Jun 15, 2016

Brands I Use

THESE ARE NOT PAID ENDORSEMENTS. I am just sharing some of the products that I use for anyone who is interested.

paperCheaper parchment paper usually sticks but Reynolds brand never sticks.







3 Comments on "Brands I Use"

  1. William

    I like Pompeian products too! 😊

  2. bobbie

    I sure agree with you on the Tillamook cheese! I grew up in the Midwest, and I only knew the Wisconsin Cheddars. When we moved to the great NW, I tried the Tillamook cheddars. They don’t have the slightly bitter back taste I find in the Wisconsin. Oh, and the Santa Cruz peanut butter! That is all I buy since I discovered it.

  3. Charles

    Your Dutch oven bread video rocks! What brand oven gloves do you use?

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