Sep 14, 2017

Easy Chicken & Spaghetti

Best recipe Chicken and SpaghettiNEW RECIPE! Chicken breast simmered in marinara sauce turns out so tender you can cut it with a fork. This easy recipe takes less than 10 minutes of prep and the chicken cooks in the sauce unattended while you cook the pasta and make a salad. You do have a salad every day, right?

This recipe started because I wanted to try making chicken cacciatore but after chopping peppers and mushrooms and using chicken thighs, I found there was too much fat and not a lot of big flavor. So I tried simplifying it and came up with a lean and low fat version and now it’s just chicken with spaghetti, but with a lot of flavor but not a lot of work. It’s the simple, easy recipes that I always wind up making again.

Canned plum tomatoes are my go-to for pasta sauce and it’s so easy to make them into a smooth puree with a food processor. If you can find San Marzano tomaotes, that’s even better. You can always add more spices or a bay leaf or some crushed red pepper if you like but this is perfect for me just the way it is. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Sep 12, 2017

Time for More Breadsticks

Homemade breadsticksI ran out of breadsticks again so it was time to make more. They keep disappearing because I have a breadstick with every salad and I have a salad every day. This time I made them using 100% all purpose flour and they are super crunchy. I make them so often I even bought a breadstick pan that’s perforated to help them bake up crispy with grooves so the sticks stay round.

This is one of the recipes I make the most because no one sells breadsticks that even come close to this good. The ones that come in a package are a waste of time and the occasional bakery that sells them – well they just don’t measure up. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Sep 1, 2017

Here Are Your Photos (September)

My thanks to everyone who takes time to send in a photo of one of my recipes.  I hope you’ll share where you are from and please send your photo to:

“Hi Jenny, Tried the whole wheat buns and they turned out fabulous. Have added caramalized onions and they taste yum. Thank you so much for the recipe. Have been making your simple whole wheat bread regularly. Regards, Richa.”

~ Adding the onions sounds tasty. Thank you for sharing. ~ jenny

“Hello Jenny, I’m Susanna from Italy. This morning I’ve made these biscuits and they were delicious! The recipe is easy and quick to do and the result was a success. I didn’t find the buttermilk here so I’ve used milk. I can’t wait to do them again…..18 hours to go until next 8am 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing and I love watching your videos. And thank you for metric conversions. Ciao.”

~ Lovely photo, thank you. If you like, look at the Substitutions in my blog for buttermilk. ~ jenny


~ They look really good. Thanks for the photos. ~ jenny

“Hey Jenny!! Your videos are amazing and fun. I had to try that Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe and can I just say FLAVOR EXPLOSION! The best I have ever had. I think I tripled the recipe and had to share. Here is my photo of the sauce and meatballs. I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. All the best from Myrtle Beach, SC. Thanks!”

~ Thanks for the great photo – This is one of my favorite meals. ~ jenny

“Dear Jenny….I am so appreciative of you. All my life I have wondered why I was unable to bake a cake or bread. Finding your videos has transformed me into a baker.  Thank you Jenny , my family thanks you as well. Today I baked one plain banana cake and one with raisins.  I also made a whole wheat bread and one white . Thank you Jenny soooo much.”

~ I’m happy to help. Thanks for sharing your photos. ~ jenny

“I have 22″ Weber kettle BBQ that I converted to a pizza oven. It works great for the standard pizza dough cooked on a stone. Using indirect heat with wood, the chamber reaches over 700 degrees.I decided to try it with your Pan Pizza recipe using the cast iron skillets, which is my favorite pizza for my regular oven. For a group I prepared four batches of dough. I prepared 4 cast iron skillets with oil and the dough. At cooking time, I prepared one pan at a time per the recipe. After the 3 min stove top warming, I placed each pizza in the Weber, One by one, they turned out great. The only change from your recipe was adding several more minutes to the baking time and I had to rotate the pan as it baked.”

~ Bob, you are so kind to share your invention with everyone. Thank you. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny! 🙂 I decide to try your recipe for your dinner rolls for tonights dinner. I’m so glad I did, they came out soooo fluffy and soft! I quickly grabbed my camera to snap a picture because as you can see the rolls were being eaten before the dinner table could be set…..LOL!! I just had to show you how great your rolls baked up. Thank you for another tasty recipe Ms. Jenny! Happy Baking!🌼”

~ They look perfect! Thank you for sharing your photo. ~ jenny

Aug 21, 2017

Multi Grain No Knead Bread with Flax

No Knead Bread with FlaxIt’s been a long time since I bought bread. My favorite no knead bread is multi-grain and I decided to try it with some added ground flaxseed meal to see if it turned out. I love it! This was a high fiber bread to begin with and now, with added flaxseed, it has heart-healthy benefits because flax is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

I used my original recipe and simply added 1/4 cup of ground flaxseed meal and increased the water to 1 1/2 cups. Everyone is making no knead breads because they are so easy and the variations you can make are endless. If you want to try it, just make the two changes above and follow this original recipe. Jenny Jones

Aug 18, 2017

Making Fruitcake for Christmas? Start Now.

FruitcakeA 106-year-old fruitcake has been discovered in an old explorer’s hut in Antarctica and it looked and smelled edible! I’ve always heard that properly stored fruitcakes can last for years but whoa! This fruitcake was wrapped in waxed paper and tucked into a tin box and most likely came to Antarctica with an English expedition in 1910. The cake survived much better than the tin box, which was badly corroded. It had a very slight rancid butter smell but other than that, they say the cake looked and smelled edible! The freezing cold in Antarctica had a lot to do with the cake’s survival.

A century old cake notwithstanding, any fruitcake needs time to “age” and should be started early. The aging period can be from 2 to 4 months. Sugar acts as a preservative and alcohol kills bacteria and prevents mold. Many fruitcakes are soaked in alcohol and those can actually last for years if you periodically add more alcohol. You do this by wrapping the cake in a towel soaked in brandy or wine and then covering tightly and keep it refrigerated. It’s generally recommended that soaked fruitcake should be consumed within two years.

I don’t have a recipe for fruitcake but there are lots of good ones to be found and it is a long standing tradition to give fruitcake as a Christmas gift. Not everyone likes this very dense and rich cake so if you make one, don’t be surprised if it gets re-gifted to you five years later! 🙂 – Jenny Jones

Aug 1, 2017

Sharing Your Pictures (August)

This is my favorite thing to see – photos of my recipes made all over the world!  Feel free to share where you are from and please send your photo to:

“Hi Jenny! Today was my first attempt at making bread from scratch. I followed your video step by step. It was so easy. I used cast iron loaf pans and the browning was so even. I’m going to try your crusty Dutch oven loaf next. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to try it. So much fun.”

~ Congratulations on your first homemade bread! Thanks for the lovely photos. ~ jenny

“Hey Jenny, I decided to bake a cake for my brother’s birthday. Found your recipe and gave it a whirl. It was my first time baking a cake and I went big with 2 cakes layered, instead of a single one. The cake was super moist and the frosting went perfectly with the cake. My family certainly enjoyed it as well. Not the prettiest frosting job, but like you said, “If they smell good and don’t have flies landing on them, they’re okay with me.” Can’t wait to try more of your recipes! – Kyle from Florida.”

~ Your frosting is perfect. That’s exactly what mine looks like. Thanks for sharing. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny, I just needed to let you know that my 12 yr old daughter saw this recipe and wanted to make this for the county fair (minus the raisins) and it turned out so fantastic that she received a blue ribbon.  She has made this 3 times now and has her grandma requesting this as well!  Thank you for sharing this recipe! This photo was taken right after my 12 yr old daughter Dahn iced the bread so it’s a bit messy. But it was delicious and still beautiful.”

~ Dahn, congratulations on the blue ribbon and on being such an amazing young baker. Great job! ~ jenny

Jul 22, 2017

Chewy Fruit & Nut Clusters

Dark Chocolate Almond Dried Cherry ClustersThis is a variation of my chocolate almond clusters and I love it. Instead of using whole almonds, I chopped them into pieces and added some chopped dried cherries and raisins. The result is a wonderfully chewy, dark chocolate, healthy sweet treat full of protein, heart-healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber. I used a dark chocolate bar (72% cacao) from World Market and followed the same process as my original recipe but instead of using tiny paper cups, I just dropped the clusters onto wax paper, let them cool, and then refrigerate.

The easiest way to refrigerate them is to slide a cutting board under the wax paper and place the whole thing in the fridge until the clusters are cold and set. Then you can put them all into a covered container but always keep them refrigerated; otherwise, the chocolate will melt in your hands. Next time you’re craving a chocolate bar or some m&m’s, try this healthier homemade fruit & nut dark chocolate cluster. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jul 12, 2017

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Gluten Free CookiesThese are not raisins – they’re melted chunks of dark chocolate. I wanted an easy dessert and he wanted chocolate. So I made my easy peanut butter cookie recipe with added dark chocolate… oh and some extra added peanuts too. This recipe is so flexible and they turned out fantastic. I chopped up about 1/3 of a 72% dark chocolate bar from World Market but you could use Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips, and then I chopped up some roasted peanuts. I stirred them all into the simple cookie dough and wow, they were good.

Even if you make the original peanut butter cookie recipe, you will love that they have no flour and there is no butter or oil. So they are gluten free, healthy, and super easy to make. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Jul 1, 2017

Look What You Made! (July)

I love seeing your photos of my recipes and it helps other cooks see what someone else’s dish looks like. Of course it’s always nice if you share where you are from. Please send your photo to:

“Hi Jenny, I used a cup of semolina flour instead of whole wheat, This was so good!”

~ This shows just how flexible this method can be. Thanks for the photo! ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny! I made muffins using your recipe for PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS with a change. Your recipes ALWAYS turn out great for me that I decided to play with this one. I used shredded zucchini instead of the canned pumpkin. Seeing that I didn’t use canned pumpkin I omitted the nutmeg and added vanilla extract. I ran out of my whole grain pastry flour so I used all purpose flour only. Added some sugar for sweetness, sorry, couldn’t help myself, I do love my sweets! And wah-lah….Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins!  Thank you Jenny for inspiring me to experiment in my baking adventures with you, you are a “Baking-Star”!!  Have a fabulous day! Happy Baking! 😊”

~ I’m happy to be your inspiration. Thank you for sharing. ~ jenny

“Thank you so much Jenny you have the best whole wheat bread recipe! I love it!”

~ I’m glad to hear it. Yours turned out really well, thank you. ~ jenny

“Hi Jenny. This is my first attempt at this recipe and I’m thrilled!  Have subscribed and shared with my sister. Lots more to try now, can’t wait.  Love from Susan in London, UK”

~ Thank you for sharing. You’re from London (UK) and I’m from London (Canada!) ~ jenny

“My 13 year old granddaughter made the ‘No Knead’ fastest bread today.  Sensational taste!  I’m going to try whole wheat flour next time.  Great recipe, Jennie.  Thanks.”

~ I love to see young people cooking and baking. Great job!~ jenny

“Hi Jenny! I stumbled upon your YouTube videos last night and I’m obsessed. I have never had any luck cooking with yeast but your videos gave me confidence to try again.  The first thing I tried was the pizza dough and it gets 2 thumbs up!  Yumm!  Thank you for the delicious recipes and for the confidence to try recipes that require using yeast. I adore your humor and can’t wait to try another of your recipes.  Here is a photo of my pizza. I started on the stove top using a cast iron grill pan, flipped the dough when it was brown, applied my very simple tomatoes and fresh mozzarella topping then finished it off in the oven. It was perfect. Happy cooking!”

~ Your crust looks great and I love the free-form idea. ~ jenny

“Gone bread crazy! Hi Jenny, I made the even faster white and tried it on the rye bread and it worked!  Bread in 2 hours woopee!!I call it kitchen therapy !!”

~ I’m so glad the rye bread worked too. Thanks for the inspiring photo. ~ jenny“Hi Jenny!I found these adorable cast iron baby Dutch oven’s at Winco at a fraction of the price of a large Dutch oven. Now I can bake two loaves at the same time! Because of their small size they are easier to store as well. Pictured are two loaves of even faster rye bread.” ~ Jackie L

“Hi Jenny! 🌻 I made your CRISPY APPLE TART for a small get together with family. It was a wonderful dessert to end our meal with, so delicious! I used a removable bottom tart pan. Everyone loved it and because it had ‘apples’ in it no one felt bad eating two pieces…LOL!😄 I would highly recommend this  CRISPY APPLE TART, it must be made, it’s just lovely! Thank you Jenny for sharing another fantastic recipe with us. Happy Baking! 😊”

~ A tart pan is a great idea and makes beautiful edges. Thank you for sharing. ~ jenny

“My dish this week-Huge praise from hungry kids: Thank you so much for your great help making yummy meals, healthy and tasty. I made chicken pot pie and pizza this week. Made a few other items as well, but don’t have pictures. Thank you for making my life easier. Happy kids and husband. They loved it. Making pizza tonight for a party. But this time I got your turkey to go on top. 🙂 thank you. ~ Kim Anderson from Oklahoma.”

~ I’m so glad to know I’ve made your life easier. Thanks for the photos! ~ jennyBRENDA MADE MY DUTCH BABY PANCAKE & BANANA CHOC. CHIP BREAD
“Hi Jenny, I made your Dutch Baby recipe and it was delicious. I will definitely make it again. And I made your chocolate chip banana bread recipe and of course it was delicious.”

~ Thank you for sending two photos. And a mountain of fruit is the healthiest way to serve a Dutch baby.  ~ jenny

Jun 21, 2017

Summer Vacation

Summer officially starts today and so does my summer vacation!  Please continue to enjoy my recipes while I’m away. I will be checking in but can’t always answer questions so please look to the FAQs for answers. Meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer. Stay hydrated, eat well, and use sunscreen! See you soon. – Jenny Jones

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