick. Everyone loved it. This is a keeper.

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    Just continue the good work, you’re a great cook.

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    Great recipe – so good that in my house, it only serves three.
    My picky man raved about the smell, the taste, he loved it.

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    Dear Jenny,

    I love this flavorable meat loaf. I haven’t one like this one.

    Thanks for sharing.

  169. Nansea

    I have never made meatloaf. I was afraid it would turn out terrible no matter what recipe I used and would waste food if that happened.
    I chose this recipe out of all others on the internet.
    The meatloaf turned out moist and flavorful.
    Many people seem to like very “sweet” meatloaf, but as this recipe shows, sugar is not necessary to give hamburger a supreme face-lift.
    I really wanted veggies in the meatloaf and it held together very well with them.
    I just made a meatloaf sandwich with Swiss cheese using Italian bread, grilled. My craving has been completely dismantled.

    Thank you Jenny for the work you do in communities and for those in need—

    • Marissa

      Really enjoyed reading your comment. Thank your for your information as well.

  170. Caron

    Would have liked to see you s.i e the meatloaf Jenny?

  171. Anna

    I made this meatloaf this week with 99% fat free turkey and it was outstanding. Truly the best I’ve ever tasted! I have leftovers for lunch. I don’t even need to warm it up. I toast a pita bread, slice the meatloaf and add to bread and voila! Yumminess! Thank you!

  172. Janet Boucher

    I watched your video and looked at a lot of the comments sounds too good to be true but I’ve got it in the oven now I didn’t have Dijon mustard so I used regular yellow mustard I hope it turns out because I love meatloaf thank you for hopefully an awesome recipe

  173. patricia

    What a difference in taste cooking the onions first! so much better.!

    Instead of the oats, which I cannot eat, I use stuffing mix, its great and has spices.

    Jenny love so many of your recipies! sincerely, Patricia

  174. Catherine

    Your meatloaf sounds great but I have food allergies, eggs and dairy are two. I usually replace milk with dairy free such as rice milk, and flax egg in baking if recipe calls for no more than 2. What can you substitute eggs for in meatloaf or can they be successfully omitted, esp. if meatloaf calls for more than 1 egg.? Thank you for reply.

  175. Lana

    Meant to say bed bath and beyond when talking about the blue skillet. Sorry. Stupid auto correct on my computer.
    Love all your recipes.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      The blue pan is by Denmark.

      • michael

        Please provide info as to how I might purchase your cook book.
        Just saw your video about the perfect hash browns and cant wait to make them.
        I may do the flip side for 25 min. just so you will come to my house. lol

        • Jenny Can Cook

          My cookbook is old and out of print so there is no need to buy it. All of the best recipe from the book are already here on this website, plus I updated and simplified most of them to the way I cook today.

          • Jean Siegrist

            Jenny, you are so right. Your recipe does make “the best meatloaf ever”. I would like to purchase a meat thermometer-instant read like you show in your video. Can you please provide the brand name of the thermometer and possibly where it can be purchased? I really like the idea of being able to insert the prong into the meat but still have the instant read device outside of the oven. Thanks for letting me know. Jean Siegrist

      • Angey

        Hi Jenny! I just made ur Meatloaf…OMGosh! WONDERFUL..Im so happy how delish this was..Jenny u have restored my faith in cooking…Because of ur videos helps me see how its done which I like..Then I pass this on to my (2) kids who r now adults I tell them to google Jenny Can Cook her methods and style is easier and healthy to make and very good..Jenny ur my mentor and thank you honey…Angey

  176. Lana

    I see you use a blue skillet and said you got it at birdbath and beyond. Can you tell me the brand ?

  177. Wendy

    Can you tell me where to find nutritional info for this lovely recipe? Thanks

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I’m just a home cook and do not have that.

    • Cara

      I only calculated calories and it’s roughly 1700 for the entire meatloaf.

      • Cara

        I forgot to add a .5 lb of beef so about 2100 calories.

  178. Hennie



  179. Amber

    Really is the best meatloaf ever!! I LOVE this recipe!! Made her way is amazing! I put a can of tomatoes instead of peppers and carrots because of my family’s preference and it turned out really good still! Love your recipes Jenny!!!

  180. Jody

    I have made this meatloaf at least 5 times and it IS the best meatloaf ever!
    I have tried many other recipes and this is truly wonderful!

  181. Doris

    Jennie, My meatloaf and yours are very similar. I remember when I was a little girl my mom using oatmeal when she made her meatloaf. Over the years I got away from that by using breadcrumbs. Recently I started using fresh bread soaked in milk (a panada) and the results were amazing. It made a much more tender meatloaf. One thing I now do, like you, is mix the wet ingredients and then the lean ground beef (85/15). With your recipe and my tweeks, it’s now star quality! Thanks.

  182. Stony

    Jenny,,,As I wrote before,,,,I’m easy,,,your granite counter is same as mine,,,so many spatulas, the meat loaf is almost the same as mine,less ketchup and oats,,,saltines instead, so you should have some of my recipes to try.
    Best part, well almost was the ending…love it


  183. CarlD

    I was looking for a good meatloaf recipe. Followed the directions to a T and I have to say this did not turn out very good. Perhaps it was your comment about using very lean ground beef, but this was a tasteless and tough meat loaf. If not for the peppers which did not cook very thoroughly there would have been no taste. Will be burping this up all night.

    • Marsha

      I made the recipe tonight with 85% ground angus and also laid a strip of bacon on top before popping it into the oven. About 15 minutes before it was done, I very lightly drizzled pure maple syrup over the strip of bacon. It came out perfect. My son and husband practically inhaled the meatloaf and went back for seconds.

    • Kimberly

      I have always used salsa instead of ketchup and fresh veggies, but I do add finely chopped onions – I would try to disguise them, since my children didn’t care for onions – I usually use 2-3 eggs, and I poke holes in the meatloaf when I get it in the pan, then poke chunks of cheese down in the holes (6-8 sm chuncks), yes, it adds fat, but it also adds flavor! I love the idea of a strip of bacon and maple syrup! Yum…will have to try!

    • Doreen

      I have been looking for a good meat loaf receipt for 45 years ,I’ve found a bunch which I have made but never made them again and a couple were ok ,I stumbled on your receipt an thought it sounded good .i made exactly as you did ,This was by far the BEST meat loaf receipt I have ever had in my life I’m not such a good cook but cook because you have to eat my husband always says one of your meals is going to kill me, he loved it! And he’s a fussy f——- when it comes to food,I’m making this every week from now on! An I’m going to make it for Xmas, I’m going to put the all in one pan mix well an then put in small Xmas tree molds an snowman molds an a candy cane mold an tip them on to a sheet pan an watch them closely for the time ,or if they don’t eat it I’ll wrap it an they can have it the next day.thank you fo this ! I’m going to look for your other receipts

  184. Josh

    Fantastic recipe! I wouldn’t change one thing about it. What I really loved was how the meatloaf caramelized on top. I just mashed up some potatoes, threw some cheddar on those, and put them in the oven for about 10 minutes to compliment my meatloaf. Thank you, Jenny!

  185. E.

    I made your meatloaf, followed directions with one exception, didnt have quick oats so I used old fashion oats, turned out GREAT! Moist! Held together beautifully, especially when I made my meatloaf sandwich the following day. Mayo & ketchup and I am a happy cooker! I think I make meatloaf for the sandwiches and this recipe made a perfect sandwich. Thanks Jenny! I also make your incredibly easy & delish bread, have some on the counter now, getting ready to bake. Have a great day!

    • Bunny

      Old Fashioned Rolled Oats and Quick Oats are essentially the same thing. The only difference is that Quick Oats are chopped. To substitute Old Fashioned Oats for Quick Oats, simply put the oats into your food processor and pulse to chop them. I do the same thing for my “oatmeal cookie pancake”| recipe calling for oat flour — just put the Old Fashioned Oats into my processor and process them for about a minute or so. Delicious! I love it when one product does double or triple duty. Less to buy and saves precious cupboard space.

      • Jenny Can Cook

        Thanks for sharing your info. To be technically correct, here is what I found about the difference between rolled oats and quick cooking oats: “Instant or quick oats are more processed than rolled oats. They are pre-cooked, dried, and then rolled and pressed slightly thinner than rolled oats. They cook more quickly than rolled oats, but retain less of their texture, and often cook up mushy.”

  186. Shelley

    My son is a picky eater and he loved this! Thank you so very much for such a wonderful , tasty recipe for our family ?

  187. Bernie

    Hi Jenny

    I just ran across your “Best Meatloaf Ever” recipe and I would sure like to make it, sounds great. I’m allergic to “oats” can I use panko or bread crumbs in place of the oats, and what measurement would I use?

    Thanks for your time and trouble, B

    • patricia

      Instead of bread crumbs I always use some stove top, works great!

  188. Mike

    Using 3lb ground chuck should I double the ingredients?

    • pauline


    • Jenny Can Cook

      It might take longer to cook so I would suggest making it into two loaves (on the same pan) or use a thermometer to test your larger creation in case it needs more time.

  189. Jacquie

    Jenny I so love your recipes they are awesome!!! I love to cook so and generally don’t follow a recipe but your Meatloaf!!! I made it tonight and loved loved it!!! I did although put a few slices of bacon on top ( asked by my husband ) & it was delicious!!!! thank you again

  190. Gloria

    The best meatloaf EVER. Have tried many recipes before and this one is very flavorful and moist. As a matter of fact, I gave half to my neighbor and he said that it was excellent. Unfortunately, his wife complained that she hardly got any because her husband ate most of it! They both asked me for the recipe and hopefully they will make it and give me a portion but I would not count on it.

  191. Jessica

    Can I use 1lb ground beef and 1 pound pork sausage?

    • Fatcat

      No. It is prohibited by law.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My recipe calls for 1 1/2 pounds of beef so using 2 pounds would throw off the recipe. I have never used sausage but it seems to me adding that much fat would not allow to loaf to hold together. You could try looking for a different recipe that uses sausage.

      • Windy

        I use a combination of sausage & ground beef quite frequently. I usually use a lean spicey sausage mixing it in w my regular recipe. The sausage carries its own flavor due the the seasonings already in it so I really don’t have to do anything extra except onion & peppers, then it would only require ½ onion & ½ green or red pepper. Toppings r the same as in the above recipe. It does make a good sized meatloaf so have plenty of people to enjoy.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Thank you for sharing this.

        • old man mike bengyak

          after first wonderful time, then added sausage, ground chicken, corn
          anything around. ALWAYS wonderful, of course i am an old man who has
          lived in three other countries and cooked 50 years so what could i know,
          the only way to make this meatloaf not good is to work at it.

      • Janelynn

        I use two parts ground beef to one part sausage; it holds together beautifully

    • Katy

      I was excited to try a new meatloaf recipe but was so disappointed. I felt that it was very dry and flavorless? I don’t think that I will make it again.

      • Janelynn

        Try using two parts ground beef to one part sausage; I can about guarantee it will turn out moist.

  192. Carol Hammerle

    Hi, Jenny my husband doesn’t like ketchup on his meatloaf. I tried your Best Ever Meatloaf he didn’t know that there was ketchup inside. I love your recipes.

  193. Maddie

    I tried this recipe and it came out delicious. I can’t wait to have a meatloaf sandwich tomorrow. The sauce is right on. Thankyou for the recipe. I want to make it for my family and friends. ☺

  194. Trbryant

    WOW. This really is an excellent recipe! I have a Nuwave oven, so I followed the recipe verbatim, but cooked it on my Nuwave. Took only 45 minutes and the center was at 165 degrees. The Nuwave drains even more fat away when you place the meatloaf directly on the rack. Compliments on creating such a tasty dish!

  195. Essance

    Thank you Jenny! The meatloaf was a success! I used breadcrumbs because I had already bought the ingredients but you definitely played a major role in how delicious it came out. My aunt enjoyed it and she’s picky! Lol!

  196. Ashley

    Hey Jenny, just wondering if you’ve premade this and frozen with success? I want to prepare at the beginning of the week to eat at the end and I’m not sure I want it to sit in the fridge for that amount of time. I’m thinking I could prepare (minus the cooking) and freeze, thaw one day in the fridge, the proceed with cooking per your recipe. What do you think?

    • Abby

      Absolutely! Pre-making easy to freeze and delicious to eat meals on the weekend is a requirement in our house and meatloaf is one of our favorites. I make the sauce the day of, however, and add it before cooking. I serve it with pre-made, cooled, then frozen macaroni and cheese, thawed overnight in the fridge. Both freeze-and-serve well within 1 month.

  197. Sharon

    Wondering if I could use less ketchup and still have this turn out okay. I made it using a new ketchup that was fructose free, but it seemed overpowering in this dish. From the first bite I could taste the ketchup….it really stuck out. Perhaps I should try it one more time with regular Heinz ketchup.

    • Jenny

      I use Heinz Organic ketchup and it only has sugar, no corn syrup. It’s best if you don’t change the recipe and try it with this ketchup.

      • Deb

        Heinz low sugar ketchup works well was never a ketchup follower until I discovered it. Meat loaf is delish!

  198. NataliaS

    Hi Jenny,

    Great meatloaf indeed! I’d like to know if you eat it alone or with vegetables, mashed potato?

    I’m going to do it tomorrow and your crusty rolls as well.

    • Jenny

      I have mine with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

  199. Ken

    I am a brand new cook and your website really intrigued me. This is one of my favorite meals, meatloaf, but I have doctored it up with the meat. I LOVE spicy and I use HOT Italian sausage meat instead of ground beef.
    Issue is I cook per the 350 for one hour. The outside is perfect but the inside is not. It is mushy. I did not want to cook much more than the hour as the outside was perfect. Anything I can do?

    • Jenny

      I’m guessing it’s because you eliminated the lean beef and used sausage instead, which is much higher in fat. I suggest you stick with the recipe and find another way to spice it like replacing some or all of the ketchup with hot sauce. I hope that helps.

      • Mary

        What an excellent idea…hot sauce instead of ketchup. My son loves heat. I’ll be making two of these by the looks of it… thank you Jenny, I love your recipes!!

      • Ken

        Great idea. Habanero here we come.


      you might also spread the meatloaf out more. the thinner it is, the sooner the inside will cook

  200. Vhalinne

    My husband wants it with rice instead of oatmeal. How much time would I need to use, instead of oatmeal, for the regular recipe and for the half recipe? Would it be cooked OR uncooked rice? Thanks.

    • Jenny

      When you change a recipe you never know if it will turn out. This is the only way I make my meatloaf so I don’t know how you would change it. I suggest making the recipe as it is because it’s really very good and your husband would probably like it. Otherwise, maybe you can look for a different recipe that’s already proven that uses rice.

    • george

      i just added a 1/4 cup of rice and didnt have to touch the recipe at all!

  201. Elena

    I’m in love with this recipe! Thank You So much! Love it!!! ?

  202. elizabet

    hi jenny. love your recipe for this wonderful meatloaf. i’ve made this twice and i can’t say enough about it. am going to make another tonight. its very delicious.

  203. Earl A. Taylor

    Nov. 14/17,
    There is no going back. Tomorrow I am going to make your meatloaf (my first ever). I will send you my recipe. You may cringe at some of the extra stuff I put in it, but I fancy myself a bit of a Guy Cook.

    The only other person I ever cooked for was my Dear and Lovely Lady “Lorna”, who recently passed away.

    Wish Me Luck,
    Earl T.

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry for your loss and it’s good to stay busy. In other words, “Don’t let your meat loaf!” ? Good luck!

  204. Nik

    The best recipe. I surprised my wife with it who didn’t like meatloaf before. Now she is asking me to make this dish again.

  205. Michelle

    I’m 70 years old and never made
    a meatloaf in my life.
    My son and my near friends loved it!!
    This is the BEST.?
    Thank you s~~o much for your recipe.

  206. Adam

    Would adding 12oz more of meat change the outcome?

    • Jenny

      You would be increasing the meat by one half so you should also increase the other ingredients by one half. It might be easier for you to look at my smaller recipe that uses one pound of beef (16 ounces) and use your 36 ounces of beef and use my other ingredients listed here but double them. I hope that makes sense. It’s the link at the bottom of the recipe:
      (you may also have to cook it longer, depending on how you shape it)

      • Adam

        well I’m happy to report that it came out GREAT! I followed your recipe to the T, except it had 12 more ounces, lol. had l used the correct amount of meat my brain would have exploded from sheer delight! it was that good to me! Jenny l really like lamb meat and am seriously considering trying it in the best meatloaf recipe. thank you again, you are awesome and beautiful!


        sorry, but one pound of beef is 16 oz., not 32 ounces.

        • Jenny Can Cook

          Oops, thank you. I corrected it. Luckily, it looks like she overlooked my error and her recipe turned out well.

  207. Love to cook

    Could I double the recipe? If so how long
    Would I have to cook lt.? Would it be better
    To.put into 2 pans?

    I am making it for my happy hour womens
    group of 10.

    I love all your recipes, and brushing up on my Polish as we cook. COOL

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled this but if you try, I would definitely make two separate loaves on two pans.

  208. Praire Mike

    Wow! Best cooking video ever!! Love the ending! Do more like this. I’m going to the store today to get all the ingreds and making this for my wife who doesn’t particularly like meatloaf (except for my smoked meatloaf). Gonna change her mind!

  209. Chef Boy are thee

    You forgot the Heinz Chile Sause.,but some people prefer ketchup on top of the meatloaf.☺

  210. Corinne

    Making your meatloaf tonight. Looks wonderful. REALLY enjoy your videos, so keep ’em coming please!

  211. vinny lentini

    OMG!! We made the meatloaf tonite, me and 2 nephews tore it up!! Jenny jones meatloaf is the real deal Holyfield,Spectacular,so delicious!!

  212. Michelle

    My meatloaf is cooking in the oven right now! It smells amazing. I am not a fan of green pepper, so I used a yellow pepper instead. Very excited to try this meal, and thanks for the recipe!

  213. Karen

    I am new to Jenny can cook! And I love you and your recipes. Do you know any gluten free recipes?

    • Josh

      This recipe is gluten free. Gluten comes from wheat. No wheat=no gluten.

  214. Al from NM

    Never seen any of your recipes before. Never had to. Lost my wife a few months ago and I’m trying my best to get to normal.
    I was drooling while you were mixing, sauteing, explaining, etc. The capper was your last sentence after you took the meatloaf out of the oven. The last word was cut off but that just enhanced it. I’m still laughing so hard I can’t hardly type this. I think I love you Jenny!! I’m gonna go try to make the m/l now. Thanks for the entertainment and information.

    PS: A little green chile may end up in here.

  215. Dan

    Jen, that looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it. I have your recipes on “no knead bread” too! Will be trying those also.
    Polish girl can cook. Thank you and don’t ever stop these videos. I’m always learning something new from you. Thanks again!

  216. Salli Wallace

    I was unable to print your recipe. The page came up blank….try copying and pasting, but still had trouble. Just an FYI.

    • Jenny

      Please see the FAQs.

      • Grandma Pat

        Hi Jenny, I guess I am the most blessed grandma around . Why? Because thank God I found someone who cooks like me.

    • Grandma Pat

      try right clicking on recipe and it will show you a list of options click on print and it will come up

  217. NancyT

    Jenny….I just found your “Best Meatloaf Ever!” today; however, I was not able to print out your recipe if you have one pound of beef. I am single, retired and find that one pound of meat (ground beef) works best for me. Is it possible to get your recipe for the one pound Best Meatloaf Ever!
    Thanks!!!!!! Nancy T

  218. Amy

    This is one of the best meatloaf I have made. I shop at the farmer market in San Francisco and used the peppers from the market. Made a big difference. Lots of flavor. Do you know what the carbohydrate are in this recipe. I am a type one diabetic and measure my carbs before eating.

    thank you.

  219. Sheila

    I just wanted to say that this IS the best meatloaf ever. I’ve tried many over the years and could never stomach meatloaf. Decided to try this one for a few freezer meals and WOW is all I can say. The only thing I did differently was use lean ground pork instead of beef because it was what I had. Oh, another thing I did differently was use steel cut oats instead of quick oats, again, because it was what I had.
    You made me a lover of meatloaf Jenny. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  220. eli

    hi jenny, i am getting this recipe done today, but wondering since i forgot the bell peppers, will that be a total mess? i dont want to go back to the store, on mothers day, so was curious about those peppers.

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I did not get to this in time. I hope it turned out well.

  221. Carolyn

    Best meatloaf EVER!! Hubby made this last night, it’s truly flavorful, moist and tasty! I usually have to have potatoes or bread, something to “slightly” smother the taste. This one is delicious cold! From now on this is the ONLY recipe we will use.

  222. Rose

    I can’t seem to print any of your recipes– just a blank page comes out. Is it just me? I want them all!!!

  223. Lan

    Made this the other night and I don’t always follow instruction. Used steel cut oat (by mistake) and turned out great.

  224. Maria L.

    Jenny, Tonight I made your recipe of “Best Meatloaf Ever”. My husband and I really enjoyed it. It was so moist that it didn’t need any gravy at all. I served it with a baked sweet potato and collard greens. It was delicious. I so thankful that I found you again, Jenny, I used to watch your talk show years ago but I never knew you cooked too. I’m going to try your No Knead Bread next. Thanks, Jenny

  225. Tomek

    Made this last night using 500g bison. Amazing. Whole family enjoyed it. Extremely tasty and moist on the inside. Serviced with roasted kabucha squash and mixed veggie salad. Thank you!!!!
    See it instagram @paleo_tomek

  226. Susan

    I have collected and used many meatloaf recipes over the years. You are right, this is the best meatloaf!! I’ve thrown all my other recipes awaiy.

    Thanks, Jenny

  227. eliza

    loved this recipe. altho I did not have thyme on hand so I put in 1/4 tsp of Bells Seasoning as it has some thyme already in it and did not have the carrots, so I used 1/4 cup of chopped apples. It came out pretty good.

    thank you Jenny.

  228. Debra

    I made this last night and it was wonderful. I didn’t have any carrots, but I think they would have been good. I used fresh Thyme and cooked the loaf in a meatloaf pan, which is a great invention. I will definitely use this meatloaf recipe again and again. I may add a sauce on top next time; although it was not at all dry. Thank you for sharing it.

  229. Frances

    Can regular oatmeal be used instead of instant?

    • Patricia

      whirl it in a coffee grinder or blender…old-fashioned oatmeal is in too large pieces to cook at the same rate.

  230. Sammy

    Hi Jenny, do you have any nutritional information about this recipe??

  231. Faye Jack

    Hi Jenny, would like to know, could your recipe of meat loaf, be prepared the night before, ref over night, then cooked for dinner next day?

    • Tomek

      Sure it can. Please it a loaf fan or wrap in plastic. Next day place on a cooking rack and follow directions.

  232. BigDaddy

    I made your meatloaf recipe the other night. Without red peppers I only used green peppers. Also without oats I used some bread crumbs. I diced the carrots into small quarter inch cubes instead of shredding them per your recipe. The carrots didn’t cook soft and remained hard. Maybe shredding would have allowed them to soften or I should have sautéed them with the onions, garlic and thyme. Also would prefer to place the meatloaf on a rack over the foil lined sheet to allow the fat to drip off. Otherwise I will make the adjustments and try again.

  233. William in Atlanta

    Over the years I have tried many recipes and most are disappointment. I have wasted time and money tracking down one spice or another only to find new ways of making dog food. But this recipe is easy to make and I had everything I needed. And it did not involve a lot of clean up. From the first bite to the last was like a taste of heaven. My wife is very picky and often turns her nose up. I watched as she took that first bite and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. And she said, Oh my God this is better than sex. At that moment I was worried that she was going to eat the whole thing. Feeds four to six people, Ha, For a moment I thought I was going to be on the front page of the newspaper. Man kills woman over meatloaf. Yeah, it’s that good. Thanks again for the recipe.

    • H T Hurt

      Pal. Either you don’t know how to have sex or I don’t know how to make meatloaf.?

    • MiMi

      That was TOO Funny!! You put a Big Smile on my face William!!?????

  234. Dante

    Great recipe! I only had sirracha ketchup and it gave a nice kick! Would it be ok to prepare this the night before, so my kid can drop it in the oven the next day as I get home late.

    • Brian

      It would seem to me and would be a good idea for the mix to set a while, would give all the spices and everything to mingle together.

  235. Renee

    Great recipe! Made this for dinner, and had to go back for second helpings.Uh…how many calories was that?

  236. Quin

    Hello, Jenny! This was indeed the best meatloaf ever. I was tired of my recipe – and so glad I found yours on the web. My family enjoyed it — no leftovers!

  237. Jenny

    Thank you for taking time to write this up and share it with us.

  238. ken

    Hello there Jenny can cook , if I wanted to use the bell peppers you showed here , and I wanted to use the other colors , yellow, orange , What amount would I use with all the flavors of the bell peppers ? Would mushroom’s be a good addition , like baby portabellas , or dried mushrooms ? ? ? I love meatloaf when it is made properly. . . I have a chicken thigh meatloaf recipe that will punch you in the mouth with flavor and wanting more of it , I made this for my church and my mom brought it back with only 1 slice left over , it seemed to me that they were fighting over it and then they wanted the recipe so I gave it to them , and they raved about it , So give me a few days and I will send you the recipe here and how to make it that will make them coming back for more . . . I hope to hear back from you soon ? ? ?

    • ken

      is Quaker oats a quick cooking oat ? ? ?

      • Jenny

        Quaker makes regular rolled oats and quick 1-minute oats. The packages look similar so read the labels carefully.

        • ken

          Thank you Jenny I appreciate your response , and I am working on my recipe to send you it is , Chicken Thigh meatloaf and when I made it for my moms church they just about finished it 1 small slice was left over . . . So when I get all the ingredients & instructions together I will post it here , Thanks again : )

    • Jenny

      I would not change the amount of bell peppers, regardless of the colors. I have only made my meat loaf the way I posted it and it always turns out great so I don’t know how other changes would affect the final result.

      • mary

        mr. picki pants (husband of 37 years) won’t eat green peppers, so i will do without. glad to see not much salt…he is low sodium, also…heart arrest in 2016…so tweaking recipes and…get this…our older daughter said i should check out JennyCanCook…she never knew you outside of your blog…and that is a high compliment from that foodie! i also sub’d to your you tube channel. Lots to look through…Thx!

  239. patti

    just made and served this…delicious! i’ve made meatloaf for many, many years and thought i had a good recipe. now, my life has changed forever. ha ha! i didn’t have oatmeal, but panko bread crumbs, and used same measurements…and it was great. thanks jenny. you were right that this is the best meatloaf ever.

  240. Ruby N.

    Absolutely Scrumptious Ur ShownIs The Best ????
    Don’t Ever Go Away!!! ARGH!!! Am A Pirate☠ Ok Later Thank U;)

  241. Diane sieligowski

    I made this meatloaf and it was the best one I ever made because i tried different ones and my son loved it because of the peppers in it thank you for this recipe.

  242. Jenny

    I made this meatloft for my 18 year old son for dinner and left the house. I tasted it and it was so good!! Came home to find the meatloft all gone! He said it was the best meatloft and couldn’t stop eating. ??
    I didn’t have milk so I used beef stock and used only 1 pond ground beef.
    Thank you so much for this recipe and make it again and again!!!!!

  243. Elaine

    Delicious…will make again….not sure what happened…it cracked open in the middle why did this happen….

    • Jenny

      Did you follow the recipe exactly? Any changes at all? Did you use quick-cooking oats?

      • Elaine

        I just realized not the quick oats… the meatloaf and your videos…you are my go to for receipies

      • Patricia

        she specifically says quick-cooking oats, but I only buy old-fashioned oats, because we like the chewiness of them, but I put 1/2 cup in a coffee grinder, pulsed a few times and it worked great! Excellent meatloaf, Jenny!

  244. Jenny

    Can I use almond milk instead of reg cow milk?
    Love your recipes!!

    • Jenny

      I have never used almond milk but it seems to me it would work. Look through the comments as someone may have done it.

      • Renee

        Was wondering that myself:) Trying to cut calories as my husband & I; are “both” on a diet. Love this recipe: 2nd time I’ve made it. Substituted coconut oil in place of olive oil, incase that makes much difference(?)

        • Jenny

          Both of those oils have the same amount of calories.

  245. Jeanene

    My Husband and I fixed this meat loaf, first time…We love it! thank You!!

  246. Laura

    I by accident defrosted meat. I remembered your recipe. OMG, the smell in the home and then they ate it and it is not the best, it is the best ever!

  247. Sandycheei

    Jenny this is the best meat loaf I have ever made. So full of flavor. I’m not a meatloaf eater but I did make it for my husband n I decided to taste it and to my surprise I loved it. Thanks for the recipe

  248. Linda

    Jenny what are the latex gloves that you use & where can I buy them?

    • Judith Smith

      You can get on Amazon and put in latex gloves or nitrile gloves and pull up whatever you’re looking for. Some people are allergic to latex and do better with vinyl, nitrile and other materials. Also, some gloves are powdered and some aren’t. The powder can irritate your hands. I’m a nurse and we have sterile gloves.You probably don’t need sterile.

      Thanks and good luck!


  249. Carol

    This meatloaf is simply gorgeous! Full of flavour. Another epic success from Jenny – thanks again ?

  250. steve iwan

    i noticed your using a ceramic frying pan. i badly want one and can you comment on a good one to buy and where. thx steve

    • Jenny

      I use many different brands of cookware and I find most of them at either Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. For higher end cookware, Sur La Table is a good store.

  251. Jeannie

    Have now made your meatloaf. I love it! I used extra lean ground beef, and had no problem with it not holding together. I let it sit for 20 minutes before slicing. This is now my go-to recipe for meatloaf!

  252. Jeannie

    Got all the ingredients and will make later today. As to a glaze, I have used apricot preserves with some Dijon mustard and a couple squirts of Heinz 57. It always turns out great. I can’t give measurements, as I just taste as I go.

  253. Jeannie

    My Mom could throw together a great meatloaf, but I have never been able to duplicate hers – it just doesn’t taste the same! When I watched your video, I knew I had a winner! As soon as I can get the ingredients, I will definitely make yours! I like your tip about putting the oatmeal and milk together, sautéing the garlic, onion and thyme until brown, also about mixing all the ingredients together before adding the ground beef. Anyway, will let you know how mine turns out!

  254. Carmen

    Looking forward to making it for diner tonight. Love your recipes/videos, there are all great! It is always a pleasure watching you in action. Keep up the great work!

  255. Paul Cervantes

    Followed the recipe with the exception of bell peppers (didn’t have any). I used celery instead. The meatloaf itself was delicious. Well balanced with sweetness and good consistency. The only set back would be the presentation. Doesn’t exactly look as good as it taste. Thanks Jenny

  256. Frank

    Love the recipe and the flavor tried something different cooked it in the slow cooker for 6 hours on high or 9+ hours on low sliced it beautiful and taste great.very YUMMY!

    • Shane

      I love new crockpot ideas. Did you make it loaf style? If so did it keep its form while cooking in the crock pot? I may have to try this.

  257. Jan

    I made this meatloaf for tonight’s dinner and had high hopes for it. However, it was a disappointment. Everyone has an idea of what their ideal meatloaf is I suppose. This one was just not mine. Although I used very good ground sirloin, it did not slice well and basically fell apart. There was little grease but the mixture just seemed to have too much liquid to firm up.

  258. Paula

    Hi Jenny – made the meatloaf today – it tasted great but I was unable to slice it. It just kind of fell apart – like I said it tasted great but the presentation left something to be desired. Any idea what could have caused this? Love all of your recipes especially the cinnamon rolls – absolutely delicious!

    • Jenny

      That’s usually from using beef with too much fat.

      • Patricia

        Maybe they didn’t let it set up for the 10 minutes, and/or didn’t use a good knife

  259. Cheryl

    Hands down the best meatloaf I have ever tasted. Best part, my kids (all 4 of them to include husband) had no idea there were vegetables in there. Thanks Jenny!! This recipe is a keeper.

  260. Judy

    My husband was requesting meatloaf for dinner today. I am always looking for new versions of our favorite comfort foods. After reading such positive reviews couldn’t wait to make it. Followed the recipe as written despite my strong desire to add mushrooms. I must say we were a little disappointed in the taste. We found the vegetables made it a little too sweet and other than the sweetness lacking in flavor. We prefer a richer, earthier flavor.

    • Jenny

      No problem. I never expect my recipes to be right for everyone.

  261. mona

    love it so delicious. i covered aluminum foil for 30mins. continue uncovered for another 30 mins. plus i pour BBq sauce. so yummy and moist.

  262. Nancy

    Hi Jenny
    Love your baking video. Would like to know where do you get all your lovely gadgets so colourful.

  263. Susan

    Hello..BTW I used to love to watch your show.

    Im 50 years old and never made a meatloaf in my life. Thank you so much for your recipe my family loved it!! It was so easy for me for followed.
    Thanks again!!

  264. Bill

    Jennie, I love sauces and gravies. Your meatloaf with mashed potatoes would seem a little “dry” to me.
    What sauce would you recommend (tomato maybe?) for this recipe!?

    • Jenny

      I’m not much of a sauce maker so I’m sorry I can’t help with a sauce. However, I think you’ll find this meatloaf is not dry at all of you follow my recipe.

      • Bill

        You are right. It’s not “dry” at all……..and very tasty!!

    • June

      The sauce I’ve enjoyed has mixture of ketchup and brown sugar. I found this one, but not sure how hot the chili pepper might make it: 1/2 cup ketchup, 1/2 cup packed brown sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1/2 teaspoon chili powder.

  265. Beth

    I have been cooking and baking for a long time and my family loves my meatloaf….BUT..:) I will have to say, “this is the best meatloaf we have ever had”., and the clean-up and less fat is great. Thank you so much.!

  266. Vicki

    This meatloaf is by far the best! I’m so glad I found it. We have it once a week for dinner. Thank you Jenny!

  267. D

    I hadn’t had meatloaf in 20+ years. In saw your recipe and gave it a try… Making it again today, I shared your video with family and friends. Thanks Jenny!

  268. lurdes

    hi Jenny I love you recipes

  269. elaine

    Thank you for this recipe… easy and really tasty

  270. Rupa

    I love your videos and your receipes are awesome. My kids simply love them. Please keep them coming. ….love your smile too!

  271. Graham

    Hi Jenny,

    I made the meatloaf last night as per the recipe. Fantastic flavour, good texture, nice mouth feel. This goes into my recipes folder.

    I have also made your 20 minute pizza dough. Again another excellent recipe. My favourite toppings are sea food marinara mix, avocado & cheese.

    Love your videos, your smile and your naughty sense of humour.

    Cheers, Graham.

  272. priscilla

    can u use honey mustard

    • Jenny

      This recipe is so good the way it is (Dijon mustard adds a lot to the flavor) that I encourage you to make it as written before making changes.

      • Karen Cornell

        Do you have to use 1% milk can it be whole milk, making it tomorrow

  273. Shelly

    Hello Jenny,

    I just want to let you know that I cooked you loaf for Christmas using turkey and doubling the recipe and it was absolutely wonderful. I will be cooking this again soon. The turkey stayed moist and did not dry out at all. I baked on parchment paper and the loaf did not stick to pan. I followed your recipe as list just substitute ground turkey.

    It was delicious and a hit.

    Thanks for sharing it. .

  274. Yoly T.

    I followed your Best meat loaf recipe. It was very good, the only thing was it spread and flattened out a bit.It tasted goooood. I tried to make another one and instead of forming it on a baking sheet, I used an aluminum foil loaf pan container and made few slits at the botton to drain some of the grease.VOILA success. Thank you Jenny for all your recipes.

    • Jenny

      If you follow the recipe exactly with no changes it should hold together on the sheet. Mine does every time. Just make sure when you shape it there are no air pockets in the loaf. I’m glad it tasted good but in the loaf pan, you don’t get the same nicely browned crust.

    • marla

      they sell a loaf pan at bed and bath that the inside of it lifts out of the pan and the grease stays in the bottom, love it iam baking it now

  275. Linda

    We use 5 minute oats instead of the quick-cook. Will
    those work the same in this recipe? Looking forward to
    making this soon.

    • Jenny

      I have only used quick-cooking oats, which cook in one minute. I don’t know how 5-minute oats will work – they may not dissolve as well as the quick ones. This is a fabulous meatloaf but I can only guarantee the result if you don’t make changes so I would try to get the quick oats, just to be sure.

      • Patricia Garcia

        I would bet you could whirl the old-fashioned oats in a blender to break them down, and get the same results.

  276. Jimmy

    Hi Jenny,

    I tried your recipe out and the meatloaf fell apart. Could you give me some advice to prevent it from crumbling?

    I did pretty much what you did but with 5% ground beef instead of 9%. Would adding more eggs or more oats help keep the meat together?

    • Jenny

      If you follow the recipe exactly it will not fall apart. Please tell me exactly what you used and then I can help figure it out. Did you use a flat baking sheet? I don’t think using a leaner beef than mine would make a difference. Let me know…

  277. Kim

    Hi! Planning to make your meatloaf this week. Looks amazing. Do you think that whole milk will work or will it keep it from binding properly. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Jenny

      I have only made it with 1% milk but it’s such a small amount of milk I see no reason why it wouldn’t stay together.

  278. Dustin

    OMG the end of the video, classic LOL!

    • Linda

      Pls. …explain d last part of d video that makes everyone laugh! I missed that part..really! It just black out…what happen then, what did Jenny say…thanks!

  279. samm iamm

    Well Jenny I made a few changes to this and it,was spectacular! The main change was the ketchup, all the ketchups I have seen have HFCS in them and I will not use.
    So I used my own homemade “Ketsauce” instead 🙂

    The addition of 1/4 tsp. Toated sesame seed oil and tablespoon of Tamari gave it a much deeper flavor. I also used equal portions of whole milk and cultured butter milk and tblsp. of small curd cottage cheese blended in the processor for quick pulses. This gave a little tang to it.

    All in all, it is the best damn meatloaf ever!!! Thank you so much!!!!


  280. Aasha

    Hi Jenny can i make this loaf a day before and serve it the next day???
    How to store it??
    I dont find minced beaf here nd so can i use pork???

    • Jenny

      Leftover meat loaf is very good, even cold in a sandwich. Just keep it in a tightly covered container, refrigerated. However, I don’t think pork would work in this recipe. I have never seen a loaf recipe made with pork, probably because of its bland flavor and dryness. I think you would be disappointed.

      • Ann H

        Loved Jenny’s recipe and video, it was funny, colorful, and so easy to follow.
        I wanted to taste meatloaf all my life, and since I don’t eat beef, I couldn’t try it anywhere else, as most people make it with beef. So I thought I’ll make it on my own using Turkey, but since Jenny mentioned Turkey didn’t work with this recipe, I decided to make it with a mixture of Turkey (1 lb) and Pork (1.5 lb). I doubled all the ingredients in the recipe, and made a few modifications as follows per my preferences for spice, and amount of vegetables. As Jenny says, it turned out to be the best meatloaf ever, even though it was my first one ever. I hope I can repeat the results next time. Here are some of the tweaks I made for the 2.5 pounds of meat…
        + added one cup of breadcrumbs, & ½ cup flaxseed powder in addition to Oatmeal
        + 2 medium-sized onions
        + one whole green pepper
        + one whole red pepper
        + 2 med size carrots
        + replaced just ketchup with 50-50 mix of ketchup and Spicy BBQ sauce
        + 4 tbsp spicy Chipotle Mayo
        + replaced parsley with Cilantro
        + 2 tbsp Steak Sauce
        + Red-chilli pepper powder – ¼ – ½ tsp per taste
        + Glazed with mixture of 4 tbsp brown sugar and ½ cup spicy BBQ sauce in last 15 min of baking time
        + Doubled baking time due to larger loaf size. I baked leftover mixture into mini meat-loaves, in a muffin pan for shorter baking time of 30 minutes at 350°F, since I couldn’t wait to try them.
        Both the mini-meatloaves and larger meatloaf were perfectly moist and well done, and so delicious!!
        It was an instant hit with the whole family and they are already asking when will I make it again.

        • Jenny

          Thanks for taking time to share your creation. I’m glad it turned out so well.

      • David

        I beg to differ…my Grandmother always made meatloaf with a combination of ground beef, ground pork, and ground veal. It was and continues to be the best. I have yet to find any recipe that compares, as my Grandmother just dumped everything onto a big bowl and mixed with her hands. No measuring needed. Always baked it in a cast iron skillet.

        • Jenny

          Yes, a combination of meats is very good and commonly used but I was saying that using only pork would not work.

  281. Margie

    Hi Jenny my question! Is it ok if I use fat free milk instead of the 1%?

    • Jenny

      I think the little bit of fat in 1% milk contributes to this recipe. You can make any changes you like but if you want a proven recipe that gets raves every time, I would suggest you make this recipe as is.

  282. Tosin

    Hi Jenny, this meatloaf was indeed the best I’d ever tried! Only thing is that it crumbled a bit when I cut into it. I used 95% lean ground beef, added 200g finely chopped and sautéed mushrooms in addition to the other veggies (added to the cooking onions) and I used a medium egg not large. Do you think that’s why? Too many veggies? Not enough eggs? I also let it cool 5 mins first before cutting. Should I have let it cool longer? Thanks so much!

    • Jenny

      I don’t think the size of the egg would make that much difference but I think the mushrooms are the problem. They are full of moisture and might have kept the loaf from setting. I suggest trying it without mushrooms next time and maybe serve them on the side.

  283. Aasha

    Hi Jenny can i use chicken instead of beaf in dis recipe??
    Will d cooking time and temperature differ if i do so??

    • Jenny

      No, this recipe will not work with ground chicken. Ground chicken is too soft to hold the shape.

  284. Linda

    Have made this meatloaf several times, and now getting requests for it (including from one person who didn’t like meatloaf till she tasted this one).

    Thanks heaps for sharing your recipes!


    LOVE YOUR RECIPE!!!. However, I don’t have Djoin Mustard. What do I do?

    • Jenny

      You don’t have it or you can’t get it? Please clarify – thanks!


      both. Don’t have it and can’t get it.

      • Jenny

        Oh, that’s too bad. Dijon adds a nice complex flavor to things so you could try using another whole grain mustard – maybe you have one you already like. If not, try an online search for substitutes for dijon mustard or just try your grocery store and you may find another brand of whole grain mustard. (I would not use yellow mustard) Good luck!

  286. Carole

    This is the best! Taste exactly like my nana always made us. Thanks Jenny.

  287. Luvstocook/bake

    If you use a foil lined 1/2 sheet pan then a foil covered broiler pan & place the meatloaf on it the fat/oil drains away from the meatloaf instead of sitting in the fat/oil! Try it you’ll like it & there’s no mess, just discard the aluminum foil.
    Also, when you’re sauteing the onion & garlic (I use more than you call for), I also saute the carrot & any other vegetables, chiles, mushrooms spices etc. This really makes the meatloaf more complex & truly more flavorful ! I can’t stand the taste of sweet peppers, I use chilies. Also I use oats as you do but, I also add rice to my recipe as well as mushrooms & I make a sauce out of tomato ketchup, onion powder, garlic powder, Brer Rabbit Dark Full Flavored Molasses & I slather this sauce onto the meatloaf, I believe that my meatloaf is much better than your Plain Jane meatloaf. Please give my meatloaf a try & let me know what you think? BTW, your recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls is OUTSTANDING!!!


    • Barbara

      I love Jenny’s recipe. Yours has so many changes its nothing like hers. Honestly, it doesn’t belong in the comments. It sounds good, though!

  288. CHEF ZEE





    • Jenny

      There is no nutrition and calorie information with my recipes. I’m just sharing what I make at home.

  289. frank

    you are just to funny lmfao the end of this video was hilarious jenny great job!!!

  290. Kathie Morgan

    Hi! This recipe sounds soooo good, but if I get caught putting red or green peppers in ANYTHING my husband will have a hissy fit! Would it ruin the recipe’s taste not putting the peppers in, or could I substitute somethiing else tasty? Any ideas??

    • Jenny

      I can’t think of a good replacement for the peppers that would add the sweetness and flavor but you can just leave them out.

    • Rhonda

      I don’t know if you would want to do this, but my sister wanted to make meatloaf for dinner and I suggested Jenny’s recipe. She processed a couple of the veggies in a food processor to hide them in the meat. They never knew there were carrots and peppers in this recipe. I had dinner with them that evening and it surprised me to see her husband and son go back for seconds…btw, Jenny I’m about to make your meatloaf for tomorrow’s dinner. Once a week I make a main dish for dinner and they are wanting your meatloaf. My brother-in-law calls your meatloaf the world’s famous…lol…he really does love your recipe. We all do

  291. kathy

    omg Jenny you are hilarious!! I so enjoy your videos..keep them coming please!!

  292. debra

    hi jenny this is new to me and i am going to try this recipe i believe it will be good because of the way you put it together i never thought about cooking the onion, garlic, olive oil.i just dump it in to the meat i never thought about mixing everything and adding the meat last thank for this information i will surely let you know how it came out thanks

  293. yna

    Hi ms jenny,

    i want to try you meatlof recipe but i dont have oven, im using the turbo could you help me about the exact time and temperature? thanks

    by the way i love the way you smile..your same like a teenager..:)

    • Jenny

      I have no knowledge of a Turbo and tried to look it up but I can’t tell if it’s a slow cooker or a convection oven. If you can give me the exact brand name I will try to help.

  294. Linda

    Tried this recipe last night for dinner, and we all loved it! Meatloaf is not hubby’s favorite, and he went back for seconds. And my son’s friend said it was the best meatloaf he’d ever had. I didn’t have any oats, so used crackers instead, crushed fine – still came out delicious.

  295. Renee

    I’d love to try this recipe, but I can’t eat gluten or dairy. Think I could get away with leaving out the milk?

    • Jenny

      I can only guess but I believe you can just leave out the milk. If the loaf comes out too dry, you could add 2-3 tablespoons of water the next time.

  296. letitia

    Ok jenny meatloaf is in the oven as I write this will let you know how it came out. Tish

  297. letitia

    just wanted to let you know about the ribs. I made them using my on rub and wow I could not believe it they were falling off the bone. I will never grill again. Thanks for the recipe. My husband loved them. I had 3 rib and the rest will I am sure you’ll figure out who ate the rest husband. Lol

  298. ashley

    This is really good. Thank you for the recipe!! 🙂

  299. Lori

    WOW! It really is the best! I’m trying more of your recipes!

  300. Amy

    I’ve made this meatloaf a couple times. Everyone loves it. Thank you! I was just wondering, could I use 2 lbs. of ground beef to make a little more with the same measured ingredients or should I add more milk, ketchup, and oats? Thanks in advance for the help!

    • Jenny

      I would try to increase all the ingredients by about 1/3, except the egg. It’s hard to mess up meatloaf so you could just add a little more onion, use 2 bigger cloves of garlic, mound the thyme, oats, vegetables & spices a little when you measure and add no more than 2 extra tablespoons of milk. To make sure it has enough “glue,” I would probably beat an extra egg and just add about half of it. I can’t guarantee it but this is the way I would do it. I’m glad you like this meatloaf – it really is fabulous.

  301. Cecilia

    I was not going to try your meat loaf recipe because my husband said “why mess with perfection; yours is the best.” However, I did it anyway and it was delish. The only thing I did differently was add some ground pork to the ground beef which I always do. I think the pork addition negates the need for the milk. I feel guilty that I didn’t follow your recipe to the letter. However, I did restrain myself from adding my usual small can of V8 juice instead of the ketchup and throwing in a can of mushrooms. This was very tasty and we are looking forward to leftovers. Don’t you think leftover meatloaf is the best? Keep doing those videos! You are adorable and I actually catch myself smiling while watching.

  302. Jennifer

    I had my doubts… But this meatloaf is AMAZING!!! My new favorite meatloaf recipe 🙂

  303. Monica

    I grew up eating meatloaf with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese as the binding agent…and after eating this, I can’t go back. The flavors of all the veggies along with the onion and garlic – wow! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  304. Chase

    Wow, this was seriously good meatloaf. Sometimes the details really matter, thanks for the pointers. I am going to take my old meatloaf and sh———

  305. Claudia

    This is the very best meatloaf ever. My husband and I sat down and our two grown sons (who don’t live with us) just happened to drop over.

    The youngest had call his father at work and my husband mentioned I was trying out your meatloaf recipe for the first time. So they just “happened to be in the neighborhood. 😉

    Both sons asked for the recipe and said to let them know when I make this again as they don’t want any to go to waste. (ha ha)

    I was hoping for a little piece for my lunch tomorrow……….no chance it’s all gone. 🙁

    Well tomorrow night is Jenny’s Chicken Pot Pie but I’m not telling even my husband ahead of time.

  306. Anh Hoang

    Hi jenny
    Never make meatloaf before. I’ll try your receipt tonight, hope it come out good, I’ll let you know later. Thanks so much.

  307. Cindy Click

    Making the meatloaf tonight for dinner. Can’t wait to try it. The only thing I added was a little bit of liquid smoke. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  308. sarah j densen

    Recipe sounds great but can I use ground white meat turkey breast?

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure. White turkey meat is very lean and there may not be enough moisture in the loaf. I’ve had several questions about this so I will make one using white turkey and report back in the next week or so.

    • Jenny

      Well, I made my meatloaf tonight using ground white turkey breast. It does work with my recipe but not on the baking pan. You have to bake it in a loaf pan; otherwise, it will spread out too much. With the ground turkey breast there is not enough body to maintain the loaf shape on a baking sheet. I kept pushing it into a loaf and it kept flattening on me so I put it in a loaf pan. Once it’s cooked, it’s a little more crumbly than the beef so slice it carefully. But it tasted good and it was a pretty pink color.

      • Jean

        There is a loaf pan especially for meat loaves. It’s actually two loaf pans that fit one inside the other. The top pan has holes in the bottom to allow the fat to drain away. I think you would lose even more fat that way than if you used a cookie sheet and foil.

        • Jenny

          I used to have one of those pans but I really like the browning on all sides that I get on the foil, but it’s a great invention (and it helps keep the loaf shape). Here’s a link for anyone interested: Click here

          • Grannyrsh

            I’m with you Jenny! The browned edges are the best part!

  309. Ben

    Made it. Loved it. Keep em comin.

  310. Imthebeachgirl

    Greetings from Florida! OMG Jenny, you were right, I made this tonight and the family raved about it. We now have a new “Best ever meatloaf” recipe. thanks so much!

  311. Zeb

    Made the meatloaf for me and the wife….very very very DELISH ! <3

  312. Christine

    I LOVE me some meatloaf!! I always try it when I see it on the menu of any place I go….I’m definitely going to try this recipe-I haven’t found a bad recipe on your site yet!! My ribs for 4th of July were OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Keep up the good work Jenny!

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