Apr 6, 2017

Chocolate Chip Pecan Blondies

Easy Blondies RecipeEasy desserts are my favorite thing and when they’re fast, it’s even better. My blondies, made from scratch,  are ready in 30 minutes. Most other recipes use a stick of butter and sometimes two but I only use 3 tablespoons of butter and they are delicious. Of course, the darker the chocolate chips the better for your health so I buy the darkest I can find but I have also made these blondie bars with a 3-ounce bar of 72% chocolate from World Market. I just chop it up into small pieces and they become my chocolate chips.

My favorite nuts for these blondies is pecans but you really must toast them first. Of all the nuts used in baking, pecans are the most fragrant after they are toasted. You can see my video on how to toast nuts under the Videos section. I always try to make my desserts as healthy as possible and this one tasted the best with half whole wheat pastry flour and half all purpose flour. I wasn’t sure what to call them. The long name would be “Quick & Easy One Bowl Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Toasted Pecan Blondies.” Too much? Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Apr 1, 2017

My Recipes – Your Kitchen (April)

This is a place share photos of any of my recipes you made. I love seeing my recipes made all over the world so feel free to say where you are from and send your photo to:

“Jenny, I just made your 2-Hour No Knead Bread– take a look. Isn’t beautiful?  I cannot believe I did it.”

~  It is beautiful – congratulations! I’m pretty sure you’ll be making it again. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny. This was the 3rd time with your meatloaf recipe – my family love it, even though meatloaf is not really a regular dish in the UK. I make it with Turkey mince that is around 3% fat, it’s a bit softer than beef so I add a spoon of flour last just to help it bind together – tastes great, love the crispy outside. Not such a great photo, will do better next time! Thanks again for your fantastic work on this site.”

~  When you have leftovers, you might also enjoy an American classic, a meat loaf sandwich. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny!  We are in absolute love with the no knead bread! It’s so easy to make and very delicious. Thank you for sharing your recipe. ~ Eddie Kay from phoenix Arizona.”

~  It looks fantastic. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny, I am using a turkey cooker to rise my dough. I have found that this method works well as the ambient house temperature during winter days fluctuates. There are two vent holes in the cover of the cooker, I have enlarged one of the vent notes to allow a thermometer to be placed to monitor the temperature. I have found this method gives me the best and consistent results.”

~  Thank you for sharing this innovative idea. ~ jennyJenny Can Cook

“Hi Jenny! 🌺 I have to tell you that your Homemade Apple Pie recipe is a keeper! I made Apple Hand Pies and they came out very good! The one small change that I made was to the granny smith apples. I diced them into smaller pieces so they’ll fit in the hand pies. I plan on making other varieties of fruit pies using your dough recipe. Thank you Jenny! Happy Baking! 😊 “

~  These hand pies are beautiful. I admire all the detail and work you put in.~ jennyJenny Can Cook Photos

“My Grandmother made these a lot.  Such memories😊. My first attempt. Taking them to our families Easter dinner.  So good.”

~  Every one looks perfect. What a great job for the first time making these. ~ jennyAngel Wings Jenny Can Cook

“Happy Easter! Jenny, i had so much fun making these! I’m taking them to family brunch shortly. I made the ears smaller (I only used a 2.5 inch cutter for ears and body), but I got 12 breads with hardly any dough left.”

~  They turned out beautifully! They’re sure to bring smiles to the whole family. ~ jennyEaster Bread

“Dearest Jenny, Thanks for ur recipe n video.. Made it & We love it-ate half together as dinner! Aloha🌺Josephine.”

~  Aloha back to you. Thank you for your photos. ~ jennyJenny Can Cook Recipe PhotosJenny Can Cook Photos

“My wife’s home baked loaf all thanks to Jenny Can Cook.”

~  That’s a good looking loaf. Thanks for sharing. ~ jennyJenny Can Cook Photos

“Hi Jenny, We loved the Baked Donuts, Jenny!  We had them with a cup of coffee and they were DELICIOUS. Thanks, Jenny! ~ Maria L.”

~  Thanks for the pretty photo.  I love the sprinkles! ~ jennyJenny Can Cook Donuts

“Hi Jenny! I am in rib-heaven thanks to your ‘FANTASTIC’ recipes!! YAY YOU!! I made your homemade BBQ sauce, your homemade dry rub and followed your instructions for your oven-baked ribs…..AWESOME!!! All three of your recipes that I made were easy to follow. The one small change that I made was that I used boneless-pork ribs. I didn’t have any bone-in pork ribs so I substituted those for what I did have in my frig. The ribs were soooo moist, tender and flavorful. I served our ribs with a side of pineapple coleslaw and rolls. Talk about an appetizing dinner that not only looks great, it also made my taste buds dance with joy!! Thank you for sharing your cooking ideas! Happy Cooking! 😃 ~ Dalila.”

~  Great photos! Now you know why this is my most popular video. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny! Hello from Seoul, South Korea! I am Czech, living temporarily in South Korea. I have discovered your recipes few months ago and I cannot explain how happy I am. As a Czech, I love my bread, bread rolls, poppy seed rolls etc. everything that is impossible to find here. Thanks to you, I can bake everything now and with the great taste I remember even from my childhood. Thank you! I am slowly trying to go through all of your recipes, but of course bread and bread rolls were the first I had to bake. I am sending the pictures of them. And then was this white bread, and because I have here „czech“ size of the baking pan, the bread is longer and slimer, but we don´t care, the taste is great. Oh, and I made the poppy seed roll yesterday, it was a great hit, but I was not fast enought to take a picture… 🙂 Thank you for all your recipes and funny videos. I wish you happy and healthy days from Seoul, ~ Jana Sulkova.”

~  Bringing happiness to your house makes me feel so rewarded. Thank you for these photos. ~ jenny

Mar 31, 2017

Make No Knead Bread in 2 Hours!

Fastest No Knead BreadI’m so excited to share this way of making no knead bread even faster than my “faster no knead bread” recipe, which takes over four hours. And that was fast compared to the original overnight method, which took over 12 hours. But now, I am making it in two hours! The recipe is very similar to my original loaf but with more yeast. Instead of 1/4 teaspoon, I use 2 teaspoons (one packet) of instant yeast.

Most bread connoisseurs will agree that the longer the dough rests, the better flavor the bread will develop. This is true but I don’t care. Some days I want bread and I want it fast! And it tastes great to me. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 16, 2017

My Mexican Casserole is Easy and Vegetarian.

Easy Mexican Food RecipeI love this simple vegetarian casserole. It’s a healthier, lighter way to enjoy Mexican food because it uses fresh tomatoes, whole wheat tortillas, and reduced fat cheese. I use my own homemade tortillas, the whole wheat version, and they turn nice and soft in this dish. I wanted to try it with store-bought tortillas but could not bring myself to buy them after reading the ingredients. If you make the tortillas ahead of time this meal can be made in about 45 minutes.

If you like things spicy, you can switch from jalapeño pepper to a spicier one like serrano or the super hot habanero. For me, the jalapeño version is perfect – not too spicy at all. And I always say it: don’t use pre-shredded cheese. It will never melt like fresh cheese because they add some type of stabilizer to the pre-shredded kind. It takes less than a minute to shred six ounces of cheese. I always serve this dish with a little sour cream on the side. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 15, 2017

Gluten Free No Knead Bread – Does it Work?

No Knead Gluten Free BreadDoes gluten-free no knead bread work? In my opinion… no. I’ve been asked so many times about it I decided to try it. I bought some gluten-free flour and followed my recipe for Faster No Knead Bread. The dough was stickier than my regular recipe and I did not think it would bake up well at all. But to my surprise, it did bake into a round “boule.” So it looked pretty good but how did it taste?

The loaf was smaller and heavier than my original, and when I sliced into it, the inside was dense and chewy, without the traditional big holes and it didn’t taste anything like the original recipe. The texture and taste were disappointing to me and nobody else wanted to eat it either. So I hope my little experiment helps answer this common question: Can you make gluten free Dutch oven bread? I say you can make it but you won’t like it. There are plenty of gluten-free bread recipes out there but I do not recommend this one. – Jenny Jones

Mar 8, 2017

Bran Muffins for Breakfast

Homemade Bran Muffins

I made bran muffins today and was going to have one for breakfast. I had two. I’ve never been able to eat just one even thought they have a lot of fiber. There’s something so tasty about the combination of molasses, cinnamon, and vanilla, especially with a glass of cold milk. There are a lot of reasons to eat fiber. It can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, as well as the risk of type 2 diabetes. Fiber protects your heart, prevents constipation, and it keeps you feeling full so it helps with weight loss too.

But the best reason to eat these muffins is they are really delicious and easy to make. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 7, 2017

No More Wine

Mar 3, 2017

Make Whole Wheat Dutch Oven Bread FASTER!

Easy Whole Wheat Bread No KneadIt pays to experiment. Today I decided to try making whole wheat no knead bread faster to avoid the overnight wait. I increased the amount of yeast and it worked! Most no knead breads use 1/4 teaspoon of yeast so I tried 1 teaspoon and let the dough rest for just three hours instead of overnight. I was so happy with the result. It’s a nice hearty loaf with a soft interior. This is not 100% whole wheat because that is a heavier, dense loaf. This is 2/3 whole wheat to 1/3 bread flour but it’s still a good source of fiber.

So now I have NINE different variations of no knead bread from Fruit & Nut Bread to Multi-Grain to No Dutch Oven at all. And I’m working on number ten! Keep in mind that any whole wheat bread will never be as soft and crispy as the white version but this is still a delicious, hearty, healthier whole wheat bread and it takes almost no work at all. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Mar 1, 2017

Potato Pancakes and Eggs

Potato Pancakes and EggsMy mother used to slice up leftover potato pancakes and scramble them with eggs for breakfast. It’s still one of my favorite things to eat so I made it today. I had made the potato pancakes (placki in Polish) on Monday and had plenty left over so I treated myself to this delicious breakfast. I have actually made the pancakes just to use for this breakfast – that’s how much I love this dish.

So here’s my recipe:

1. Make potato pancakes.

2. Slice them into strips and place in a non-stick pan.

3. Start heating up the pan and while it heats up, beat the eggs with a little milk, salt & pepper.

4. When the pancake strips are not, add the egg mixture and cook until set.

Have a happy day. 🙂 – Jenny Jones

Mar 1, 2017

Check Out Your Photos (March)

Thank you for sending in your photos. I love seeing what my recipes look like in someone else’s kitchen. Feel free to say where you are from and send your photo to:

“Hi Jenny! I made you Easy Turkey Chili, key word….EASY…., this recipe was put together in no time at all. I did make a small addition, I added some black beans to my pot of chili. The added bonus of black beans, besides the fact that they are tasty, they are full of protein, fiber and antioxidants. This chili was a fabulous dinner one night and makes a nice lunch for another day. Thank you for another wonderful, healthy and tasty recipe! Happy cooking!😊”

~  Thanks for more great photos. Fiber is so important to good health. ~ jenny“I made your Bran Muffins, boy, are they good!! For a healthy breakfast these really hit the spot. And you are right, it’s hard to eat just one. I added some golden raisins to my mix before I baked them. Also, some blackberries to nibble on with the bran muffins was a nice combination for me. Happy baking!”

“Hi Jenny, I have made this easy/wonderful recipe three times. Thank you, for making it so easy. Before, your video I had not tried to make bread on my own from scratch. But, this one I can do in my sleep. It is so delicious! Yummmmmy! Thanks, Jenny.”

~  It’s good to hear how easy it is. It will put more people at ease to try baking bread. Thank you. ~ jenny

“Buns done. Bread just before going back in without parchment and lid. Perfect, as usual. Thank-you Jenny, for the terrific recipes and tutorials.”

~  What beautiful bread and buns! This photo will surely inspire people to try sesame seeds on their breads.  ~ jenny

“I made your recipe for faster no-knead bread. I am a good cook & always believed some people were bakers & some were cooks but not both. Your recipe proved I could do both, on the first try! I made bread and used it in a grilled cheese sandwich on a snowy day. ~ Susan Hartigan from Long Island NY.”

~  This bread does make the best grilled cheese ever. Thanks for sharing your photos. ~ jenny

“Hey Jenny, thanks for your recipes,I made Hash Browns, it was really tasty. And  I made your devil eggs, they are so cool . Two without mayonnaise , because my bf dont like it, the other once with.  Your recipes are the best.Thanks a lot. ~ Aldina Atic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.​”

~  Oh, they look so golden and crispy – making me hungry! ~ jenny

“Hello Jenny, Today I made your Lemon brownies once again. This is my go to recipe and everyone in my family has complimented me for it. Here’s a picture from before I cut them into pieces. I named them “Lemon Delights” because, well… they are delicious!! This has now become my father’s favourite treat and will often request me to make it. I hope you like how it turned out… With love from your biggest fan in Argentina, Sofía (18 years old).”

~  It turned out beautifully – what a presentation! I’m so glad your dad likes them. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny! It’s Lent season so I decided to make your Salmon Patty recipe for dinner. They were quick and easy to make, just like you showed on your video. They were very tasty and moist, I added red and yellow peppers to mine. Happy Cooking! 😊”

~  Your lemon slices are a really nice way to serve these. ~ jenny

“hy Jenny, czesc, once again, I made one of your recipes. The French toast and the Polish Kluski, were easy to make and it was fun for me. Lots of love,  Aldina (from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegeovina).​”

~  Thank you for sending more photos. Cooking is fun for me too. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny, I made your Chicken Meatballs with your Red Sauce recipes. I serve it over some cheesy, creamy polenta for dinner, talk about wickedly delicious!! I found both recipes easy to follow, no hassles or mess-ups at all. I cooked the chicken meatballs in the sauce on a low simmer and they came out tasty, moist and tender. The seasonings were spot-on, no too heavy, not too light, just right. The savory aroma coming from our kitchen as dinner was cooking was wonderful! We couldn’t wait to dig in….LOL!! Thank you for another delightful meal Jenny! Happy cooking!”

~  This is one of my favorite meals too. Thank you for the photo. ~ jenny

“Hy Jenny and czeszc,i tried out youre recipe for Chrusciki and they are so delicious. I cant get enough !! 😀 Love them and you, for showing us how to make them. ~ Aldina Atic from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegeovina.​”

~  It’s so nice to see my recipe made so far away. Thank you for taking time to share. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny. Love your no knead bread and make it a lot. I throw in all different flower mixes, even rice flour – I make it with the dutch oven, without and now as rolls -It always works! Busy working my way through your other recipes too – the meatloaf was awesome, Doughnuts next… Unfortunately your website does not like me as if I try to leave a comment it says “Sorry, your request cannot be accepted.”  I have tried to sign up for a newsletter, done the captcha and clicked the link in the email, still never had a newsletter or confirmation email (yes I checked my spam box!) So just to say  a huge thanks for the work you do bringing these fantastic recipes to my family. Best, Paul  – in the UK.”

~  It looks like you can always make a comment using this link and I can post it for you. Meantime, I will add your name to the subscriber list and you will get notified whenever I post a new recipe. Great photo! Mine are in the oven right now. ~ jenny

“Whole wheat bread. Yaayyyy”

~  Looks yummy – thank you for sharing. ~ jenny


~  Thank you for the photo. That crust looks really good. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny, I made your Lemon-Blueberry Muffins and they are wonderful!! The lemon zest really sets them off, they’re so tasty. I topped my muffins with a bit of turbinado cane sugar before baking them. They’re great with my hot coffee in the morning or for an afternoon ‘grab & go’ snack. Happy baking!”

~  Muffin tops are the best when you sprinkle sugar on top before baking – they look great. ~ jennyLemon Blueberry Muffins

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