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Apr 11, 2020

Your Photo Of The Week

If anything good could come out of our current worldwide quarantine it’s that people are learning how to cook. It’s given us a chance to either learn or to teach our children this important life skill. That’s why my pick this week is this photo of 9-year old Svea, whose mother sent it in, showing Svea taking pride in this chocolate cake she made all by herself for her family in Minnesota. I hope this inspires other young people to discover the joy (and value) of cooking. ❤️

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6 Comments on "Your Photo Of The Week"

  1. Kathy B

    Oh Jenny, what a joy you are! In our new normal home life, I am enjoying watching and making your delicious, easy and healthier recipes. We share many Eastern European dishes (my grandparents were Hungarian) and I have adopted your techniques after a lifetime of cooking traditional stuffed cabbage and poppyseed rolls to ease the processes! I know you are enjoying your retirement but you are the real deal – you are beautiful, fun to watch and listen to, and are my favorite cooking star. Be happy!

  2. Anna

    So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Christina

    Beautiful work, Svea! ? Thank you so much for this wonderful site, Jenny.

  4. S.Cannon

    Jenny ,I loved your show. And I am very happy that I have found you again. I was about 12, my Mom gave me a Betty Crocker cookbook for kids. And I still have it to this day some 50yrs later. But we also lived beside my Grandmother and Grandfather. And Mama cooked 3 × every day . And worked part time as a seamstress and I learned more watching and helping my grandmother cook then anything. And when I got married I used to cook supper every night with fresh or frozen vegetables before I became disabled so home cooking is the best way to go it takes time. And I worked full time. In the Summer I would buy fresh vegetables and put them in the freezer for winter. So I know the Health Benefits of home cooking.

  5. Cindy

    Thank you Jenny for teaching a very needed skill, and making it fun especially to our younger generations. You are a peach:)
    Wonderful picture of Svea. Her smile says it all! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dalila G.

    Great job Svea!!
    Your cake looks sooo yummy!

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