Mar 24, 2016

Loving my Fruit & Nut Bread

No Knead Fruit & Nut BreadI absolutely love my no knead fruit & nut bread. I made it again today and added just a touch more sugar (4 Tbsp total) and that little extra sweetness is perfect for me. With sugar in this recipe, the bread can burn due to the high oven temperature. That’s why I say to reduce to temperature to 400° F when it bakes. But I found another solution to keep the bread from burning.

I raised up my oven rack one slot and it keeps the bottom of the Dutch oven a little farther away from the heat. I used my 3-quart Dutch oven and it easily fit on the raised up oven rack. I still reduced the temperature to 400 per the recipe and I was thrilled with the result – no blackened crust and a perfect loaf of sweet breakfast bread. If your try this whole wheat fruit & nut bread with lots of sweet raisins and walnuts, and if your Dutch oven still fits, try it with the oven rack raised up a notch. This could be a good Easter recipe.

Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. sheila

    I enjoy watching all of your videos. The other day I made your cranberry and nut whole wheat bread. Instead of making one large loaf in a cast iron pot (which method I’ve used many times) I chose to bake 4 small, round loaves to share with friends. They were a tad dry but excellent nontheless. Thanks for all your work. Keep it coming.

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