Dec 4, 2014

My Show-Stopping Christmas Bread

Christmas Holiday BreadThis is my Christmas present to myself. I LOVE this bread! It’s a sweet egg bread filled with golden raisins and a fancy glaze and sprinkles. And I make the whole thing without butter. The bread is made with extra light olive oil and the glaze is just powdered sugar and milk. So I don’t beat myself up while eating my third slice.

I don’t know why but every year when Christmas comes around, I start craving sweet bread. But it’s not enough for it just to be sweet – it has to be pretty too. And this show-stopping bread is both sweet and pretty. I make it every Christmas and it makes a beautiful gift but nobody ever gets one from me. That’s because I make it… and I eat it. I know it’s the season of giving but hey, I’m giving my recipe… isnt that enough? 🙂

This is an easy recipe too because it’s only a one-rise bread so the whole thing takes just two hours… start-to-finish.  At Easter time, I make it with different Easter-colored sprinkles and it’s an Easter bread! At other times I also make this recipe without the glaze or sprinkles for a fabulous toasting bread, especially if you like cinnamon toast! So my Christmas present to me is now my Christmas present to you. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Zira


  2. Rhonda Davis

    Jenny Jones AKA Scrooge? – NOT. Here are a few of the things you GIVE me: Recipes to DIE for; permission to eat what I make and not share, if I don’t want to (ie, 30-minute hash browns, Christmas bread, etc.); quick homemade yeast bread recipes with one variation after another, each turning out as perfectly as your recipes/videos do each time I make them; bright and colorful kitchen utensils that liven up your set, make it fun to watch you prep and cook, and bring an unexpected laugh my way (duck timer that quacks when time is up!); good, old-fashioned food from scratch (hash browns, cabbage rolls, meat loaf) with an emphasis on ‘good’ and ‘scratch’; and, finally, the cherry on top of the sundae, a free cookbook with updated revisions – AMAZING! These are summarized and really only grace the surface of what you give because there is no way to completely capture the joy your lovely smile, happy face and sparkling personality that accompany your posts. PS–I barely hinted at the one facet of you that I appreciate and look forward to – your mischievousnous. I think it’s what I love the most about you and what makes your posts so personal. Thank you for giving me so much. I fear I will never be able to pay you back in kind; therefore, I will be forever in your debt.

  3. Camie

    I made your whole wheat bread with all purp KA unbleached flour and added a small amount of KA bread flour and it came out perfectly. I’m so proud of myself and my husband picky-poo that he is has enjoyed it too. Can’t wait to make another loaf and your amazing pizza dough.

    • Rhonda Davis

      Thanks, Camie, for the tip about mixing the flours. That’s a big help to me as I was having a difficult time finding enough of either KA flours. I love your reference to your husband as picky poo – don’t you just love it when they are that way? Especially when it is so easy to ‘win’ them over from picky poo to lovey dovey?!

  4. Nancy

    This Christmas bread looks great, and I love how it takes only 2 hours to make because of the rise being one time. It’s very pretty. I used to make bread and it was the 2 rise kind. I enjoyed making bread and this has inspired me to go bake some! Thanks Jenny

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