Jun 17, 2014

Hard Boiled Eggs made Easy to Peel: How-To Video

Anyone can make perfect hard boiled eggs that are easy to peel with no green ring. My method is easy and it’s foolproof. There is always a bowl of hard boiled eggs in my fridge, always available for snacking or if I’m in the mood for egg salad. If company’s coming, I can make some quick deviled eggs and everybody LOVES my deviled eggs.

Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet, containing a little bit of almost every nutrient we need and a hard boiled egg has only 78 calories. Here are a few other things to do with hard boiled eggs:

Pickle them

Chop them onto a green salad

Use them in potato salad

Cobb salad

Did I mention egg salad? I love egg salad!

Watch my short video and see how easy it is to make this super healthy snack. Click here for a printable rundown. – Jenny Jones

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3 Comments on "Hard Boiled Eggs made Easy to Peel: How-To Video"

  1. Karen Allison

    I cook a lot, I started cooking full meals from scratch when I was in junior high. I don’t have a consistent method for boiling eggs. I will certainly try this method. BTW, I love your recipes. I like that they are not complicated or pricey. Thanks for sharing.

  2. sue

    We love hard boiled eggs. I’m going to try this. I normally don’t have a problem pealing but every now and then we do and it wastes the egg, chipping away at it. Love this.

  3. Ellen Dean

    I love your sense of humor.

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