Feb 9, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION… please see the links below on the most commonly asked questions.  I am not always able to keep up with questions so please also look through the recipe comments from other cooks, or maybe you can research your question online.

Still have a question? Please understand if I am not able to respond. To send your question, click here.

Nov 4, 2014

My Cookbook

There is no need to try purchasing my cookbook, which is likely out of print by now. I am posting almost all of the recipes from the book here on the website. It was always a dream of mine to publish a cookbook.  When it finally came out in 2006 I donated 100% of my profits to City of Hope for breast cancer research. I just wanted to share my recipes. In 2013, the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, was kind enough to let me share all of the recipes in the book here on my website. But it’s been over ten years and during that time I have become a better, more efficient cook. I make those same recipes but today they are simpler and easier. So there is no need to purchase the book. All of the best recipes from the book are here – exactly the way I make them today.

If you’re curious, the book is available as a free download. Just click here.