Chat Room/Questions

Apr 8, 2013

Food TV

Josh asks… Hi Jenny. I was wondering if you watch any cooking type shows and if so what were your favorites? Also have you seen chopped and would you consider going on : )

My Response…

I actually watch very little TV and I don’t watch any of the shows on the food network. Most of them are either travel shows or competition which don’t really interest me. I prefer stress-free cooking with no pressures. I’ve never seen Chopped. Occasionally, I will watch some cooking programs on PBS where I can learn something but I don’t think there’s much on TV that actually teaches cooking any more, particularly not healthy cooking. I used to watch nutritionist Ellie Krieger on the Food Network. Correction: I did watch Paula Deen once because I couldn’t believe how many things you could cook with bacon!  – Jenny Jones

Apr 7, 2013

Matt is suggesting a calorie counter

Please consider adding nutritional information and portion sizes. I use an app called My FitnessPal/Calorie Counter.. It helps monitor what you eat. They have a My Recipe section where you can add each ingredient also let’s you scan barcodes to create your recipe,and if the product isn’t in their database it can be manually added. It helped me lose about 13 pounds just by realizing what I was putting in your mouth.

Mar 27, 2013

Virginia has an oil question

Is it necessary to use canola oil in your recipes, such as the Sweet Potato Choc. Cake and baked donuts, also I have a high grade of cocoa, buttered, can this be used, purchased at Penzey’s spices., or should I go with the cheap cocoa? Thanks.

My Response…

My cake and doughnut recipes do call for oil but if you want to eliminate the fat altogether, I don’t think it would taste as good. Some people use apple sauce or fruit puree to replace oil in baking but I have never been satisfied with the result. If you just want to use a different kind of oil, you could use any vegetable oil or extra light olive oil. I’m not clear on your cocoa question. You can use any brand of unsweetened cocoa powder but not the solid unsweetened chocolate bars for my recipes. If using the bars, you would have to make other adjustments to the recipe and the bars have more fat which I work to avoid. I use the powder because it has less fat than the bars. Please clarify your question if I didn’t answer clearly enough.

Mar 26, 2013

Shortbread Cookies

Shirley asks… Have you ever made shortbread cookies?  We used to buy Archway but can’t seem to find them anymore.  They were the best we found.  We love your granola and several other recipes.  I enjoy your website.

My Response…

I don’t make shortbread cookies because they always call for so much butter.  – Jenny Jones

Feb 10, 2013

Ranee can’t find whole grain pastry flour

Hi Jenny, I love all your recipes. I would like to know where can I buy the whole grain pastry flour to make the chocolate chip pizza. I didn’t see it in my local supermarket. Is there a certain brand I need? I look forward to your new cookbook. Thanks Jenny.

My Response…

Only some grocery stores carry it but I can always find it at Whole Foods. My grocery store carries Arrowhead Mills brand but only sometimes. If there’s not a Whole Foods in your area, check with any health food store or you can always order it online. Look for either “whole grain pastry flour” or “whole wheat pastry flour” as they are both good sources of B vitamins and fiber. When baking cookies, I try to replace at least some of the white flour with whole grain pastry flour or when possible, I’ll use all whole grain flour (like with my oatmeal cookies, which are 100% whole grain). One more thing… all whole grain flours must be stored in the fridge.

Feb 2, 2013

Claire wants an easy dish for 30 people

Jenny, What easy dish can I make in advance for about 30 people and serve out of a chafing dish? If you’re in the mood, por favor…..

My Response…

I have an idea that should be pretty easy and would survive well in a chafing dish: Pesto bowties with chicken. Chicken is cooked ahead or store-bought rotisserie, cut into bite-size pieces. Pesto can be made days ahead (there’s a recipe in my book but Butoni makes a good one if store bought). Day of, you only have to cook the pasta & stir in the pesto & chicken. Keep some extra pesto or olive oil if it starts to look dry. Add parmesan or serve it on the side. (This is making me hungry!)

Jan 31, 2013

Gary has a lasagna question

hey jenny,

im going to make a chicken pesto lasagna what kind of cheese should I use? and can I use green peppers and onions will that mess up the taste of the pesto I wanna keep it simple and I don’t want to use red sauce so if you have any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My Response…

Chicken pesto lasagna sounds great! Part skim mozarella is naturally low in fat and melts nicely in lasagna. It’s what I use on my pizza. I would not use green peppers with pesto for their strong taste. If you want to keep it simple, I would just use the noodles, ricotta, chicken, mozarella, and pesto. I wouldn’t even use onion because pesto is such a distinctive flavor. One other possible addition would be fresh spinach since it’s the base for pesto and can’t compete with the flavor. Spinach also kicks up the nutrition. Good luck with it. If you mess it up, just mash it all up and call it a casserole!


Jan 12, 2013

Brenda Wants A Softer Cookie

Do you have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that will create soft cookies? The recipe I have does fine, just my cookies are not as soft as I like unless I need to adjust the cooking time.


My response…

You’re on the right track with adjusting the cooking time. A minute or two less will often produce a softer cookie. Also, once you remove them from the oven, cookies continue to cook on the hot baking sheet so remove them off the sheet right away to cool. I have one other suggestion: brown sugar. Try switching to brown sugar and see if that helps. (I use half brown & half white sugar in mine)


Jan 11, 2013

Darlene Asks About Green Tea

Dear Jenny,
My question to you is you mentioned that you sip green and white tea all day long, is it hot or iced? And is there a good way to make either a perfect cup? Thank you.

My response…

Darlene, I drink green, white, or black tea when it’s hot because I believe there are more antioxidants when it’s just newly brewed. If I let a cup of green or white tea sit out too long, the color darkens (oxidizes) and to me it won’t have the same benefits. One key thing is not to brew tea more than 2-3 minutes or it can get bitter.

Jan 7, 2013

Jon Asks About Oatmeal Cookies

Dear Jenny,
I love your recipes, especially the cookies recipes. I was wondering, is there a way to make the cholesterol buster oatmeal cookies a little more moist or chewy?

My response…

Jon, try eliminating the flaxseed meal and use all-purpose flour. You’ll still get good fiber from the oats but they should be more moist. You could also try adding another tablespoon of butter. Oh, and store them in a plastic bag with all the air removed – that makes a big difference.