Dec 1, 2017

Your Photos Here (December)

I love seeing my recipes being made all over the world.  I hope you’ll share where you are from and please send your photo to:

“Dear Jenny, I love it when leftovers and recipes do double duty; so I wanted to share. (I hope you don’t mind me sending you my variation). With a bit of leftover mashed potatoes, dried dill and dried minced onion, I turned your Simple White Bread (with egg) into one of those gourmet, sandwich breads.

First, I added 2 1/4 tsps. of dried dill to the dry ingredients in Step 1.  Then, I added 1 Tabl. of dried, minced onion to the milk in Step 2, letting the onions soak for a few mins, before warming the milk to the proper temperature in the microwave.  Then, just after Step 3, I added between 2/3 cup and 3/4 cup of microwave-warmed, leftover, mashed potatoes (prepared with milk and butter), to the dough and mixed it in well  before adding the final 1/4 cup of flour in step 4.

After baking, I brushed the loaf with melted butter and  let the bread completely cool before slicing. The wait was interminable, as I was pretty excited — never having made potato, onion or dill bread before.  It came out incredibly moist, tender and flavorful.  So delicious. The surface of the bread is not super smooth due to the minced onions, but worth adding them.  My loaf came out darker on top than your original Simple White Bread recipe , but brushing the top with butter makes it soft — just perfect for sandwiches.  (Perhaps I should have covered it with foil, earlier).   Thank you Jenny.  I wouldn’t have had the nerve to try this if your Simple White Bread (with egg) recipe wasn’t practically foolproof. ~ Bunny (in Chicago, IL)”

~ Your combination sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the details for everyone. (Luv Chi-town!)” ~ jenny

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  1. John Bluvas

    Jenny, can you copy a bread made by the New York bakery in Frackville,Pennsylvania. Ate it growing up in Minersville,Pa, and it was like eating cake.They called it ” Miners Rye”. Absolutely wonderful and I need some now. Help if you can. Thank you .

  2. Sonatina

    Question about your youtube video technique…

    Your baking videos are fabulous – informative, easy to follow, and fun!

    Thank you.

    I have a quick question for you that is related to a technique you are using with your youtube videos. Would you be willing to contact me via email? (I’m not a hacker – just another home baker who is helping a friend with his videos.)


    • Jenny

      I’m sorry but the person who shot my videos no longer works with me so I can’t help regarding technique.

  3. Dalila G.

    WoW!! Sounds good Bunny, thinking of trying your method. Nice picture of your bread. Thank you for sharing, isn’t Jenny the best! 🙂

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