Feb 23, 2017

No Dutch Oven? This No Knead Bread is for You.

No Knead No Dutch Oven BreadIn response to the many people who either do not have a Dutch oven or find it difficult to lift such a heavy pot, I decided to try making my no knead bread on a baking pan. Well guess what? It works. It makes a great loaf that’s soft inside with a beautiful golden crust. It’s not quite as crispy of a crust as the Dutch oven method but it’s close. It’s important to find a way to create steam in the oven because steam is what makes a crispy crust. But even without steam, it still bakes up nicely but with a softer crust.

For my ciabatta bread, which needs steam, I used a disposable foil 6-cup muffin pan, which you can place beside or just below the bread.

But I also found a small 9 by 5-inch baking pan for $3.50 and a restaurant supply store and it works well too. It’s what I used for this loaf.

It’s important to add the hot water right when you put in the bread and close the oven door right away. The steam is most effective right at the beginning. I use a metal measuring cup with a handle to pour the hot water. I hope my photos are helpful and that now, anyone without a Dutch oven can make this super easy, delicious, artisan bread. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

13 Comments on "No Dutch Oven? This No Knead Bread is for You."

  1. Sue

    Can this be put in fridge overnight , rather than the 3 hrs, and then proceed the next morning? Thanks!

  2. Mariloli

    Do you have to put a lid on the baking pan where the bread goes?
    I bought the 3.5 dutch oven but with the lid it doesn’t fit In my toaster iven.

    • Jenny

      You do need a lid to create steam inside the pot. You could try using the lid upside down. But first, remove the knob/handle but leave the screw in the hole to block heat from escaping. If you can’t leave the screw in the hole, you could fill the hold with aluminum foil. Let me know if that works.

  3. Tom Tee

    For health reasons I would need to use whole wheat or rye flour. I would also like to add some flaxseed or perhaps chia seeds. Would this still work? I also can not have oil of any kind so I use apple sauce.
    Thank You so very much.
    I’ve followed you for quite awhile but have had to change my diet.

  4. Jackie

    Can I make no knead bread in a 8 inch covered cast iron pot?

  5. Jackie

    jenny..can i make the mo knead bread in 8 inch covered cast iron pot?? Thanks

  6. Janet

    Love your video’s. I bake sometimes the next day, in a cast iron pot with a lid, last 15 minutes without the lid.

  7. Carol patulak

    Can,t lift my iron pot, so will try this, thank you Jenny

  8. HK

    I made it but I had a big hole inside of the bread? hollow
    what is the problem?

    • Jenny

      Please share some specific information about your exact ingredients, baking pan, source of steam, and oven. How long did you preheat the oven? With some more detail, we might be able to figure this out.

  9. Glyn

    Fantastic. Jenny, you are truly amazing. Thank you so much for your recipes.

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