Mar 27, 2013

Virginia has an oil question

Is it necessary to use canola oil in your recipes, such as the Sweet Potato Choc. Cake and baked donuts, also I have a high grade of cocoa, buttered, can this be used, purchased at Penzey’s spices., or should I go with the cheap cocoa? Thanks.

My Response…

My cake and doughnut recipes do call for oil but if you want to eliminate the fat altogether, I don’t think it would taste as good. Some people use apple sauce or fruit puree to replace oil in baking but I have never been satisfied with the result. If you just want to use a different kind of oil, you could use any vegetable oil or extra light olive oil. I’m not clear on your cocoa question. You can use any brand of unsweetened cocoa powder but not the solid unsweetened chocolate bars for my recipes. If using the bars, you would have to make other adjustments to the recipe and the bars have more fat which I work to avoid. I use the powder because it has less fat than the bars. Please clarify your question if I didn’t answer clearly enough.

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